Who had an alarm clock like this?

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Ernest Ballard… Best part was the waking to the radio. The buzzer was so loud and woke up to the horrible noise of it

Alan Esdaile… I had one, I think I still got one somewhere!

Allyson Breeds… Parents? I had one! <shuffles off feeling old>

Jim Breeds… You have two parents! It’s the current legal minimum, silly girl x

Joe Knight… newer version 6am woke up by radio Smooth. Got one in bathroom battery dump in a bin 36yrs ago clock needs attention but AM fine

Donna Torrance… Ooh you were posh if you had one like that

Lozza Hope… I still have one!! Lol

Jacquie Hinves… I still have !

Alan Parker… me too

John Scaife… I had 1 of these Radio Alarms similar to this one

Reginald Hogg… Still got mine….got it in 1976…..

Dave Nattress… My Wife has still got two in our bedroom – both off the mains, which goes off frequently where we live, hence they both flash the time display for days until we re-set them. Did NASA really put men on the moon all those years ago? Maybe, (I read a lot of conspiracy theories), but believe me, the UK cannot maintain a mains power supply in the far end of Little Common for more than a couple of weeks. One old radio is very similar to the illustration, one much newer, supplemented by a DAB radio so 3 in one bedroom. The worse thing is, on R2 at 7.00 am, they play “Oh what a beautiful morning” which the HW, (Head Woman), tries to sing. Frighteningly out of tune – this has the Police knocking on the door most mornings telling her the neighbours have complained about the noise.

Georgie Fame and John Mayall’s Blues Breakers – Hastings Pier Allnighter 14th October 1966

Advert supplied by Andre Martin

photo: Georgie Fame and Rick Brown (bass) (Amsterdam, October 1966)


Gerry Fortsch… I wish I had been there

Joe Knight… George!!! Oh Yeah

Alan Esdaile… Anyone know who played with John Mayall on this gig? Eric Clapton would have been with Cream by this time but could have been Peter Green or Mick Taylor?

David Finn… Peter Green!

Pete Fisher… can’t believe I missed Peter Green in my hometown, but I was only 11, just started Grammar School…discovered Peter Green and John Mayall two years later…



who remembers stink bombs?

Sophie Ash… Dr Megit (chemistry master at Hastings Grammar School) was pretty constantly aghast at the general availability of these, saying that H2S is lethal in parts-per-million concentrations!

Dennis Torrance… Never knew it was lethal but as a kid used them rather a lot

Arthur Sutherland… Well, did anybody die? You don’t see a lot of joke shops which used to sell them.

Andy Morrison… I’m 26, they were available at a local joke/magic shop when I was at school but not seen them since

Jeff Belton… Remember them very well. Especially school days, one morning whilst in assembly, the headmaster telling over 300 lads ( all boys school) the weekly news, when alot of us could smell this horrible smell, then I noticed the teachers could smell it. Then the headmaster. He noticed a boy laughing, he said , Was that you, if so stop it ! To our surprise the boy shouted back, Yes Sir which way did it go ? 🤣😁. The Head didn’t look very happy at first , shouted at him, but started to laugh. But the lad got detention he was found with the stink bombs on him, and let off that morning.

Darren Holmes… Our year got banned from the Grammar School Service after a rampage of stink bombs were let off around the town, Stade and Old Town were let off. After that day only the ex Priory Road boys in our year were allowed to attend!!!

Steve Mann… Me and some one who will remain nameless did every shop in Ore village, Ore library, , lots of houses when windows were left open and broke one in half and poured inside my brothers shirt – all in one summer holiday and we were still at Red Lake Primary.

Clifford Rose… End of year school assembly were popular.

Alan Esdaile… I think you used to be able to buy them from Maxwells beginning of George Street by the lift.

Darren Holmes… you use to get them from Toybox opposite Disc Jockey in Queens Road


Mary Baker and her Olde Tyme Orchestra – Hastings Pier 11th October 1969

Chris Baker… No relation! Suspect were brilliant though!

Alan Esdaile… I was going to ask you this Chris, as I thought your mum played in a band but may have got it wrong.

Chris Baker… When I was young, 7 to 10 ish, my Mum, Brenda Baker, would sing with Prince McBride at dances etc. I believe she gigged at Falaise Hall and what was the Cafe under Bottle Alley. I do know one of the songs she did was “Me and My Dog”, (Lost in a fog), as she used to swan around the flat in Cobourg shining it into a small saucepan so she could hear her voice reflected back at her. 😁 Happy Memories!

White Rock Baths illustrated talk by Andre Martin – Hastings Museum Hastings Friday 12th October 2018

photo: © HBC Hastings Museum & Art Gallery Hastings


Sophie Ash… Was in there when a Scots Pipe Band marched in and out again. Quite
a surreal experience, and the noise was incredible.

Glenn Piper… Like so many others this is where I learnt to swim with the Seagulls back in the 60’s

Gerry Fortsch… The Robertsbridge youth club took us and we had fish n chips on the way home.

Sue James… Like a lot of people I learned to swim there

Tim Moose Bruce… Went to swim there in the early 70s and later on went to ice skate there.

