Stubberfields Garage Sedlescombe Road North St Leonards-On-Sea

all photos © Ruth Fielding

Ruth Fielding… These are some photos of Stubberfields garage that my Grandpa owned in Silverhill .I remember going here with my Gran to get petrol and the staff always came out to fill the car up . My Grandpa used to race at brands hatch and he loved his cars. It is sad the garage was sold and never stayed as a garage.

Mike Cramp… Some smashing cars in there. Thanks for the post

David Martin… I remember going in there with my dad to look at the Triumph Stag when it first came out. I thought it was fantastic.

Ken Hatch… Used to go there with my Dad to get Rover parts. Had a proper parts dept with storemen in brown overalls.

Peter Ellingworth… It was opposite the old Silverdale Infants School, before they became all as one with the then new Juniors in Perth Road.

Nigel Ford… Used to get my 1963 Triumph Herald 12/50 parts from there in the early 70s, wishbone and gear linkage bushes most memorable, yes helpful storeman…. got any ‘ose… no o’s!

John Busbridge… I used to know the works manager Bill Slack, he was a close friend of my Dad.

Peter Ellingworth… Touche- my first car too was a 1966 Triumph Herald- LLY 417D, bought off my cousin in St. Albans who himself had it from virtually new as an ex-demonstrator car. Couldn`t afford anything new at the time……virtually rebuilt the thing… new rear outriggers, engine top overhaul, linkage bushes, trunions, etc. etc. Back in `75 drove all the way in it to a small village near to Hof in Germany, which at that time was only around five miles from the former GDR and Czech border where a friend was getting married, together with two friends and one of my cousins who was over from Australia at the time. Things you do when younger…..
I remember we drove in it while staying there to Nuremburg for the day, and left it in a multi-story car park. When we returned this then middle age guy was hanging around, spoke to me in flawless English saying that he had a passion for older English cars and wanted to buy it off me there and then, even offering to pay our fares home. I declined, but he gave me his business card, and on further conversation turned out to be an ex Luftwaffe officer who had been a POW in Canada and the UK at the latter part of the war.


Silverhill Tavern – St Leonards-on-Sea 1970’s

business card supplied by Barry French

Who used to go to the Silverhill Tavern?

Martin Richter… my dad used to sing and play the trumpet there – my sister and I would be baby-sat in a back room

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Went there a lot in the 70s

Nick Webb… yes ! many a Saturday afternoon after work and the Xmas factories break up

Roy Penfold… An old friend lived next door, so it would have been rude not to!

Judy Atkinson… The light never worked in the ladies and most of the locks were broken on the cubicles

Wendy Weaver… Played pool on there a few times.

Sue James… Used to go there when I was 16

Barry Upton… Loved it

Peter Bridger… Mid 70’s onwards, on the way back from St Matthews youth club, so age 16ish. Still think of certain songs of that era as “Tavern Songs” whenever I hear them!

Samuel Freeman… Went in there mid 70s it was my local only lived across the road

Roger Simmonds… I used to drink in there sometimes, happy days!

Barry French… In the early 1970’s my first band (1st Emotion) played our first pub gigs at the Silverhill Tavern. In order to get the gig we had to take all our gear to the Tavern & do a Saturday morning audition. Well we passed the audition & for a while we played their most weekends. Due to a big rivalry between the Yorkshire Grey Pub (which was in London Road) & the Tavern, part of the deal in securing the gigs was not to play at the Grey while we were gigging at the Tavern. What I remember most was the Tavern was nearly always packed with people. ( Happy Days)

Dave Nattress… We used to go over from Bexhill on Friday and Saturday nights early for “talent-spotting” and then try and meet up with the talent later in one of the clubs!

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Peter Bonner Musical – Sedlescombe Road North Silverhill – early 80’s

Nastassja Kaschevsky… Bought my drumkit from there, and was still using it up to 2012!

Roy Penfold… I used to spend (far too) many hours in there dreaming – sadly my aspirations were not equalled by my income….sigh!

Sam Rosewell… I used to buy sheet music there

Joe Knight… Get back on it 😆you were great

Colin Fox… Bought my Yamaha SG2000 their when Eddie Sargent worked there.

Rick Bonner… Wow……great memory

Steve Thorpe…. Drums!

Ann Hohenkerk… Loved working there! I ran the Yamaha Music school in the evenings and worked in the shop during the day. Happy memories!

Chris Giles… I got my guitar from there …in 1973 still got it too..

Gez Donnelly… I got my first decent guitar from there. Used to rehearse upstairs.

Leisure Music selling records in 1977

Anyone remember Leisure Music selling records?

Phil Gill… What were they thinking?

Jon McCallion… Nope nor me

Peter Millington… I was a regular visitor to the shop and don’t remember seeing records, however, I seem to be able to ignore everything but guitars and amplifiers LOL

Chris Meachen… Me neither..

Alan Esdaile… Odd advert as says Records at Hastings! Could Complete Audio Systems be a different shop in Hastings?

Pete Millington… Could be Alan but I’ve never heard of it, and the address is the same as Leisure Music. – A Shop within a shop perhaps?

Phil Gill… I think Complete Audio Systems probably was a different shop in Hastings, but still owned by the English family under the Leisure Music umbrella, hence the common phone number. Still didn’t buy any records from them though.