Greasy Trucker – 1973

Pete Cunningham, William Powell and Alan Turner

Ian Quinnell… Alan Turner aka AlBear- now there’s a face I’ve not seen for over 40 years. Used to work with him at Rediffusion, on the Ponswood estate. What became of him?

Barry Newton… I was wondering the same when I saw his photo

Paul Huggett… Haven’t seen Will in ages, still around here somewhere. Alan lives in Cornwall now.

Mick O’Dowd… One of the original “good guys” is Will. Nice bloke and good drummer!

Barry French… Pete Cunningham worked in Mullet Smith music shop when it first opened in Normans Road. I believe he was also in a folk duo with Paul Dengate. I never got to hear Greasy Trucker but I remember Will Powell being very excited about the project.

Allan Osbourne (prev Turner)… Greasy Trucker was a short lived band but it was certainly a lot of fun as I remember.  Peter Cunningham  was a paramedic as I recall  and last I am aware  was living in Rye. Will Powell  had always lived in Hastings  and  had played in several different bands in the area.  As for myself,  well  it was the early seventies and  just about everyone I knew at the time seemed to be in a state of flux moving from one band to another.  My own history is no different  having been in Sam Tripp, Arktuss, and  Greasy Trucker.  I think the most interesting gig we ever did in Trucker was probably Bonitas  where Pete and  myself  finished up on our backs playing on the floor and breaking guitar strings like they were going out of style. Lets just say it was an interesting night.  I haven’t seen Pete or Will since  the demise of Trucker back in the early seventies but would be interested to hear of their whereabouts  if at all possible. I  now live in south Devon  near a town called Seaton  and have been here for the last twenty years.


Orion Cinema – Hastings 1970’s

Mike Mitchell… As youths we always enjoyed taking a look at the still photos displayed outside…

Jacquie Hinves… Remember it so well

Dennis Torrance… My mum worked there till late 60s till it closed she was a cleaner there . Had a cinema pass which me and my mates used bottle of beers hidden we drank in the back seats lol

Josie Lawson… My mum was usherette then became one who dealt with the money at entrance. I began casually over christmas 1965 to keep my mums job that is when she was an usherette. My Gran died on Boxing Day and she had to go over for 2 weeks.
I became friends with Julie Bull , her dad was the manager Mr Bull. Unfortunately they have all passed now.

Dennis Torrance… I was 15 when I started to use the Orion with my mates as I stated. I remember mr bull well he was ok we had a nickname for him count bull but regret that now . My mums name was ivy Torrance but surname changed to Lamb in 1970 when she remarried. Unfortunately I can’t remember you but lived in stonefield road but moved to Cheviots 1967 if that helps am retired now 65 happy memory’s of times there.  In summer cartoons for kids afternoon and shall I say risky ones evening not cartoons lol

Martyn Baker… Ah “the fleapit”.

Chris Meachen… I remember the ‘dirty mac brigade’ congregating there when they were showing some of the racier type of films. I remember going there to watch something a bit more mainstream, but can’t remember what it was..

Dizz Corinne Ryder.. I remember seeing Slade in Flame there and calling it the “fleapit”!

Ralph Town… I saw the 2 Dr.Who movies there as a afternoon matinee.I had a bath when I got home!

Clifford Rose…  I went there once to see the film ‘Tom Thumb’ there with my Mum and Nan.

Jacquie Hinves… I remember seeing “The Pride of Miss Jean Brody” there.

Ian Johnson… Yep remember that you could sneak in the exit and watch a movie

Fine Fare supermarket Queens Parade Hastings – closing 1973

Who remembers Fine Fare?

Nigel Goodman… My parents used to shop there

Virginia Davis… I’d completely forgotten about that shop !

Jim Breeds… An oxymoron, I believe

Dennis Torrance… My mum shopped there to . Must have been one of the first type of stores price items price right another

Dave Nattress… Yes, Fine Fare, I recall it. Also, which song by a very notable British Band who played Hastings Pier contains the line, “Thankful for her Fine Fare discount, Tess Co-operates”. Iain Cobby will get it!!

David Miller… Aisle of Plenty – Genesis. Do I win some Peak Freans Family Assorted for my prize? How about a ticket back to see the the SEBTP tour at the Rainbow or Drury Lane?

Pauline Richards… Didn’t it become ‘fads’ after?

Martin Brown…  Looking at the picture, it looks like FADS and it a dance studio I think above it ? am I correct perhaps

Kev Towner… Yes – it did become FADS.

Tony Bowles… FADS – Half the homes in Hastings must have bought wood chip wall paper from there at sometime or other!!!!

Julie Findlay-jones… My mum and dad used to shop there and then we would catch the bus back to Hollingdon.

