The Kinsmen? plus The Motion – Witch Doctor 19th August 1967

Should this read The Kingsmen of Louie Louie fame, or a completely different band?

Mick O’Dowd… I think it is the Kinsmen. Don’t remember The Kingsmen actually touring the Uk as they were an American outfit and I think I would have gone to see them if they did.

Andre Martin… THE KINGSMEN were a group from Portland Oregon.Louis Louis was released in 1963 and held the no 2 slot on the Billboard chart for 6 weeks. Re-released again in 1966 it did chart, but much lower down.

Trying to trace information on Tony Cornish

Sarah Preston… I am doing some research into finding my husbands grandfather. We know his name is Tony Cornish and he played the guitar in the support band for Tom Jones on the pier back in the 60s. Would you know anything about him or could point in the direction of someone who might. I’m not sure but I think the band he was in maybe Tony and the Condors but not 100% but he did play in the cafe regular on the pier back in the hey day and thanks again.

Can anyone help?

Richard Porter… My wife, Jacqui was there!! It was her birthday!!

Roy Penfold… An early mention of Tony Cornish is in the H&SLO of 08 February 1958 in a Skiffle group called “The Gamblers” playing washboard with John Newman on vocals and guitar, Barry Richardson; guitar and Douglas Steadman playing bass. They were apparently inspired by the Jeanagers.

Lloyd Johnson… The Jeanagers’ were our school skiffle group in the late 50s, Hastings Secondary School for Boys/ Priory Road. They won a National Skiffle Competition. I think it might have been Caroll Levis Discoveries which was a TV Talent Show. They wore Black Western shirts with white fringing and black jeans. Mr. Henshaw the headmaster let them give a concert for the whole school when they won the competition. We were very proud of them…😀😀😀😀…I remember Johnny Newman , last time I saw him was in Portobello road in the 90s. He looked like Lee Van Cleef. He use to hangout with Keith Perry and Johnny Blackman the guys that had KEPS Casuals in Hastings later in the early 60s. KEPS Casuals was just over the Road from Woolworths…

The Troggs – Hastings Pier – 7th August 1966

supplied by Andre Martin

Gerry Fortsch… Does anyone remember if this was the night that the Troggs did not make it and the Mindbenders played instead. I did give Reg Presley a bit of stick about it many years later, the Mindbenders were great.

Peter Fairless… I wonder if Andre would know? My brother had tickets to the no-show gig, he was not impressed.

Robert Wren… I saw The Troggs at the Oasis club in I think the early 80s. No stage and hardly any one there but Reg Presley was on top form.

Martyn James Expression and the Sunny Jay Breed – Battle Memorial Hall 9th May 1969

Martyn James Expression supplied by Rudi Birkby

9th may 1969 - martyn james

Rudi Birkby… You Will be pleased to hear the Martyn James Expression are all alive and still gigging regularly. I was, and still am the lead singer. I remember we played the Witchdoctor. On the underscore to a six piece band called, The Orange Bicycle. Their harmonies were outstanding.