Teenagers and Jukebox – Hastings 1960’s

supplied by Roy Penfold 

Roy Penfold… This news clipping came up in the Historical Hastings group https://www.facebook.com/groups/historicalhastings/. Any ideas as to venue?

Phyllis Mendenhall… Could it be in Dimarco s along teddy boy walk which is where the Carlisle’s is.

Lloyd Johnson… It maybe The Oyster Bar that was in Robertson Street in the 50s…that’s where the Ted’s hangout…

A chance to get BBC2 in Hastings – launched on 20th April 1964

advert 1964 and 1965. Can you remember watching it, when it was first broadcast?

Paul Crimin… We could never get BBC2 on our tele. I think it checked out bank accounts before it would allow people to watch it. It was too posh for us anyway. lol.

Mike Waghorne… Redifusion Tv had it I think ?

Mike Cope… Television, Television? Eee thy were Lucky Lad! We only had’t Puddle end ‘ot’ Garden…

Jane Hartley… We didn’t have it til much later.

Barry French… My Dad bought a space age looking indoor Ariel (All loops & angles) that was guaranteed by the TV shop salesman to pick up BBC2. Well it did to a point, but every show looked like it was filmed during an Antarctic blizzard (Massive white dots flying around the screen) My dad moved the Ariel all over the room to try & get a decent picture but to no avail. In the end he said something like ” Sod this for a game of soldiers” and chucked it in the bin.

Rolling Stones – Hastings Pier 11th April 1964





all supplied by  Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin….Happy Ballroom History Lesson – Saturday 11 April 1964 – and what an interesting weekend this was going to be, for a kick-off it was the second visit from the Rolling Stones, and for many it would be a start of the weeks wait for the release of the first album by the boys “ The Rolling Stones Album” – Alan would have had copies in The Disc Jockey this coming Thursday if not before. I have located an early publicity photo of the group from these early days.
We all know how the band had been attracting followers over the weeks, since their first appearance in the Happy Ballroom, the previous January 18th, when they had been backed by “The Four Aces”. The Hastings Observer added even more information about this second appearance, and I have attached for your perusal and appreciation.
The support act this time was “The Falcons” and this is where we are spoilt for choice, as there are listed several bands under that name. Firstly I need to establish these were NOT the American Soul act of the same name, from Detroit and included in their line up Wilson Puckett and Eddie Floyd !
The British offerings, included “ The Falcons” from Rosyth in Scotland, who were semi-professional and their line up mainly from apprentices in the Naval Dockyard, they did playing from some of the American Bases in the north and at one time went on a short tour of the USAF Clubs in France.
Birmingham features in the mix, with a group “ The Falcons” who included in their line up one Ulysses Adrian Wood – who would go onto become a interesting and entraining member of “Wizzard” who I remember booking on the Pier in the early 70s, with my partner Paul Casson.
The group that most probably would have been “The Falcons” appearing on Hastings Pier that Saturday night, would have come from Eastleigh nr Southampton and included in their line up an up and coming artiste who was to go and make his name with such as The Tornados and from the production stable of Joe Meek – Heinz. I have found a photo of the very young group taken in 1960 and have added to the story.
You will have from time to time come across the mentioning in the Happy Ballroom Advertisements’ of the Rock & Roll or Twisting Nights, that were run by John Hodgson, it is rare that we get many mentions of the groups of played at these regular mid-week functions, but please see this weeks press report as that fills in one of the gaps.

John Storer…..I see the following week, The Rattles were playing. They had a big hit 6 years later with “The Witch” and, like the Stones, are still touring and making the occasional album.

Andre Martin…Die Geschichte von der Happy Ballroom – Das wird Teil der nächsten Wochen.

Jeanette Steve Jones…..Ja, echt Super

Olli LaasanenHastings Pier was built in 1872. It flourished during late Victorian era. It was first time destroyed by fire in 1917. It’s prime time was in 1930’s. Rolling Stones had a gig there on 1964. There was severe storm damages during 1990’s. The fire destroyed in in 2010. I took this picture in 1978, during a calm July day.


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Jill Caine… I was there!! Serving in the bar until the Stones came on, then I was in the ballroom with everyone else!!

John Duddridge… I was also there. What a brilliant night, when the Stones came on I got moved from the back of the ballroom to about halfway to the front caused by the surge of fans. My main concern was not to spill my beer which I had probably bought from Jill a bit earlier. Great times.

Christine Toms… I was there brought the Stones in by speedboat to avoid the fans

David Bargioni… I was there…..with Andre.

Jackie Hersee… I was there

Gavin Martin… I wonder if The Rattles inspired The Rutles?