Barry French… I remember my Mum collecting S&H pink stamps from Fine Fare. These were the same principle as collecting Green Shield stamps.(Fill a book/books with stamps & redeem them for a gift out of a catalog)

Dennis Torrance… I used to lick them put stamps in books my mum could not stand licking stamps.

Alan Esdaile… remember doing that.

Carol Paffett… Those were the days

Dave Nattress… And well done to David Miller!!

Iain Cobby… Yes , thanks Dave. Still alone in o-hell-o,See the deadly nightshade grow………….. Missing you old friend.

Dave Nattress… Nice one Iain, your name often comes up in conversation with friends and first daughter who is my gig buddy. Told her again recently about college days with you and Paul Durrant and Damaris and the bands we all liked – none less than Genesis I might say. I recall at one of the pier gigs, Paul proudly announcing he’d just had a P in the same toilet as Peter Gabriel. For you, Chris Squire and the Ricky featured highly of course. “Star Tiger” and the whole Bermuda Triangle saga still intrigues me!! I can recall your rendition of “Liar” by Queen resounding through the college classroom. I intend to get to a SMART meet soon and will hopefully see you then.

Lloyd Johnson… Anyone remember the naff clothing shop called ‘Huckles’ on Queens Parade?.. Kep’s Casuals was the best shop!… I never went to Cyril Savages it seemed a thousand miles away to me back then…

The Stranglers plus The Dictators – Hastings Pier 29th October 1977



ticket supplied by Mike Mitchell


Yvonne Cleland… Yeah, I got to see the Stranglers

Pete Fairless.. This was their second gig on the pier that year. It was packed because they were famous by then! They played previously in March I think, to about 50 people.

Virginia Davis… I went to both gigs. Weren’t The Jam a replacement for Eddie and the Hot Rods? Would of been great if they had returned for a second time.

Jan Warren… Yeah, love The Stranglers, got loads of their albums!! 🙂 – saw them “live” at Hammersmith in the early 80s!! Brilliant!!

Jim Breeds… I was at that one.

Paul Gray… Yep! Was my 1st ever gig.  It was. Ears ringing for a week!

Nigel Goodman… Fantastic Gig – the first rock gig I ever went too both bands were amazing.

Andy Gunton… I saw them on that tour in Liverpool.

Jo Turner… Yup was there too

John Coleman… I was there!!!!!!

Nigel Goodman… Remember it well

Alan Pepper… I was there ! Don’t remember Dictators though . Great live act that’s for sure. It must have been the second appearance because remember it was heaving !!!

Nigel Goodman… Dictators were brilliant

The Vogue – The New Broom advert 1st Nov 1975

 15181551_1369734736372136_5374752769366211508_n vogue-1st-nov-1975

photo supplied by Peter Gladwish

Mike Mitchell… I don’t remember The Vogue but I do recall rehearsing on Saturday mornings in the basement of the New Broom.

Peter Gladwish… Vogue was my band, started in 1975 after King-Rod split up. Greg Pearce (Lead Guitar), Dave Gladwish (Bass Guitar) & Peter Gladwish (12 string Rhythm Guitar and Drums). Eric Burgess later replaced my brother, Dave, on bass guitar, when I also changed the name to Trinity. The band split in 1979 when I moved away from the area. Greg went on to play in Centre Page and when I moved back South in the early 90’s, I also joined Centre Page on drums full-time.

Alan Esdaile… Love the satin shirts (or maybe silk?) and the flairs.

Peter Gladwish… They were satin. We bought all our stage gear from ‘Underground’, at the end of the Arcade in Hastings.

who remembers The Lugger 73 George Street Hastings – 1974

Dawn Leaney… Me!

Chris Baker… Many’s the night spent with Luis and Maria “Spoofing” for a round of drinks. I seem to remember it was always a Pound a Round and personally polishing off a bottle of Rum before crawling back across the road to Showstopper @ No. 7. Also got “Toothbrush” as a puppy from Luis and Maria.

Mick Knights… I can remember when it was the old town pie shop!

Chris Baker… Me too, lived in Cobourg from 55 ish. I loved watching the Pie making machines.

Sue James… the pie making shop was on the corner where Fagins now is, The Lugger was a couple of doors away, I used to go to the pie shop with my mum and man. I loved that place, whenI asked people if they remembered it they always said no

Chris Meachen… Fagins is the same building..

Alan Esdaile… At one stage I think it was a coffee bar with western doors and sawdust on the floor and pinball tables.

Gaynor Duke… remember the safari club ?

Super Tramp – records and fashion Robertson Street Hastings 1974

Who remembers Super Tramp?

Sandy Max… My friend Peter couldn’t stand the song Dreamer so he wrote his own lyrics…they’re too rude to post here!

Mick Knights… I picked up quite a few unusual LPs from there.

Nigel Goodman… Omg yes had forgotten that one

Chris Meachen… Spent many a lunch break in there.. It was owned by Rob, who went on to start a double glazing business, then I think opened a care home?