Lord Warden Manor Road Hastings -Business Lunch 1973

Tim Moose Bruce… Haven’t been down that way for years. Is the Warden still there or is it another casualty of the pub closedown epidemic?

Jackie Clarke… closed a few monthes ago I think

Eric Harmer… Played footy for them in the Sunday league. Great pub in those days

photo Steve Larkin

Eric Harmer… about 1975 I think who does anyone recognise ??

Chris Baker… Tony the landlord, on the right?

Dukes Bar London Road Bexhill – 1974

Pete Millington… Remember it well! Always packed out! SPYKE at the time was Ian Williams, Ginger Millington and Terry Chedzoy.

Dave Nattress… The York, London Road, Bexhill just round the corner from the now long gone Queens Head where local bands played. The York has been putting on bands on and off for a very long time. A band I saw once there was called “Esgaroth” – the name I’ve since learned s the name of a community referred to in The Hobbit – good on you Google for telling me this. Anyway, they were apparently from Tunbridge Wells and what little else I remember – easy to get wrecked in The York back then, was that the singer resembled Jim Morrison, and delivered a bit like him. They were quite heavy, sinister, dark sort of sound really, did their own stuff I recall tight and great overall. The singer really stood out – very different. Never heard of or saw them after that. Would have been about 1978/1979. Anyone else heard of them?

Robert Searle… Played there when it was The York with Haze,Easy Street,and Centre Page, really enjoyed playing there

Batty and Dave (Bill Willshire and Dave Stoner) 1974

Chris Baker… Bloody hell! Not seen that for decades! Used to spend Sunday mornings with Dave “mending” my Honda 50 and making it go faster before playing darts in the Lord Warden until I couldn’t see straight enough to play! 😁 Of course, Batty Bill married my sister, sort of

Barry Newton… Bill when he was young and slim, lol