The Riot Squad – Witch Doctor 16th September 1967

Alan Essex… One of Joe Meek’s bands.

Lawrence Ralph… Is this the same Riot Squad, that David Bowie recorded 4 – 1967 demos with, released on a 2013 Acid Jazz label E.P ?.

Alan Essex… Yes a young David Bowie joined in 1967, after the death of Joe Meek. Some info and a picture here:…/david-bowie-and-the…/


Punishment at School – did you get the cane or the ruler?

Phil Gill… It was always the gym slipper at Hastings Grammar School. I was slippered once in five years and I’ve lived opposite the teacher who slippered me for over 30 years now. My house is bigger than his, so I guess I won.

Geoff Peckham… That’s sort of weird, Phil!

Nigel Sherwood… Remarkably I got away with it during my 5 years Phil

Ian Brown… I did but not from Jimmy Edwards

Geoff Peckham… I had the slipper (plimsoll), the cane, a knuckle on top of the head, a ruler on the knuckle and other wacky wacks. I was probably a guinea pig. I was certainly very naughty. Never did me any harm though……

Jan Warren… If you don’t eat ya meat, you can’t have any pudding!! Haha – didn’t do us any harm!!  Lines ,,,,,,,,,,, we had lines and I remember being severely punished for wearing “John Lennon” glasses in class!! Anyway, it never did us any harm, I think kids these days don’t have enough discipline, they need the basics, wrong from right and to respect others, its just logic really?!!


Jim Hobbs… Stand still will yee

Maggie Geary… Ruler when learning to type!!!

Andy Qunta… Yup! Cane & slipper. They said it would make a man out of me! Hmm…!

Martin Richter…  P.E. torture!

Peter J Brazier… The dreaded Slipper (Mr Fulton Hart’s “Toe Joe”)

Chris Meachen… I managed to get the cane, but only once..

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Remember Ice on the Windows – inside!

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Roger Simmonds… I did and my sheets wet from my breath. Happy days

Nigel Goodman… Yes

Dennis Torrance… Yes lived in house no heating and blankets on bed the not so good times

Vic Williams… My wife was banging on the window saying it’s snowing it’s snowing. If she carries on much longer I suppose I’ll have to let her in .!!!!

Jennie Tocock… Yes!

Terry Hardwick… You were lucky we had no glass int widows

Sue Bennett…  What about the milk coming out of the top of the bottle on the doorstep with the silver top sitting there !!

Paul Crimin… I used to get up before I went to bed, lick ‘t road clean…

Terry Hardwick… You were lucky there were 47 of us living int water tank ont rubbish tip and ave arf hanfull of cold gravel for breakfast but we wer Appy. You tell he kids today and they don’t believe you

Chris Garrod… Remember this well in the 1970s on my bedroom windows. We were made of sterner stuff back then.

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Who remembers The Texans and Jazz Combo? asks John Gale

Supplied by John Gale

John Gale… Hi,,, my dad use to be a drummer, he sadly passed away in April, going through some of his bits n pieces I found this. I wonder if anyone can shed any light when The Texans, a local jazz band in the late 50s into the 60s, played the pier, I know they did play but just don’t know the dates, do yer stuff, cheers

Lloyd Johnson… There was a chap called Tex Bailey who use to teach the kids at Ore Youth Club the guitar in the early 60s. He had two sons Derek and Pete Bailey who went to Priory road boys school. I wonder if Tex had anything to do with The Texans. He was a great guitar player.. maybe someone can ask his sons. Barry Goodall might know something.

John Gale… Hi Lloyd,,, yes it’s the same Tex. He cleverly named his band after his name,, if you look hard at the card it says Tex Bailey of Montgomery Rd Ore but crossed out Rex resembled Bill Hayley I remember,,, Arthur Miles took over the band in later years I think,, he of Miles Bros Lawnmower shop Courthouse St, Dad loved playing for them,,, he was a better drummer than he ever gave himself credit for,,,(only just passed away 6 weeks ago 😢) just couldn’t read music,, ive tried the pier FB site but there is no record of them playing there, Dad did definitely play the pier, amongst other big venues, a couple of the band members went on to big things,, one being a guy called John Spud Taylor, think he went on to play piano for Jon Dankworth on the early 60s,,,,, unfortunately for dad, I came along in 61,,, he remained in local bands so he could raise our family easier,,, I use get to go to alot of his ‘band dates’. Great memories and he is to take credit for my love for music, especially 60s based 👍. So cheers

Lloyd Johnson… I think Pete Millington has a comprehensive list of bands and dates that played the pier…you might want to contact Peter .I’ve lived in London since 1966 but I use to live in Clifton Road. I went to Priory road boys school and Ore youth club in the 50s/60s. Peter and Derek Bailey were in my class at school.

Pete Millington… Hi Lloyd, I remember we (The Confederates) did a gig with the Texans at the Dolphin Ballroom, Marine Court. That would have been around 1963/4. Not many small dance bands had a guitarist so the memory stuck. I’ve searched my archives but can’t find any record of this or other references to the Texans.

Mike Vawdrey… The John Taylor referred to is undoubtedly the same who went on to a long and distinguished career in jazz. He died in 2015 at the age of 72 after suffering a heart attack while playing at a festival in France. Wikipedia has a pretty thorough career resume in case anybody is interested.

Christopher Dann… Back in the late 60’s I started playing bass with the Ted Crouch band and I remember meeting Arthur Miles in late 1969.  I met Arthur in the lawnmower shop in Courthouse Street and was introduced to his brother Gordon.  Gordon played tenor sax and Arthur played piano and accordion.  When I met Arthur in 1969 he had taken over the Texans and re named the band. Can’t remember the name but I remember it was a trio. I’m pretty sure they played on the pier and I once did a gig at the Falaise Hall with them and the TC band.  Arthur passed away in 1972.

Will Cornell… Being from Texas myself, this is as interesting as your other band over there, the Nashville Teens….but then we had the Sir Douglas Quintet trying to fool everyone they were from England.

Christopher Dann… Just remembered the name. Arthur Miles re named the Texans to The Rhythm Aces. Phew! been working on that one all day. Got there in the end.

Monica Bane… Arthur Miles and Gordon Miles were my Mother’s brother’s ! Think it was called the Rhythm Ace’s. Even as a young girl always remember this name?

SMART 54 coffee meet – Friday 17th January 2020

New people welcome to join us

Mick O’Dowd… Oh come all ye faithful but not until January!

Nick Warren… I had never been to Hastings until 1990s – I was in Brighton and following the music scene there in the 1960s-70s. Hope to get to a SMART meeting one day but they always seem to clash with other things up until now. Happy Christmas

Monica Bane… Hope to see you there Alan! If all goes well Monica x