Lucy Pappas… Swimming lessons in the 60s….

Jon McCallion… Went to swim there and also the other smaller one across the other side.

Janine Anne Scott… H.E.S.A. Hated it, but loved the hot chocolate machine.

Brigitte Lee… That was my favourite bit too. xxx

Alan Esdaile… I remember the hot chocolate machine, might have been the first place to have one??? Also remember the mangle to put your swim wear through.

Janine Anne Scott… Oh yes, the mangle

Lucy Pappas… I’d forgotten the hot chocolate machine, the best part of swimming lessons!

Andy Dinsdale… I remember learning to swim there in the ‘70’s. And later on unicycling on the ice rink in preparation for the British Unicycling Convention in ‘94! Slushy ice was better for unicycling I believe!

Sandie Carlyon… Learnt to swim there with HESSA

Dennis Torrance… I remember the mangle and the chocolate machine there to

Carol Paffett… Remember both swimming baths , should have been done up instead of new ones built.

Pete Fisher… freezing water, chlorine in your eyes, hot chocolate afterwards…

Alan Esdaile… Those big hair dryers which I think were a penny for so many seconds and remember your cloths going in a wire basket and given a rubber band for your arm.

Paul Magee… Remember the instructor there in the 60’s was called Jim Riper or Ryper. Went with West St Leonards School. Remember the plastic hosepipe hoop on a rope being put round my neck and Jim heaving me back to the side. Got a certificate for my first width 🙂 The hot chocolate afterwards was heaven.

Pete Fisher… Could be the same guy “taught” me to swim…found it pretty scary being dragged across the pool, but when I did actually manage a width under my own steam I was dead chuffed, and yes, there was hot chocolate afterwards…

Dave Nattress… Used to go over from Bexhill in the early/mid 60’s when Bexhill’s cold outside pool was in Egerton Park.

Alan Esdaile… I remember the first lesson from a woman instructor, we were all in the water holding on to the railings at the side and she wanted us all to let go, duck under the water for so many seconds and if we didn’t do it she would stand on top of our heads and force us under.

Nigel Ford… A Mr Ryper taught my brother to swim there in the early 60’s bellowing out instructions but when he tried to teach me the first thing he made you do was to try and retrieve a brick on the floor of the shallow end and, as I still do, was still trying to take in a deep breath as I went under and hence took in a load of water & panicked thus ending all attempts by anyone to teach me. I later learned by myself in ’64 / 65 when the school (Mountfield & Whatlington) used to go to the small baths and I still only swim with my head well above water….!

Nigel Ford… What time is the talk, please?

Alan Esdaile… Listed as 7.30pm Nigel, so you will have chance to go to the SMART meeting in the afternoon.

Jeanette Jones… Learnt to Scuba Dive there

Pete Brazier… I learned to swim there!

Ian Cramp… I also learnt to swim there in 1969 – great times


Name a game you played outside as a kid

Joe Knight… Hop scotch

Karen Sweatman… Stuck in the mud

Alan Esdaile… marbles

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Jacks, hopscotch, tag, hide & seek, pooh sticks, football, skipping, cowboys & Indians – such happy days

John Warner… Me too!

Kathy Wood… French skipping

British Bulldog… British bulldog and hide and seek.

Janine Anne Scott… Kiss chase xx

Colin Fox… probably get arrested for sexual harassment these days.

Ernest Ballard…  Cowboys and Indians ha ha

Sandy Max… All of those…plus snail and caterpillar racing!

Jacquie Hinves… Hopscotch!

Joe Knight… Haven’t seen Piggy in the middle 😁 tin can Tommy, cricket in the rd use to use outspan orange wooden box, telephone two cans with string stretch across road to your friends house 😂😂😂kytes hide and seek 😊but NO Mobile Phones

Graham Marriott… Thank god they weren’t invented back then

Alan Esdaile… Telephone with two cans was good.

Angela Frances Gardner… Ball games against a wall, we played this for hours making up different combinations of bounces! Great fun!

Yvonne Cleland… Rounders, skipping, okey cokey, marbles, hide and seek, catch, jacks, french skipping, kiss chase

Joe Knight… Didn’t cost much but great fun 😂perhaps parents should reinvent these games back into the children instead of all these things that keeps them indoors and leave us oldies to play with the phones

Gaynor Lewry… French skipping

Terry Hardwick… Knock down ginger

Sharon Kirby… Hopscotch

Trevor Piper… 1 roller skates with a comic annual on top to sit on like a downhill slalom

Steve Thorpe… False Alarm, It, etc etc

Maggie Geary… Roller skating down side road by back gate

Angela Frances Gardner… This was my favourite game, would keep me occupied for hours! Give me a blank wall and a ball

Phil Thornton… British bulldog …. (it got banned)

Paul Marshall…  Building early prototype skateboards with a roller skate and a 📖 book. Building camps

Brian Davies… Tick

Judy Atkinson… All those rhymes that went with long rope skipping & circle games

Phyllis Mendenhall…Rounders, Marbles , hopscotch ,knock down ginger

Dave Nattress… Making go-carts as featured before, Germans and English, occasionally Japs and Americans (I guess).  Always good games on the way back from Saturday morning ABC Minors, cricket with the wicket drawn on the bottom of a lampost or wall, also something we called “French Cricket” with a wider wicket, even used proper stumps on the fields, “it” – whatever “it” was, basically no one wanted to be “it”.

