Hastings Pier ad Jim Capaldi 22nd October 1977 – not a good week for spelling!

Beki Milton… Stanglers

Peter Fairless… They didn’t have spell check then, though!

Michael Wilson… I wonder ‘What ever Happened To’ the Stanglers

Jane Hartley… I’ve heard of Jim Capaldi but not Cabaldi!

Chris Jolly… Must be Gari baldi’s brother!

Andy Qunta…  I notice Pot Black managed to get his name spelt right!

Chris Jolly… More luck pot luck I would think!

Stuart Huggett… The Stanglers: almost as good as Siouxsie & The Bashees or The Damed.

Wooden Lion and Storm Crow – Hastings Pier 31st August 1974.


Chris Meachen… Don’t remember wooden lion, but I paid a visit to stormcrow’s lady vocalist in bromley before heading to an ELP gig..

Peter Fairless… Was that disco any good?

Alan Esdaile… Probably wooden like the band Pete.

Peter Fairless… Did you keep set lists?

Alan Esdaile… The only thing I would have definitely played at the start of every Rock gig, would have been In A Gadda Da Vida by Iron Butterfly. Always went down well and guaranteed to get people asking what it was and I know The Disc Jockey and Stylus used to sell loads of it.

Reg Wood… Blimey Alan weren’t we still at school when that came out!

Roy Penfold… Would that have been the full 17 minute version?

Alan Esdaile… I’m pretty sure I first heard In A Gadda Da Vida down the Hi Fi Club, High Street, mind you trying to work out the dates I was probably only 14 when I started going down the HiFI. Mum & Dad just going round a friends house to do my homework! Yes Roy, the full album track to start. Mind you most people popped in, asked what time the support are on, do I know if they are any good and then made their way to the bar.

Shaun Pont… Wooden Lion here http://www.woodenlion.com/woodenlion.php

Clive Richardson… I remember the unusual start to Wooden Lion’s set with the vocalist behind a psychedelic piece of Perspex and the synth guy vcs3 synth, wearing flying goggles, it was a really interesting set. Another band that deserved more success. I seem to recall one of the band had played in Hawkwind at some point . I saw this band 3 times including Watchfield free festival -1975 I think.

Matt Thomas… Sorry I couldn’t make it, I was only 5

Pete Houghton… Yes Wooden Lion put on a good show

Clive Richardson – UFO Records Hastings Pier 1976

supplied by Clive Richardson

Tony May… Brilliant photo! So emotive of the time period and of the days when vinyl was king!

Martin Richter… surely you’d need some sort of licence for those trousers – they could be a hazard to shipping ?

Paul Buxton… Great bell bottoms

Glenn Piper… I remember then

Tracy Birrell… I remember this..

Clive Richardson… We even sold saucy caption knickers as a sideline! honestly! There’s a pair in the window above the sis sticker if you don’t believe me! They sold best on Sundays, never understood why? I was sometimes asked by female customers “Do you think these will fit me ok?” We called it UFO as I had to signwrite the name and it was only 3 letters to write !! It was such a fun time with so many good bands playing on the pier during that period.

Pete Houghton… Great photo i used to go in there quite a lot on Saturdays

Barclay James Harvest and Highway – Hastings Pier 1st October 1971



Barclay James Harvey!!!

Mick O’Dowd… This band and the gig which I worked on for Andre Martin & co. became the turning point in my musical tastes. Up till then if it was not black or soul it wasn’t any good(tastefuklly done Mick) but I caught a bit of their set and thought wot an idiot, wot have I been missing. From then on I gave everything a listen before slagging it off. Thanx Barclay James Harvest.

Gavin Martin… Order of 1066 Ceremony. 1966 Oct 14. Vintage. LOL. AD

Robert Searle… Seen them twice at Hastings pier

Tony Court-holmes… was there

Iain Cobby… Saw them on their second visit to the Pier, fell in love with the Mk 2 Mellotron of “Woolly” Wolstenholme, RIP. After all these years I now have a Tron myself. There’s a double CD ” live at the BBC “, charting all BJH outings they did for the beeb, well worth checking out . an amazing band that were the poor man’s Moody Blues, and a great influence on my stuff.

1978 tour programmes – Blackbushe with Bob Dylan, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Watch and Knebworth with Genesis and Jefferson Starship.

IMG_0153 IMG_0149 IMG_0157

supplied by Paul Morfey

Heather Carter… Blackbushe, I was there, a gig to remember…

Alex Chapman… I was at Blackbush! Sat in an endless Traffic Jam, ended up miles away from the stage. Dylan was an embarrassment, one of his pseudo religious periods singing gospel etc. Joan Armatrading saved the day! Great Fun!

