Lazybones Disco Hastings photos 1977 supplied by Linda Boiling

All photos supplied by Linda Boiling

Simon Falla, Linda Charman (Boiling) and Mike Kasey

John Baker… I used to run Disco Trax mobile with Mike. Are you still out there Mike?

James Turner… Simon was the manager I believe and I was on the door in my dickie bow and tails.

David Edwards… Where was Lazybones?

James Turner… David, under the Queens Hotel

Simon Falla… Yes it’s me……the ‘after parties’ at Lazybones were ‘emotional’ affairs that usually lasted until sunrise. Clearly me in my more relaxed state! Great memories. (Dave: Lazybones was under Queens Hotel Hastings seafront)


SMART 57 coffee meet report

Our 57th SMART coffee meet and great to catch up with some old faces that we haven’t seen for awhile as well as new ones. Among the newbies this time were Linda Boiling and Dave Nattress. Linda was reminiscing about when she worked in Stylus record shop and had with her the Johnny Lambe Orchestra programme which Stylus promoted at The White Rock Pavilion, as well as a bundle of photos of dj’s and others from ‘Lazybones’ disco from 1977. We will be posting these on the website in the next few days. Good to see Dave Nattress at last! He had with him posters and artwork of Samisen from the 70’s and the group The Charts from 81. He will send me copies of these soon for the website and hopes to find some long lost photos as well. Geoff Peckham was chatting about the recent success of Plumptonfest and the track ‘This Land Is Green’ which proved very popular. Anthony ’Nan’ Morland arrived with some more interesting items. Including photos and autograph of Adam Faith when he was at the Hastings Museum The Mods and The Rockers exhibition in 2007, as well as photos of Mike Berry, The Redcoats and some interesting stories to tell. Merv Kennard had with him Terry James ‘The DeeJay’ keyring from when the shop was in Hastings Indoor Market and a copy of Merv’s Pirate Disco business card. He was in conversation with Lance Collins and Chris Kennard on disco equipment and memories. John Busbridge had a photo album which included some great photos of his groups and club membership cards. Cliff Wootton is still looking for photos and information of groups that used his dads Supersound amps and guitars and pretty sure that they are used in the GT Strokers photos at the Ore Kit Kat Club in 1967. Dave Trodd is working through photo negatives that he took  and in conversation with Jon and Julie McCallion, that it’s possible he took the original promotion photos for ‘Muller’. Elaine & Neil Roberts were chatting to Graham Belchamber about a new group that’s being formed and Graham was talking about his popular radio show and looking for more local groups that he can promote on the air.  Stephen Moran in between chatting to Colin Bell, was busy interviewing people, including Pete Millington, Mick O’Dowd and others for his research into the popular music history of Hastings. General chat was about Malcolm Mitchells, the restaurant plan to replace the toilets in the town centre, booster jabs and Fred Dinenage to leave Meridian.This is just a bit of what I can remember but if you wish to add anything else interesting that you were talking about, then please do. Hopefully plan to get one more meet in before Christmas.

Mick O’Dowd… Great Meet as usual Alan. Nice relaxed Meet. Had a long chat with Stephen Moran. Good stuff!

Tony May… Sounds like a cracking meeting! I’m wondering now whether Linda Boiling was the lady who I went to see The Commodores with at Eastbourne in or about 1985? She was going out with the one-armed electrician B.J. at the time…

Stephen Moran… Thank you Alan

Claire Lonsdale…I really wanted to come but I have been laid up with a nasty cold for a few days and I’m still not back to fighting fit. Hope to get to the next meeting. Xx

Geoff Peckham… Well done, Alan. Thanks for bringing us all together again. x

Tony Davis… Sorry to have missed today Alan

Jim Breeds… Sorry couldn’t make it. Face was all numb from dentist appointment immediately beforehand.

Cliff Wootton… Good to make it back after so long. Had a great time.

