Rennie’s Nite-Spot Priory Street Hastings – Opening 1976

Janine Anne Scott… I was down there singing with them. 🤦‍♀️xxx how long ago 😱. I was 16 .

Jim Breeds… Had more than a few chicken in baskets in there!

Janet Rennie… Ha , so that’s why I love Hastings . Family ties

Martin Brown… Rennie’s / Dennie’s we use to love it

Julie Morris… What ever happened to chicken in a basket and sticky carpets! Happy days!

Terry Pack… I used to play with Harry back then. I don’t know if I was on this one…

Joe Knight… Great times

Tom Walton… Harry Walton, he was my dad

Lynn Graham… we were neighbours with the Waltons. Lived in the flat below them.

Sandie Carlyon… I used to know Harry. Great sessions at the Warrior Gate pub in St. Leonard’s. Lovely man and great musician. Sad way for him to go.

Chris Howard… Used to play there on a Thursday night with Centre Page in early eighties great venue.

Stuart Moir… We did Chris many a good nights playing in that venue

Chris Howard… Loved those days Stu

Teleaerials Old London Road Ore Hastings1974

supplied by Tony May

Tony May… Another odditty I have discovered from a Hastings Herald Newspaper 1974. Anyone remember this shop? A bit before my time…

Jim Breeds… Yes, I do. Now the site of the motorcycle shop.

Dennis Torrance… Not sure if this is a shop that used to be in ore opposite Tesco’s . I remember also it sold records also late 60s I remember.

Graham How… I think it’s now French’s Rentals in Ore

Roland Clarke… Graham, they still seem to be there. I remember when they had branches all over.

David Edwards… Graham, I’m sure you are right.

Mick O’Dowd… Yes I remember it well but not for records/tapes. I bought a record player from him and a big TV all of 21″. Front room was so small had to sit in the kitchen to see it properly!

The Tommy Cooper Show – White Rock Pavilion 9th July 1978

Matt Thomas… Two people I remember from my time at the theatre getting a mention I see – Phil Cronk & Roger Dennett

Pete Brazier… I had just finished cleaning the Pier Ballroom when I saw him enter the Pub on the pier! Wearing a light grey suit and so Tall! Too embarrassed to say anything I just Smiled and Nodded! And he smiled back! Wish I’d said something but then I wasn’t as forward as I am now lol (that was before I had stood at the front of a band for the first time! Surprising how that makes you more confident each time you do it

Rosemary Hughes… Took my Son and Niece to the cinema in Eastbourne and who should we sit next to Tommy and his Family what a laugh that was. He laughed after everyone had stopped and then bought us all an ice cream in the interval


Mike Urry & His Band and Len Goodman & Cherry Kingston – Falaise Hall Hastings 21st April 1973

photo: Len Goodman and Cherry Kingston venue and source unknown

Gerry Fortsch… Is this the guy that had a problem with the band speeding up? Apologies for being a bit of a prat but I couldn’t resist it.

David Edwards… Look at Len!

Tarbox shoe shop St Georges Road, Hastings 1977

Anyone remember getting shoes here?

Sid Saunders… Yes, we used to get the children’s shoes there with a provident check

Pauline Richards… Yes my great uncle had grocery shop opposite. Mannings

Dawn Leaney… Yep! Loved going there as a kid.

Keith Blizard… Yep, lovely family as were their predecessors

Paul Bryant… I loved that shoe shop.

Lesley Bowles… Yes, as a child all my shoes came from there – It had a special smell in there

Matt Thomas… Feet measured and thinking the contraption was going to clamp my foot lol

Phil Gill… Never bought any shoes there, But I did have a big crush on Ann Tarbox when I was 12.

Nigel Sherwood… think I had a similar crush at around 14

Alan Esdaile… Used to be taken here and Halls Robertson Street, to get my shoes.

Richard J Porter… My wife used to live in the flat over Halls

Linda Day… Omg we lived next door other side of barbers

Trevor Unwin… Yes

Carol Paffett… Yes we went there

Neal Hunter… I worked in Priors butchers opposite

Jon McCallion… Yes Julie remembers the shop next door to Mannings greengrocers and Wally the hairdresser the other side. She also remembers Ann Tarbox their daughter. Also remember walking down from school at lunchtime to have the crackling of the fish at Whitefriars fish shop and then walk around the corner to buy some cigarettes maybe number six then on to the Westhill to enjoy the lunchtime, never thinking they could smell this on our clothes when we got back to school

Steve Mann… Yep

Adam Earley…. Yes monkey boots

Mick O’Dowd… I always went to Halls in Robertson Street and measure my feet in the x-ray machine. They also had the overhead money transfer cables & pods as well.

