Willow Pattern – Germany 1968

Supplied by Gerry Fortsch

Gerry Fortsch… Just came across this from Germany 1968 and it looks like I had a clean shirt on at the time.

Colin Norton… You had the great MickeyB on guitar too! …. And a nice Black Bison bass


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Chris Baker… Where’s Johnny Kingdon ?

Gerry Fortsch… John was in Maidstone but sadly he died last year, he was a very talented guy that could have made it big with a little effort.

Chris Baker… He was a great personality. We did some gigs around Hastings and some country pubs etc. Loved him on stage, so smooth!

Gerry Fortsch… John could turn his hand to many things like drawing, writing, needle work as well as building work . I know he was heavily involved in a theatre in Maidstone.


6Ts with Min joining in!

supplied by Lol Cooksey. Hastings & St Leonards Angling Club 1993.

Josie Lawson… Who is Min?

Chris Baker… The late, great, Simon P. Medhurst! Brilliant Sax and Clarinet player, Silversmith, Electronics Whizz and all round hippy!

Alan Esdaile… well known Sax player who had the habit of turning up and just joining in! Sadly no longer with us.

Sandie Carlyon… Loved Min.

Terry Harr… Min and his skate board with a bin liner catching the wind on the Prom

Paul Smith… He was also a member of splodgenessabounds when i was their roadie

Neil Cartwright… Min played with us on numerous occasions. Seemed a very sweet guy.

Victoria Diaz-Fernandez… Met him once – Marcus knew him, I think

Nastassja Kaschevsky… Remember Min and his skateboard!


Heinz and The Wild Boys – Witch Doctor St Leonards 29th July 1967

The New Breed. Supplied by Mark Mackenzie – John Couchman, Peter Anderson, Joseph Black, Mark Mackenzie, Chris Wilson and Roger Fox.

Eddie Larnerd Lane… Heinz great song Just like Eddie

Mark Mackenzie… I was the drummer with The New Breed on that gig and seem to remember that we also did the Witch Doctor in Catford, we worked for Radio Caroline .

Nigel Ford… My Aunt took my Bruv & I to see either Ferry Cross the Mersey with Gerry & the Pacemakers or a Beatles film at the Gaiety, Queens Road around ’63 (?) and the supporting film starred Heinz, but I can’t remember the title, but vividly remember my Aunt saying afterwards “thank you for introducing me to Heinz”

Alan Esdaile… I think it must be ‘Live It Up’ Nigel. Great clip below, a rather young looking Steve Marriott.

Nigel Ford… Could that be Jet Harris on guitar ? I seem to recognise him? Looking on allmusic.com it seems it was likely Ritchie Blackmore, ‘ knew the face was familiar from somewhere…

Mick O’Dowd… Saw “The Blonde One” in The Tornadoes as Billy Fury’s backing band at The ABC( now ESK) in Cambridge Road.

Heinz contract from 1964 from a welsh valley gig. supplied by Roger Ferris

Mark Mackenzie… I was the drummer with The New Breed , there were two Witch Doctors one in St Leonards and the other in Catford,we did both quite a lot. Radio Caroline booked us for these gigs and others tramping up and down the motorways, great days.

The Majority – Witch Doctor St Leonards – June 11th 1966

Arthur Sutherland… Were the Koobas out of Liverpool, because I seem to recall seeing a group at Butlins Ayr called the Koobas in 1962 just before the Beatles broke.

Alan Esdaile… Yes I think your right Arthur.

Mick O’Dowd… At last some names I do remember!!

Miltons Fingers and Gold Dust – The Cobweb St Leonards 7th June 1969

Miltons Fingers, 1968. Left to right: Tony “Spike” Milligan, Milton, Alan Stevenson and Bert Coupe. photo: https://garagehangover.com/miltons-fingers/

Judy Atkinson… I remember going to see Steve Maxted at the Aquarius club in George St, Thursday nights in the 70s