Speedway 1970’s supplied by Sid Saunders

all photos © Sid Saunders

Sid Saunders…While looking for some family photos this morning I came across these old photos that I took in the early 1970s. They are from the speedway track near Hailsham and of a grasstrack meeting in Kent. The photos were in a poor condition and those that were in colour had to be changed to black and white as they were so faded. The photos are not very good as they were taken on a point and shoot camera and haven’t held up very well but they may be of interest to some people before I bin them all.

Tony May… PLEASE don’t bin these! They were taken I think at Arlington Stadium and are quite possibly of the Eastbourne Eagles Speedway team. Certainly Gordon Kennett was an Eastbourne rider as he was in the side when I used to go…

Steve Cooke… Great photos and brings back good memories of Sunday afternoons at Arlington.

Wendy Weaver… Loved my Sunday afternoons at Arlington. Speedway hasn’t been the same since it changed times.

Elaine Stock… Strangely when I lived in the North I visited Eastbourne Speedway a couple of times, once was in 1976 just after Peter Collins became world Champion! I’ve lived in Hastings for over 33 years and haven’t visited in that time!

Jean Parks… Thank you it brought back great memories

Karen Towner… Followed Eastbourne Eagles for many years – great fun



The Bottle Alley Sound & Light Experience – St Leonards On Sea 28th September 2018

Sid Saunders… If you want some fun before the winter is upon us pop down to Bottle Alley tomorrow night for a wonderful sound and light experience. It runs from 7pm until 10pm.This is a free event but a bucket collection will be made to help recover some of the expense of the event.You can view it from the beach as it will be low tide but I think the pier would be better as the restaurant will be open for meals until 7pm, hot drinks until 9pm, the bar until 10pm and the chip shop will be serving until 9pm. You will also have the benefit of toilets on the pier. No rain is forecast but it will be cold so wrap up warm.
The organisers are also holding a photo competition in conjunction with the Hastings Observer that is open to all except professional photographers.
Take photos with your smartphone or camera then send your best one as a jpeg to hastings.observer@jpress.co.uk quoting Bottle Alley photo competition, the Observer will judge the photos. The winning photo will be published in the paper and the winner will receive £50 cash plus a meal of their choice for four with the compliments of the pier company in the pier restaurant.
The revolutionary double deck promenade was built in the early 1930s by Sidney Little. It’s half a mile long stretching from Warrior Square to the pier with the rear walls on the lower deck are faced with glass from broken bottles hence the name Bottle Alley.

Sid Saunders – BSA 650 Super Rocket – The Lido around 1964

photo… Sid Saunders

Sid Saunders… Thinking about the bikes coming to town today reminds me about my old BSA 650 Super Rocket bought up to Rocket Gold Star specs parked outside the Lido Coffee Bar from across the pier. About 1964.

Roger Simmonds…  Nice i had one many years ago!

James Turner… I have an RGS replica now, I was to young in the Lido days to have one.

Joe Knight… A7 A10 and then the Gold flash 😎 and Norton 99 thunder bird 😊 of course you all know what came then triton and after others my AJS CSR 65Occ and I met Colin Seeley and the Minter great days a lifetime ago

Stuart Moir… Just look at those lethal number plates in an accident they were like knives