Tony Davis… Yes many pairs as a kid

Annette Munn… I remember with great fondness the two brothers who ran the shop in the 1950s. The tall one was fearsome but the shorter man was much more friendly. It was a delight to stare in the window & then actually get a pair of ‘ballerinas’, soft black velvet shoes with a little bow, much like ballet shoes. I also had a pearl leather pair of shoes which I put on the box in my bedroom & when i woke up they were there in all their beauty!

Gary Benton… Who remembers Frankie Thunders at the top end of Priory Road? Do ya want blakies? I can still remember him saying in his high pitched voice.

John Mcewen… Gary and the paraffin shop next door. You had Myers newsagents, Queenie clout the bakers and the green grocers at the top of mount pleasant rd. Can’t remember the grocers name but my dad used to go fishing with him a lot.

John Mcewen… Always got out shoes from there as a kid.

Lloyd Johnson… I don’t remember this shoe shop but I remember ‘ WINTERS SHOE SHOP’ who sold Denton winklepickers in the late 50s early 60s….

Mr and Mrs Wilde 1971 Glastonbury

supplied by John Wilde

John Gale… Back when it all started. No glampers, no stupid flags, no rich kids leaving all their expensive camping gear behind, just folk having a great festival enjoying the music. Even over the last 15 years ,that festival has just slipped a million miles from its origins. But you can stream a version of it later next month, at a fee of course. Great photo though

Mike Waghorne… That would be my immpresion of John and his wife ” can’t remember her name” when we were friends back in the 70’s fond memories !

Gin Genie… Brilliant photo. I worked there from 1997 -2001 doing post festival welfare. I get what you are saying but it is still a special festival in here

Glenn Piper… So John, even you were young once

Tracy Birrell… Nice to see.


Who was the most disappointing band….

Sarah Harvey… This is for those of you who frequented The Pier during the 1970s….. what was the most disappointing bands / artists you saw. NO local artists allowed because ALL local artists were and still are brilliant . For me, it was the Sex Pistols, I thought they were dreadful!

Peter Fairless… I agree, Sarah, they were dire. The worst band I saw, though, were Eater, they supported The Stranglers in March ’77, they were even worse!

Alan Esdaile… I will have to think on this one. Mind you if the band were bad, we would end up in the bar getting wasted on cheap cider.

Peter Thomson… There was a Boxer/Crawler/Moon gig and none of them set the world on fire, but one lot spent their time on stage arguing almost to the point of fisticuffs. Not a musical memory to enjoy

Nigel Goodman… Gary glitter no glitter band taped backing suspected miming too

Jim Breeds… I can’t think of any disappointing bands/artists because beer.

Glenn Piper… I agree with Sarah also. There may have been worse bands, but the dichotomy between them and Budgie seemed to emphasise just how bad they were. (If that makes sense 😀)

Dave Weeks… I watched the thunder storm when they were on.

Linda Day… Paul and Barry Ryan

Chris Meachen… I thought Magma were piss poor as far as entertainment went.. They were quite clever musicians, but none of them appeared to be taking a blind bit of notice of what the others were playing…

Phil Gill… Chicken Shack. I spoke to Stan Webb afterwards, all bright eyed and bushy tailed, saying how much I liked his playing and he was a totally miserable.

Pete Prescott…The 2nd gig I ever did was supporting chicken shack at Kemsley town hall (near sittingbourne) yeah he wasn’t the most happy chap… mind you Kemsley would make most people lose the will to live !

Dennis Torrance… I think most of the time if band were bad it might have been down to how without the technology then. I liked curved air and remember quite a lot of feed back. I still look back on them pier days with a smile

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What memories do you have of the chip shop?

photo source

Yvonne Cleland…  6 old pennies. Bag of chips from Western Road chippie. Heaven.

Pauline Richards… Local chip shop at hughenden rd. Used to give us a free bag of crackling. And the chip shop in old town on corner of high st.Clements church used to sell spam fritters. It’s a jewellery shop now.

Eugene Hughes… I so remember Vince (Vincenzo) giving me crackling. A real nice guy. Unless he was chasing us up the road for bad behavior. Is the Chinese chap still there. He bought it from Vince and they stayed in touch!

Pauline Richards… I had forgotten his name but can still remember his face

Peter Thomson… Always a tanner of chips as kids. When teenagers, there was a chippy round the back of the cricket ground used to do beano burgers. Burger and beans pressed between two slices of bread, dipped in batter and fried. Fartypops!

Keith Blizard… Fish and Chips outer wrapping being newspaper. My local chippie was in Whitefriars Road

Andy Pilkington… Good old Beano Burger,chippy in station rd

Allyson Breeds… Sod the chips. A bag of scraps for 2p.

Lloyd Johnson… I must be old everyone else is talking about a tanners worth of chips. My mates & I would get four pennies worth of chips from the fish and chip shop in Ore Village after Youth Club which was almost next door. This photo is wonderful just like us lot after club but we were a little more stylish with bumfreezer Jackets and winklepickers…

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