What Song or Songs Do You Really Hate?

Terry Corder… I’ll name 2 if I may. House of the rising sun and a whiter shade of pale. Oh, and peggy sue. Oops, that makes 3.

Phil Gill… Brown Eyed Girl.

Eric Peckham… Anything and everything by the Carpenters. So middle of the road, it should be run over.

Terry Corder… Brown eyed girl. I hate that one as well and Freebird.

Michael Wilson… Anything they play over and over again on Heart Radio. Especially ‘Galway Girl’ by Ed Sheeran.

Alan Esdaile… Loads but Mr Blobby comes to mind.

Eric Peckham… I just want to stick a bullet in my head every time I hear that one.

Terry Huggins… Anything reggae or ska, most punk rock and anything that’s played too often.

Eddie Caffrey… Apart from the obvious ones -long haired lover etc O Lori by Alessi …sooo annoying!!!

Peter Thomson… Y Viva Espana or Una Paloma Blanca. Got me thinking what my problem is with Spain now…

Rick Pentecost… Sweet home bloody Alabama and Freebird

Simon Page… Boo Boo Boo! Rock Me Amadeus by Falco. Life Is Life by Opus.

Peter Antony… I don’t know… I mean there are the obvious ones. But to tell you the truth, I’m probably not that happy with the current top 5, whatever they are this week.

Richard Wood… “Bohemian Ratshit” – pompous, pretentious glam-rock at its worst.

Mandy Wright… The birdy song!!

Eddie Caffrey… Right on Mandy as it falls into the silly category Long haired lover….combine harvester….mr blobby….tellytubbies….bob the builder….

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John Miles – Congress Theatre Eastbourne – 21st March 1978

Jan Warren… Love the song Music! Found the single in a charity shop last week for 20p

Pete Fisher… saw him supporting Robin Trower that year – he did a grand job – great show!

Paul Morfey… Saw him at Reading fest. ’77 Great!! Thin lizzy were dancing in the moon light!!

Virginia Davis… Saw him at the Congress Eastbourne

Robert Searle… Still got Rebel album on vinyl

Alan Esdaile… So have I.

Iain Cobby… I was there at Eastbourne, was I with you Mr Davis or am I dreaming. I seem to recall overtaking Rod Hull in his RR on the marsh road in my little red mini,coming back to Hastings ……….. or was this a cruel dream?

Tony Davis… Cruel dream mate. I’ve never seen John Miles or your little red mini

Iain Cobby… That’s odd, wonder who it was then?, could have been Steve D. still you missed a really good gig. I remember the stage sets were excellent, and the band spot on. Music was my first love……………………

Tim Moose Bruce…. Was at the congress in 83 and 84 too

Mark Hudson… Listeniing to John Miles on R2 it reminded me I went to that concert at the Congress. I worked at the Burlington Hotel in Eastbourne and this was my first concert I ever went to. Interested to see The Stylistics and Candi Staton were playing at the Congress back in the day. How times have changed as I cannot imagine Eastbourne would get acts like that these days.

Alan King… he sang with Jimmy Page for a while, I did some stuff back in London at the same time with a Venezuelan bass player Durban Laverde (sp ?) who was on the same album/tour, Miller Anderson also worked with him in Germany for a while, nobody had a bad word to say about him

Paul Dallaway… He came to the Congress twice and i saw him live on both occasions. Superb under rated man.

Who had a paper round?

photo source:  Memory Lane UK https://www.facebook.com/Memory-Lane-UK-408060289608201/

Dennis Torrance… My paper round was for Mitchell s queens road hell of a round all weathers got papers of train first then the delivery s. So cold some mornings wet but Christmas time tips was amazing. I remember the carrying sack so heavy and bike ride home and school. I also remember my paper bag not water prove soaked papers sometimes papers soggy trying to push them into the doors falling apart lol and getting on my bike fast getaway. I did get many compliments lol. 18 shillings and sixpence a week I got and many a puncture in my tyres.

John Warner… one paper round, I had a morning paper round, an evening paper round, a Sunday paper round when I collected the money. I also had a shoe delivery round and a grocery delivery round. I was one busy kid.

