What Song or Songs Do You Really Hate?

Terry Corder… I’ll name 2 if I may. House of the rising sun and a whiter shade of pale. Oh, and peggy sue. Oops, that makes 3.

Phil Gill… Brown Eyed Girl.

Eric Peckham… Anything and everything by the Carpenters. So middle of the road, it should be run over.

Terry Corder… Brown eyed girl. I hate that one as well and Freebird.

Michael Wilson… Anything they play over and over again on Heart Radio. Especially ‘Galway Girl’ by Ed Sheeran.

Alan Esdaile… Loads but Mr Blobby comes to mind.

Eric Peckham… I just want to stick a bullet in my head every time I hear that one.

Terry Huggins… Anything reggae or ska, most punk rock and anything that’s played too often.

Eddie Caffrey… Apart from the obvious ones -long haired lover etc O Lori by Alessi …sooo annoying!!!

Peter Thomson… Y Viva Espana or Una Paloma Blanca. Got me thinking what my problem is with Spain now…

Rick Pentecost… Sweet home bloody Alabama and Freebird

Simon Page… Boo Boo Boo! Rock Me Amadeus by Falco. Life Is Life by Opus.

Peter Antony… I don’t know… I mean there are the obvious ones. But to tell you the truth, I’m probably not that happy with the current top 5, whatever they are this week.

Richard Wood… “Bohemian Ratshit” – pompous, pretentious glam-rock at its worst.

Mandy Wright… The birdy song!!

Eddie Caffrey… Right on Mandy as it falls into the silly category Long haired lover….combine harvester….mr blobby….tellytubbies….bob the builder….

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Who can remember making a go kart or similar?

Phil Gill… Me. My Grandad gave me loads of help though

Roger Simmonds… Me too also a board and an old roller skate happy days😁

Peri Ann Haste… I did too Roger with a Beano annual strapped to a roller skate & went hell for leather down Ebenezer road while my sisters looked out at the bottom for cars – Luckily in those days there were hardly any

Chris Jolly… I always wanted to build one but sadly never got round to it…

John Warner… Won the soapbox derby in Mote park, Maidstone two years running. Me pushing, Paul Lewer steering, the reason we won was that we had 12 inch pram wheels on the front and full size bicycle wheels on the back.

Mick O’Dowd… Of course. Who didn’t have one. Made with what ever you could scrounge.

Dave Nattress… Yes, seems like they were really common back in the day, as were most importantly, old dumped prams that we could take the wheels and axles from. Living on a hill on a quiet road with hardly any parked cars and only a few cars passing by and a footpath close by – pedestrians only – gave us plenty of opportunities to run the go-carts. A bit of old rope to steer the front moving axle – attached to a cross member of wood with bent over nails. Trying to remember how the brake worked – somehow it was a piece of wood fixed to the body with a bolt that allowed it to pivot against one of the rubber tyre of the rear pram wheels?

Phil Gill… Brake? Brakes were for soft kids.

Dave Weeks… just used your ‘Blakeys’ Phil – spectaular at night.

Mick O’Dowd… Brakes! Wot brakes? My dad actually fixed some tin to the heels of a pair of shoes so that I could slow down while steering. I sounded like these cycle nuts clicking along when I walked!

Wendy Weaver… I don’t remember any brakes. On the other hand I didn’t live in hilly Hastings

Pete Prescott… Oh yes ! I remember these. But I never had one OF MY OWN ! Too little at the time. I rode in my brothers.

Who had a paper round?

photo source:  Memory Lane UK https://www.facebook.com/Memory-Lane-UK-408060289608201/

Dennis Torrance… My paper round was for Mitchell s queens road hell of a round all weathers got papers of train first then the delivery s. So cold some mornings wet but Christmas time tips was amazing. I remember the carrying sack so heavy and bike ride home and school. I also remember my paper bag not water prove soaked papers sometimes papers soggy trying to push them into the doors falling apart lol and getting on my bike fast getaway. I did get many compliments lol. 18 shillings and sixpence a week I got and many a puncture in my tyres.

John Warner… one paper round, I had a morning paper round, an evening paper round, a Sunday paper round when I collected the money. I also had a shoe delivery round and a grocery delivery round. I was one busy kid.

Pete Prescott… 1968/69.Teynham in north Kent. It was dark when I started. I was so frightened. On my first day the wind took a lot of papers out of my hand am blew them across the front of several houses.i thought it was the end ! I got £1 per week. If I was out when I had collected the money on the Saturday it came out of my wages. One time I was £1.50 out so worked three weeks for nothing. It was a long round. I ended up In Lynsted lane. It took an hour and a half (In all weather’s) then I went to school. I ended up asking my friend Mick Deane to help. We got 50p each. If I then walked to school I saved the bus fare. I could then buy records or (gasp !) Levi jeans!

