Tommy Quickly and The Remo Four plus Pagans Hastings Pier 27th Feb 1965


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Alan Esdaile… Has anyone heard his version of The Wild Side Of Life (you will find it on You Tube). Rather different to the Status Quo version!

Peter Fairless… Not that different, if you play it at 78rpm, or Quo at 33rpm, Alan!

SMART 36 Coffee Meet Report



Our 36th coffee meet and no politics, well maybe a bit! Andre Martin confirmed that Carnival FM will be back on the air on 87.9 fm during carnival week. We talked about early disc jockey equipment and Conquest Hospital Radio. Heather Smith popped in looking for a sixties band to play at an event. Mick O’Dowd had with him a platinum disc of East 17 Steam for 50,000 sales, The Who Quadrophenia LP, Beatles LP covers of Sgt Peppers, The White Album, Please Please Me, Revolver, For Sale, A Hard Days Night, With The Beatles, Band Aid 12” single, and the bizarre ‘Walk With An Erection” by the S.A’s and yes it was a 12 inch, apparently a parody of Walk Like An Egyptian.  He also had a tour programme from The Shadows. I had with me books from John Peel by Mick Wall, Are You Experienced by Noel Redding and Carol Appleby, 12 Days On The Road The Sex Pistols and Scott Walker – A Deep Shade Of Blue.  Mick was talking about the bands that have played De La Warr Pavilion in the past like Zoot Money and Geno Washington. Colin Bell was talking about his favourite year in music which incidentally is the same as mine, 1967 and also remembering the jukebox in Divitos St Leonards. He even remembers what button to play ‘See My Baby Jive by Wizzard’ as Paul Casson used to play it all the time. He was also talking about a new post, on what tracks you secretly love or hate but never own up to! Eric Harmer was raving about an old Bill Withers track I Can’t Write Left Handed.  Ann Gill was talking about Boyzone and Ocean Colour Scene coming to the pier. Phil Gill confirmed that The Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band will be performing the Sgt Peppers album at the annual Hastings nearly on the beach concert on Sunday 30th July. Lol Cooksey was talking to John Petrie about modern drum kits. All are taught, positioned and set up to the same format. No room for originality and flair.  Barry Taylor was talking about the up coming Oak Fest Rye music festival which takes place on 17th June.  He was also talking about Terry Reid who recently played The De La Warr. Interestingly Terry wrote the hit Friends for Arrival who featured Tony O’Malley who was playing at the Jazz & Blues festival last week. A number of people from SMART went to the Jazz & Blues Festival and full marks to Mike Raxworthy for putting on a great line up with a brilliant set from Liane Carroll. This is just a small bit of what I remember, pleased feel free to add anything I missed.

Heather Smith… thank you so much for the leaflets you gave us, nice meeting you

Mick O’Dowd… Good one again Alan even though we were thinner on the ground this time. Still found interesting people to talk to. I know a few people that say they’re coming but then don’t al I can say to them is MAKE AN EFFORT, you won’t be dissapointed. It’s completely informal. No stand up speakers. You are NEVER left to fend for yourself as we make sure you are introduced to people that share your interests/music etc. Try it next Meet. Because you’re worth it!

