Who used to watch The Man From U.N.C.L.E.?

Anyone seen the remake?

Alan Esdaile… Great programme. Used to collect the bubblegum cards as a kid.

Pete Brazier… but do you still have them? I only ever managed to compleat two sets CAPTAIN SCARLETT & PLANET OF THE APES (Still have them in the loft!)

Kevin White… I haven’t seen the remake and wouldn’t be interested really.I don’t think it would be possible to recreate the feel of such a great chemistry and ambience of this sixties classic.I too used to collect the bubble gum cards,I also had a toy replica of Napoleon solo’s gun,it fired the round red plastic cap cartridges,loved that gun!

Claire Hamilton… Illya Kuryakin – my first love 💕(aged 11)

Judith Monk… Loved this show – superb!

Nick Shute… Don’t understand this current fashion for pointlessly remaking old classics….if it ‘ain’t broke why fix it?….the list is endless…the Wicker Man..awful!!!….the Italian Job….ha don’t even go there…..the Man From Uncle…those of a certain age before internet and mobile phone technology will remember what back then was science fiction talking into their pen at school and saying “open channel 4”….wonderful stuff!!!

Jan Warren… Re-makes are always rubbish, you can’t beat the original!!

Will Cornell… “We wish to thank the United Network Command for Law Enforcement” for their technical help and cooperation” at the show’s closing credits, yeah right…they had me fooled. And for one brief season we had this delectable spin-off with the still great Stephanie Powers. She went on to that other series with Robert Wagner in the 80s, was William Holden’s main squeeze etc. And I noticed in one of my investments she sits on the board of one of my mutual funds (!?!?). She’ll always be April Dancer, Girl From UNCLE for me…

Judy Atkinson… I had a ring with a picture that changed from Napoleon Solo to Illja Kuryakin when you moved it. And I still have a Man From Uncle annual

Lyn Humphrey… Great series. We used to write various UNCLE phrases on our school P.E. kit-bags.

Will Cornell… Does anyone recall a Man From UNCLE episode that had them doing work behind the Iron Curtain (“The ‘something’ Affair” no doubt) and they were in a club where a commie rock band (no not the Decembrists, something better) performed a tune called “Hoy Hoy Hoy Hoy My Bulgarian Baby”? I still recall the melody and crank it out every once in a while when I am practicing any one of my instruments. It was kinda “Hava Naglia”-ish. Wish it was easily found on recording or YouTube.

Faith Brooker… Damn. It sounds great. Surely there must be a nerd somewhere who has it on a shaky tape recording?

Iain Cobby… I had the two plastic Solo/Kuryakin model kits ,not sure of the make, could be Revell? Bought from Arbours (correct spelling?) in Queens Road.When constructed and painted they linked the wall behind them making one action tableau. Can’t think what happened to them…….

Will Cornell… I had the one for Napoleon Solo…I think it was Revell, they had most of the coolest models back then.