Does anyone remember Sloopy’s disco just off Piccadilly Circus?? asks Jim Miller

Jim Miller… Does anyone remember Sloopy’s disco just off Piccadilly Circus??

A photo would be good to post on this page, if anyone has one?

Alan King… hang on…

Ross… The outside is shown 50 minutes into the 1970 film, Die Screaming Marianne.

Carol Cakir… I Used to go to Sloopys 73/4/5, before that went to a large disco upstairs via a big staircase maybe it was in the Lyceum premises further along the same side towards Leicester Sq called Bumpers there was a big neon sign of a lace up sports type of boot on the wall outside , sounds improbable I know but it was definitely there ! Also Tiffany’s, Sundowner , Samantha’s & Crackers , Studio Valbonne ( Monday night was showcase night in Valbonne different acts )Stopped for a couple of years then returned to Tiffany’s and Samantha’s 78/79 Noel was the DJ in the EType, Ozzie in the other dance floor room. Nice to read about everyone’s good memories!

Peter Waltman… this is a picture of a BRIGHTON club SLOOPYS from the early to mid 70’s NOT as stated a club in London, it is at the Town Center end of Dyke Road and about 50yds up from the Clock Tower & Churchill Square, I would have to wait outside the place when picking my Sister up from her Saturday night out there… it has changed names many times since the 70’s & closed down in about 2011, buildings still there but I don’t know what it is used as these days

Leslie Crowther – Stars Fiesta Colwall Court Bexhill 27th July 1969

Alan Esdaile… They used to have these fund raising events with stars from television in Bexhill on a regular basis. Remember going to one where Albert Tatlock (Jack Howarth) Coronation Street, was sitting under a tree handing out maltesers to anyone who gave a donation.

Nastassja Kaschevsky… I remember that!  I think The actress Gwen Watford did one as well.

Catherine Ireland… I was there, lovely afternoons also Brian Rix did some.

Keith Cowper… I saw Vera Lynn there and Chitty the car !

Jacqueline Marsh… I went to the same stage school as Gwen watford it was called the orchardcschool and was in a large white Victorian mansion at the top of Sedlescome road north. Just before the mini roundabout. The school has long been demolished but have many happy memories of learning to act and sing and even perform at White Rock Pavilion

Mark Sevia… I worked at Colwall Court in the 1970s. It was not easy to combine care of the children with fundraising and hosting the stars. Sadly Sheila Rawstorne chief executive died in 2018 just months after Peggy Cummins chair and movie star in 2017. They continued to fundraise until the end of their lives for the benefit of children with cerebral palsy. Extra ordinary commitment.

Jan Warren… This is a “long shot”??? but just wondering if anyone who worked at Colwall Court in the early 70s remembers Yvonne Jones? she was a good friend of mine, beautiful, hippy girl, long, blond(ish) hair, I know she worked at Colwall Court (maybe a girl called Lisa as well) – I’d love to know what happened to Yvonne?! – her parents had the radio/tv repair shop in Western Road, Bexhill and I believe Yvonne lived in Hastings a few years later …………. any info would be much appreciated, thanks

Margareta Reinecke… Hi Jan Warren… I worked at Colwall Court in Summer 1977. Were you working as an Ass. Houseparent? William Simpson was the Manager…. Helen, Jane, Ritsuko, Susan. Stars Fiesta with Leslie Crowther, Ronald Leigh-Hunt… I still have pics!

Jan Warren… Hi Margareta, 1977 would have been too late as I meant the early 70s, but thanks anyway!

Margareta Reinecke… This was all in summer 1977. With an autograph by Leslie Crowther.  I will be back this July.

all photos… Margareta Reinecke

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Kids playing in the mud back in the day.

source: Jim Tamburro. photographer: unknown

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… Brilliant

Pete Prescott… Yep ! 1st war Trench systems at the bottom of the garden !

Dave Weeks… Pete, and an electric fence just to make it fun

Paul Cullen… Absofragginglutely

Gaynor Lewry… Yes my brother and I made mud pies dug big holes my mum would go out every night and fill them in for the next day !!!

Stuart Moir… Definitely and that’s why we can cope with all the bugs, good immune systems

Paul Huggett… Oh yeah, a Romney Marsh dirt track for numbered up toy cars given the stock car treatment

Joan Ann Cooper-fenner… Yep

Kate Recknell-Page… No we didn’t cos our back garden was used for growing all our fruit & veg but we did have a meadow outside our back gate so played there or Cranford park which was just across the road- such happy days xx

Rose Biela… Sister and I dug big hole in the garden looking for treasure. Realising we got carried away, started digging it in and couldn’t quite fill it in so put a small branch over it to hide it My mother was not impressed when her foot sunk in it

Eileen Meegan… Yes! I was usually climbing a tree 😆 defo ferrel.