The Happy Ballroom Hastings Pier & more 11th Feb 1967 by Andre Martin

Its mid way through February, and the reason that I have not posted anything for a couple of weeks, is that in Hastings there has been very little to report, here we are on Saturday 11th February 1967. The Pier Ballroom is in operation this weekend with a St Valentines Ball, heading the programme it Eastbourne’s own Gordon Rider and his Quartet with a programme of music and entertainments for the young and not so young lovers.
Along at the Witch Doctor, the usual patten was live music on Saturday and The Steve Maxted Show on Thursdays. This weekend Saturday 11th February we had a visit from The Meantimers and The Unloved[ not perhaps a good choice for St Valentines Weekend] and on St Valentine’s 14th the return of The Lonely Ones. What was the BBC offering us this weekend – Saturday Light Programme – 10.00am Saturday Club, with DDDBMT, Chris Farlowe, The Searchers, Maxine Brown & The Q Set, Truly Smith and The Powerpack, with Brian Matthew in charge. Later in the day, Jack Jackson Record Roundabout, Des O’Connor, Saturday Swingalong, Saturday Bandstand – this week The BMC Band, Chris Denning with “Where it’s At” and Desmond Carrington with Music from the Movies. The early evening was the time for Those were the days and later Frankie Vaughan, Forces Startime from RAF Anglesey, Music Parade, Saturday Night in Scotland and Pete’s Party with Pete Murray and Friends.
Sunday – Children’s Favourites, Easy Beat with David Symonds, This week’s Family Favourites was a Three Way link up between London Cologne and Singapore. The afternoon had its regular selection of comedy shows – Round the Horne & The Clitheroe Kid. A special “Farnon in Concert” introduced by John Dunn and 4pm it was Pick of The Pops. In the evening Movie Go Round, Sing Something Simple, Grand Hotel, The Men from The Ministry and later The Jazz scene with Humphrey Lyttelton.
Television high lights this weekend included Saturday BBC 1 – Grand Stand, Juke Box Jury with David Jacobs and his guests Simon Dee Alan Freeman Pete Murray and JS. Dr Who was off to Moonbase 1, The Monkees and then the Film Lost Treasure of the Amazon. The evening continued with The Rolf Harris Show, with special guest Sandie Shaw with a Song for Europe, Adam Adamant Lives, MOTD and The Late Show with John Bird. BBC 2 we had Rugby Special: Ireland v England, The Forsyte Saga, International Cabaret, Thriller – The Girl in a Black Bikini and the Midnight Movie 711 Ocean Drive with Edmond O’Brien and Otto Kruger. Sunday BBC1 – International Winter Sports : The World Bobsleigh Championships from Alpe d’Heuz in Austria. Film Matinee: Without Reservation – John Wayne & Claudette Colbert. The Lucy Show, Great Expectations, Pinky & Perky’s Island. In the evening it was Film : Pete Kelly’s Blues, followed by Dr Finlay’s Casebook, James Robertson Justice introduced Gala Performance from the London Ballet.BBC 2 – We had The Danny Kaye Show, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle play and On the Margin with Alan Bennett. Over on the Pirates, this week 50 years ago, Radio London Fab Forty was voted the most popular off-shore programme and Kenny Everett for a second time the most popular pirate DJ. The top 5 for this week was Beatles: Penny Lane, Pet Clark: This is my Song, Tremeloes: Here Comes my Baby, Jimmy Ruffin: I’ve Passed this way before and Englebert Humperdink : Release Me. Over on Radio Caroline South Johnny Walker presented – Monkees: I’m A Believer, Cat Stevens: Matthew and Son, Rolling Stones: Let’s spend the night together, Paul Jones : I’ve been a Bad Bad Boy, Move : Night of Fear.
So there we have it – 50 years ago this weekend, there is just one other event that I would like to mention, for those of you who followed the local groups, The Confererates were very well know and popular, this weekend it was that the lead vocalist emigrated with his parents to Canada, and I can remember on that Saturday night/Sunday Morning saying goodbye in Havelock Road of all places waiting for Taxis home.
Until next week when I open up the time machine again and have a delve around in fifty years of entertainments history. Enjoy St Valentines Night, and keep warm – the temperature keeps falling.     Andre Palfrey-Martin © 2017