Lloyd Johnson… 1950s.I had a morning round ,an evening round and Saturday round for Gladwish’s in Ore,Hastings.The morning round was right out in Pett Village across fields over fences to farm yards and vicarages, lovely in the summer but the winter was awful and all before school.

Jeff Belton… My paper round was some of the roads in Blackfen / Sidcup Kent areas in the late mid 1970’s . Quiet along round. Sunday was the worst day , because mags and leaflets came with the papers so it made the bag heavy. Nice reward at the end of the year when I was allowed to pick an annual I would like. Was paid £10 for doing the round.

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Who remembers playing marbles?

photo source: Joe Mabel

Eric Peckham… Lost all mine …

Eric Harmer… I played with ma balls from a very early age

Wendy Belton…  Still got all my original ones from Silverdale school days. (Although those at home would say I had lost them all!)

Glenn Piper… Couldn’t afford marbles when I was a kid

Lloyd Johnson… No bottle washers or clay bunkers !……anyone know what I’m talking about?

Eric Harmer… No

Lloyd Johnson… ….bottle washers were glass balls the size of marbles that were used in the necks pop bottles and were still around in the 50s the same as clay bunkers which were used in ginger beer clay fired bottles.Some kids would try and join in games of marbles at junior school.We always said not bottle washers or Clay bunkers before each game…

Alan Esdaile… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tC1auBpqZ4E

Jacqueline Marsh… Always loved this song, first heard it in Spain played on a trumpet, brought goose bumps all over, fabulous thanks for posting

Lloyd Johnson… What about me clay bunkers and bottle washers?…cheap marbles…

Roger Simmonds… I remember well!!


Canterbury Tales plus The Suspect – Hastings Pier 4th January 1969



source & info: Kent MusicBiz

Mark Dean Ellen, Bernie Hagley, Nigel Gilchrist and John Wheels. Trevor Horn(Buggles/Yes) joined Canterbury Tales later when Bernie left. 

John Warner… I see my old mate Dave Sutch up there at number 3. We became friendly in the late 60’s when he lived at Pinner. Sad loss when he died.

Cliff Richard & The Shadows – ABC Cinema Hastings – 27th March 1963

280613-044 1002779_10200694629786169_1495986594_n

supplied by Nick Prince Collection

280613 046

 supplied by….Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

cliff 1962 cliff

supplied by Tony Davis – gig list including Hastings inside the cd.

Phil Gill….I was there, aged 6. It was the most awesome thing I’d ever seen. Better even than when my dad’s shotgun exploded and knocked him flat on his back, which was the most awesome thing I’d seen up to then. Eight weeks short of my seventh birthday then. Used to have my copy of the programme, not sure if I do now though.

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The Flirts – Calvert Youth Club and Hastings Pier 4th Dec 1965

flirts photo

flirt photo2


flirts card


supplied by Brian Wood, ad supplied by Andre Martin

Brian Wood… Singer – Michael Wheeler, Acoustic Guitarist (back left) – Paul Wiseman, Drummer – Steve Demetri, other Guitarist – Brian Wood. The group formed in 1965 and performed all over the country including Hastings Pier 1965. The photos were taken at Calvert Youth Club, Calvert Road, Hastings, where we practiced. Also practiced and gigged at The Ambassador Restaurant on the corner of West Street, Old Town, Hastings, which Steve’s dad owned. I now live in Hailsham and it would be good to catch up with everyone.

Linda Day… I used to see this group at Calvert I went out with Brian Wood and Paul Wiseman omg. I think im in the photo but not sure.

Mick O’Dowd… Deep Purple used to practise here as well and also at All Saints Church Hall.

Peter Millington… Love it – A PA the size of a handbag – those were the days! Don’t remember the pier gig, probably playing elsewhere with the Confederates.

Bertie Wiseman… showing my dad this now.

Alan Esdaile… I remember playing keyboards with one of Paul’s bands at Calvert Youth Club. One of the tracks I remember playing was Brenton Wood’s gimme a little sign.

Anton Hack… what’s the calvert?

Linda Day… Its a church hall in mount pleasant rd its still there

Jan Colley… Used to know them, & used to watch them with my friend Vanessa 😉

John Wilde… Wow

Johng Davis… Remember going there only lived 5 doors away