Shaft – Yorkshire Grey 1974


Andy Knight (drums), Jim Beadle (bass), Bob Shipway (guitar), Colin Pierce (guitar), Dave Shaw (vocal), Ross Holter (mixing).

Harry Randall… Jim use to play bass in met band in 67-68 “The Lloyd Milligan Sound” an 8 piece soul band who basically went pro to Keel but got fiddled (didn’t wait for contract)

Judith Monk… Loved the ‘Grey’ used to play bar billiards there.

Tony Court-holmes… used to be good for a fight I remember but still some good bands played there

Jan Warren… Yeah, used to go to The Yorkshire Grey quite a lot in the early 70s, saw all the local bands!

Barry French… Grundy still going strong!! Saw them playing at the Queens Head Icklesham a week prior to the “shut down” As always a really good entertaining set.

Waverley – Farewell sailings from Hastings 30th April 1979

Pete Fairless… Sooooooo…. were Hasting Pier ever to get its landing stage back, are there any ships left that could visit it?

Jim Breeds…

Mike Mitchell… I knew that ship had made trips from the pier but hadn’t realised it was 1979. My father in law was on the previous HMS Waverley when it was sunk off Dunkirk. Thankfully he jumped before it went down

Kevin Burchett… Jim and the steamer the balmoral

Carol Ann Bolton… I used to go on that in Helensburgh, Scotland.

Steve Cooke…. We may be able to talk the Waverley into making a visit. It is coming down to the Dorset coast in September. I went on it about 30 years ago when it visited.…/south-coast/

Keith Cowper… Remember that !

Steve May…  I *might* have been on this trip – was definitely late ’70s with my primary school so definitely this era

May Marriott… My Mum and Dad went on that!

Doug Prentice… Many happy trips on the Waverley down the Clyde as a boy and still sailing regularly in Scotland.

Sandy Max… I have a photo of me jokingly tied up to a post on a breakwater with the Waverley steaming past behind me… was definitely 1979, probably the May sailing

Victoria Staley… I remember going on the Waverley as a school trip from Burwash Primary – it could have been 1979! Thanks for the memory.

Ingrid Parker… Loved the trip my husband and I had on it x

Denise Denyer… Wow I remember the Waverley when I was younger

Sarah Martin… I went on it too

Steve Hodson… Remember doing a school trip with Elphinstone Juniors that year.

Mick Bassett…  I always wanted to go on the Waverly but just too expensive for my Parents purse in the 50’s and early 60’s and by 1965, I had moved away from home. (I left School at 15, as was very common then

Charlotte Wirth… What happened to the boat

Gavin Ronald Upstill… The Waverley is still going strong and is based here in Scotland. Hopefully one day I will get to take a trip on her.

Tony Harris… It sank off the Gower Coast and I covered the story.

Diana Tanner… Went to Eastbourne and back from Hastings pier in the 50s, remember it so well..Happy memories..

Mick O’Dowd… Went several times on round trip to Eastbourne. For an fee you could go out around the then Sovereign Lightship. On one trip, with my Dad , we counted all the jellyfish on the way in the days when we had a plague of jellyfish come up the Channel every year. Mostly Portugese Men’o’ War which were quite venomous.

Tracy Walton… I was on one of those. Went with my school. Great day out.

Jan DogMuvva Lowthorpe… I went with school(church wood primary)

Chris Benner… Looks wonderful. Wish we had something like this now, offering trips from eg the pier. Anyone for the Skylark!

Brian Kemp… I remember it there

Geraldine Vinall… I was on it!! As kids we were taken from the end of the pier to the Isle of Wight on a paddle steamer!!

David Nicholson… Went on that ship in the late 50s with my father wonderful experience!

Inside Saturdays Nightclub George Street Hastings 2019

supplied by Maureen Fuller Hastings Old Town Traders Facebook page.

Jill Lawrence… I remember it as Aquarius !

Jim Breeds… I remember it as both

Eugene Hughes… Me too. I can remember carrying Steve Maxted’s speakers up those stairs. Would need a conveyer belt today.

Martin Richter… I was assistant manager there in the 80’s – among other places !

Paul Bryant…

Martin Richter… Paul, name and shame

Sandra Bryant… I was there when it was the Aquarius

Alan Esdaile… Remember it well. Does anyone know what it is going to be now?

Maureen Fuller… spoke to builders today they are only repairing front of building as dangerous cliff is pushing front of building out not doing anything inside

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Maureen, its been empty now for ages and surprised no one has done anything with it.

Carol Arnold… saw Hot chocolate up there !

Leigh Wieland-Boys… me too! Worked up Aquarius as glass collector & Saturdays as cocktail waitress! Happy days

Tony Court-holmes… reopen? I was thrown down the stairs by a bouncer

John Beeching… I don’t remember it at all, but then there is lot about the seventies I don’t remember

Jacqueline Marsh… Is that the old roller skating rink I remember going there as a ten year old and learning to roller skate and dance on skates, my big achievement was skating backwards. Not sure if this was the same place? anyone remember the skating rink upstairs?

Maureen Fuller… Yes it was I used to go every Sat morning

John Busbridge… I remember it quite well, went there on my stag night in the snow! Half of my mates didn’t make it due to the snow! That would have been in February 1983.

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The Stranglers plus The Dictators – Hastings Pier 29th October 1977



ticket supplied by Mike Mitchell


Yvonne Cleland… Yeah, I got to see the Stranglers

Pete Fairless.. This was their second gig on the pier that year. It was packed because they were famous by then! They played previously in March I think, to about 50 people.

Virginia Davis… I went to both gigs. Weren’t The Jam a replacement for Eddie and the Hot Rods? Would of been great if they had returned for a second time.