Joe Knight… That’s information

The Happy Ballroom Hastings Pier & more 21st Jan 1967 by Andre Martin

One of the great things about the SMART meetings, are the times that people will ask ”What ever happened to ?” and that’s the start of another trip down memory lane and it was just that last week, we had been sad at the demise of “Ready Steady Go” but what ever happened to “Thank Your Lucky Stars” as some of you will remember I used to also include in my weekly blog, details of this regular pop show from the 1960s. The last regular edition of TYLS was broadcast on Saturday 25th June 1966, but they did put together a Christmas Special that went networked on NYE 1966. The final show included Brian Matthew, Jim Dale, Ivy League, Keith Fordyce, Pete Murray, Gene Pitney, Helen Shapiro, Cleo Laine, Herman’s Hermits and Peter and Gordon.
This weekend Saturday 21st January 1967, the Happy Ballroom, Hastings Pier is quiet, the only dancing being held were the twice weekly Pier School of Dancing in The Restaurant – Monday & Friday Night. The Witch Doctor was functioning on Saturday & Thursday nights, but I have to say that I have been unable to track down any advertising or details of who appeared. The Thursday would have been the traditional record entertainment in the hands of Steve Maxted, when anything could and did happen. BBC Light programme for the 21st included Saturday Club with The Who, Paul Jones, Brian Poole & Tremeloes, The Settlers, Brian Connell and the Round Sound and Sue & Sunny. The usual Saturday afternoon shows followed, Call it Country Style, Jack Jackson Record Roundabout, Des O’Connor, Swingalong, Saturday Band Stand, Music from the Movies, Those were the Days, Moira Lister, Forces Startime from Celle in West Germany. Dancing Round Europe, Pete’s Party with Pete Murray, On Sunday the key shows were Easy Beat, Three Way Family Favourites – London, Cologne and from RAF Luqa Malta. The Ken Dodd Show, The Clitheroe, Pick of The Pops, Movie Go Round, Sing Something Simple, Grand Hotel, Sunday Half Hour, The Men from the Ministry, Nicholas Parsons and The Jazz Scene.
Television for the weekend included on Saturday – Grandstand, Juke Box Jury this week David Jacob hosted the show with guests,Simon Dee. Alan Freeman, Pete Murray & JS. –Dr Who, The Monkees, The High Adventure Film was Saigon with Alan Ladd and Veronica Laki. Later that evening – The Rolf Harris Show, Adam Adamant Lives, Match of The Day and The Late Show. BBC 2 included The Forsyte Saga, and the Midnight Movie was Pitfall starring Dick Powell and Lizabeth Scott. On Sunday the schedule included Look at The Beachcombers a nature programme filmed in the North East, International Skiing from Austria, Film Matinee – Reach for the Sky, Great Expectations, Pinky & Perky’s Island, Meeting Point, Songs of Praise, Film – This Man Reuter starring Edward G Robinson, Dr Findley’s Casebook and the evening ended with Leonard Bernstein Concerts and this week featuring Stravinsky: Right of Spring. Over on the Pirates, Tony Blackburn on Radio London with the Big L Chart on Sunday, the top 5 records that weekend were:1 Matthew & Son : Cat Stevens, 2 Standing in The Shadows of Love : Four Tops, 3 Lets Spend the Night Together: Rolling Stones, 4 I’ve been a bad bad boy: Paul Jones, 5 I’m a Believer: Monkees. Over on Radio Caroline a hitch in the delivery of the new records caused a dely in broadcasting the week show until Tuesday 24 January. 1, I’m a Believer: Monkees, 2 Standing in the Shadows of Love: Four Tops, 3 Sitting in the Park: Georgie Fame, 4 Matthew & Son : Cat Stevens,5 Night of Fear : Move.
In the week leading up to this weekend, there had been several interesting events in the music world, 15th Jan: Rolling Stones perform on the Ed Sullivan Show – “Let’s Spend the Night Together”. 18th Jan: Epstein’s NEMS Enterprises amalgamates with The Robert Stigwood Organisation bringing together The Who, Cream, Merseys, Chrispian St Peters, Lord Such under one management. Jan 19th: Monkees No 1, Stones No 3. Jan 20th: Stones Release between “The Button Album. And finally on Sunday 22nd Jan the Rolling Stones appeared on Sunday Night At The London Palladium – but refused to go on the roundabout at the end.
Well there we have Week ending 22nd January 1967, not a great deal happening in Hastings, the weather was Dry, Sunny and rather mild with little light rain, the cold had left us for a while. Thinking back where I was working at the time, it must have been quite good, as there was very little heating, which fact has remained with me from way back. Moving on, I hope that your keeping warm, the temperatures have dropped over the last couple of weeks, and I fear that the Energy bills will have risen . Until next week and perhaps something more to report about the History of The Happy Ballrom – Hastings Pier have a good week. Andre Palfrey-Martin © 2017