Sharon Tandy – Falaise Hall Hastings 17th May 1968

Photo from Dutch TV programme Fenklup, 9 February 1968 by A. Vente, A & F. van Geelen

Andy Qunta..She did my favourite version of Stay With Me, Baby. Great voice!

Janet Rennie… She was fab . What happened to her

Alan Parker… I think she originated from S. Africa. and went back home

Mick O’Dowd… How did I not know of this? Loved Sharon Tandy but also believed her to be coloured! Recorded for Atlantic and her most well-known tune was Toe-Hold.

The Beatles on Hastings Pier in 1966? It didn’t happen. Fake?

beatles hastings pier 1966

supplied by Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas… Came across this poster while working as a bouncer on the pier in the sixties

Alan Esdaile… Anyone know anything about this poster. We know that The Beatles did not play but did the rest of the bill happen and what took place on the 3rd December?

Archie Lauchlan… Mysterious! And very intriguing

Jim Breeds… Doesn’t the story go that Epstein pulled them from the pier gig because they were asked to be on a TV show?

Stuart Huggett… Doesn’t look entirely convincing to me, slightly doctored? Here you go…/live-another-beatles…/

Jim Breeds… December 3rd fell on a Saturday in 1960 (too early?) and 1966 (too late?).

Andrew Bantock… Fakey fakey fake fake!

Peter Fairless… Yawn! We’ve had this before. It’s a fake. The poster was for a Christmas show, somewhere, I forget. Someone added the Pier – for a joke, or as a fraud, who knows, or cares? The Beatles were booked for the pier, they got famous, Epstein didn’t honour the booking but sent other acts in their place. Have a nice Beatles Day!

Jim Breeds… They didn’t show because of a rift in the space/time continuum that doomed them to forever search for a Saturday 3rd December in 1966 in a parallel universe. It inspired their song “I’m Cross Across The Universe”.

Gavin Martin… Probably this was a gig promoted by Jeffrey Archer, just before he discovered Joe Cocker.

Mick O’Dowd… What a show line-up if it had happened!

Peter Fairless… It did, Mick, just not here – and not in 1966!

Mick O’Dowd… Didn’t we get Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas as a consolation prize?

Alan Esdaile… Did anyone see The Beatles?

Tickets supplied by Jenny Power

Jenny Power… The line up for the pier is exactly the same as the beatles christmas show that i saw at hammersmith Jan 16th 1965 (can be verified by googling..although i always thought i saw the Tornados and not the Yardbirds but everyone else is the same)so i reckon the pier poster was for dec 1964

Robert Searle… I saw this show at the Hammersmith Odeon. Great show, great lineup.
Yardbirds with Eric on his red Telecaster they were brilliant

Mike Raxworthy… Those were the days – lots of top acts on one night – now we get one big star and a support that plays to half the audience while the other half wait in the bar!


Eastbourne band 1960’s – Billy & The Urchins and 70’s chat.


supplied by Len Smith – Eastbourne Bands from 1960 on

Len Smith… Here’s one from early 60’s any idea of names, only one I recognise is Billy Contreras!  Looking for photos of bands like Mandragora, Virus, Morticians, MTA, Tall, Dark & Gruesome, etc. for my Eastbourne Bands site.

Colin Pierce… Billy & The Urchins

Tony Ball… Myself Tony Ball on Framus bass, Billy on vocals, Pete Richards guitar and I think the drummer may have been Mike Osullivan?

Chris Brown… Hello Len, hope all is well with you. I have a single titled I Made Her That Way by The Urchins released in 1967. Do you know if this was the group & had Billy Contreras & Roger Salmon in it? They had been The Beaux. I think there were 2 other members, but I have no idea who they are. If you can confirm this & advise any more like who the other 2 were I would be much obliged.