Jan Warren… Yeah, love The Stranglers, got loads of their albums!! 🙂 – saw them “live” at Hammersmith in the early 80s!! Brilliant!!

Jim Breeds… I was at that one.

Paul Gray… Yep! Was my 1st ever gig.  It was. Ears ringing for a week!

Nigel Goodman… Fantastic Gig – the first rock gig I ever went too both bands were amazing.

Andy Gunton… I saw them on that tour in Liverpool.

Jo Turner… Yup was there too

John Coleman… I was there!!!!!!

Nigel Goodman… Remember it well

Alan Pepper… I was there ! Don’t remember Dictators though . Great live act that’s for sure. It must have been the second appearance because remember it was heaving !!!

Nigel Goodman… Dictators were brilliant

Anne Deuce… I was there and remember the Dictators too! I was at the first Stranglers before they were ‘famous’ as well!

Ralph Town… I was there. Very good gig. But only a handful of people, watched them earlier in the year when they were there as support act.

Sandie Carlyon… Great night.

Mick Burt… I was there and remember both bands (to young to drink)

Steeleye Span – Hastings Pier 24th April 1975

photos by Chris Meachen

Pete Fairless… I might have been there…

Alan Esdaile… I was and they were excellent.

Chris Meachen… I dragged their gear on, and announced them when they went on…

Paul Morfey… I was there, seen them loads of tlmes since!

Jim Breeds…  I was there. I might have a ticket stub somewhere but not sure where. Saw them all over the place. Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings, Milton Keynes (yes, really), Folkestone, London and places I’ve forgotten. Lat time was Aylesbury in 2013, the night of my 60th birthday. Peter Knight’s final tour with them. Now I see Gigspanner whenever I can. Roll on The Stables in May.

Lazybones Disco 1976 and Police Ball.



Anyone remember Lazybones?

Peter Fairless… Which one was that, under the Queens?

Jim Breeds… That rings a distant bell … was it under Queens Hotel?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Pete and Jim, trying to remember the chain of different names, was it The Flying Machine at one time? Bonitas, Emmas etc.

Chris Giles… Bonitas I remember chicken and chips on a Sunday Eve

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Chris! You just reminded me of the smell and the greasy taste. I feel sick!

Jane Hartley… Bonitas, Lazybones, Queen of Clubs, JRs.

Virginia Davis… That brings back memories

Andy Qunta… Yes indeed!

Jim Breeds…  Bonitas I could have volunteered as a name but Lazybones had gone from the memory until now!  Gosh yes. Chicken in the basket wasn’t it? And Scampi too, probably!  lol.

Chris Giles… Yep it was in a basket.

Jon McCallion… We played at bonitas after recording fooling around the same night I think.

Mick O’Dowd… Don’t forget cockroaches in a basket at Bonitas.

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Ray Alan with Lord Charles – White Rock Pavilion Hastings 18th April 1976

poster: Van Buren

Matt Thomas… He was one of the many now missing signed photos in frames that were once displayed in the Stage Door Bar when I worked there.

Alan King… I was gonna get a vent doll made of Pete Docherty and go around saying Got any Gear ?

Nigel Ford… I didn’t know he died 10 years ago… but I see it was during May so wouldn’t have heard any news that month with Hastings Rock being on air.

Supercharge and Damaris – Hastings Pier 10th April 1976

img499 supercharge

Supercharge-1 Supercharge (2) img500 copy 2

pages from Wishbone Ash programme supplied by Eric Cawthraw

Virginia Davis… I  remember a time when Eddie and the Hot Rods were a no show and an unknown band called The Jam stepped in. Not sure if it was that date though.

Alan Esdaile… I think that was 23rd April 1977 and The Jam replaced Johnny Thunders as was ill.

Virginia Davis… Oh right. Well it was a long time ago. At least I remembered who actually performed. Should of realised later date as it was just before In The City was released.

Eric Cawthraw… Supercharge – what a great outfit they were. I didn’t get to see them in Hastings, but caught them supporting Wishbone Ash in Brighton. They always looked like they were having a fun time. Above pages from the Wishbone Ash – New England tour booklet showing the Supercharge entries.

Mick O’Dowd… Supercharge were one of those great bands that never quite made it. Superb album Local Lads Make Good.

Dave Nattress… I do recall the gig very well and the newspaper cutting. Damaris played exclusively self-penned progressive material with lots of long instrumental passages that I used to get lost in listening to sometimes and I’d just drift away. I wrote the lyrics and we all helped arrange the tracks. Tony Barraclough played a Gibson SG through a Vox AC30/50, Iain Cobby was on Fender Precision later a Rickenbacker Stereo with the obligatory Marshall Stack, Paul Durrant had a range of keyboards including an Elka Rhapsody and several other keyboards, and Mick Kemp played a Pearl Full-Dimension kit with about 13 drums. Back then my 3 chords weren’t up to playing on stage and as my life has gone by, it’s still no more than 3 chords. Damaris nicked a passage from The Planet suite by Gustav Holst for one track called “Alien Tomorrows” – Mars maybe Jupiter, can’t remember right now, and then we had another long ranging piece called “Star-Tiger” which was written about an aircraft that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle – which had the call-sign “Star Tiger”. Maybe you get the drift of what we were aiming for in our music!!! Supercharge were extremely good. From the moment they sound-checked we could see how polished they were.

Graham Belchamber… Supercharge ! I lived in Liverpool between 1985 and 95 and Supercharge were still doing the rounds up there. Some marvellous albeit hazy memories of them.

Iain Cobby… It was Jupiter, Dave.