Who remembers J Lyons & Co. Ltd 15 Wellington Place, Hastings?

photo source: unknown. first photo… Lyons’ Cafe in Broad Street, Reading, Berkshire, 1945

We all have happy memories of Dimarco’s but who remembers J Lyons? Where Nationwide Building Society is now, could not find any Hastings photos (unless anyone has any) but looked similar to the above with baker cake shop at the front and restaurant/cafe on two floors. 

Tony Davis… Remember it well. My mum worked there as a cleaner and I often had lunch there during school holidays. I remember that they used an ice cream scoop to serve mashed potatoes

Roy Penfold… Visible in the background https://historymap.info/…/Round-the-town-tour-bus-at…

supplied by Roy Penfold

Alan Esdaile… Used to go in with friends, on occasional Saturday lunchtimes, with pennies from the old town arcades. We would have the cheapest thing on the menu which was chips peas and gravy and take it upstairs to eat.

Jackie Hersee… I remember them

Chris Meachen… Remember going in there with mum, it was very plush, with claret coloured drapery & gold trimmings.. sometimes the upstairs was cordoned off with a thick gold rope hung from shiny metal posts..

Phyllis Mendenhall… My mum was a nippy in joe Lyons I remember she took us in for coffee one morning and had to be on our best behaviour ,and I can still smell that coffee

Trevor Unwin… I remember it well , used to love the fruit & jelly sundaes, that used to be on show in the window.

Orpington to Hastings Walk photo 1968

Anyone remember taking part in this? I remember pirate radio keeping us going on the journey. Looks like the following year they did it from Hastings to Orpington.

Colin Bell… Yes, I did it with 4 friends, I remember stopping for a rest at the pub carpark at Johns Cross to check the blisters! Did 3 ‘training walks’ to work up to it. Rye and back was one and it pissed down all through when I got home all the blue dye from my new denim jeans had turned my legs blue! What was I thinking..happy days..lol

John Austin… My brother Michael Austin, the first Hastings walker to make it home !

Chris Meachen… My mum used to be involved in the support for these walks, possibly dishing out refreshments. I remember people covering their socks in soap, which was supposed to help prevent blisters..

Glynn Brown… I did it two years running and I’m in that photo somewhere. Each year we did training runs and I was one of those caught in the rain as Colin said above.

Chris Giles… I did it when I was 13 I think so would have been the year before 1967…but I did it from Orpington to Hastings finished at the oval

Kevin Ellis… tried it in 1966, stopped with a mate that packed in at about 26 miles. Succeeded in 1967 and again in 1968 to better my time! (13 hours including 30 mins break!). Then went to Uni, never to do it again unfortunately

Jon McCallion… Julie is in the photograph front row by the side of the girl who has black trousers on. She remembers it well great effort by everybody

Sandie Carlyon… I did this. Think it was 67. Sat down at Westfield and another walker got me up and I finished. It was pirate radio kept me going.

Alan Esdaile… The same Sandie, it was the pirate radio that kept me going.

Chris Giles… it was definitely pirate radio that kept me going…all night especially

Graham Sheridan… does anyone know who the other two people are with me (I’m the one with the letter in my hand) from the 1967 walk?

Clive Richardson… Its me with Robin Hughes.

Sandie Carlyon… I did it Alan. I think it was 67 Orpington to Hastings finishing at the Oval. We then went to Ore for hot food at the school there. Me and my friend had a radio and listened all night to keep us going. I remember Death Of A Clown was one track played a lot. My friend didn’t finish but I did. I’ve lost my certificate though.

Reg Wood… I did it in 1968 after the three training walks. No one there to meet us when we finished so had to walk home!

Paul Sleet… I did it.

Martin Jones… Great to see this, thanks for posting.  I fondly remember making the whole distance in 1966 (the first of these walks, if I recall correctly). Much slower than Kevin, but I was a slightly daydreamy 15-year-old!

Jeff Belton… Great pictures Alan, two things where are u in the picture ? And before I moved down to Bexhill I used to live in Orpington .

Alan Esdaile… Yes I’m in the photo but difficult to point out.

