Johnny Panic & a rare behind the scenes photo of ‘Deliah’ at the Beach Concert. Year unknown.

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© Eddie Hazell Estate. 

Johnny Panic, Deliah, Sacha, Kevin Francis, Simon Shaw. 

Mick O’Dowd… A very interesting band live. Saw him at Crown House St.Leonards a few years back when he did Delilah while dancing with a blow up doll! It was originally Johnny Panic & The Lost Weekend. He always reminded me of John Cooper Clarke in looks. I think he was local. He’s no longer with us i’m afraid.

Neil Cartwright… Johnny Panic no longer with us – as in ‘gone’? That’s sad. I played with him a number of times when he was going out as Sprayman and the Teenage Idols. His real name was Paul Bloomfield, and I’m pretty certain he was an art teacher at one of the secondary schools in Eastbourne. Really nice guy. Wife’s name was Sue.

Jason Stainer… Johnny/Paul was a friend and colleague of mine for many years. I worked with him in Eastbourne. Saw the band a number of times, even got up on stage with him once for Pretty Vacant. He moved to Anglesey, in Wales, after he retired and I visited him there once. He sadly died in 2009. He was a local celebrity in Hasting and a great laugh to have a few jars with. Sorely missed.

Peter Stubberfield… I knew Paul back in the early 1980s . First meet him at a pub that was called the Lion in Eastbourne. We had a rock n roll club great guy always up for fun.

Paul Cullen… I knew Johnny/Paul, not forgetting Sue from the various pubs I worked in in the old town. The lost weekend a great backing line up for all music lovers.

Phil Gill… “‘Allo music lovers”.


The Bolivians reunion – The Albion 2nd May 2016


source Lord Lucan Facebook page.

After a short break of 22 years (1994 ) the BOLIVIANS ( John Bad Boy Ballard , Simon Shaw , Rick Pentecost, Simon Page , Kevin Francis ) are reforming for a bank holiday reunion….The ALBION…Old Town…MONDAY 2/MAY @ 1700…….

Neil Cartwright… So good to see !! 🙂

Beatles Day 16 reviews and photos and Kevin Burchett finale video

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A few photos I took on the day… (1) No Exit, (2) Mania,  (3) Iain Cobby, (4) Benjamin Davies, (5) Louise Dooris and Kate Ashton,  (6) Mick Bolton and Friends,  (7) Phil Little,  (8) Mick Bolton, (9) The Dan Large Band, (10) Harry Mousley,  (11) AutistiX,  (12) Simon Shaw, (13) Pass The Cat.

Jon McCallion… Missed Paul Dove by 10 mins, Phil Gills band was tops as normal Pete Prescott done a good job for the sixteenth time, Liane Carroll with hubs also tops, all good, Factrio went on early sad we didn’t see them. We enjoyed all that we saw.

Alan Esdaile…  Early Part of the Day – Well done to Pete Prescott for another brilliant day and with over £21,000 raised for Macmillan Cancer Support.  For the early part of the day, among the acts I saw were ‘No Exit’ opened the show on the main stage with a solid performance as always. Followed by ‘Mania‘  with Iain Cobby. A great renditioning of It Won’t Be Long and with two of the group only being 13 and 15 they worked really well together.  ‘Mick Bolton & Friends‘ always a pleasure to hear Mick play and with Phil Little & Barry Jones on board they gave an excellent version of Things We Said Today.  ‘Now and Then’ these were the stand out for me, first class acapella quartet, amazing voices. ‘Dan Large Band‘ Dan’s always passionate how he plays and you can tell he loved every minute and so did the audience.  ‘Pass The Cat’ first class musicians with a unique sound, had the audience moving to the hypnotic beats.  Caught Liane Carroll from a distance sounding amazing as always.  Among the youngsters were ‘Harry Mousley’.  This guys got lots of potential and really good. Great version of When I’m Sixty Four’. My sister Cheryl said ‘The Sound Waves Community Choir were excellent and Poppy Prescott was very good.

Anyone else got other reviews?

video by Kevin Burchett

Dan Large… Thank you Alan, really nice photo 🙂

Yvonne Cleland… Pass The Cat are a superb band

Tony Qunta… Yes they were fantastic!

Geoff Peckham… Factrio. Here we are. For those who missed Factrio downstairs, this is what we looked like. We might be playing as a foursome in a couple of months!

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supplied by Geoff Peckham

Andy Qunta… Excellent!

Yvonne Cleland… I heard they were brilliant.


Mama Josie and The Alley Cats – 1997


supplied by Phil Little.

At The Ain’t Nuthin But, London West End. In the photo, Phil Little, Colin Gibson, Josie, Alfie Bernardi and Simon Shaw. 1997.

Terry Pack…..I did that gig a few times with the band before I went to Italy in 1993. It was a nice gig, I remember, but a very late finish…

Phil Little…..The first set started at 9pm and the last set started about 2am.

Hastings Beach Concert

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all photos Eddie Hazell Estate

(photo 3 vocals) Joe Knight…..JOHNNY PANIC

Phil Gill…..”Thank you. music lovers”

Kev Towner….I wonder if Delilah’s still kicking around somewhere?

Mick O’Dowd….What a character. Saw him at Crown House doing his Delilah routine.

(photo 5 drums) Joe Knight…..SACHA

Yvonne Cleland…..Sacha, what are you like?! I’ve never known a drummer before that needed a blow up doll on stage…

Mick Mepham…..He does a very convincing impression of a first-class drummer/percussionist/vocalist. (£5 in a plain envelope please Sacha….). I think he was actually being attacked by this one …..

Yvonne Cleland….He doesn’t seem to mind..

(photo 6 guitar) Joe Knight….KEVIN FRANCIS

(photo 7 guitar) Joe Knight…..SIMON SHAW