Anyone remember the band called ‘The Lou’s’ on CBS Records?

autographed poster from Hastings Pier gig supplied by Peter Houghton

Pete saw them on Hastings Pier but can’t remember who they supported or any other information. Anyone help?

Tony Ham… As they were on CBS, The Clash possibly? Can’t find any mention of them anywhere.

Peter Houghton…  I have found them they supported Richard Hell and the Clash they was an French Punk Band members Pamels Pola Sacha Dejones Raphaele and Tolim Toto

Mark… they supported Richard Hell and The Clash in Bristol about 1978-9

Pete Fairless… They supported the Clash.

Simon Lokes… Yes i saw them at Hastings pier pavilion Nov 1977, 3rd on the bill behind The Clash and Richard Hell, also remember seeing Billy Idol hanging around after the gig.

Petrel41… See their bio at

David Kent… All I know is the guy on the far left must have been a GP because he seems to be giving his bandmate a prostate exam..

Simon Lokes… Remember seeing the Lou’s Hastings pier supporting The Clash and Richard Hell think it would have been Nov 1977, slept in a phone box outside Hastings train station as no trains back.

Petrel41… Today, the Dutch drummer of this otherwise French band got a reconstructed 1977 Lou’s badge. See

Robert Furnace… I saw the Lou’s at Castaways Club ,Union Street, Plymouth, late 1977. supporting the Clash , along with Richard Hell and the Voidoids the gig sticks in my memory not only for the fantastic line up but also watching live my first female punk band( The Lou’s ), i have tried to find this gig on setlist etc, there is no mention, or on the Clash out of control tour either, perhaps this date may have been added to the tour after the publicity information had already been distributed ? can anybody help please ?

Petrel41… Yesterday, French researchers announced there should be more research on women in French punk, including the Lou’s 

Petrel41… On scroll down a lot, there is now the poster of the first concert of Lou’s drummer Sascha de Jong’s new Dutch band, the Miami Beach Girls, in the Jam in Leiden in May 1981; supporting Cheap ‘n’ Nasty. The last line on the poster, in blue, says, translated: 1st concert (includes ex-drummer of the Lou’s).

Paul Gilbert… I played guitar with verdict the band sacha and then raphael joined after the demise of the lous

Petrel41… Hi Paul, great to hear from you! I recently put an extensive Lou’s biography at including a link to live video of the Lou’s playing at the 1977 Mont de Marsan punk festival.Sacha de Jong in 1981 came back to her/mine hometown Leiden in the Netherlands. She helped record the EP of our band Cheap ‘n’ Nasty Raphaelle Devins also came to Leiden and became our saxophone player. Pics including of Raphaelle are at Sacha founded the Leiden Miami Beach Girls: Sacha is now in isolation a kilometer away from me because of COVID-19 risk. Her only outside contact, bringing her groceries, is Heleen, bass player of both Cheap ‘n’ Nasty (1981-82 line-up) and Miami Beach Girls. Her photo is #6 of 11 at from left. I and the Punk Girl Diaries site and the Punk Scholars Network have been searching everywhere on info about your band Verdict, but found only your article on the 1979 Rock against Racism festival. With a non-working link to your site. Nothing on, eg, Please contact me at hde_tollenaere AT I, and maybe you, would like to know much more. Cheers, stay safe!

Claude Picard… Hi Paul, I work on a lot of French groups. I’m going to release a LOU’S band record, and I would like to tell a bit about the story of VERDICT you were in. I don’t know what the other person is saying, but Sacha has been dead a long time ago, sorry to tell you and Raphaëlle. I am in contact with the 2 others of the group for the project of the record. You contact me directly via my website by clicking on CONTACT, here Thank you for your help.

David Fern… Yes I saw them at Derby Kings Hall on that tour with the Clash. They were better than the Clash but Not as good as Richard Hell

Petrel 41… Hi David, that must have been 1977.11.03 King’s Hall, Derby UK (+ The Clash, Richard Hell & The Voidoids) in my band biography Another spectator at another gig wrote they were better than Richard Hell. A 1978 Sounds report wrote the audience were more enthusiastic about them, 2nd band on stage, than about the Mekons, 1st band on, or Subway Sect, headlining.