Len Smith… Chris by 1967 Billy and Roger were performing as Kaine & Abel following a spell as Beaux. I do not believe they added any other members until 1970. So unlikely that your 45 is by our Urchins.


supplied by Len Smith

Gary Sykes… I was in an 80s rock band called Taor. Used to jam with simon williams from mandrahora, and coke from virus. Remember playing “rock at the redoubt” and various gigs at the archery tavern.

Dave Nattress… On Eastbourne bands or maybe more accurately, bands that played Eastbourne area pubs. Back in about 1977/78 I saw a band called Ptarmigan (as in the Scottish bird) in a pub in South Street, Eastbourne. Corner pub opposite the Police Station I think? Great sound, recall the singer has very long wavy hair. they did an incredible “Tears of a Clown” – Smokey Robinson. Anyone else recall them? Also at the Gun in Chiddingly, similar time, about 1977/78, a band call Nightrider. Saw them there a few times. Maybe they came from the Newhaven area?

Tim Moose Bruce… I remember a couple of Eastbourne based bands who play at the Star Inn at Norman’s Bay in the late 70s. Band called Boris, who did Eagles and Wishbone Ash songs with good twin lead guitar work. The other band Tuxedo Junction had great vocal harmonies which were used to good effect on songs by Supertramp and 10cc.

Tom Flynn… I played drums with Billy Contreras and Colin Pierce in Blinker after we disbanded Middlemarch, the folk-rock band with Joe Flynn (electric violin), Tim Morfitt (guitar and vocal), Chris Tunwell (bass), Nigel Barker (guitars and vocals) that played all the Eastbourne and Sussex area pubs in the mid-1970s including the Cavalier near the seafront, The Beach pub opposite the Fishermens Club, The Six Bells at Chiddingly and elsewhere. The other big band at that time was Denis Rayment’s Bandit with Eddie Tutt on bass and Mick ‘The Sticks’  McKiernan on drums. It would be nice to hook up with anyone still around as I moved back to Eastbourne recently. Join me on FB.

Jeni Townsend… Hi Tom, my friend Julia and I came to most of your gigs. I seem to remember she dated one of you guys – but can’t remember who but I do remember sitting for hours in Tim’s parent’s basement listening to you rehearse!

Lynn Graham… Anyone remember Johnny and Bruce who played in The Lord Nelson in the 60s?

Jan De Neef… Dennis Rayment Bandit in Cavalier bar in early 1970… Dale de Neef and his wife Jan now reminiscing in Eastbourne until 10 May 2019 any contacts ?

Who remembers Graham Kerr The Galloping Gourmet?

Nick Prince… Yes, he ended up in very poor health from eating far too many of his own recipes…. didn’t he cook everything in butter or brandy? Lol

Chris Jolly… Floyd as well! Let’s have a little splash of wine, haha…

Nick Prince… Floyd just died of drink. It made great television though.

Jan Warren… He liked a drink!!

Heidi Snape… Oh wow! That has just taken me right back to my childhood! Loved watching it! X

Andre Martin… I was told that he served with the British Army at one time in The Army Catering Corps [ACC] and then later he moved to Canada. Those were the days when you did not wall to wall cooking programmes in the schedule and he was always a very flambount character.

Andy James Long… ‘a quick slurp’ was his catch phrase as I recall!

Will Cornell… He pronounced his name “Care”, right? Deborah pronounced it “Car”, and everyone else I know with the name, it’s “Cur”. Go figure.

Chris van Rock… Yes …. he promoted vegetarian health back when it was virtually unheard of , turning his back on his style of cooking on his tv program full of fats and creams and dairy…his beliefs were laughed at even by his producer wife who suffered from ill health in later life …. he was groundbreaking in healthy eating and veganism

Jonathan Mendenhall… I remember him on TV very well…I was only very young even then thought he was a bit too smarmy..use to grab someone out of the audience and he almost “oiled” every time he took a taste of his completed dish…one of those 1970 TV “gems..”

Carol Ann Bolton… He was SO annoying.