Glenn Piper… Yeah, I was at Blackbush Nuff said

Robert Searle… I was at the Bob Dylan one at Blackbushe aerodrome and still got the ticket and programme. Something wrong here, the show I saw was really good ,Bob was on top form not singing any gospel stuff at all. The not so good bit was Graham Parker.

Judas Priest – Hastings Pier 23rd April 1976


judas priest 23rd APRIL 1976

judas priest lp


ticket supplied by Paul Bridgett

Poster supplied by Peter Houghton

Tim Bruce….£1.25!

Peter Fairless… Nice one, Alan!

Pete Houghton… A fantastic show from Judas. Priest one of the best I have seen on the pier and when they did take on the world and the light shone behind the drum kit what an effect, awesome gig and afterwards the band signed my poster


What Is the best Debut Album? asks Dave Nattress

Dave Nattress… OK another question, from me this time, I don’t think it’s been done already, but apologies if it has. What about the best rated debut album? I think of a few that really blew me away. For instance Black Sabbath’s first, Scouting for Girls – wonderful songs all of them and brilliant arrangements, Hopes and Fears – Keane.

Phil Gill…Jeff Buckley “Grace” wins this hands down.

Tony Ham… The Stranglers, Rattus Norvegicus, my all time favourite album.

Tony Davis… How about Jethro Tull This Was

Patrick Lewis… Fleet Foxes

Glenn Piper… Bridge of Sighs-Robin Trower 😀 Black Sabbath -Black Sabbath

Colin Fox… Can’t buy a thrill.

Phil Gill… A Girl Called Eddy

Roger Dando… Boston. Led Zep 1.

Michael Wilson… The Damned “Damned Damned Damned “. I saw them at the Dome Brighton on thier 40th tour. A great night had by all.

Tony Ham… Saw them last year on the 40th anniversary tour, they played the album right through. Same one I went to. Seeing them in Bexhill next year.

Kev Towner… Queen – Queen

Martyn Baker… Osmonds

Dave Valentine…The Velvet Underground and Nico. Not just the greatest debut of all time, probably the greatest album of all time.

Nigel Sherwood… Please please me , always my favorite Beatles album

Tony Qunta… Are You Experienced!

Will Cornell… A vote for John Prine’s first. More genius songwriting in any 10 seconds of any of those songs than we’d see in the next 40+ years, and he had some heavy competition!

Mike Curtis… Can I have two? Led Zeppelin 1 and Crosby Stills & Nash.

Paul Morfey… Dire Straits!!

Steve Reents… Van Halen’s first album is up there.

Chris Meachen… Free,- Tons of sobs..

Pete Prescott… Montrose, Rickie Lee Jones, Nick Drake Five leaves left, Santana Sep 1, Free Tons of sobs

Pete Fisher… Taste

Patrick Lewis… Pentangle

Steve Kinch… Not sure if this qualifies as the best debut album, but 21st Century Schizoid Man by King Crimson has got to be the best opening track on a debut album. The sheer fearlessness and confidence of that track is progtastic

Clifford Rose… Led Zeppelin’s first album.

Peter Thomson… Debut’s Greatest Hits?

Andy Qunta… Are You Experienced! I expect nobody else suggested this one!

Dave Nattress… Well the first King Crimson album with 21st Century Schizoid Man on (as Steve Kinch commented) was pretty out there. I have it on CD never having got the vinyl which a good friend had back whenever. At the time, listening to that and name-dropping King Crimson we thought we were pretty cool – to walk around with that cover under your arm we thought was pretty cool also. I was delighted and surprised to hear the track on R2 on a saturday morning programme about 2 weeks back.



Free – All Right Now – Great Band, Great Track, Great Video.

Andy Qunta… Fabulous!

Eric Harmer… What a great song and band.

Dennis Torrance… Good to see Bad Company going back on the road again

Jan Warren… Oh Free!! – one of my all-time favourite bands, brilliant!!

Pete Prescott… My favourite band. This song will be played at my funeral. I saw them in September 72 with Martin holiday at Fairfield hall Croydon. What a band !

Eric Harmer…  I love ” my brother jake” as well, two great vocal performances Pete

Jan Warren… Yeah Pete, I saw them at Fairfield Hall, Croydon, can’t remember the exact date but it was the very early 70s!!