Greg Musgrave… Out at dawn back at sunset and if wasnt in before the street lights switch on i would get a thick ear

Keith Flanigan… Yes, growing up in the 50s. Quite right Pete Prescott. My Father told me about trenches in our back garden, where we used to live in Eastbourne. More likely used for jumping into, when the Luftwaffe came across the English Channel to bomb the South of England during WW2

Rose Biela… Keith, we had an air raid shelter in London we used to play on it climbing over the top. We were not meant to go down it but sometimes sneaked down the ladder. My family had been in it most nights during the war and there was a bit of a tingle down the spine to think of that. By time we were kids Grandma used it to store veg pre fridge days

Edward Adams… yeah

Keith Flanigan… And being told if we did deep enough, we would reach Australia. Did we believe them? Maybe we did.

Robert Fisher… Good Days.

Julian Jules Carter… Oh yes!

Andy Qunta… Absolutely! Hour after hour, day after day!

Jim Peckham… Yep

Chris Wood… I’m bloody sure one of those little tykes is me.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The stories I could tell…the best one was when I tried to jump offer a trench being dig for a new sewer system and didn’t make it so fell into two foot of very muddy water, had to be rescued by my dad with a ladder, we lived on a small estate and all the neighbours joined my dad in his rescue. I emerged COMPLETELY covered in mud with about ten parents in hysterics at my plight….I ran away and hid behind a fence in my garden…. It took half an hour to find me and THREE baths to get me clean

John Ward… Noaaaw We didnt have as many toys as that , the odd defused hand grenade and a Mills bomb which my mum kept as an ornament on the mantel piece, and that was about it.

Keith Flanigan… Found four Live Lee Enfield .303 rifle bullets near the old army Firing range on the Crumbles Eastbourne. Took them home, ripped the tips off the casings using pliers and a hammer. Cordite in my Mother’s empty hinged, metal Dunhill cigarette boxes. Then set fire to them. Clouds of white smoke everywhere.

Rose Biela… Keith, yea war stuff was always turning up gas masks and other army stuff things made out of old bullets My dad still wore an army jerkin and beret for most of the sixties

Elsie Wilcox… Yes, we used to watch one of our neighbours kids eat worms. Lol

Ian Johnson… Yep

Willie Wicking… Defo

Brian Hepburn… Yes

Martin Curcher… The kid on the right looks a little like me back then

Mick O’Dowd… You had to make your own entertainment back then. The weather always seemed to be fine and you spent your day outdoors doing proper kids things. I had my Dinky/Corgi toys excavating and dumping on my pretend building site. Oh heaven!

John Warner… 100%

Tracy Birrell… Yes definitely. Still a wildling…

Beki Milton… Yep xx

Mick Burt… Oh yes !!

Stephen Glayzer… Absolutely

Jane Hartley… Yes

who remembers the rules of the swimming baths?

Russell Field… Me

Tim Moose Bruce… They left out farting

Julian Humphries… broke every one

Janine Hemsley… Petting

Will Cornell… So it’s OK to pee in the pool?

Tracy Birrell… Me! Heavy or light petting? What about weeing in the baths……

Dave Nattress… Petting Ha Ha!! and Will Cornell, Yes, sometimes you had to warm your own little patch. So someone told me!

Hastings Traditional Jazz Band – 1959?

photo credit unknown. Source: facebook West Marina to Hastings Pier

WMTHP… Were you a Hastings Trad Jazz fan in the 50s/60s? You may recognise some of these people on their way to play on the Pier. They were from the Hastings Traditional Jazz Club I believe? Hastings 1959

Mike Waghorne… Bit early for Min

Monica Bane… The Dolphin jazz band

Tony Court-holmes… my mum god rest her followed the jazz bands round Hastings

Caroline Moor… what a fantastic photograph……

Mike Vawdrey… With four clarinets and three trumpets/cornets visible plus the headgear I would guess this to a New Orleans style marching band perhaps made up from members of several different aggregations. Just a theory..

Carl Spencer… Pretty certain that’s Pete Treger with the beard on trumpet. Should also have had Chris Watford on clarinet, but none look like him. Neither does it look like Brian Hills, who dropped in to play from time to time.