Pete Prescott… 1968/69.Teynham in north Kent. It was dark when I started. I was so frightened. On my first day the wind took a lot of papers out of my hand am blew them across the front of several houses.i thought it was the end ! I got £1 per week. If I was out when I had collected the money on the Saturday it came out of my wages. One time I was £1.50 out so worked three weeks for nothing. It was a long round. I ended up In Lynsted lane. It took an hour and a half (In all weather’s) then I went to school. I ended up asking my friend Mick Deane to help. We got 50p each. If I then walked to school I saved the bus fare. I could then buy records or (gasp !) Levi jeans!

Lloyd Johnson… 1950s.I had a morning round ,an evening round and Saturday round for Gladwish’s in Ore,Hastings.The morning round was right out in Pett Village across fields over fences to farm yards and vicarages, lovely in the summer but the winter was awful and all before school.

Jeff Belton… My paper round was some of the roads in Blackfen / Sidcup Kent areas in the late mid 1970’s . Quiet along round. Sunday was the worst day , because mags and leaflets came with the papers so it made the bag heavy. Nice reward at the end of the year when I was allowed to pick an annual I would like. Was paid £10 for doing the round.

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Who remembers buying sweets by the quarter?

John Warner… You could buy 2 ounces of sweets in a brown paper bag no recycling problems.

Gerry Fortsch.. Not sure about this, at that time some of us had out side toilets and coal fires that needed banking up at night.

John Sperni… No central heating,two coal fires ,one in front room and one in the back room. And dare i say it,a tin bath in front of the fire.

Tony Davies… John, that’s what we had at Winchelsea beach,and, an outside toilet with an Elsan bucket. In the great freeze of 1962/63, dad had to dig a path through the snow drifts to get to it. Getting back to the sweets, does anybody remember Sally’s sweet shop in the old town Hastings,,,,?

Jan Deane… We only got three pence, enough to buy 2 oz., served in a white, triangular bag. The hard part was deciding between pear drops, pineapple chunks, rhubarb and custard, aniseed twist, scented satins and more. Decisions, decisions!

Janine Anne Scott… We were lucky,our Grandma worked in Maynards by the cinema for yonks.

Ian Mantel… As a family we used to visit the sweet shop in Mount Road most Friday afternoons. This was mid 70’s. It was run by an elderly couple and was between the butchers and the greengrocers – can’t remember the name

John Sperni… Yes i remember them. I lived in Ashburnham rd,just below the Pub on the corner.

John Warner… my Aunt and Uncle both worked for Sharps Toffees in Maidstone. We used to get huge bags of misshapen toffees for free.

Eric Peckham… Who remembers buying stuff by the pound (£)?

Lucy Pappas… Who remembers the shop on Old London Road, close to the old Sandown School, where you could get a twist of sherbet?

Clifford Rose… 2 ounces of wine gums or sherbet lemons were the usual. I only went for the quarter when I was feeling rich.

Mick Burt… Lemon Sugar crystals

Terry Corder… Used to cost 6d

Alan Pepper… I’ll have some black Jack’s , shrimps , penny arrow bars and some fruit salads ! From Fourboys in Blackman Avenue .

Pete Prescott… Yep ! Me !

Dave Nattress… Indeed, I remember this very well! Usually it was a 2 ounce limit (from my Mother), but occasionally a quarter! All those jars of sweets which of course made something of a comeback some years ago after just about disappearing. Anyone remember Acid Drops and the tiny fruit flavoured sweets about 5 – 6mm in diameter. The Acid Drops certainly brought your cheeks together missus! No wonder I had a lot of fillings as a child and now have a gap or two where teeth used to be. Brings to mind Ice-poles in clear plastic wrappers and Jubblies in waxy paper containers sort of prism shaped – I’m sure there is a technical geometric word for the shape. As in “Last of the Jubblies” England’s second album. The ice-poles came in various lurid colours and fruit flavours of course one colour being a weird mid-Blue. The Jubblies were usually sold as frozen I think and very gradually over what seemed like hours they melted and at one of the corners you could drink them.

