Peter Blackman from The Suspects – Guitar 1971

supplied by Karen Sweatman was Blackman

Karen and her mum

Karen Sweatman… This is my Dad’s guitar, which I was obviously fascinated with. Would have been just after he parted ways with The Suspects, so 1971. Mum still has it.

Phil Gill… Hofner Verithin if I’m not mistaken. Lovely guitar Karen. Look after it.

Eric Harmer… was your dad a gas engineer Karen. I was friends with Peter Blackman on the the Gas Board ??

Karen Sweatman… Yes to Eric and Phil.

Eric Harmer… I knew your dad very well. Such a lovely man. I never heard him play. Shame x

Colin Fox… Hofner Verithin without tremolo arm are selling for around £1000.

The Silhouettes – 1963

supplied by Pete Millington

Pete Millington… Another picture came out of the archives which I just had to colour – The Silhouettes in 1963, I think. L-R Robin Peglar, Mary McCarthy, Kirk Ronchetti, Kingsley Trowell RIP, and Rodney Trowell, I saw this line-up in the Old Town Market Hall – well ahead of their time and most groups in Hastings.