December 1971 Hastings Pier and Scalliwags 1976?

Supplied by Jon McCallion

Jon McCallion… Found these today under my floorboards Alan some old newspapers thought you might be interested in these two adverts. See you at the next meet

Kevin Burchett… Scalliwags wasn’t open til 1974

Jon McCallion… Could have been 76 as my house was built in 1975.

Ice Cream Shop East Beach Street Old Town Hastings – 1970’s

Photo credit: Unknown

Alan Esdaile… my aunties ice cream shop, 1970’s.

these from my cousin – possibly late 1950’s?

Carol Ann Bolton…Flares!

Kaz Baker… more worried about the trunks

Tony Court-holmes… love the flares

Sandra Cunningham… My daughter worked there! For Joan and ???

Harry Randall… I had a pair of trunks like that but got banned from the swimming pool! Didn’t realise the “S” had fallen off the logo!

Kaz Baker… did you team them up with a pair of sandals

Dave Coleman… Remember that little shop very well

Perri Ann Haste… I used to buy a mixed cone from their with strawberry, chocolate & vanilla, he was a lovely patient man

Russell Forrest… Me too! Begged my mum for an ice cream whenever went past

Julie Findlay-Jones… My cousin bought me a silver ring from the shop with the orange canopy in the 60s still got it.

Jan Warren… Oh thats so beautiful, if only we still had those lovely little shops?! xx

Andy Qunta… Pretty sure I got ice cream from there more than once or twice!

Jacqueline Marsh… Me and my cuz Teddy White who lived behind in the Hastings Wall flats use to go to the shop there that sold Candy Floss. We would get loads of the used sugar, eat tons of it and then come out in a rash which kept us off school. Did it several times until Aunty Nell his mum realised what we had been up to! wonderful memories

Read moreIce Cream Shop East Beach Street Old Town Hastings – 1970’s

Penguin Cinema Hastings 4th September 1974

Chris Baker… Where was that? (and don’t say opposite the Car Park!)

Keith Blizard… Well it was Chris…lol

Alan Esdaile… The Snooker Club, Priory Street, Chris.

Tony Court-holmes… and the small one next door

Wendy Weaver… The one next door we called ‘Alf’s. Oh how i miss the Penguin, it used to be my second home (or maybe my first)

Josie Lawson… Dad did some casual work at the Penguin when it was a bingo hall…he went there after he retired from work in 1964

Wellington Pub White Rock Hastings with Ben on the piano 1977

Elaine Roberts… 50p for a double!

Dave Weeks… Who was Ben ?

Coco Pops… The poor Old Wellington wonder who has the sign???

Graham Marriott… I don’t know but it’s not a pub any more you can’t even tell where it was Alan and Dot Chapman were the best landlord and landlady the pub had in the 1980’s used to go in there after ice skating

Coco Pops… Its now a curry house, Sir are you the owner of Marriott’s who had damage from when they were renovating the pub?



Ted Crouch Trio – Chateau Anglais Alfriston September 1973

Ernest Ballard… I played with this band and then moved on to a band called the wheelers and did a summer season at Combe Haven caravan site in St Leonard’s. We played 6 nights cabaret and 3 lunch times playing tunes from the musical “ The King and I . Great reminder of this memory

Julie Morris… They used to play at the Easter tea dance on the pier every year! Happy days.

Janine Anne Scott… I did the Easter Tea Dances with Ted. Happy Days.

Stephanie Blackledge – Dad played with Ted for years

Ricky Long… Had some good times there.

Eddie Friedberg… Those were the good ol’ days xx

Stray and Snake Eye in support – Hastings Pier 2nd September 1972

Stray (Del Bromham), Hastings Pier 02.09.72 pete fisher

Stray badge, Hastings Pier, 02.09.72 pete fisher

photo and badge supplied by Pete Fisher

Pete Fisher…  Photo of Del Bromham from Stray and badge, Hastings Pier 02.09.72

Chris Sambrook… I remember Snake Eye and they were good. Stray played the Pier a few times and managed by Charlie Kray for a while. Guitarist Del Bromham still performs as Stray although not with the original line up, and solo gigs. Check out his Website for further information.

Chris Meachen… Del Bromham playing the somewhat unattractive replacement Gibson firebird after his original reverse model was stolen..

Phil Gill… He must like it – he’s still playing it!

Pete Prescott… I saw them at Dagenham Roundhouse with Dave Morse and Andy Holliday in 1975. All in your mind.

Dennis Torrance… Liked Stray happy memory’s seeing them on the pier.

Dave Weeks… First band I saw on the pier