Ballroom Dancing with Sandhurst Four – Hollington Youth Centre 28th January 1978

Anyone remember the Sandhurst Four?

Richard Moore… A close relation to the Sandhurst Trio, the only name that comes to mind is Ron Lancaster-Smith.

Kevin White… Are they the same band as the Sandhurst trio,+1? I played drums at tea dances for the trio at the Bathing Pool back in 1973/74. Only for a few months tho.The entertainments manager
kept asking me me to get a hair cut, then he would get me work on the cruise ships and the clubs up north. I just let my hair grow longer and joined a rock band….


Wooden Lion plus Crazy Lizzard – Hastings Pier 24th January 1976




flyer supplied by Mick Mepham and photos supplied by Clive Richardson. Last photo is of Crazy Lizzard.

Wooden Lion tree photo supplied by Clive Richardson


Peter Fairless… I might have gone to that!

Alan Esdaile… This gig was one of Clive Richardson promotions.

Clive Richardson… Along with Kingdom Come, Wooden Lion had one of the first VCS3 Synthesizers.

Alan Essex… Interestingly (or not) despite living in the East London / Essex borders at the time I sold my VCS3 to a guy in Hastings. A nice chap he was and had seen us play several times at festivals and of course Hastings – unfortunately I’ve forgotten his name. I also sold him one of my Sound City 120 watt valve amps and a 4 x 12 speaker cab. I remember borrowing my dad’s new Mk 3 Cortina Estate to deliver it all to him.

Alan Esdaile… I think it was Clive Richardson.

Roy Weard… Love these pictures . There are so few of them from the original Wooden Lion – amazing stuff. That was such a fun band. Thank you for posting them.

Martin Richter… (Crazy Lizzard) – not *that* crazy – they should have turned it up to eleven !

Saskia Wesnigk-Wood… My little Ray Wood of sunshine..

That Legendary Wooden Lion… Tony’s name spelled wrongly and it was Johnny Lyons on bass guitar!

Steve Allen… I remember that.


Animal Wonderland – Triodome Hastings Pier 1976

supplied by Clive Richardson

Clive Richardson plugging Wooden Lion gig, outside Animal Wonderland.

Mick O’Dowd… How prophetical (I think that’s a real word) who knew in a few years it would be the golden lion appearing.

Clive Richardson… The Triodome has now been on the end of Brighton Pier ever since it left Hastings. A covered space like this is what is required on Hastings Pier now, to enable events to take place . It’s a great shame in my view that its not still here.

Graham Sherrington… The fun I missed joining up in 1969!!

Ralph Town… It stunk in there when it was a mini zoo.

Pete Houghton… Thanks for sharing this I remember seeing the Band Wooden Lion and they were a great bunch of guys.

Diane Stephenson Flyright Records Bexhill 1977

Leigh Mitchell… I have a Flyright record!

Alan Esdaile… I’ve probably got the same one Leigh!

David Boss… A great record shop . In the 70s l bought heaps of 50s Rockabilly records here. These guys turned me on to Ray Campi, Charlie Feathers etc . I still play these records today and love them.

Dave Nattress… I remember Diane and Flyright very well as too a young Mr Pack. Always in there buying stuff – a great shop! A nice lady and a touch of the Glam about her!

Terry Pack… I worked in the shop and the import/export business from the age of 14 on. Loved it.

Julie Felix – White Rock Pavilion Hastings – 2nd June 1974


Dave Nattress… Would I be right in saying Mama’s gonna take us to the zoo tomorrow? And…we can stay all day.

Neil Partrick… Message Music was interviewed by me and he mentioned what it was like working with Julie…/kelvin-message-life…

‘Group Scene’ talking about John Martyn’s forthcoming gig at The Carlisle 9th January 1976 and review.

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Alan Esdaile… Remember going to this one.

Tony Court-holmes… he used to play and drink in the Nelson, i used to serve when i was behind the bar back in the 70s

Chris Sambrook… From what i can remember, John Martyn became very annoyed with people talking during his performance.,quite rightly so. Did Pendragon play support.? or did they play another night.

