El Pea – Island Records Sampler 1971




Alan Esdaile… Anyone remember or still got this double album sampler, that sold for £1.99?

Mojo71 Reyneva… Yes, I have this album and was musically around when it was released. But here I am too many years later trying to putting the artist names to the pictures and coming up short! Who are the two women the right inside cover? By the way it is a shit hot sampler. Mojo71

Alan Esdaile… I think the two women are from The Incredible String Band.

Pete Prescott… Ah ! Never seen this before !

Billy J Kramer – Kings Eastbourne 25th June 1977

photo Billy J Kramer 1965 Imperial Records Ad

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Carlo Santana?? Was that before he became Carlos?!

Alan Esdaile… I thought what! Carlos Santana when I first read this Leigh. Then found out Carlo Santana used to be in Paper Lace.

Mick O’Dowd… He is billed as a “top vocal entertainer”

Lyn Whiteman… I was there! Worked as a waitress at Kings back then and allowed to stay at watch the acts!

Joe Knight… Saw him at falaise hall about 81/82

Desmond Dekker personal appearance at Stylus Records Hastings June 1975

Mick O’Dowd… Saw him at Witchdoctor or was it The Cobweb and just before he died at Butlins Bognor Regis. Great artist!

Lyn Humphrey… We saw DD at Caister that year. The main event didn’t show,and (I think) he happened to be in the bar. Anyway, he came on and was absolutely brilliant. In the break he just wandered amongst the audience, pint in hand, barely able to stand up .

David Edwards… The Israelites song became a standard played at The Cobweb.

Can – Hastings Pier 16th May 1975


Pete Fisher… Missed this one as I moved to London the previous year…one of my first flatmates there was a big “Krautrock” fan, and we listened to a lot of Can, Kraftwerk etc. Can set up their Inner Space studio in a disused cinema in the early 70s in a little town called Weilerswist, which happens to be just a couple of miles away from here…about 15 years ago I was part of sessions at Conny’s Studio on the outskirts of Cologne (photo album here at FB), formerly run by the late Conny Plank, who produced albums for Can, Kraftwerk, Eurythmics, Ultravox and many others…

Clancy – Hastings Pier 7th May 1976.


clancy promo

Martyn Baker… Still got the album that I bought after the gig. Tres funky! Featuring Colin Bass on er ……. bass! Also………. Remember Bo Derek? She’s his sister!

Alan Esdaile… Never knew that Martyn. Mention Bo Derek and all I think about is Arthur! I know Colin Bass was in Camel.

Chris Meachen… Seventh Heaven are a band that intrigue me;- they were early exponents of jazz funk, a genre I wasn’t ready for at the time. I do know that they came from the Isle of Wight, & have often wondered if there was a Level 42 connection… Does anyone know any background?