Martin Richter… tippy-cat

Alan Pepper… Go carts , Tip and Run , Split the Kipper , Jerries and English , and footie of course !

Jake Nelson… Yes, cowboys & indians, British Bulldog, ‘It’, cricket in our road, as there would only be about one car per hour driving along it. Football, conkers, marbles using the manhole covers, and climb a handy tree to use it as a Lancaster bomber. Honestly, I did so many missions, yet never got the recognition for it.


Who had a tea dispenser like this?

Alan Esdaile… Do you remember having a tea dispenser in the 60’s or maybe earlier?
I thought we were so posh to have one!

Carol Ann Bolton… They were useless.

Dawn Leaney… My nan won one at bingo!

Andy Pilkington… 40 yrs later converted to cereal dispensers

Roger Simmonds… My wife put tea bags in it ha ha!

Jan Warren… My Mum had a red one!! ……… yeah she did, really

Ernest Ballard… Oh forgot about these

Liz Dees Dianto… My grandparents had one

Tony Ball… Had one the same as this

Judy Atkinson… My parents had one and my aunt still had hers up until she went into care at the age of 95 last year

Cream Addicts Anonymous Fan Club letter 1969. Who else belonged to this?

Cream_Clapton_Bruce_Baker_1960sLast Cream Fan Club Newsletter0001-1

Last Cream Fan Club Newsletter0002 Last Cream Fan Club Newsletter0003

supplied by Andy Knight

Chris… Hi there, I don’t know if you still have an interest in the cream addicts annonymous but I was a member in those tremendous days and I still have my membership card to prove it. It must be quite a rarity as I’v never seen another one. Best wishes to all the sixties fans. Chris

Jan Warren… Yeah, love Cream!

Dave Nattress… Cream,  never heard of this, great band from my time way back in Bexhill Down Secondary Modern, got all their stuff – vinyl and CD and Steve Wright on R2 played the wonderful “White Room” this afternoon, followed by “All along the Watchtower” by Mr Hendrix of course – didn’t catch any more but think it was a reader’s top 5 tracks or something like.

Alex Wallace… Hey, I found a postcard signed by the band, in my dad’s stuff on the back it says cream addicts anonymous and the address.

Robert Searle… Seen them three times,at their first gig at the Marquee, and twice at the Saville Theatre.

What smells take you back to your childhood?

source: unknown

Pete Prescott… All that. Tarmac. Bluebells.mothballs.bonfires. the sea. Cigar smoke. Lavender. Ink. love that smell !  Damp. Brylcream! The smell of musty village halls

Max Marriott… Knights Castile soap, 4711 cologne my Nan used to wear

James Johnson… school crayons

Barry Newton… Horses being shod

Ernest Ballard…  1,3,7. And Greek bread baking in Cyprus

Ian Mantel… Grandad’s shed, coal tar soap

Arthur Sutherland… Your Aunties perming their hair

Wendy Weaver… Freshly mowed grass.

Phil Gill… Vomit and sawdust in the school corridor. Vick.

Yvonne Cleland… Nice. Laundry boiling in the gas boiler every week, liquorice, cabbage, the rosin on my violin bow, plimsolls.

Clifford Rose… The grease on those old green electric trains we used between Hastings and Brighton.

Julian Jules Carter… Fog

Jim Breeds…  I don’t think my childhood is over yet!

Martin Richter… white pepper in mash ?

Alan Esdaile… The Beatles chewing gum with cards, dad boiling the bones from the butcher   for gravy, home made vegetable soup in the pressure cooker.

Alan Pepper… Church ( yuk ! ) . Pencils . Real gravy ( yummm !! ) . Real shandy . Hop garden . Shoe polish.

Lyn Humphrey… I went into some council offices and suddenly found myself thinking strongly of my old infants school. Took me a few seconds to realise it was the smell of the disinfectant that the cleaner was using. Strange how I’d never come across that in the intervening years. And I recently caught a whiff of demerara sugar, which took me back even further, to when my Mum fed me porridge with that sugar on top!

Dave Nattress… From the list first, wax crayons from infant school, freshly mowed grass – do mine too often, wet pavement in the first few minutes of a rain shower – wondeful, swimming pools – well the chemicals, a new book – open the middle pages and smell them, dolls – pass. Then… steam engine smoke, Wrights coal-tar soap – in my Grandmother’s bathroom every summer when we went up north on holiday, little Pink roses at the end of my garden where I grew up, fireworks, heat from valve-amps (well I was a touch older by then), yes as Phil Gill says, kids at school always honking up, smelly school lavatories, nearly said bogs, mothballs for sure, TCP, new leather shoes.

Pauline Richards… Paraffin stored on a new wooden shed

Colin Gibson… The smell of terrified adolescence

Shaun Wright… Brand new Carpets