Gerry Fortsch… He liked a drink so he can’t have been all bad.

Tara Reddy… I used to watch this with my grandma and wish I was in the audience and that I would get picked to taste the food!! X

Kev Carleonis… Yep. I was a kid then.

Nick Webb… I have one of his books lol

Jenny Morgan… I remember him drinking a glass of wine and picking a woman from the audience to share his meal- what a flirt!! Great though..

The Temperance Seven performing on Hastings Pier on 14th April 1962


Photo by Anthony Morland. Supplied by Pete Millington.

Colin Fox… Saw them in a club in Sunderland when we were touring the north east in early 1970’s. Unfortunately not many people in the club, but they were brilliant and very funny.

Iain Cobby… Does that mean that the great Peter Grant who was their road manager later to be Led Zeppelin’s guru walked the boards of the Pier?

Mike O’Dowd… Skiddy-iddy-iddy……… For the uninformed who think i’ve finally lost it. the lyrics from the b-side of Pasadena single entitled Sugar.

Pauline Richards… Temperance 7 that’s a blast from the past!!

I remember Wards looking like this and mens holiday wear

photo source: unknown

Advert 1968

Fiona Evans… So do I !

Arthur Sutherland… Love the headless sales assistant.

Pete Fisher… was dragged there to be fitted out with school uniform…

Alan Esdaile… so was I Pete, I was like Kevin the teenager from Harry Enfield!

Tony May… This looks to me like the interior of Apps at Silverhill.

Sue Bennett… When l was small l remember the lovely little drawers with delicate buttons & threads in them.I collected buttons & beads, etc too after that.

Julie Findlay-jones… Wish shops looked more like this now, very nostalgic.

Janine Anne Scott… Do you remember the distinct smell?

Jules Stretton… Me too

Carol Paffett… And Mastins

Pete Brazier… A bit like Grace Brothers Isn’t it

Tony Ham… You beat me to it, are you free My Humphreys? I’m free!

Jon McCallion….  I remember this too. Shame we can’t go back to it, it would be so much better.

Jacquie Hinves… That was downstairs in the Queens Road shop. Upstairs was the Children’s outfitters. I got my first uniform for Our Lady’s Convent in Filsham Road from there!

Judy Atkinson… And my dad’s shop had cabinets like this

Despo Hawkins… Me too

Read moreI remember Wards looking like this and mens holiday wear

Georgie Fame and John Mayall’s Blues Breakers – Hastings Pier Allnighter 14th October 1966

Advert supplied by Andre Martin

photo: Georgie Fame and Rick Brown (bass) (Amsterdam, October 1966)

Gerry Fortsch… I wish I had been there

Joe Knight… George!!! Oh Yeah

Alan Esdaile… Anyone know who played with John Mayall on this gig? Eric Clapton would have been with Cream by this time but could have been Peter Green or Mick Taylor?

David Finn… Peter Green!

Pete Fisher… can’t believe I missed Peter Green in my hometown, but I was only 11, just started Grammar School…discovered Peter Green and John Mayall two years later…

Cheryland Jim Ramshaw… Remember that night well the place was buzzing

Pete Fisher… According to wiki, Eric Clapton left the Bluesbreakers in July 1966, and was replaced by Peter Green, so this would have been with Greenie…



Who remembers buying piano music in Attwells 22 Grand Parade St Leonards?

Josie Lawson… I remember the address now too. It was my first transistor radio I bought there. I used to listen to radio Luxembourg on it at night, and I believe the pirate stations, I think I was 16 years then so was in the 60s. Thanks Alan for finding it…

Barry French… My mum played Piano & would pop in there for sheet music , & I’m sure I bought guitar strings from there. (These were made by Cathedral & were always breaking)

Fiona Evans… I do & clarinet reeds !

Mark Hardwick… Black Cat Pub and Grill.

Part exchange your piano for a radiogram or television in 1965.