Circuit Four – The Hi-Fi Club Hastings

photos © Dave Trodd

Harry Randall… Named after the “Watkins Circuit Four” guitar I bought my Watkins Rapier 33 from the guy on left who I’ve forgotten his name so names please!

Harry Randall… Available left handed at an extra 10% very few other options in those days hence Hendrix playing right handed Fenders

Barry French… Saw them play at the Yorkshire Grey. A really good covers band. Their lead guitarist used to play a strange shaped Yamaha guitar.

Mick O’Dowd… Vaguely remember the name and I think I saw them. Any names?

Jubilee Rock ‘n Roll Spectacular with Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, Graham Fenton’s Matchbox, Cadillac The Cruisers and Woody & The Splinters Hastings Pier 4th June 1977


Nigel Ford… and according to my diary, HAWKWIND’s support was MOTORHEAD, my first encounter with them and they returned on the 30th July with the “COUNT BISHOPS” as support (Lemmy’s earlier band)…. my question mainly being..” is his microphone stand jammed at full extension”…!? I went on to see them at Brighton “TOP RANK” & T.Wells Assembly Hall soon after.

The Dubliners – White Rock Pavilion Hastings 1st June 1975

Patrick Lewis… Remember this concert. They were brilliant.

Jim Breeds… So do I and I have the programme I bought that night. Perhaps we were there together with the usual gang?

Dave Nattress… Saw them at Brighton Dome, I’m pretty sure it was, back in about 1970 and superb they were.  They rocked and folked and drank their way around – no doubt.  Good old boys for sure!

Jim Breeds… No mention of Ronnie Drew! He did leave the band for a few years and it was probably during that time that some of us saw him solo at the Black Horse in Telham. Were you at that one Patrick? He was a little too well oiled. John Towner fell out with him after John said Ronnie was too well oiled to play the guitar properly and Ronnie declined to have John accompany him. We bought him a pint in the car park ! (Ronnie, not John, lol)

Patrick Lewis… Jim Breeds, no I sadly missed that one. The WRP gig was at the time when Ronnie Drew had left the band. I always liked his renditions of McAlpines Fusiliers and Finnigans Wake. I think his replacement was Jim McCann.

The Stranglers – Hastings Pier 26th March 1977

supplied by Neil William Michael McGuigan

Jacquie Ballard… I was there great night. I got a badge.

Alan Esdaile… Was it Tom Robinson supporting Neil? as I think it was originally advertised as Eater?

Neil William Michael McGuigan… trouble is I honestly can’t remember

Peter Fairless… The support was Eater, not TRB

Paul Gray… I didn’t realise they played the Pier twice. I saw them supported by The Dictators.

Neil William Michael McGuigan… Get your old posters out. From Pier 1977, so I put this on ebay- and it sold for £1830 today.

Pete Fairless… …and Neil is kindly going to pledge some of his profit to the FOHP bid to save the pier – what a nice guy!

Sandy Max… Damn I wish I’d kept them!

 Virginia Davis… I was thinking the same

Alan Batty… Rattan Norvegicus was originally going to be called dead on arrival….any link?

Jan Warren… Hhmm, not sure, “Rattus Norvegicus” simply means “Brown Rat” but “Dead on Arrival” would be a suitable title for a Stranglers album, I LOVE The Stranglers!! and how brilliant to get such a price for a poster?!! – no wonder I keep so much “junk” ……. always hoping it might be worth something??!!

Jeff Harris…Hi all, just been lurking here and thought you might be interested in the true story around this poster…In 1977 I was an art student at Eastbourne Art College, when a colleague of mine was asked by a promoter friend to design a poster for a new punk band who were about to release their first album (The Stranglers) and then go on tour. At this point the album title was going to be ‘Dead on Arrival’. Hence the image of someone being kidnapped/strangled. The designer asked me to be the model for the poster. Sadly they changed the album title before any other shows, so this is a bit of a rarity and probably the only evidence of the albums original planned title.

Lindisfarne – Hastings Pier 17th January 1975

Photos by Chris Meachen

Steve Cooke… Alan with Kenny Craddock on keys in 1st pic. Still miss these two every day – made and played some great music with them.