Elaine Roberts… Thank you for an enjoyable meet Alan. This is our new band, in case anyone’s interested

Colin Bell… great to see all of you at the SMART meeting yesterday, kudos as ever to Alan, who works hard to put it on and re-unite people, well done mate.

Linda Boiling… In reply to Tony May… 1985 I had been married to Peter Boiling (Demon Disco, Lazybones) for 7 years and had 2 daughters, I remember the one armed electrician, (didn’t go out with him)and Peter knew him too, I think they worked together at one time. don’t remember going to see the Commodores sorry.

Tony May… It wasn’t you I worked with at Stylus then! (lol) No surprise me not remembering the poor girl I did work with. For 25 years everyone used to tell me I was thoughtless…only because I didn’t know what being thoughtless meant and didn’t care to find out because I WAS thoughtless I carried on regardless! (lol) Hopefully, I’m a tad less self -centred these days – just a tad!



Toffs Night Club, Queens Road Hastings – Halloween party 31st October 1978

Barry Upton… How lovely. We used to go there a lot. Loved the place. Thanks for posting it

Earl Grey… Very interesting.

Mick Knights… Much preferred the place when it was the Astral. I think Toffs started life trying to be a bit exclusive as I remember one of the questions on the application form was what make of car you drove!!

Fads Homecare Centre Queens Road Hastings – Fire 1978

Andy Clarke… I lived 3 doors away from that

Merv Kennard… I seem to remember Pete Prescott was concerned about his home brew as he lived in a flat above the shop.

Andy Clarke… I don’t think there was a flat above fads. Next door was the COOP funeral parlour where my mum and dads friend lived and worked. Next door to that was our neighbours and then us. The buildings were owned by coop and had tied accommodation above. My dad and our neighbour worked in coop furnishing down queens parade.

Pete Prescott…That’s right. Its true about the flat. Next door to Fads was the Co Op menswear Dept run by my father in law Mick Lewsley (lovely man.He got us the flat) We had the flat above that. I was only a few door away from Fads. When I got there the first thing I saw was a few firemen laid on the pavement overcome by fumes. The road was closed. it was chaos ! I wasn’t allowed in. There was also a flat above the menswear Dept (it was a double sized shop) they were ok. Both our flat’s smelt of smoke for weeks. It took a while to clear. I Cleary remember a postman stepped over the barriers the fireman had erected and still posted the mail as if nothing was happening ! He seemed oblivious to all that was happening ! He walked through it all delivering the mail and stepped over the next set of barriers as if nothing had happened !

Andy Clarke… Pete, you must’ve been in 199a then? Front door was on Queens Rd? We was in 200a and door was at the back with steps going up by the side of St. Andrews market. It was also the same way up to get to 201a. 202a was above the funeral directors and door was between them and fads. We moved into 200a in 1970 and my parents were still there till 1997ish. If I remember right in 199a the bath was in the kitchen when I first went in there.

Pete Prescott… That’s right. 199a. I wonder if the bath is still in the kitchen !

Nadia Compagnone… I worked in Sussex Stationers in Queens Road when this happened. I remember a really nice chap who used to work in Fads. Queens Road had so many lovely shops and people who worked in them at that time.


Looking for photos of Roddy from the Dave Holt Quintet asks Dicky Walsh

Dicky Walsh asks…
Does anybody have any photos of the Dave Holt Quintet? I’m particularly interested in pics of my late brother Roddy playing with them, in order to identify the make of his guitar. He would have been with the quintet during the late 70’s and early 80’s I think.

Stephen Moran…. Hi Dicky, I’m currently doing research into the popular music histories of Hastings and I have been accessing original copies of The Hastings Observer from 1960-1985 at The British Library. The Dave Holt Swingtet performed regularly in and around Hastings in the 70’s and probably the early 80’s. They also used the name Dave Holt Quartet. I found the article and photo attached from the 26 January 1974 copy of the Observer. Dave Holt on guitar says he is looking for a rhythm guitarist and vocalist to complete the line-up, so it’s possible your brother Roddy may have joined later when they became the Dave Holt Quintet. I’ll do a bit more research and if I find out more I’ll be in touch.