Who remembers playing marbles?

photo source: Joe Mabel

Eric Peckham… Lost all mine …

Eric Harmer… I played with ma balls from a very early age

Wendy Belton…  Still got all my original ones from Silverdale school days. (Although those at home would say I had lost them all!)

Glenn Piper… Couldn’t afford marbles when I was a kid

Lloyd Johnson… No bottle washers or clay bunkers !……anyone know what I’m talking about?

Eric Harmer… No

Lloyd Johnson… ….bottle washers were glass balls the size of marbles that were used in the necks pop bottles and were still around in the 50s the same as clay bunkers which were used in ginger beer clay fired bottles.Some kids would try and join in games of marbles at junior school.We always said not bottle washers or Clay bunkers before each game…

Alan Esdaile… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tC1auBpqZ4E

Jacqueline Marsh… Always loved this song, first heard it in Spain played on a trumpet, brought goose bumps all over, fabulous thanks for posting

Lloyd Johnson… What about me clay bunkers and bottle washers?…cheap marbles…

Roger Simmonds… I remember well!!


‘Group Scene’ talking about John Martyn’s forthcoming gig at The Carlisle 9th January 1976 and review.

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Alan Esdaile… Remember going to this one.

Tony Court-holmes… he used to play and drink in the Nelson, i used to serve when i was behind the bar back in the 70s

Chris Sambrook… From what i can remember, John Martyn became very annoyed with people talking during his performance.,quite rightly so. Did Pendragon play support.? or did they play another night.

Paul Sleet… I remember going to the Nelson one night when he had just come back off a tour with his wife Beverley, and they did a free gig. The place was packed.

Yvonne Cleland… Yes, I was at that one, Paul. Stood at the bottom of the stairs!

Hans van den Berk… The concert must have taken place in the first week of January 1976. Does anyone have a more specific date? Either of the concert or the publishing date of the article (and the name of the paper). Greetings, http://www.johnmartyn.info

Alan Esdaile… The Hastings and St Leonards Observer but not sure of the correct date. Perhaps Sarah knows.

Phil Gill… I was there, great gig. He had Stallion’s PA – Digger, and Dave the Plank sorted that and did his sound. JM’s best put down of the night was aimed at a woman constantly talking loudly in the audience, and I quote: “Look, I’ve got a 2000 watt PA here and I still can’t hear myself for you talking, so shut up. If my wallet was as big as your mouth, I’d be the richest c*** in Hastings.” Only with more swearing involved…

Sarah Harvey… The article appeared in The Observer on January 3rd, 1976.

Hans van den Berk… Amazing, that means another new concert date.. One of the last shows in the UK before the sabbatical, me thinks. Still wondering if Beverley and Danny Thompson were actually present that night.

Alan Esdaile… I’m pretty sure Beverley was but don’t know about Danny Thompson.

The Regent Hotel – February 1973 with Spyke

regent feb 1973


photo supplied by: https://pet842.wixsite.com/confeds-to-jinks

Spyke – Peter Millington, Twiggie (Vocals), Terry Chedzoy, Ian Williams.

Martin Richter… Ian Williams – lol

Peter Millington… Spyke converted to Jinks in 1974 shortly after Twiggie left. 40 years on. We did a few Gigs at the Regent – The seafront was alive with good music then – I miss those days at the Regent/Scalliwags, Alexandra, Witchdoctor/Cobweb, Pier, Mr Cherrys etc. etc.

Madeline Joyce Morton… Miss, Chris Sayer those were the days at the Alex x

Robert Searle… Great photo. Played at The Regent with Easy Street and remembering seeing Shaft play there with the late Dave Shaw on vocals.

Jon McCallion… Nice picture Pete.

Joe Knight… great!!!

Andy Qunta… I remember all those bands! I remember playing at the Regent with Factory too!

Pete Millington… The above picture was taken at the Regent Hotel in 1973 – The advert is for SPYKE in 1968 which was this line-up, although taken at the White Rock Theatre on 12 January 1968. The KB Annual Dance with Bob Miller and the Millermen – Great memories!