Paul Sleet… I remember going to the Nelson one night when he had just come back off a tour with his wife Beverley, and they did a free gig. The place was packed.

Yvonne Cleland… Yes, I was at that one, Paul. Stood at the bottom of the stairs!

Hans van den Berk… The concert must have taken place in the first week of January 1976. Does anyone have a more specific date? Either of the concert or the publishing date of the article (and the name of the paper). Greetings,

Alan Esdaile… The Hastings and St Leonards Observer but not sure of the correct date. Perhaps Sarah knows.

Phil Gill… I was there, great gig. He had Stallion’s PA – Digger, and Dave the Plank sorted that and did his sound. JM’s best put down of the night was aimed at a woman constantly talking loudly in the audience, and I quote: “Look, I’ve got a 2000 watt PA here and I still can’t hear myself for you talking, so shut up. If my wallet was as big as your mouth, I’d be the richest c*** in Hastings.” Only with more swearing involved…

Sarah Harvey… The article appeared in The Observer on January 3rd, 1976.

Hans van den Berk… Amazing, that means another new concert date.. One of the last shows in the UK before the sabbatical, me thinks. Still wondering if Beverley and Danny Thompson were actually present that night.

Alan Esdaile… I’m pretty sure Beverley was but don’t know about Danny Thompson.

Ken Copsey…  I was 13 and this was the first proper gig I attended. God knows how I got in. Pretty certain that neither Beverly or Danny Thompson played. I thought this was a warm up for an American tour. I think he played only electric. Gibson SG and a lot of extended improvisation through the Echoplex. Did he play more than once at the Carlisle in the 70’s?

SMART coffee meet 64 report

Our 64th meet and a great turn out to start the year. Among the newbies this time were Mick Thwaites, Ray Harper and Peter Hart. Mick who is a massive Rolling Stones fan, had photo albums and cuttings of the band, many I haven’t seen before, from the early days up to present. He also included a ticket for the pier gig in 1964 and a better photo of the Stones in the back of the ambulance. Ray had some interesting photos of when he played with St Johns Wood, Lysander, Performance and others. Peter bought along a pile of LP’s which included Blodwyn Pig, Mountain, Caravan, Velvet Underground and I couple I don’t remember Eclection, Heads And Tales and The United States of America. Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland had with him a Beatles photo with the autograph of  Bob Wooler on the other side. Bob was the DJ and compere at The Cavern Club in Liverpool.  Also a very rare early pop package tour programme from The Essoldo Cinema in Brighton from 1963 which featured Freddie and The Dreamers, Brian Poole And The Tremeloes, The Searchers and guest artiste Dusty Springfield.  He also had a very interesting photo which shows Broomgrove Power Station, W M Stills and Farley Bank allotments. Paul Morfey had tour programmes from The Picnic at Blackbushe Aerodrome that featured Bob Dylan, Knebworth A Mid Summer Night’s Dream 77 and Manfred Manns Watch Tour 78. Janette Morfey was talking about the group her and Paul are in called ‘Mackerel Sky’, which also features Ian Taylor, Kevin White and Tim White. You will be able to catch them playing at The Plough Inn Crowhurst on the 27th January. Mick Knight was very pleased with the success of his ABC Acoustic Blues Club at The Jenny Lind and has some exciting artists to join him over the next few months. John Busbridge has found a very rare, members only board for the Fiesta Club upstairs club in Claremont. He printed it in the 60’s. Still looking for any photos of the Fiesta coffee bar if anyone has any?  Peter Millington had with him two very impressive books of The Confederates 1962 to 1967 and  Spyke to Jinks 1967 – 2015. Pete Prescott had a big bundle of albums and photos and Linda Boiling had a Soul at The Cutter flyer with DJ Simon Veness which probably came from the eighties??  Colin Bell had a great photo of Mastins with a double deck bus in front and what looks like Dawn & Dorset laundry van behind. Too many other people to mention. If you had anything interesting you were talking about, then please feel free to add.

Matt Thomas… Any Masons pictures yet?

