SMART 34 report

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SMART 34 Report

Good turn out for SMART 34. Among the newbies this time were Alan Brett, Matt Thomas and Lloyd Johnson.  Alan have with him a photo of his group The Athelstan Dance Band and an interesting programme from The White Rock Theatre from 1973 which featured organist ‘Tina’ which I expect many people remember. Matt was talking about what groups he would like to appear on the pier and Lloyd had some amazing stories about Rod Stewart living in a cave in Hastings and being thrown out of The Pam Dor coffee bar. Andre Martin was gathering information for the forthcoming 90 years of The White Rock Theatre exhibition that is taking place in April. Nigel Ford had with some great flyers from The Battle dances promoted by Epiton Entertainments at the Memorial Hall in the 70’s.  He also had a Stylus Record bag, ‘Cream r.i.p. cutting, Plumpton Festival review featuring Black Sabbath from 1970, Grand Funk Railroad Melody Maker review of The Hyde Park 1971 concert, as well as Grand Funk Live and Survival albums. Barry French brought along The Guitar Book handbook by Tim Wheeler and loads of records. These included a ’78’ from Les Paul ‘Johnny’s The Boy For Me’,  a 10” record called Prime Cuts on RSO featuring Eric Clapton and others, Spencer Davis Group Living In A Back Street (which featured Ray Fenwick), Groundhogs Who Will Save The World, The Kinks Face To Face, Dr Feelgood Let It Roll, Suck It And See Vertigo Records Sampler, Dave Clark Five All Time Greats E.P , T.Rex single Jepster and others.  On seeing The Spencer Davis album Phil Gill and Pete Prescott remarked on Gluggo was the better album with the stand out track ‘Catch You On The Reebob’. Pete Prescott arrived with some rare black & white photos of Deep Purple, Humble Pie, David Coverdale, Marmalade and Richie Blackmore featuring a naked roadie flying over Richie’s head! Hot off the press ‘Beatles Day 18’ leaflets were handed out which takes place on Sunday 2nd April 2017. I had with me Stallion Skinny Kid single and albums of David McWilliams The Days of, Decca The World Of Hits vol 3 and This Is The Moody Blues.  Other talk was about Hastings Rock, Carnival FM, music fashion, hollington youth club, buses and the shock decision of closing the town centre toilets. This is just a small bit of what I remember and heard. Anything interesting I have left out, please feel free to add.

Matt Thomas… Sorry I didnt stay long. I see someone is after White Rock memories – well i was a barman there and met some quite diverse people lol

Alan Esdaile… Good to see you Matt, pity you could not stay longer. Zena turned up just after you left. I should have introduced you to Andre but with things getting a bit hectic I forgot. Andre is organising the White Rock Theatre memories exhibition and I’m sure you got some good stories to tell, as well as some great photos. Please email him details or happy to pass on anything.

Sarah Harvey… SMART Meeting March 3rd, 2017. Quite clearly, some intense conversations going on at this meeting! Always a lovely afternoon 

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photos by Sarah Harvey

Jan Warren… I love this Group, only joined about 6 months ago but in that short time I’ve already been re-united with people from the past and some lovely new people who share my lifelong passion of music and general 60s/70s history of the Hastings/Bexhill area!! – I would love to attend these meetings at least at some point, but my home town is Bexhill,  I don’t drive and buses don’t seem to run after 6pm and to get to White Rock from Hastings Station is a long walk for us “oldies”??!! – so I’m just wondering if there may be a “SMART” member that lives in Bexhill who would kindly put up with me in his/her car (or motorbike, I LOVE bikes!!) and get me, myself and my “nostalgia” over to Hastings to meet all you lovely people??!! 🙂 

Alan Esdaile… Anyone from Bexhill, that can give Jan a lift for the next meeting?