Flexi Discs – What ones have you still got?

flexi discs

supplied by Chris Coleman via I Grew Up In The 70s

Chris Coleman… When Flexi Disks were free..

Clifford Rose… And some had some rare stuff on them like ELP’s Brain Salad Surgery and Alice Cooper’s Slick Black Limousine and who can forget Monty Python’s Tiny Black Round Thing!

Alan Esdaile… I got ELP & Alice Cooper and a few others, including a green Genesis The Lady Lies. The above flexi disc has this on the other side, Curved Air and Fanny. Also found The Alarm.

img618 img620 slade flexi

Alan Pepper… Noel Edmonds introducing Motown Chartbusters and Slade The Whole worlds going crazy and I did once have a Watneys Ale By Peter Cook and Dudley Moore !

Stuart Huggett… Here’s a few I had to hand: The Jam (Flexipop), OMD / Nash The Slash (Smash Hits), The Passage / Blancmange (Melody Maker), Haircut 100 (Flexipop), Monty Python’s Tiny Black Round Thing (NME)  ‘The Lumberjack Song’ on the other side too.

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Clifford Rose… Lemon curry?

Together – compilation LP – CBS Records 1971


supplied by Pete Prescott

Johnny Winter – Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo, Ballin’ Jack – Found A Child, Janis Joplin     – Move Over, Santana – Se A Cabo, Argent – Cast Your Spell Uranus,  Big Brother and The Holding Company – Mr Natural, Dreams  – New York City,  Soft Machine  – Teeth, Poco  – A Man Like Me, Tom Rush – Merrimac County, The Byrds  – Lover Of The Bayou, Mick Softley – Waterfall, Trees  – Fool, Spirit – Morning Will Come, Laura Nyro – Beads Of Sweat, Chamber Brothers – Going To The Mill.

Alan Pepper… Now out of all the samplers from the 70’s – that one I don’t remember ! When I was 14 at the Grove my best buddy Jumbo played me Bumpers which turned me onto Rock while I played him Tighten up volume two and we enjoyed reggae music. !!! Happy Daze ….

Pete Prescott… My brother Steve had the best of Tamla Motown volume 2. We all loved that.

Neil Steadman… I’ve got this on blue vinyl! Had my copy for 45 years. Still plays beautifully. Also have Bombers. The Polydor double sampler.

Paine Electrics Top 10 – End May 1971.


Alan Esdaile… Love R. Dean Taylor.

Sheila Maile… Best years of my life young n’ carefree(63 now and knackered)

Andy Qunta… Even though we played Jig-a-Jig with Factory around that time (and still now), I didn’t remember that it was in the Top Ten! I probably didn’t follow the charts too closely then. Fascinating to read now though!

Gary Kinch… Seem to remember jig a jig being on the Fiesta jukebox or maybe in the Anchor. I put loads of money in both. Good days.

Jim Breeds… Surprised to note that I have 5 of those 45s. I must have been flush that week/month. FYI, Nos. 2, 4, 5, 6, 9.

Alan Pepper… Yes I must admit was buying singles then too ! Numbers 3 5 and 10 Double Barrell reminds me of the funfair on the Oval I am the Magnificent !


Front of a postcard / flyer I designed for Factory by Teresa Qunta


Jim Breeds… Very nice. Slight pedantic correction, since they played ‘Ohio’ at the Marina Fountain, the influence must be C,S,N & Young! 😉

Alan Esdaile… Or did Teresa run out of space, Jim?

Teresa Qunta… Yup, I had a hard time trimming everything down to fit on the card – there’s just too much to say about Factory!!! 🙂 (I’m trying to make a compilation video with audio clips from the album tracks – and those of you who have heard the album, will probably understand how hard would be to pick just a snippet here and there — easier said than done, I tell ya! 😉

Hastings Rock Radio 2016 and Sarah Harvey’s Retro Rock Show.

2016flyerv1jpg-smaller-2 12573832_815178488627610_7665507711532301491_n

Hastings Rock is back air Saturday 30th April to Friday 27th May 2016

Sarah Harvey… Hastings Retro-Rock is a new weekly specialist show on this year’s Hastings Rock broadcast. The music featured will be those bands and artists that played in the Hastings area during the 60s, 70s and 80s. So it’s not just about the Pier, it’s about other venues in the area as well (many of which have now passed into history).

The show will feature music of the likes of Genesis, The Who, Saxon, Gong, Osibisa, Wolf, etc. etc. , with the music played reflecting what the bands and artists may have played when they played at their concerts in those days (i.e. no modern tracks by those bands or artists). In addition it is hoped to obtain some good studio recordings of local bands from that era (60s, 70s and 80s), and this is where your help is needed. If you have any good ‘studio’ recordings that are suitable for broadcasting (i.e. not live recordings), please do let me know along with a little bit of background to the band and the recordings.

Bear in mind that Hastings Rock is primarily a Rock station although this definition could be stretched a bit depending upon the recording. The show is intended to be interactive in that people are welcome to share their memories of the music, gigs and concerts they attended. If you can have any recordings of local bands and artists then please let me know. Email me at retro@1066-media.com ….. remember only 60s, 70s, 80s! The local music of modern day still remains with Andy Gunton’s weekly show on Hastings Rock.

Alan Esdaile… This sounds great Sarah and looking forward to it. Can anyone help with recordings?

Peter Fairless… Fab and groovy!

Paul Dove… Brilliant , im sure Jon Mc Callion has a recorded 45 from the sixties of MULLER, a song Jon & I wrote called Messing Around, think its on Youtube, hope this helps.. Dovey.