Sandie Carlyon… did this in 1967. Pirate radio was brilliant. Death of a clown was one song. All you need is love another. Don’t know what happened to my certificate. Wish I still had it. Remember the patch we had to stick to our clothes so traffic could see us. Great memory.

Graham Sherrington… will have to find the 66 and 67 certs. Or was in 67-68. 11hrs 55 mins one of them.

Alan Esdaile… Graham, you were a lot faster than me. I think I got back to Bohemia around 12 lunchtime next day.

Graham Sherrington… I was fit as f in those days Cross Country, in the School Athletic squad, football swimming. now I’m efed both knees gone put on weight etc 😟one of the commenters here said someone helped her I think it was me. I know I helped someone I tried to keep them paced.

Transistorised Record Player – Currys 1962

Anyone have one of these? I remember one of my friends did and had Bob & Earl Harlem Shuffle, as one of his first records.

Ron Prosser… We used to make them at Alba. Radio and TV Ltd

Sandy Max… I was given one of these by my godmother. I remember taking it to school with some records at the end of my years at grammar school, just for some of the others to steal some of my records.

Dave Nattress… First record player – must have been about 1963 because I was buying new Parlophone Beatles singles – Black labels and Green paper covers from a shop in St Leonard’s Road, Bexhill (think it was). Also some Hollies singles – was it same label? Freddie and the Dreamers. Also other Mersey sound bands. Had to fight to keep my Mum from playing Gracie Fields 78’s on it!


Hastings Traditional Jazz Band – 1959?

photo credit unknown. Source: facebook West Marina to Hastings Pier

WMTHP… Were you a Hastings Trad Jazz fan in the 50s/60s? You may recognise some of these people on their way to play on the Pier. They were from the Hastings Traditional Jazz Club I believe? Hastings 1959

Mike Waghorne… Bit early for Min

Monica Bane… The Dolphin jazz band

Tony Court-holmes… my mum god rest her followed the jazz bands round Hastings

Caroline Moor… what a fantastic photograph……

Mike Vawdrey… With four clarinets and three trumpets/cornets visible plus the headgear I would guess this to a New Orleans style marching band perhaps made up from members of several different aggregations. Just a theory..

Carl Spencer… Pretty certain that’s Pete Treger with the beard on trumpet. Should also have had Chris Watford on clarinet, but none look like him. Neither does it look like Brian Hills, who dropped in to play from time to time.

Hi Fi Discotheque High Street Hastings – 23rd December 1967

John Gale… Hard to believe that existed when you see the size of the gap left there after the fire

Alan Esdaile… used to be packed in like sardines!

John Gale… so I hear,  just a bit before my time

Jon McCallion… It’s where it all started Alan as you would remember, I remember Fiona she invited me for the band.

Linda McGregor… It was nothing like a discotheque when I used to go ’76-’79

14 Days, Rock Museum, The Earthquake, Amalgamation, Shady Haze – December 1969



supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… (first) November 15th, 1969….. would this be one Rock Museum’s final gigs before splitting up? As for 14 Days…..enlighten me! I was just too young to see this gig.

Sarah Harvey… (second) Well if Rock Museum split at the end of 1969, New Years Eve 1969 surely must have been their final gig supporting Shady Haze? No idea……however, there they are again….14 Days (Fourteen Days). Amalgamation seem to have lasted the course to more recently with the founder member being the only remaining of the original line-up…..Frank (surname unknown). Apparently heralded from West Sussex.

Sarah Harvey… (third) The lead-up to Christmas 1969 on the Pier ….. the Amalgamation gig advertised for later on in the month and Rock Museum supporting The Earthquake just before Christmas …..and there they are again on Christmas Eve….Fourteen Days supporting St.Johns Wood.

Robert Searle… Rock Museum Laurie Cooksey first group?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Robert, Laurie was in Rock Museum. Left to right: Tony Carr(lead vocals), Terry Corder(bass guitar/vocals), Dave Gurr(lead guitar/vocals), Laurie Cooksey(drums/vocals).


Geoff Peckham… Not Laurie’s first group though. There were at least two before Rock Museum: Prohibition and Rael.