Jackie Hersee gig list from 1965 and 1966 at Witch Doctor

Jackie Hersee gig list 1965 and 1966 at the Witch Doctor

11th June 1965 Dave Berry and The Cruisers (he didn’t turn up, only the group)

9th July 1965 The Plain & Fancy

14th Feb 1966  The Birds

19th Feb 1966 The Anteeks

26h Feb  1966 Tony Rivers & The Castaways

5th March 1966 The Mirage

11th March 1966 Ray Anton & The Peppermint Men

12th March 1966  Dean Ford & The Gaylords plus The Way

18th March 1966  A Band Of Angels, The Defiants, The Victors

25th March 1966  Trendsetters Ltd

2nd April 1966 The Herd

9th April  1966 The Mark Four

14th May 1966 The Mark Four

21st May 1966      The Cops ‘N Robbers

27th May 1966          X Four

28th May 1966   The Lonely Ones and The Washington DC’s

29th May 1966   The In Crowd and The Lonely Ones

4th June 1966         The Herd and The Clockwork Oranges

and The Pier Hastings

19th March 1966     Dave Berry

Mike Curtis… A Band of Angels, featuring Mike D’abo. And The Birds – Ronnie Wood was a member at one stage.

Andre Martin… What a venue, what great acts. Oh how it’s missed by a generation

Carrie Downing Waite Sawatzky… Loved The Witch Doctor

SMART coffee meet report 71

SMART coffee meet report number 71

Wow! Wonderful! Jam packed turn out for our 71 meet and first off, I must apologise for not getting time to speak to half the people! 

Among the newbies this time were Alan Harding, Yukiko and Kazuhiro Hanai, Joan Fenner, Baz and Jane Cooper,  Diane Crouch, Sam Dook, Jim McCarthy and Brian Crowhurst. Alan was talking about when he worked for Vox and designed the amps for The Beatles and many others. He also had some of his wonderful photos of trolls woodland creatures and windmills. Yukiko and Kazuhiro (Rommy). He plays guitar for Japanese rock group ‘Ivory Gate’ and had flown in from Tokyo to see Robert Plant, they were made most welcome by everyone. Joan was chatting about here happy memories of 60’s and 70’s Hastings and especially the Fiesta coffee bar. Baz who plays keyboards with Dowliners Sect was talking about his new recordings and working with ‘The Rebels’. Diane was chatting about her memories of jazz in the caves. Sam was looking for anyone with a connection with working at Ponswood Industrial Estate. He’s interested in stories and memories as he’s working on making a radio show with the Parchment Trust charity. If you can help contact sam@lifesize.org.uk or the website lifesize.org.uk which is a music and arts community group. Jim was talking about the music books he has written and seeing if anyone could add anymore last minute information about ‘The Move’ as his book is due to be published shortly. Brian was talking about the exciting times, when he worked for United Artists records and EMI. 

Roger Ferris was talking about his compositions and the track he has just posted on You Tube by Glo Macari called Part Of Your Heart. Kerry Watling had with her cd’s of Barry Dransfield and Mike Wells, Chris Stovold had with him a collection of Nick Drake CD’s and book, Dave Jenkins had his George Hatcher Band records and autograph, Mick O’Dowd had cd’s of Radio Caroline 70’s flashbacks and We Love The Pirates with hits and Radio London jingles. Jackie Hersee had a list with dates of all the groups she saw in Hastings in 1965 and 1966 at the pier and Witch Doctor. John Busbirdge had a pile of Beatles records, Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland had a dvd of him documenting the Hastings Pier fire of 2010. Peter Ellingworth had a book of Trams and Trolleybuses by Robert Harley, Merv Kennard had a Blue Peter badge and more collectable pirate radio recordings and books, Cris Kennard had a Britex record needles tin, Linda Boiling had a photo of her YZ bubble gum machine, Ian Marketis had ‘The Solo Collection book of Freddie Mercury that included the cd’s and Pete Prescott had a pile of albums and the Bexhill hop photos and was talking about his new group ‘Stealer’.  This is just a small bit of what I remember. If you had anything interesting you were talking about or anything I missed out or got wrong! then please feel free to add or correct.

Claire Lonsdale… It was great as usual Alan, but what an amazing turn out despite the weather. Thanks Alan for all your hard work xx

Pete Prescott… We had a great time !

Wendy Weaver… Thanks Alan. A good turnout

Cris and Merv Kennard… As usual a good afternoon catching up with everyone, thank you Alan for organising.

Colin Bell… Merv, Good to see you, interesting records!

David Martin… Thanks for all your hard work Alan I really enjoyed it & what a great turnout

Mick O’Dowd… Agree entirely. Wasn’t expecting so many because of the weather but I think it must have been a near record turnout. Not often you can rub shoulders and talk to a guy that was an recording engineer at Abbey Road on the Beatle tracks. That is one of the real beauties of these Meets is that you never know who will encounter. I was re-introduced to a young lady that was a girlfriend of a fellow DJ Simon Davis (aka Tony Kane(RIP) from 50 years ago! It’s also nice to see that we have a very diverse crowd now with growing numbers of ladies joining in. Keep going and don’t be afraid to come on your own. You are not alone! Well done to El Supremo Alan for organising!

Matt Thomas… I know there was a music merchandise wholesaler up on Ponswood

Jackie Hersee… Really interesting afternoon thank you

Roy Winchester… I was in bands with Colin and David.