Tony Davis… Nice job Sarah – glad to see that you have managed to get your idea up and running. I can hardly wait to listen.

Wendy Weaver… Sounds good.

Sarah Harvey… Its nice to be able to share my collection of music from that era.

Sarah Harvey… Just one week to go until Hastings Retro-Rock hits the airwaves on Hastings Rock. Music and memories from the bands and artists that shaped the music in Hastings and surrounding areas during the 60s, 70s and 80s, . Music from bands you remember, and some you may have forgotten about. Share your memories. Join me and Tony Davis from 7pm each Thursday on 87.7 FM and online. Hastings Retro-Rock is sponsored by SMART, Seventies Music and Retro Talk.

Iain Cobby… Alas Sarah, I only have one recording of Damaris and that was recorded in mono on Hastings Pier in the ballroom. The quality is not that good, but hey………… if only we knew then ………… thanks Mr Davis for the tape to CD job!

Sarah Harvey… Don’t forget Thursdays (starting 5th May 2016) on Hastings Rock 87.7 FM or www.hastingsrock.co.uk for the retro rock show with Tony Davis and Sarah Harvey. Between 7 and 9 pm we will be playing music from bands that have played venues in Hastings over the years. Please listen in and share your memories with us.

Slade at White Rock Theatre Hastings 14th November 2015 review by Darren Johnson

dave-hill-hastings-2 photo credit: Dave Kemp

Tonight was my twenty-third Slade concert. After seeing them three times as a teenager in the early 80s the band abruptly stopped touring. But since guitarist Dave Hill and drummer Don Powell revived the band in the early 90s, sans Noddy Holder and Jim Lea, I’ve seen them most years since. Yes, I miss Holder’s unmistakeable voice. Yes, I miss Lea’s musical dexterity. And yes, I miss the combined songwriting talent of the two of them which produced all of the big hits but isn’t producing any new ones. But going to a modern-day Slade gig means I don’t miss out on hearing those wonderful songs being performed live still. And it means I don’t get to miss out on the sheer, unadulterated, wacky, crazily eccentric sense of fun you get from a Slade gig.

The set-list has hardly changed much in the last twenty years but it’s great to be punching our hands in the air to Gudbuy T’ Jane, throwing toilet rolls across the stage during Mama Weer All Crazee Now, applauding Dave Hill showing off his“superyob” guitar during Get Down and Get With It, swaying along to Everyday and My Oh My and jumping up and down with wild deranged abandon to Cum On Feel The Noize.

In the nicest, friendliest, most good-natured way the whole place was pretty much going crazee. Everyone, that is, apart from two gents on the front row who complained bitterly throughout the concert about people dancing about, jumping up and down and waving their arms in the air. I don’t think they quite got the whole Slade concert business. Never mind, they were gone before the band came back on for Merry Xmas Everybody. A month too early? No way! I don’t put together Slade’s winter tour schedules but mid-November is surely near enough to Christmas for the crowd to be singing along to the greatest Christmas song ever made.

For fifty years Dave and Don have been playing together now. Let’s toast them.

Gudbuy T’ Jane
Lock Up Your Daughters
Take Me Bak ‘Ome
Look Wot You Dun
Coz I Luv You
Run Run Away
Far Far Away
My Baby Left Me
Mama Weer All Crazee Now
Get Down and Get With It
My Oh My
Cum On Feel The Noize
Merry Xmas Everybody

by Darren Johnson      https://darrensmusicblog.com

SMART 27 coffee meet report

img501 dj bag img502

record colelctor img137  13010728_860810654064393_5924251213958100550_n

Horrible drizzly day but the sun was shining inside The White Rock Hotel. Among the newbies this time were Cris and Merv Kennard and Darren Johnson. Cris had a great photo of The Krusaders from 1963 featuring Roger & David Barnett and David & Tony Booth. Merv had photos of when he was a very popular dj, running the FM Disco and also the Pirate Disco in the mid 70’s. Darren had some interesting stories to tell about the bands he has seen and shared through his popular blog. Barry French brought along a rare Focus programme from 1976, No Limit and Grundy cassettes and Lost 4 Words cd. Pete Prescott impressed everyone by arriving clutching a Disc Jockey album record shop bag, full of local related band vinyl albums & singles. Including Tich Turner’s Escalator, Jo Jo Laine & The Firm, Ray Fenwicks White Lightning, Sergeant, Forcefield, Teenbeats, Johnny Mars plus loads more and Mick O’Dowd had with him his updated pier cuttings and photos folders. Chat was about Archie’s film, the opening of the pier, BBC’s peoples history of pop, Essence, Scalliwags reunion, Curved Air, The Sundowners. Hastings Rock radio, Butch, Madness and the success of Beatles Day. Also great to see a number of people buying tickets for The Factory gig and the very first copies of the Factory cd. This is just a small bit of what I remember, anything interesting I missed or you were chatting about please feel free to add.

Jim Breeds… Sorry we didn’t make it. Driving home through the forecasted thunderstorms put us off. Fairweather SMARTers!

Cliff Wootton… Just been enjoying the new Factory CD on repeat play in the office while I work. So glad I got this at the SMART meet the other day. The more you listen the more it grows on you.

Geoff Peckham… That’s kind of you to say that, Cliff. Really chuffed that you like it!

Tony Davis… Love the new Factory CD. Looking forward to hearing the guys live on the 29th and playing something on my Hastings Rock show on 30th. Great sounds guys.

Andy Qunta… Thanks for your kind words, Tony!

Lucy Pappas… Can’t wait to get my copy x