Who was the most disappointing band….

Sarah Harvey…¬†This is for those of you who frequented The Pier during the 1970s….. what was the most disappointing bands / artists you saw. NO local artists allowed because ALL local artists were and still are brilliant . For me, it was the Sex Pistols, I thought they were dreadful!

Peter Fairless…¬†I agree, Sarah, they were dire. The worst band I saw, though, were Eater, they supported The Stranglers in March ’77, they were even worse!

Alan Esdaile…¬†I will have to think on this one. Mind you if the band were bad, we would end up in the bar getting wasted on cheap cider.

Peter Thomson…¬†There was a Boxer/Crawler/Moon gig and none of them set the world on fire, but one lot spent their time on stage arguing almost to the point of fisticuffs. Not a musical memory to enjoy

Nigel Goodman…¬†Gary glitter no glitter band taped backing suspected miming too

Jim Breeds…¬†I can’t think of any disappointing bands/artists because beer.

Glenn Piper…¬†I agree with Sarah also. There may have been worse bands, but the dichotomy between them and Budgie seemed to emphasise just how bad they were. (If that makes sense 😀)

Dave Weeks…¬†I watched the thunder storm when they were on.

Linda Day…¬†Paul and Barry Ryan

Chris Meachen…¬†I thought Magma were piss poor as far as entertainment went.. They were quite clever musicians, but none of them appeared to be taking a blind bit of notice of what the others were playing…

Phil Gill…¬†Chicken Shack. I spoke to Stan Webb afterwards, all bright eyed and bushy tailed, saying how much I liked his playing and he was a totally miserable.

Pete Prescott…The 2nd gig I ever did was supporting chicken shack at Kemsley town hall (near sittingbourne) yeah he wasn’t the most happy chap… mind you Kemsley would make most people lose the will to live !

Dennis Torrance…¬†I think most of the time if band were bad it might have been down to how without the technology then. I liked curved air and remember quite a lot of feed back. I still look back on them pier days with a smile

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King’s Country Club Eastbourne – 1975

Martin Richter…¬†impressive line-up !

Patricia Lloyd…¬†Loved kings

Julie Morris…¬†Often went on a Thursday night – loved it!

John Scaife…¬†Peter Gordeno -Commader & The Pilot of Sky 1 (Submarine in UFO)

David Edwards…¬†Imagine Ella Fitzgerald like a diamond atop a pile of also tans, Kings certainly pulled out all the stops there!

Jim Hobbs…¬†Fair comment, but to give them their due, the others on the line up were big UK stars in their day.

Tony Court-holmes… Andre and i worked there

Cliff Bennett…¬†What a programme!!!!????

Colin Creagh…¬†Just look at the names

Terry Pack…¬†The sad thing is that most ‚Äėentertainment‚Äô in Eastbourne is unchanged in 45 years. The Devonshire Theatre has pantos and Agatha Christie, the Congress has bands from the 60s, comics from the 70s and orchestral music from the 1800s, and the Bandstand has tribute bands all Summer.¬†The idea that a musician like Ella could do a week long residency these days… if only.

Richard Cripps…¬†Mum and Dad owned a chalet there, spent so many memorable years there from the age of 8 [1971] until it closed. Had the opportunity to see sooo many stars of the time there… and then across the road to the disco. Any one remember Nan on reception? or Barry the house drummer?

Inside Saturdays Nightclub George Street Hastings 2019

supplied by Maureen Fuller Hastings Old Town Traders Facebook page.

Jill Lawrence…¬†I remember it as Aquarius !

Jim Breeds…¬†I remember it as both

Eugene Hughes…¬†Me too. I can remember carrying Steve Maxted’s speakers up those stairs. Would need a conveyer belt today.

Martin Richter…¬†I was assistant manager there in the 80’s – among other places !

Paul Bryant…

Martin Richter… Paul,¬†name and shame

Sandra Bryant…¬†I was there when it was the Aquarius

Alan Esdaile…¬†Remember it well. Does anyone know what it is going to be now?

Maureen Fuller…¬†spoke to builders today they are only repairing front of building as dangerous cliff is pushing front of building out not doing anything inside

Alan Esdaile…¬†Thanks Maureen, its been empty now for ages and surprised no one has done anything with it.

Carol Arnold…¬†saw Hot chocolate up there !

Leigh Wieland-Boys…¬†me too!¬†Worked up Aquarius as glass collector & Saturdays as cocktail waitress! Happy days

Tony Court-holmes…¬†reopen? I¬†was thrown down the stairs by a bouncer

John Beeching…¬†I don’t remember it at all, but then there is lot about the seventies I don’t remember

Jacqueline Marsh… Is that the old roller skating rink I remember going there as a ten year old and learning to roller skate and dance on skates, my big achievement was skating backwards. Not sure if this was the same place? anyone remember the skating rink upstairs?

Maureen Fuller… Yes it was I used to go every Sat morning

John Busbridge…¬†I remember it quite well, went there on my stag night in the snow! Half of my mates didn’t make it due to the snow! That would have been in February 1983.

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Astral Club Queens Road Hastings 1975

Surprised they put opposite the cinema, when it was opposite The Disc Jockey record shop.

Dizz Corinne Ryder…¬†Was it above Chelsea Girl?

Barry Upton…¬†I think it was once Toffs night club ?

Dizz Corinne Ryder…¬†that rings a bell, was just a bit too young to go though!

Maureen Fuller…¬†The Astrel Club was where the Pamdor Club originally was above Chelsea girl entrance at the back. My ex husband Les Martin used to work their

Yvonne Cleland…¬†I used to love the Astral Club! Late late nights and a free meal hahaha

Maureen Fuller…¬†Can you remember the name of the lovely lady who cooked the late night suppers loved her curries?

Yvonne Cleland…¬†I can’t, I’m sorry, but her spag bols and chicken in a basket were to die for! xx

Leigh Wieland-Boys…¬†Yep – there regularly, always had the whitebait

Sam Rosewell…¬†Was this Flamingo‚Äôs in the 80‚Äôs? (Not that I went in there, slightly too young!) Was a better scene back in the day….

Alan Esdaile… Yes, Sam.

Neal Hunter…It was great being a DJ there.¬†Broke my leg falling down the stairs between the bar and disco at 1am on 22 Oct 1974 which was the day my son was born. Great days.

Tony Davis…¬†was great Djing there with Merlins Music Box. Was it Betty that did the food?

Maureen Fuller…¬†don’t think that was her name she was a Greek lady l think

Tony Court-holmes…¬†used work behind the bar there

Ian Quinnell…¬†AAHHHH good (but slightly vague) memories of those days