Mick O’Dowd… This, to outsiders, is exactly what we get up to. Very diverse crowd of folks with a diverse group of interests and facts about our beloved town in the past. The music they witnessed when the Pier and clubs like the Witchdoctor/Cobweb at al made us one of the most important places for the big names to play. From Hendrix , The Who, The Stones and a wealth of other top names all played here. The Stones & Who several times. Hastings was an important stopover for bands. Next time give it ago and come along. You won’t be disappointed and you will be most welcome wether you have any things to show bring yourself.

Colin Bell… An excellent afternoon, great turn out & it was nice to talk to so many friends & re-connect with old friend Joan, after a mere 50 years! well done Alan, as ever, for bringing so many people together

Monica Bane… Yes Colin, Was a great turnout, So good to chat to so many! Good to see you x

Baz Cooper…It was great to finally make it along to a SMART meeting! In trying to look it up on line, to check the venue, SMART offered a site devoted to people in rehab from addictions!!! Maybe an addiction to 60s and 70s music???!!! Anyway it was great chatting to people there including my good friend Colin Tapp, who is also an old band mate and to various other interesting people, I only wish we could have stayed longer, because I would loved to have chatted to many more people there. Maybe next time!

Bob Searle… I was in bands with Stuart Moir Colin Fox and Dave Easton

Andre Martin… Well done Alan for everything to keep memories and old friends in contact. You will need to introduce a ticket in advance admission if this keeps this numbers.

Tony Davis… Sorry couldn’t make it but we had a gig at The Carlisle and the bands were arriving around 4pm. Hope to get there next time


The Confederates live recording on the TVS Home Grown 1966

The Confederates live recording on the TVS Programme – Home Grown at the De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill on 22nd March 1966.

Mike Waghorne… Is that the same program that also has Dave dee, dozy, etc on at the de-la-warr around the same era ?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Wow what a great memory to have! Loved it! Xxx

SMART coffee meet no.71 – Friday 22nd March 2024


Gill Smith… Would love to come along! Been down here since 1976!

Alan Esdaile… you are most welcome to join us Gill.

Jim McCarthy… Hi I am Jim, currently writing a book on (the Move) living in Bexhill and talked to Colin Bell recently. I’d like to come along, I better put this in my diary thank you, hope all is well 

Alan Esdaile… look forward to seeing you Jim

Alan Esdaile… Pete Prescott will have on display the photos albums of Bexhill Hop 1980’s, for anyone who missed them last time.



Hastings beach 1965

Kevin Burchett… i was probaly on that 1st bit of beach somewhere spent a lot of time on it in the summer. One of my relatives Dinely used to look after the changing huts and the floats we used to free goes on them

Pauline Sims… Kevin, me too!

Judy Atkinson… Kevin, me too. My dad was in the rowing club so we spent many Sundays on the beach

Eric Harmer… Is that you with your shirt off Alan

Alan Esdaile… could be !

Hastings Art School (Brassey Institute) students – sixties

Supplied by Lloyd Johnson

Lloyd Johnson… Great photo of Hastings Art School (Brassey Institute)Students…a few years before I went there in the early 60s.

John Gale… Great photo Lloyd.

Polly Okeefe-Brookes… Great photo.

Tara Reddy… This is such a great photo! Where was it taken?

Alan Esdaile… looks like Lower Park Road but maybe wrong.

Tesco Wellington Square Hastings 1968

Hastings Library photo

Jacquie Hinves… Pre Tescos it was Victor Values! Mum would shop there every Tuesday and collect her green shield stamps.

Jane Hartley… Jacquie, Victor Values was along where the old Argos shop is. Tesco was a beautiful hotel with a revolving door

Pearl Phillips… Jane, your right first Tescos was next to Demarcos and book shop just a small one.

Jane Hartley… Jacquie, we always did our shopping in Victor Values where the old Argos building is. The hotel was demolished for Tesco, then the indoor market and now Poundstretcher. I worked for Acres the bakers and helped out in Tesco on their bakery stall. Jane, that’s right, a small store which we also used, then it moved to the hotel site. Victor Value did pink stamps, Tesco had greenshield stamps.

Linda Gowans… From earlier times. I’ve no idea why I have it – never stayed there. Probably via a charity shop.

Amanda Hilton… I had a part time job there from 13-17 loved it

Peter Houghton… Remember it well

Fred Marsh… Had my first Saturday job there, home n wear upstairs, hated it

Eileen O’Toole… Remember it well I think Ronnie Corbett opened it if my memory is right

Yvonne Webster… When at college worked Fri evening & Saturdays upstairs there. Collected enough green sheild stamps to get Xmas presents for the family one year.

Stuart Moir… Shopped there many time when I first moved to Hastings from the big smoke.

Diane Leigh… Remember it well.

Janet Brophy… I remember that, wow

Teresa Goacher… I got my first bra here

Alan Wood… The beginning of the end

Jan Warren… Used to shop there when I lived in Middle Street, early 70s

Amanda Russell… I worked there till it moved …Great memories.

Andrew Hook… Jeans upstairs, £2.50 a pair, never fitted very well.

Chris Baker… First of many in every town! Life eh?

Alan Esdaile… May have just been me but I remember the lights being so bright upstairs, it was painful to your eyes!

Anita Medhurst… Had a Friday evening and Saturday job there

Dick Btown Vinceb… I did part time evening work there while at Hastings college.