The Dharmas with John Wilde – 1993

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photos from John Wilde Facebook page

Mary Lipscombe… We went in a minibus from the Nelson to see them at a university gig in Portsmouth!

Pete Prescott… I lost a money on this band. I bet someone that they would be big. They should have been. A truly wonderful band. My favourite gig I saw was the beach gig. I think it was 93/94

Anne Wells… is that Kevin Butcher at the back? Yes, great times, great band x

John Wilde… Yes thats Kevin. We were a fun outfit. I was only with them for a year. We crashed Glastonbury with a van full of equipment and played several times on different stages. They went on to do hundreds of gigs. Most excellent times!

Tony Court-holmes… they look like Gong, who remembers them.

Roy Penfold… Was it really that long ago that the Dharmas were climbing the heights….time flies.


Black Horse Music Festival 1997

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supplied by Phil Little Hastings Music Files .

Pete Prescott…  I went that year. Fantastic much missed festival. The Dharmas were brilliant that year. I lost money on that band.i bet a friend that they were going to be huge. One of Hastings best bands. Good times.

Andy Gunton.. I was there too. They should have been huge Pete. They just needed a bit of luck, which they didn’t get.

Pete Prescott… Not much of that about ha ha! Russell has done ok. I follow his adventures !

John Wilde… Watch the trailer for “Rudderless” The movie on Youtube. All songs by Simon Steadman.