Thin Lizzy another NO SHOW – Hastings Pier 21st June 1975

I think they were booked 3 times for Hastings Pier but all were cancelled.

Alan Esdaile… Replaced by Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance

Steve Amos… That’s a pretty good replacement!

Peter Thomson… I’ve always wondered why they cancelled the one I was aware of but three times? Wow. First time I saw them was at Reading in ‘75; a daytime slot as I recall. Despite the disdain of some, I saw them several times after that and I always remember a consistently sharp performance. They remain one of my favourite live acts.

Pete Houghton… Also a Band called OZO failed to turn up to the Pier

David Edwards… Better of with Ronnie Lane I’d of thought

Kevin Sherwood… 1973 didn’t show for the Vagabonds of the Western World tour not that I’m still bitter.

Bikers – Westfield Lane, Hastings 1970’s. photo by Dave Trodd

photo © Dave Trodd

Graham Finch… Those were the daze

John Paul Veness… Think i may have owened the bike on the left in the 80s ,can’t quite see the full reg but FSD 52 seams to fit

Dave Nattress… Graham Jolly on the Left Gary Morris on the Right. This must be early 70’s.

Heather Carter… Yep that’s def Graham and Gary…..

Heather Sidery… Wow wow wow… Yep!!!!

Yvonne Cleland… That looks like Graham Jolley and Gary Morris! xxx

Pete Houghton… Yvonne, Hi that is Gary, I remember that Bike. I know he is Back in England around this area, as we were good friend’s Do you hear from him, I have tried the Chopper People

Yvonne Cleland… Gary used to like Bexhill.

Sara Day-jolly… Love this photo of my dad and Garry

JS Bythesea… I recognised them straight away. Hells Angels, Bexhill Chapter, I seem to remember. There was also a guy called Tony who had an Easy Rider style chopper. I went for a ride on it and still have a scar on my leg from the exhaust.

Pete Houghton… I used to go to a Youth club in Bexhill and Gary used to take Kids for a ride And we became good friend’s, when he moved to Wrestwood Road where I lived we used to chat. Then he moved to Scotland. When he came to Hastings Bikers meet we would meet up. I believe he is this part of the country and I would like to get back in touch, along with Clive Heddle

Huggy Leaver… Was that his 1000 Enfield?

Patricia Sheridan… The good old days

Mike Waghorne… The 2 bikers at the front look like Graham Jolly & Garry Morris people I new from the early 70’s

John Wilde… Graham and Gary. Very cool photo

Dave Nattress… Yes defo Graham and Gary. Gary lived down the road from me in Bexhill when we were youngsters. The Hells Angels chapter was “Branded”. A guy called Tony Miller? possibly Miller, who was a quiet guy always looked really smart and cool in full leathers he was from Hastings I think had the fantastic chopper like Peter Fonda’s in Easy Rider. There was also another Tony Miller in Bexhill who I think was connected to the chapter but didn’t have the colours. Had several other mates in “Branded”. Yvonne would have known them. Hezz, was Fred in Branded and Les Hughes! Great old mates!!

John Wilde… Dave, they were a great bunch of guys.

Willie Wicking… Looks like Gary Morris

Colin Norton… Great photo!

Willie Wicking… The 80s Gary hasn’t changed much met him & the later Swanny Carlton Swan in Belgium on route to a National chopper club meet in Holland

Sarah Day-jolly… Garry still looks the same. Great photo

Dave Nattress… Sure thing John! Great characters and great friends. Did you by any chance hang out with a bunch of characters in Bexhill, Vic Pinney, Dave Wise, Andy Towner and a few others – would be 1970 – 71. I remember Gary Morris built a chopper used trike one time.

John Wilde… yes Dave I knew them all. Great bunch of characters. Great days.

Little Richard – Wembley Rock Concert – 5th August 1972

photo © Dave Trodd

Screaming Lord Sutch and Chuck Berry photos © Dave Trodd

Dave Trodd… Also on the bill was Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Screaming Lord Sutch and more. Little Richard had mirrors all over his outfit and stripped down and threw his clothes into the audience. Some good recording of the show, are available on You Tube. Anyone else remember going to this concert?

Colin Norton… Yes, I was there! It was quite amazing!

Alan Wood… Was this the concert Glitter started if so was there !!

Patrick Lewis… Yes was there with my girlfriend and some mates. Chuck Berry was the show closer and was superb. Also on the bill were Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley, Bo Diddley, MC5 and GG.

Mick O’Dowd… Yes I was there! Screaming Lord Such had a bevvy of topless fillies with him. I maybe wrong but I seem to remember Wizzard played there first ever big concert here as well on this gig.



Anyone remember the group ‘Eliot’?

photos © Dave Trodd

Mick O’Dowd… No. Wasn’t that ET’s mate?

Stuart Moir… No

Margie Watts-Carter… Sorry, not to my recollection

Colin Brown… Elliott with 2 L’s was an American Emo band from Louisville, Kentucky.1995. But look more like a 60’s Band.

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Colin, I think the photos were taken locally in the 70’s.

Hastings College Of Art foundation course – 1978/1979

supplied by Rose Watling.  photo © Dave Trodd 

Rose Watling… Hastings College Of Art foundation course at the Brassey Institute.

Matt Thomas… What a fantastic picture

John Gale… Heather McCartney front row far right,,, Nick Howe top row far left John Curtess 2nd row 2nd from the right (I think)

Alan Esdaile… Rose Watling second in front row and Rose said , one of the Chapman brothers is at the back.

Toby Johnson… If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed over the decades, it’s how weird art students are

Markos Eva… Wow. Can’t be Rod Harman at the back in the middle can it??

Martin Richer… Dinos ?

Nick Tutt… Dinos. Jake would have been too young then

Rose Watling… Yes it’s definitely Dinos Chapman in the picture, also Rod Harman at the back. Just below Dinos is Rosemary ?, then below her is Liz ?, to the right of Liz is Claudine – our life model, and next to her is Judith ? – sorry I can’t remember anyone’s surnames. Fourth from right, second row (with his hand on his head) is Gavin Upstill.

Lisa Jensen… Tony Collie standing far left – white shirt?

Deborah Wilson… What a fab photo … I was doing a secretarial course at Archery road at this time but used to hang out with the art students in the Fiesta cafe

Jean Lofts…  is that a young Jeb on Rods right? Must have passed you in Fiesta cafe Debs