King Rod and Co – Aquarius Club 1970’s

photo: Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present

Pete Millington… King Rod and Co playing at The Aquarius in early 1970s (Rod Trowell on Bass and Greg Pierce on Rhythm and Paul Freeman on Drums. Kingsley Trowell on Lead Guitar (out of shot)

Andy Qunta… Great band! Saw them quite a few times, and Factory probably shared the bill with them too!

Harry Randall… How is Greg not seen. Him for a while?

Andy Knight… Paul Freeman on drums?

John Mcewen… Kingsley worked with my dad at W M Stills. He was our door to door insurance agent as well. Busy man!

Dave Weeks… John, my ex brother in law.

Stuart Moir… Greg’s a recluse ha ha not really he doesn’t like fb so if you’ve got his number give him a call.

Barry French… Saw King Rod play many times, great musicians who always put on a really good show. At one Aquarius gig (I think it may have been for the W.M. Stills annual party) King came out for the second set wearing the most outrageous skin hugging tights I’ve ever seen. Talking of Stills I worked there with both King & Greg, I would sometimes pester them with “How do you do this & how can I do that questions about guitars, amplifiers & bands, Both were happy to pass on any advice & never once told me to **** off. Also worked with John McEwan Senior at Stills. A real “Diamond geezer” After doing a gig for the Stills social club we loaded up the Ford Thames van & to our dismay (But to no surprise) it wouldn’t start. John ferried a large chunk of the gear back & forth in his car. Top Man.



Showaddywaddy – Hastings Pier 8th February 1975

Martin Richter… a lot of miles ?

Jill Lawrence… I went to that !!

John Gale… My first gig, ages 14

Chris Boorman… Loved the pier gig especially Romeo Challenger’s drum solo!

John Gale… All I remember was being surrounded by Teds, it was boiling hot in there, even though it was Feb and I couldn’t take my parka off because the Zip was stuck

Chris Wood… Didn’t go….not my bag

Pebbles, Winchelsea Beach – December 1976

Sandy Max… So…Man Friday were playing on my 18th birthday!

Martin Richter… Trunk ! fanrastic

Mick O’Dowd… I was a  one of 2 resident DJ’s in the 80’s. The other being Mike Nite. This was when I morphed into Mike Day. The hosts were John & Rispa a lovely couple. Then we had Stuart Hay and then Bob ? who runs Plumbline  now. Had some good times here and worked with some good bands. Centre Page, Jinx, Grundy,  plus The Nashville Teens & The Showstoppers. It was a well known fact that if you were leaving before closing and spotted a police car sitting up the road you would ring the club and they in turn would ring the police and say there was trouble in Camber and this being the only car in the area speeds off allowing us drunkards to drive home safely!

Kings Eastbourne – September/October 1977

Janine Anne Scott… I was there in 76-79 in Meridian.

Lyn Whiteman… I was lucky enough to see all of these! Did waitressing and Kings allowed partners in to see shows- fab days!

Dave Weeks… I remember seeing Tommy Cooper there. Legend.

Steve Vollrath…Glass bottle, Bottle glass

Dave Weeks… jar spoon, spoon jar

Steve Vollrath… Dave, Just like that.

Dave Weeks… or was is like that?

Steve Vollrath… Been in the loft all weekend, sweating, filthy dirty & covered in cobwebs, But the kids love her.
Julie Finch… Great place
Robert Searle… I saw the Three Degrees with Clodagh Rogers supporting at Kings Country Club.The place was packed.
Pacman… King’s Country Club, Eastbourne, was a fantastic venue where many of the top performers could be seen. Solo artists, bands, comedians & many other types of entertainers all performed there. I was lucky enough to have my mum & wife at the time, both working there almost every week. I had free entry to so many shows I lost count. It was a wonderful time in my life and the “Showplace of the South is sadly missed. Top entertainment & great dining & dancing all in one place. Couldn’t be beaten. It was well placed for some people too as “Sundowners” disco was right opposite. (Now a car sales place). Ray King opened “Kings” in Eastbourne Town after he sold the country club.

Battle Dance Club – Battle Memorial Hall 1970

january 1970

may-june 1970

nov - dec 1970

supplied by Nigel Ford

Robert Searle… Nice to see Hailsham band Charade on the lists

Martin Samuel… Friday 13th November 1970… Heatwave was not an ‘E.M.I. Recording group’, their single was released on Penny Farthing Records. Crew went by the name The Crew until 1971 and was not a ‘C.B.S. Recording group’. Their 1st ’70 single was on Vergara, a Spanish label, and their 2nd, a Jonathan King production, was on Decca. How do I know? I was the drummer in both bands… but not at the same time!
Heatwave :
Crew :

Ralph Town… Just seen Candy Choir on an old TOTP performance on youtube YouTube lol