Sir Douglas Quintet – She’s About A Mover

Thanks to Will Cornell for posting this.

Will Cornell…….Great as the early original version of this was (and stick around until Trini’s outgoing remarks at the end, –this isn’t a lost band from your neck of the woods!) I kind of favor the RE-make that was done on the SDQ’s “Mendocino” album a few years later, with the “freaky” guitar playing, John & Frank’s Latino call and response harmonies and false fade-out. Can’t find that anywhere online but the whole Mendocino album is a flawed masterpiece like most of Doug Sahm’s stuff. Greatest Texas song ever according to Texas Monthly a few yrs ago. No argument here.

Alan Esdaile…..Good song, I would never have guessed they come from Texas and sound very British.

Will Cornell…..Ah but everything else they did sounded VERY Texan. If you think of Elvis and Ray Charles as walking encyclopedias of American music, Doug Sahm was that to Texas music. Still though, Augie Meyers may have been the first American to own a Vox organ. He paid dearly for it, but it helped them get away with a bit of an ersatz “Brit Invasion” sound. Wounded Bird records has just reissued all of Sahm’s short lived Atlantic period albums (2 CDs) along with outtakes, produced by Jerry Wexler who wanted to produce Sahm more than just about anyone else in his fabled career. These sessions included backup by Bob Dylan, David Bromberg, David Fathead Newman, Dr John and many more noteworthies. Sahm was a genius right up to the end with the Texas Tornadoes.

Andy Qunta……A guy at boarding school had this record, otherwise I may never have heard it! Still like it. Unusual sound! Now I think about it, it reminds me a bit of The Beatles “She’s A Woman” for some reason!

Will Cornell……She’s About A Woman!