Beat Rave with The Suspects, The Springbeats and Mud Mulligans Big Boss Band – Hastings Pier 15th April 1967

Dave Nattress… As well as these gigs at Hastings Pier, as remarked before, these events called Beat Raves, were often also presented (and billed as such), at the De La Warr, Bexhill. I started attending them in about 1968 when I was 15, but there wasn’t a lot of raving back then, and of course “Rave” much, much later, actually did become pretty much just that aided for some by funny little tablets. But the raving in Bexhill was assisted by gallons of weak beer and that was about it back in the 60’s in Bexhill. I didn’t get to Hastings Pier for gigs until about 1970 and certainly the beer on offer there was well watered down – a lot was needed before any raving went on!

Who was the best group you saw on Hastings Pier?

Alan Esdaile… I was recently interviewed on the Chris Gentry Show on Carnival FM, who was the best group I saw on the pier. I was stumped to come up with an answer and mentioned well possibly The Who or maybe The Equals but then again I loved Wally and Gracious and not forgetting Curved Air, The Kinks, Leo Sayer, Genesis, Budgie and loads more. Anyway I said I would think on it and decided that the best group and best night has to be Osibisa.  What was yours?

Kev Towner… Hawkwind

Peter Fairless… The Jam – Saturday, 23rd April 1977

Steve Foster… The Clash twice !! …The Jam were playing the Marquee in London on the 23 April 1977 ??..did they ever play the pier ?

John Wilde… Osibisa. Hawkwind. Curved Air. Magma.

Peter Fairless… Pick one!

John Wilde… Oh ok. Osibisa.

Phil Thornton… music and show I would say Genesis. most memorable event might be Hawkwind, Golden Earring or possibly Magma !

Sarah Harvey… Be Bop Deluxe

Richard Lavender… Golden Earing. After we dug their lorry out of the deck.

Allyson Breeds… Madness, but to be fair, I have ONLY seen Madness on the pier

Chris Giles… Golden Earring

Tony Ham… Conflict, Poison Girls, U.K. Subs, Sham 69, Dragster. Crass, Poison Girls, Conflict and Annie Anxiety were all on the same night, June 13th 1981, £1 a ticket!

Chris Baker… The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Ten Years After ( I think that was on the Pier ).  Just realised I forgot to mention Pink Floyd and Hawkwind! Brilliant gigs!

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Cilla Black & Sounds Incorporated – Hastings Pier 4th April 1964

all cuttings Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin….Its the 4th March 1964  and  its the visit from the Liverpool Lass – Cilla Black, plus Sounds Incorporated and supporting group Rock and Roll outfit from London Earl Sheriden and the Houseshakers.
I have found out a very interesting newspaper cutting from the Hastings Observer following the show and it gives some interesting information. Cilla was about to release her follow-up to “Anybody Who Had A Heart” at the beginning of May “You’re My World”, was an English language rendition of the Italian popular song, “Il Mio Mondo”. Produced by George Martin at the Abby Studios and featuring Johnny Pearson at the baton, incidentally looking into my crystal ball, this single would reach the no 1 spot in the UK by the end of May – just in time for the next Bank Holiday.
A great part of the show was the music of Sounds Incorporate, who hailed from Dartford and had been part of the Brian Epstein Empire scene for about 18 months, and during this time had worked with many of the Liverpool acts on the numerous touring shows that were so popular in this country. They had a excellent recording pedigree and had been regulars as supporting many popular US artistes such as Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Brenda Lee and Sam Cooke.Very little known about the support band, they were a south London outfit, that had previously played at the Pier – if any more comes to light I will post.

Alan Esdaile….The story I remember from Bob Knights the pier manager on Cilla Black was that on her first appearance on the Pier she was so broke they could not afford accommodation and they usually slept in the van and looked like they hadn’t eaten for days. After the gig they stayed at Bob Knights house for the night and he gave them a big meal.

Andre Martin…..Knowing Bob, that sounds like a true story, thanks for sharing – I know Bob could be a “old Woman” at times, but he had the Pier at heart and made our lives safer, even with the gaps in the planking !!

Susan Duck… I was there. Went to the dressing room to get her autograph. Brian Epstein was there. Cilla was so full of personality even back in those early days.

Moya Wilson… Wow that’s brilliant Susan.

Episode Six – Hastings Pier – 30th March 1968


episode six

Episode Six featuring Ian Gillan & Roger Glover supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… This Day (March 30th) in 1968 on Hastings Pier. Episode Six

Mick O’Dowd… The fledgling Purple!

Andre Martin… Great band to work with, as I did later in 1968, when I took over from Mike Quinn in The Happy Ballroom under John Schofield and Strand Entertainments.

Karen Sweatman… I was minus 2. Would love to have seen that!


The Seekers – Hastings 1964 and 1974

All photos supplied by Len Benton

Featuring Len Benton, Jerry Hadfield, Kevin Clarke and Cliff Waters

photo 3  1965 – Len Benton and Jerry Hadfield (Jerry with Chris Sayer’s guitar)

Martin Richter… nice geetars 🙂

Judith Monk… Thanks so much for these Jerry was my brother. He died of prostate cancer 15 years ago aged 55. Am I able to get copies of these for his family please?

Alan Esdaile… Should be able to do some photocopies Judith.