Jacqueline Marsh… So sorry I missed it hope to come to the next meeting. My operation went well so all good xx

Mick O’Dowd… I would say a terrific start to the New Year Alan! I didn’t expect so many that turned up. You sure know how to pull ’em in! Well done.

Monica Bane… Sorry I never made it, This time Alan, Hope to see you next time, Monica !

Colin Bell… Great to see everyone, and as ever a big thank you to Alan, for bringing everyone together again for another year of SMART meets

Andy Ives… Talking of Masons walked past there yesterday didn’t know they had named it The Masons Building what a lovely touch

Lucy Pappas… Thanks  Alan xx

Mick Thwaites… First time there and I had a great time talking about the old days. Met some really nice friendly people with some fantastic stories. Looking forward to the next meeting. Many thanks to Alan for making me welcome.

Sunstroke 1978 – Here Comes the Train – Ore Station Hastings?

Alan Esdaile… They were managed by Cy Whitfield.

John Williams… We played on the same set as this band we were Hot Pursuit Hastings beer festival

John Mcewen… I knew Ore Station well. used it to get to and from school. Definitely looks like Ore from the chain link fence posts and the small waiting room(shed) in the background.

Mick O’Dowd… Promoted them at The Carlisle with Be Bop Bella Disco.

John Robert Raven… yes we were i am Ray Raven drummer of SUNSTROKE

John Williams… We played on the same set as this band we were Hot Pursuit Hastings beer festival

John Robert Raven… Mick, Yes you did, I am Ray drummer of Sunstroke, Cy Whitfield was our manager and we used to stay in Hastings at Cys place. We played at The Ship and I believe The Standard ?? also for the fishermen at hastings seafront. I well remember Rye Jempsons Club ?? British Gypsum Club at Robertsbridge, Battle a few I cannot remember their names but there you go and yes I am still at it at the age of 71 check MY facebook JOHN ROBERT RAVEN. Sunstroke are on there I have a few photos

Mick O’Dowd… Hi John. Thanks for that i’m still here as well at 73 but not promoting anymore. I liked Sunstroke and enjoyed promoting them. I’m sure Alan who runs this site would very much like to see any pictures/cuttings of the band for our website. All the best. Take care.

John Robert Raven… ref the e p on hot stuff records here comes that train plus 3 other tracks i was the drummer on those 4 tracks the photo put up showing the Sunstroke band was a very VERY early version of sunstroke the only member in that pic that played on this e p was big lou piano player pictured at the back of this photo and he played piano on all 4 tracks … as i said this photo is very early indeed The second line up was formed with DANNY WILDE lead guitar / vocals and the frontman of (dannny wilde and the wildcats) fame ADRIAN /( ady ) BAGGALEY bass BIG LOU PIANO /VOCALS RAY RAVEN drums / vocals the line up on this e p made at at HIGH WYCOMBE… was MICH COCHRANE LEAD GUITAR / VOCALS .. ADRIAN BAGGALEY BASS .. BIG LOU /PIANO / VOCALS .. AND RAY RAVEN DRUMS / VOCALS you can also note THE ROCKIN DEVILS they also did some recordings at this place on HOT STUFF previous to this i was with THE MAGIC ROCK BAND I also depped for many groups hounddog etc the sunstroke bands line ups are on my facebook early pic 2nd pic 3 rd pic sadly big lou and adey baggaley have passed away R . I. P. Danny Wilde is still around and i am still very active on the rock n roll scene BE BOP BELLA I WELL REMEMBER KIND REGARDS FOLKS.

Sarah Baggaley… Hi John Robert Raven, it’s Adrian Baggaley’s daughter here. I’ve loved reading your comments and am so pleased that you have confirmed that dad played on the e.p., someone else a while ago thought he might have, but wasn’t able to confirm. I have looked you up on Facebook but can’t see the photos you mention. Would love to see them if dad is in them. Many thanks. Ray, I have just remembered, we chatted via your wife’s Facebook a few years ago and you had already confirmed dad was on the e.p and you shared some really lovely insights into what he was like during the Sunstroke days. So thank you again for that. I would still love to see any pictures!

John Williams… Can remember this band well they went on before us and we thought how we gona follow that nice bunch of blokes