Pete Prescott… I have a fantastic book on free with every date they did. It’s signed by the author plus Rabbit and David Kossoff (Paul’s father )

Robert Searle… Real thing

Andy Qunta… I saw Free in 1969 at the Toby Jug pub in Tolworth, near Epsom, Surrey, where Tone & I were at boarding school. Had to sneak out of school in school uniform, and change into jeans in the car park under the bowling alley next to the pub! Anyway, it was well worth it, as of course Free were brilliant! In 2007 I saw Paul Rodgers at a gig in Hollywood, and got to meet him after the show and chat a bit. I told him the story of seeing Free at the pub in ’69. The guitar player from his band, Howard Leese, overheard the conversation and said to me, with wild-eyed wonder “Wow! You saw Free play live! Wow!”


supplied by Andy Qunta

Pete Prescott… Wow ! What a story ! After seeing Free I saw Bad Company on their first tour and at Charlton. Then I saw the third tour and the last one in 79. I’ve seen him solo a few times and I’m seeing Bad Co this Saturday at the 02 ! I worked with one of his ex band members who told a few stories (can’t tell them in fb) amazing singer. I wish I had seen free with you and Tony.

Andy Qunta… Yes, wish you’d been there, Pete! It was before All Right Now, it was just after their 2nd album came out. Have fun seeing Bad Co at the O2! Seen them a few times too, including a few months ago, and they’re always brilliant! Of course I’m in a Bad Co/Free tribute band now! Fun stuff to play, & pretend like it’s the real thing!

Anyone remember Wishbone Ash playing Hastings Pier asks Sarah Harvey?

argus wishbonefour


Sarah Harvey… Does anybody know if Wishbone Ash actually played in Hastings during the 1970s or 1980s because I can’t remember if they did? I saw them at Brighton twice in that era but can’t recall them appearing in Hastings.

Peter Fairless… Nothing in the list of listings Sarah.

Yvonne Cleland…. They played the pier, Sarah. I was there!  Around 1974 ish, as I remember.

Graham How… They played quite a few times. As Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash they played the WRT last year.

Lucy Pappas… I think I was there, too but more likely 1973 x Maybe I saw them at Warwick Uni. I definitely didn’t see them at the White Rock, I was living away by then.

Tony Court-holmes… they played the white rock some years ago

Mick O’Dowd… The only mention I can find is in 2003 with Claire Hammil supporting but haven’t got a date.

Clifford Rose… I did see Wishbone Ash at the White Rock on 20th Jan 1990.

Sarah Harvey… Thank you Clifford….. at last a date that I can research. Its important for the fact of including them in the Hastings Retro-Rock show in May.

Alan Esdaile…  I remember they played Redstack Playhouse in Bexhill a few years back.

Graham How… That was as Andy Powell’s Wishbone Ash. Good gig! They (Wishbone Ash) also played on the Pier as well as at the WRT.

Paul Durrant… Can’t remember seeing them on the pier but a bunch of us went from Hastings to see them perform Argus at the Fairfield Halls Croydon in 1973 I think. Still listen to those tracks regularly. Takes a lot of beating. I seem to remember we went to Croydon because we hadn’t been able to see them locally but can’t be sure.

Barry French… Neil Cartwright & I saw them at the White Rock Theatre in the 1980’s with the original line up.

Phil Gill… I can’t remember half the bands I saw on the pier. Probably because I was off my trolley.

Chris Giles… I thought I saw them on the pier too.. But the same as Phil said ..but yes about 74

Peter Thomson…  don’t recall seeing them in Hastings but that doesn’t mean they didn’t appear, as I was off Phil Gill’s trolley. I did see them at Reading in 1975 and I saw them a couple of times in the last 5 years at Stamford Corn Exchange. Still worth it…

Nigel Hickman… I’m not sure Sarah, but I wish I had seen them to!

Nick Webb… Yep same here guys thought I still had the gig ticket out can’t find it at the mo. xx

Dave Nattress… Argus – now there’s a fabulous album. I’ve got it on CD 3 times over. One, the original tracks as on the vinyl, two a later release with Jail Bait, The Pilgrim and Phoenix off the “Live From Memphis Promotional EP” and then the 2007 “Deluxe Edition” with bonus tracks and a second disc BBC Radio One “In Concert”. Wonderful guitar album. Think I saw them at Reading in 1971 but didn’t know they may have done the pier. So, Graham Parker’s coming off in a minute and Argus is going on!!!!! Oh and having just spotted you Paul Durrant….How the heck are you, very best regards, Dave Nattress.

Gary Kinch… Saw them in Bexhill and on the Pier, all this side of 2000. Don’t remember them on the pier in the 70’s though. I’m sure I wouldn’t have missed that one if it happened. Argus, what an album. ‘The King Will Come’ got the crowd going. They were at Reading in 75 as well although my memory of it is a little fuzzy.

Chris Meachen… I saw them at the White Rock, I think in the late 90’s. Superb band…

Clive Richardson….Saw them in Eastbourne in 1973 and the Reading Festival in 1975.