Cassmusic Grove Road Eastbourne 1974

Simon Frankau, Jeff Frost and Pat Chapman

Terry Pack… I bought two excellent bass guitars from Cass. An Ibanez ‘lawsuit’ Rickenbacker in 1974 and an actual Rickenbacker in 1975.

Mike Cramp… Spent many Saturday afternoons in their in the early 80’s

Kevin White… I bought my first custom Gretsch drum kit from Cassmusic in the late 70’s,always regretted selling that baby!!……

Mick O’Dowd… Remember going in there. They had a record dept if I remember.

Nigel Barker… Loved their shop near Seaside Road. Bought loads of stuff over the years. Really friendly people

Robert Searle… Haven’t seen Pat Chapman for years. We did a recording session at CBS studios in London with Pat, Pete Shaw, the late Chris Sears, and the late Rev Stockdale. Pat was always laughing.

Barry French… I bought a green Baldwin Burns double six guitar for £45 from Cassmusic during an old stock clearance sale (I think 1974) Bargain.