Who remembers the change to colour television?

Phil Gill… You mean we get TV in colour now? Where? How?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I believe you can buy a special screen to put in front of your black & white tv…..

Phil Gill… Where Leigh? Will Payne Electrics in Kings Road have one?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Bound to! Cost about £5 12s 6d – a week’s wages!

Judie Struys… Phil, So easy. You just need an ordinary black and white TV and a twirly spinny thing and if you squint really hard out of the corner of one eye you get the full colour effect. I found out how to do it on Blue Peter in1967 and I’ve never looked back. I’m currently trying to adapt it to get 4k. Watch this space.

Chris van Rock… Or just go to Curry’s and buy a new one. Other shops are available folks

Nigel Ford… Do I remember gatherings on the pavement outside CURRYS watching Grandstand on a Saturday afternoon?

Rent or Buy Rediffusion TV from Abraham or Bryant 1966

Dennis Torrance… I rented in 73 from rediffusion a Doric the largest one when they put in my basement flat they struggled to get it down the steps so heavy

Mark Praid… Don’t forget the colour plastic that you could put on your screen for colour TV. Blue at the top, Orange in the middle and Green at the bottom……Total crap but The Clangers looked good.

Jan Warren… My Mum and Dad rented for years …………

Coconut Mushroom – Hastings Pier 24th May 1969

24th May 1969 - Coconut Mushroomcoconut mushroom

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… May 24th, 1969. This was a band well ahead of their time by the sound of it, but judging by the track I have posted….its hard to see how people would have danced to them….very progressive. That said, what a band they sound like….take a listen and don’t miss the drum solo at the end. Pity I was too young to go and see them.


Mick O’Dowd… You’re finding some interesting and unusual stuff that has completely been erased from my memory banks. Keep it up Sarah!

Cream Addicts Anonymous Fan Club letter 1969. Who else belonged to this?

Cream_Clapton_Bruce_Baker_1960sLast Cream Fan Club Newsletter0001-1

Last Cream Fan Club Newsletter0002 Last Cream Fan Club Newsletter0003

supplied by Andy Knight

Chris… Hi there, I don’t know if you still have an interest in the cream addicts annonymous but I was a member in those tremendous days and I still have my membership card to prove it. It must be quite a rarity as I’v never seen another one. Best wishes to all the sixties fans. Chris

Jan Warren… Yeah, love Cream!

Dave Nattress… Cream,  never heard of this, great band from my time way back in Bexhill Down Secondary Modern, got all their stuff – vinyl and CD and Steve Wright on R2 played the wonderful “White Room” this afternoon, followed by “All along the Watchtower” by Mr Hendrix of course – didn’t catch any more but think it was a reader’s top 5 tracks or something like.

Who remembers a fountain pen and blotting paper?

Roy Penfold… Due to being left handed, my hand was permanently blue down the outside edge for a few years whilst at school!

Jim Hobbs… Yep me too. It took me years to find a pen that I was happy to use.

Eric Peckham… Yep

Judith Monk… me too.

Lucy Pappas… Yep! Felt so grown up!

Mick O’Dowd… ‘fraid so.

Pauline Richards… And blotting paper in a glass jar to grow beans!!

Alan Parker… Still use a fountain pen now. you will not believe the price of a bottle of ink now.

Mike Guy… Hope it’s a Parker!

John Warner… Biro’s were banned at my school.

Elaine Stock… Loved to write with a fountain pen, but had them later with ink cartridge!

Martin Stoggell… Still Do

Pete Prescott…. Oh yes. Westreet School Erith. Ink wells and italic writing. I’ve only just got all the ink off !

Alan Pepper… Yes that takes me back to the late 60’s . Being left handed proved quite difficult
Had to have a reverse nib and remember making a mess ! Old Mr. Ralph was not impressed

Pete Prescott… Snap ! I’m a lefty !

Martin Richter… Pete, seeing a left-handed kid trying to write without covering themselves and the paper was painful. I worked with a guy who would do a really strange arm contortion with a clipboard in order to be able to write neatly – i’m not sure what he did – maybe he wrote upside down ?

Paul Chapman… The bottle of ink.. I can see it all now

Janet Rennie… Ooh love ink , blotting paper, doodles etc . Weird watching lefties write

Martin Stoggell… Politically biased I suppose


The Temperance Seven performing on Hastings Pier on 14th April 1962


Photo by Anthony Morland. Supplied by Pete Millington.

Colin Fox… Saw them in a club in Sunderland when we were touring the north east in early 1970’s. Unfortunately not many people in the club, but they were brilliant and very funny.

Iain Cobby… Does that mean that the great Peter Grant who was their road manager later to be Led Zeppelin’s guru walked the boards of the Pier?

Mike O’Dowd… Skiddy-iddy-iddy……… For the uninformed who think i’ve finally lost it. the lyrics from the b-side of Pasadena single entitled Sugar.