Janie Lowe… What happened to Twiggie

Pete Millington… She still lives locally. She can be seen in black top hat and black uniform in the old town drum procession eg Carnival march

Charlie Ball… Always finished with Alright Now, in the Alex

Pete Millington… You’ve a better memory than me and I was playing it!


Who was the most disappointing band….

Sarah Harvey… This is for those of you who frequented The Pier during the 1970s….. what was the most disappointing bands / artists you saw. NO local artists allowed because ALL local artists were and still are brilliant . For me, it was the Sex Pistols, I thought they were dreadful!

Peter Fairless… I agree, Sarah, they were dire. The worst band I saw, though, were Eater, they supported The Stranglers in March ’77, they were even worse!

Alan Esdaile… I will have to think on this one. Mind you if the band were bad, we would end up in the bar getting wasted on cheap cider.

Peter Thomson… There was a Boxer/Crawler/Moon gig and none of them set the world on fire, but one lot spent their time on stage arguing almost to the point of fisticuffs. Not a musical memory to enjoy

Nigel Goodman… Gary glitter no glitter band taped backing suspected miming too

Jim Breeds… I can’t think of any disappointing bands/artists because beer.

Glenn Piper… I agree with Sarah also. There may have been worse bands, but the dichotomy between them and Budgie seemed to emphasise just how bad they were. (If that makes sense 😀)

Dave Weeks… I watched the thunder storm when they were on.

Linda Day… Paul and Barry Ryan

Chris Meachen… I thought Magma were piss poor as far as entertainment went.. They were quite clever musicians, but none of them appeared to be taking a blind bit of notice of what the others were playing…

Phil Gill… Chicken Shack. I spoke to Stan Webb afterwards, all bright eyed and bushy tailed, saying how much I liked his playing and he was a totally miserable.

Pete Prescott…The 2nd gig I ever did was supporting chicken shack at Kemsley town hall (near sittingbourne) yeah he wasn’t the most happy chap… mind you Kemsley would make most people lose the will to live !

Dennis Torrance… I think most of the time if band were bad it might have been down to how without the technology then. I liked curved air and remember quite a lot of feed back. I still look back on them pier days with a smile

Ernest Ballard… Bring back the end of the pier Organist. Say no more ha ha

Peter Bridger… Souxsie and the Banshees – no interaction with the audience, seemed to think they were above all of us (I suppose they were, being up on the stage!)

Peter Fairless… I thought she was just being arty!

Peter Thomson… Several months (maybe a year or so) before the big Status Quo gig in ‘73, they made a much lower profile appearance in front of a suitably smaller audience. So how were they SO different? I take Dennis’s point on technology (and even older equipment) but have often wondered if we were fobbed off with Not Really Status Quo But They’ll Do For Mugsborough. Got any posters Alan?

Pete Fairless… March and July ’73, Peter. It was the same band, might just be down to confidence, the start and end of a tour?

Pete Fisher… For me back then (as a teenager), going to a concert on the pier was a big deal, a real treat, a social event, something both to look forward to and to talk about for ages afterwards…I wasn’t there to pass judgement, or join the arms akimbo music police at the front, I was there to see real live musicians playing loud rock music, and maybe pick up a couple of tips and inspiration for my own playing…I don’t remember ever being disappointed, apart from occasionally poor sound from those pathetically small PAs often manned by incompetent sound engineers, but if you got close to the stage the PA became irrelevant. There’s also a big difference between whether you don’t like the band or them actually not being good – back then I looked up to anyone who’d made it as far as playing there, and was really grateful they’d come to such a small venue in my home town…

Andrew Reid McDuffie… I never went to any of the 1970’s pier gigs, the 80s was more my era. But……bit of vicarious kudos….my sister, Susan Conti saw Hendrix there in 1967. I don’t think she ever went to another rock gig after that. Maybe she didn’t need to…..

Phil Thornton… Going to see a band on the Pier was always great ! I can think of a few bands that didn’t hit the spot for me in terms of sound or style but the musicianship was usually excellent so I never came away disappointed ! Also it was always a social occasion !