David Dickerson… does anybody have any memories of my good Army friend Peter Cooper – trumpet player

Lloyd Johnson… Pete Treger with the beard, Sloppy Joe Sweater and summer bus conductors hat. There was a country line bus company called ‘Dengate Bus Company’ all the conductors wore linen jackets with those hats. it always reminded me of Benny Hill!..they had leather money pouches and wooden blocks with springs to retain the individually printed tickets…they parked in Wellington Square at the beginning of the route before heading of to the countryside.The buses were old and 1930s in cream and light green livery….very ‘Darling Buds of May’….Happy Days!…

Bodega Bar & Orion Cinema Hastings

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Nadia Compagnone… Can anybody date this? Thanks.

Alan Esdaile… I would think early 60s?

Graham Sherrington… 1860’s it’s OLD

Leigh Kennedy… Nadia, late 1950s , possibly early 1960s. By the mid 60s it was renamed Fortes Wine Bar, and later the York Bar..

Mick O’Dowd… The traffic is still coming down Cambridge Road

Lloyd Johnson… This is how I remember it in the early 60s….

Dennis Torrance… My mum worked part time in the Orion 60s tried blowing up the film posters to find out roughly year but still quite blurred.

Margaret Trowell… My dad worked in the Bodega bars 1965/67 ish

Tracy Birrell… Oh yes…..

Jacquie Hinves… That’s brought back memories! We as a class travelled from St. Richards school to watch The Prime of Miss Jean Brody” What a flea pit. Happy days!


Coconut Mushroom – Hastings Pier 24th May 1969

24th May 1969 - Coconut Mushroomcoconut mushroom

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… May 24th, 1969. This was a band well ahead of their time by the sound of it, but judging by the track I have posted….its hard to see how people would have danced to them….very progressive. That said, what a band they sound like….take a listen and don’t miss the drum solo at the end. Pity I was too young to go and see them.

Mick O’Dowd… You’re finding some interesting and unusual stuff that has completely been erased from my memory banks. Keep it up Sarah!

who remembers Jepsons Robertson Street Hastings?

Alan Esdaile… Who remembers Jepsons? I remember very posh staff, that would give you a dirty look and shout don’t run, WALK, as you teared up the wooden stairs to get to the wonderland of the toy floor at the top.

Pete Fairless… Didn’t you have to go to a cashier with a ticket, pay, then go back to collect your item? Bit like the butchers!

Pauline Richards… Pete, remember that in Mastins

Alan Esdaile… yes I’m sure your right Pete. The person serving you (or should I say the person watching you in case you pinched anything) they wouldn’t take the money but told you to take it to another counter.

Pauline Richards… Yes remember it. It had the most wonderful wooden staircase

Pete Fairless… Which is still there – it’s an ice cream parlour, now Pauline

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… I still have trains and track. I set it up now and then to clear motors

Ralph Town… I actually bought a 1/72 Spitfire kit by Revell in there.It was moulded in pale blue plastic and was a mk9, I think.

Colin Bell… Have very fond memories of my Nan taking me in there to choose a toy for Christmas. Remember the staircase well.

Fiona Evans…. Wonderful shop

Glenn Piper… Oh yes, loved Jepsons

Roger Carey… I remember Jepsons now you have put it up! The great toy floor via the elevator or stairs, think it had bicycles and scooters as well? Oh yes , stairs, not elevator- just seen that others remember the stairs as well!

Chris Meachen… One of my favourite shops as a child, absolutely loved the place.. Came to appreciate the stationery department downstairs when I got older & interested in art & graphics too..

Nigel Ford… Yes, the staircase, went off both ways (?) but toys to the right(?). I think I got my BAYKO building extra parts there in the early 60’s that weren’t in the standard sets. Never got to get the parts I really wanted though, like MECCANO! Incidentally I recently acquired a catalogue showing that Bayko was made by the Meccano group, which I had not known until then.

Peter Fairless… Wow! I inherited BAYKO from my brothers. It was metal rods and plastic bricks. Not sure where it went, charity shop, probably, like the train set!




Rent or Buy Rediffusion TV from Abraham or Bryant 1966

Dennis Torrance… I rented in 73 from rediffusion a Doric the largest one when they put in my basement flat they struggled to get it down the steps so heavy

Mark Praid… Don’t forget the colour plastic that you could put on your screen for colour TV. Blue at the top, Orange in the middle and Green at the bottom……Total crap but The Clangers looked good.

Jan Warren… My Mum and Dad rented for years …………