What Song or Songs Do You Really Hate?

Terry Corder… I’ll name 2 if I may. House of the rising sun and a whiter shade of pale. Oh, and peggy sue. Oops, that makes 3.

Phil Gill… Brown Eyed Girl.

Eric Peckham… Anything and everything by the Carpenters. So middle of the road, it should be run over.

Terry Corder… Brown eyed girl. I hate that one as well and Freebird.

Michael Wilson… Anything they play over and over again on Heart Radio. Especially ‘Galway Girl’ by Ed Sheeran.

Alan Esdaile… Loads but Mr Blobby comes to mind.

Eric Peckham… I just want to stick a bullet in my head every time I hear that one.

Terry Huggins… Anything reggae or ska, most punk rock and anything that’s played too often.

Eddie Caffrey… Apart from the obvious ones -long haired lover etc O Lori by Alessi …sooo annoying!!!

Peter Thomson… Y Viva Espana or Una Paloma Blanca. Got me thinking what my problem is with Spain now…

Rick Pentecost… Sweet home bloody Alabama and Freebird

Simon Page… Boo Boo Boo! Rock Me Amadeus by Falco. Life Is Life by Opus.

Peter Antony… I don’t know… I mean there are the obvious ones. But to tell you the truth, I’m probably not that happy with the current top 5, whatever they are this week.

Richard Wood… “Bohemian Ratshit” – pompous, pretentious glam-rock at its worst.

Mandy Wright… The birdy song!!

Eddie Caffrey… Right on Mandy as it falls into the silly category Long haired lover….combine harvester….mr blobby….tellytubbies….bob the builder….

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Rolling Stones – Hastings Pier 11th April 1964





all supplied by  Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin….Happy Ballroom History Lesson – Saturday 11 April 1964 – and what an interesting weekend this was going to be, for a kick-off it was the second visit from the Rolling Stones, and for many it would be a start of the weeks wait for the release of the first album by the boys “ The Rolling Stones Album” – Alan would have had copies in The Disc Jockey this coming Thursday if not before. I have located an early publicity photo of the group from these early days.
We all know how the band had been attracting followers over the weeks, since their first appearance in the Happy Ballroom, the previous January 18th, when they had been backed by “The Four Aces”. The Hastings Observer added even more information about this second appearance, and I have attached for your perusal and appreciation.
The support act this time was “The Falcons” and this is where we are spoilt for choice, as there are listed several bands under that name. Firstly I need to establish these were NOT the American Soul act of the same name, from Detroit and included in their line up Wilson Puckett and Eddie Floyd !
The British offerings, included “ The Falcons” from Rosyth in Scotland, who were semi-professional and their line up mainly from apprentices in the Naval Dockyard, they did playing from some of the American Bases in the north and at one time went on a short tour of the USAF Clubs in France.
Birmingham features in the mix, with a group “ The Falcons” who included in their line up one Ulysses Adrian Wood – who would go onto become a interesting and entraining member of “Wizzard” who I remember booking on the Pier in the early 70s, with my partner Paul Casson.
The group that most probably would have been “The Falcons” appearing on Hastings Pier that Saturday night, would have come from Eastleigh nr Southampton and included in their line up an up and coming artiste who was to go and make his name with such as The Tornados and from the production stable of Joe Meek – Heinz. I have found a photo of the very young group taken in 1960 and have added to the story.
You will have from time to time come across the mentioning in the Happy Ballroom Advertisements’ of the Rock & Roll or Twisting Nights, that were run by John Hodgson, it is rare that we get many mentions of the groups of played at these regular mid-week functions, but please see this weeks press report as that fills in one of the gaps.

John Storer…..I see the following week, The Rattles were playing. They had a big hit 6 years later with “The Witch” and, like the Stones, are still touring and making the occasional album.

Andre Martin…Die Geschichte von der Happy Ballroom – Das wird Teil der nächsten Wochen.

Jeanette Steve Jones…..Ja, echt Super

Olli LaasanenHastings Pier was built in 1872. It flourished during late Victorian era. It was first time destroyed by fire in 1917. It’s prime time was in 1930’s. Rolling Stones had a gig there on 1964. There was severe storm damages during 1990’s. The fire destroyed in in 2010. I took this picture in 1978, during a calm July day.


© olli laasanen http://%20www.ollilaasanen.wordpress.com

Jill Caine… I was there!! Serving in the bar until the Stones came on, then I was in the ballroom with everyone else!!

John Duddridge… I was also there. What a brilliant night, when the Stones came on I got moved from the back of the ballroom to about halfway to the front caused by the surge of fans. My main concern was not to spill my beer which I had probably bought from Jill a bit earlier. Great times.

Christine Toms… I was there brought the Stones in by speedboat to avoid the fans

David Bargioni… I was there…..with Andre.

Jackie Hersee… I was there