The Beachcombers – Hastings Pier 1963 with Keith Moon

supplied by Pete Fisher, photo source unknown

Pete Fisher… The Beachcombers at a familiar venue…

Alan Esdaile… Great find Pete.

Mike Curtis… I seem to remember seeing a band that did Beach Boys covers called the Beachcombers. Played a few times at a pub in Hailsham. Anyone confirm?

Alan Esdaile… Can’t find a date for The Beachcombers playing Hastings Pier but looks like it is 1963. Anyone know?

Pete Fisher… Keith joined the Beachcombers in December 1962, and left after he auditioned for The Who in April 1964, and according to his biography Dear Boy this was summer 1963

The Tornados – Hastings Pier 10th November 1962



Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin… Absolute Radio 60 – Just played the Tornados 1962 classic hit record Telstar, produced in North London by Joe Meek.

Andy Qunta… Loved Telstar! Still do!

Terry Pack… The great Clem Cattini on drums.

Pete Fairless… Telstar was at #1 the week before. I wonder how many times they played it?

Mick O’Dowd… They produced (with the aid of Joe Meek) a very distinctive sound. They were once Billy Fury’s backing band. Saw both Billy Fury & Tornados at The ABC( now ESK).

Jon McCallion…Clem Cattini is still I think the only member of the Tornados still playing under the Tornados title. Joe meak the driving force.  Good band

Mick O’Dowd… Clem was also a prolific session man on a vast array of big hits. Saw him perform these at a music weekend at Butlins. The show was just like a covers band and then he did a medley of Tornados hits! Roger LaVerne appeared on 24 Hours in A&E a year or so back.

Terry Pack… Clem’s very funny. He refers to The Tornadoes as The Torn Arseholes, and The Swinging Blue Jeans as The Swinging Pub Band. He was once standing next to Jess Conrad when a punter asked Jess if he’d ever met Elvis. Before Jess could answer, Clem quipped, ‘Not yet, but it won’t be long!’ Another friend of mine, Charlie Elston, who now does a Billy Fury tribute thing, used to play with The Tornadoes. He had some great stories about Heinz!


Jon McCallion will like this. Printed by Hastings Printing Company. Now I wonder if he has any other interesting items in the vaults?

Mike Raxworthy… Heinz was in the Tornados – Joe got him to learn bass and virtually forced him onto the band. He did get married to an air hostess he met on a flight to the States. In 1975 he was my next door neighbour for about 3 years in a little village called Maylandsea, Essex.”

Susan Duck… I remember this. My auntie Carole was manageress of the buffet/ ballroom. This was my first night I went with her, I was only 10 yes old! We took their coffee to the dressing room for them and stayed chatting to them. Roger LaVern the organist was so lovely to me that evening I’ve never forgotten it, as I say I was only 10 but he spent a lot of time chatting with me. Heinz swore a lot!!

Ralph Town… The first musical sound I remember hearing was Telstar.Scared me silly!


The Flipsides – Sidley Fete – 29th May 1965

Sidley Fete2

Sidley Fete2-1Sidley Fete2-2

photos supplied by Peter Horton

Peter Horton… The pics show a group that we named ” The Flipsides “. This group was formed to perform at The Sidley Fete on Saturday 29th May, 1965. We were formed on Wednesday 7th April, 1965 and we broke up following the gig. The line up was fairly flexible and several people actually came up on stage to play on the day. If anyone can remember who the vocalist was please let me know. During the afternoon we had multiple equipment failure and we never completed the set. Pictures of the audience indicate that they seem to be enjoying themselves.

photo 1 …  Tony Bird Lead/Rhythm Guitar LHS, unknown singer vocalist Centre Snap, Phillip Earle Drums RHS, Sue Walden Vocalist Shown just to the left of the right hand window.

photo 2… Tony Bird Lead/Rhythm LHS, Rev Stockdale Lead/Rhythm Centre, Pete Horton Rhythm Guitar RHS.

photo 3… Phillip Earle Drums Unfortunately 2 snaps were taken on top of each other but this is the only other picture of Phil that I have from that day.

Geoff Peckham… Great pictures. Being a Sidley lad at that time, I was probably one of the lads there in thrall.

Phil Earle… Gosh, I’d forgotten this. No idea who the vocalist is. This was the first of many kits I had over the years and was a red sparkle mixture of a Gigster bass drum, Olympic toms, and Gigster snare. Cymbals and hi hats were Zyn and super Zyn. I can even remember I used Premier L sticks bought from Bird Music when they were at the top of Sackville Road. Shame the photo of me was double exposed but hey ho still good to see. Following this group I went on to join The Shrew People which has been mentioned here before. I must look out the photos for the site.

Ian McGilvray… I must have been trying to get some tips from the Band. Believe it I’m in the bottom left hand corner of the second photo. (posing as normal)!

Robert Searle… Can’t miss you mate

Colin Fox… Not THE Tony Bird of Birds Music fame? lol

Gaynor Duke… I was just going to comment that I spotted Mac in the crowd

Ian McGilvray… That’s me Gaynor with My imitation Beatles haircut

Philip Holloway… Can you remember any more about the fete, when the group wasn’t playing? I could ask Tony Bird, but can’t get in the shop. I’m making a Facebook album on Sidley past present.

Nikki Terry… I remember Rev Stockdale, Tony Bird, Dave Easton, Mick Ingram, Stuart Moir, Graham Putland oh loads of names…….

Mark Randall… We recorded our first ever demo at Tony’s 4 track studio

Laura Stockdale… Hey! Revs daughter here, does anyone have any more pictures of my dad?

Peter Millington… Looks like Tony Bird is playing Bass if that’s him on the left hand side?

Robert Searle… Mac bottom left