Alan Esdaile… Stephen, I got a clearer one somewhere, I will repost.

Ian Williams… I think the guitar in the photograph is a Harmony H75?

Tony Bird… it is a Harmony H77 , built between 1960 and 1970when production ceased

Ian Williams… I thought the H 77 was cherry red, whereas the one in the picture is sunburst?

Dicky Walsh… Ian Williams thanks for you replies. The guitarist in the picture is Dave Holt, but I was interested in the guitar my brother used when he played with the Swingtet, probably a little later than the photo shown.

Colin Fox…

Stephen Moran… Hi Dicky I searched through my Hastings Observer archives this morning and I wasn’t able to find out much more. The only new photograph I could find was of Dave Holt who was also a jazz promoter talking about a forthcoming gig in Amsterdam. You probably know this but there was quite a thriving jazz scene in and around Hastings during the 60s and 70s. The Dave Holt Swingtet played regularly at The Black Horse jazz sessions, The Yelton, The Fairlight Cove Hotel, Prinnys as well as Falaise Hall. There were also jazz nights in the Yorkshire Grey, Mr Cherries, The Caves and Capels. The first gig I can find was on Saturday 8 July 1967 when they played with the Jazz Caverners at the Regent Hotel. It’s likely that your brother played at many of these sessions. Because the Jazz Caverners were also contemporaries of The Dave Holt Swingtet and they sometimes played together there may be a former member of the Jazz Caverners who may be able to answer your question. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help but if I come across anything new I will be in touch.

Dicky Walsh… thanks for this Stephen. We knew the caverners well, and spent many an evening in the caves in the summer months during the early 70’s. Roddy played with Dave Holt later on, at the Black Horse, Telham amongst other venues.

Roger Dillon… Peter Rix and Colin Follwel used to sit in at Prinnys sometimes good sound Django Reinhardt.

Terry Pack… I played with the band for a couple of years during the mid 1970s. At that time, Dave played a 175.


Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart and Jerry Harris – The Queens Hotel Hastings 17th November 1978

Matt Thomas… I see him playing a charity celebrity football match at the Pilot Field around the same time. David Hamilton was also playing

Kev Towner… Matt, I remember that game – I’d love to get my hands on the programme though.

Pete Houghton… Kev, I’ve got a signed program somewhere

Sainsburys Wellington Place Hastings closing 1974 – Walter Turrell

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Leigh Kennedy… District Manager Walter Turrell visits the Wellington Place branch shortly before its closure in 1974.

Phil Gill… “Quarter pound of ham please and here’s your P45.”

Alan Esdaile… I can still remember the smell of the shop.

Kevin Sherwood… They used to do the best individual steak and kidney puddings ever.

Nick Webb… I remember those days loved the pay desk at the far end .

Andy Qunta… Remember it well!

Jane Collins… Remember this well!

Pauline Sims… They made the best liver sausage ever!

Fred Marsh… Loved it although I can only just remember it

Jacky Siffleet… Sawdust on the floor

Tracy Birrell… Remember going in there with my Mum.

The Equals & Cotton Woods – Hastings Pier 6th October 1972



photo 1968, sourceFotocollectie Anefo. Nationaal Archief, Den Haag, nummertoegang, bestanddeelnummer 254-7975. Author: Nijs, Jac. de / Anefo

Yvonne Cleland… With a young Eddy Grant!

Lucy Pappas… I  remember that night!

Mick O’Dowd… Eddy used to own flats in Devonshire Road where I met him after finishing at Bonitas.

Natasha Kaschevsky… One of my exes was signed to Eddy’s record label Ice Records. He was a lovely guy, very down to earth. Leon Shepperdson of Stamco was his agent for a while.