Morgan Le Fay – Hastings Pier top deck – 27th April 1984


supplied by Reg Wood

Morgan Le Fay were: Phill Wood – Vocals, Jon Parnham – Guitars, Simon Calland – Bass, Joey Lee – Drums, John Kinson – Keyboards. This was from the last demo that they recorded before going their separate ways.

Reg Wood… Posted by Phill but I have the poster!

Mark Harris… My partner’s son, Joe Lee was the drummer

Minstrel’s Rest… How is Joey? I haven’t seen him for years…Phill (I was the singer)

Mark Harris… He’s fine, these days plays in a band called Suspect, you’ll find them on FB!

Mandy Wright… Remember them well .. xx

Joe Lee… I wish i new where i left the leather jacket, i still have the T-shirt in an old disc jockey bag from Queens road.