Tony Court-holmes… I was there

Martyn Baker… Yep. I went to that one too. They were excellent.

Tim Moose Bruce… Saw them at White Rock in the 80s. Great gig.

Robert Paine… Remember this group

Chris Meachen…  I kicked the dressing room door down for them too.. (they were locked out..) earned a crate of ‘Newcastle broon’ for that….

Maureen Head… Loved their music.

Dave Nattress… Saw them on this one with the Bexhill contingent of pier gig followers. Fog on the Tyne – a fantastic album of a great era and some great singles of course. Run for home is a favourite. BJH were also a fave with the Bexhill boys.

Dave Weeks… Enjoyed the BJH more

Chris Meachen… I went backstage to find them standing in the corridor, having locked themselves out of the dressing room. One good flying leap got the door open, & a crate of Newcastle brown for me..

Steppin’ Out – miniature railway photo 2

Martyn Baker… Tich Turner sent this photo of our band from 1976 to me a couple of days ago. In his own words….. “It was poster size and had been rolled up all these years. The Steppin’ Out logo had been stuck over Miniature Railway, but it had come away, and was the devil’s own job to stick back. It would have been easier to change our name to Miniature Railway! Then I had trouble getting it flat again, so I dismantled an old picture frame & print and put it inside. It’s the best we could do I’m afraid. It looks a bit battered and worn, but then hey, ain’t we all?” The band (original lineup) was: Tich Turner – Vocal, Martin Stringer- Vocal, Martyn Baker – Bass guitar, Wesley Magoogan – Saxes, Andy Knight – Drums, Roger Hubbard – Guitars & vocal, Piers Clark – Guitar

Ken Copsey… I remember watching you through the side window of the Cutter probably in 76. A real live band! I would have been 14.

Martyn Baker… Hi Ken. Hastings was pretty special in those days wasn’t it? So many of us did well eventually in the arts etc from that era…. All the best mate.

Mike Waghorne… That photo of Tich was how I remember him from college around 68/71

Martyn Baker…

Dave Nattress… 44 years ago – that is frightening stuff!!

Marty Reardon… I didn’t see the band but met Tich, a couple of times. I was from Australia and working at the Pumphouse Pub in 73. Great times in Hastings.

Andy Qunta… Great photo!

Pete Prescott… Great band !

Tony Qunta… Great pic!

Eddie & The Hot Rods and Kieran White – Saturday, 17th April 1976 Hastings Pier



poster and ads supplied by Pete Fairless – Bands On Hastings Pier Facebook page. Kieran White photo taken on the pier by Clive Richardson

Pete Fairless… Not sure if this was their first visit, certainly, the first time I saw them… a mere 50p, what a bargain!

Alan Esdaile… Did they play the pier 3 times Pete or more?

Pete Fairless… Yes, 17th April and 17th July 1976, 18th March 1978, on my list. They didn’t play in 1977 , the year they had a big hit with ‘Do Anything You Wanna Do’ and toured the US. Also, it was the year when the pier hosted The Stranglers, The Clash, The Jam, The Damned, The Adverts… Perhaps, they might have been seen as too ‘popular’?

Nigel Ford… Was at both ’76 gigs to see Barry cart-wheeling across the stage in between singing and bought their TEENAGE DEPRESSION album after the first gig which I’ve played tracks from on Hastings Rock: “Get across to you” & “Double checkin’ woman” from memory? though I think the deck slipped and I had to cut one short…. Dammit! Great to see them again last September too at the BIG GREEN CARDIGAN event.

Pete Fairless… Ah, yes, and Judas Priest on the 23rd. That was a good gig, too!

Virginia Davis… Those were the days. 50p a ticket and no added booking fees!!

Wesley Magoogan… He came on pretending to have only one arm

Tim Moose Bruce… Saw them at the de la warr in bexhill, the Naughty Rythmns tour. Also on that night were John Otway, Dr Feelgood and The Hamsters. 1999 I think.

Peter Fairless… Barrie was such a genuine guy, always had time for the Facebook group. He remembered the pier gigs…


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