Does anyone remember Sloopy’s disco just off Piccadilly Circus?? asks Jim Miller

Jim Miller… Does anyone remember Sloopy’s disco just off Piccadilly Circus??

A photo would be good to post on this page, if anyone has one?

Alan King… hang on…

Ross… The outside is shown 50 minutes into the 1970 film, Die Screaming Marianne.

Carol Cakir… I Used to go to Sloopys 73/4/5, before that went to a large disco upstairs via a big staircase maybe it was in the Lyceum premises further along the same side towards Leicester Sq called Bumpers there was a big neon sign of a lace up sports type of boot on the wall outside , sounds improbable I know but it was definitely there ! Also Tiffany’s, Sundowner , Samantha’s & Crackers , Studio Valbonne ( Monday night was showcase night in Valbonne different acts )Stopped for a couple of years then returned to Tiffany’s and Samantha’s 78/79 Noel was the DJ in the EType, Ozzie in the other dance floor room. Nice to read about everyone’s good memories!

Peter Waltman… this is a picture of a BRIGHTON club SLOOPYS from the early to mid 70’s NOT as stated a club in London, it is at the Town Center end of Dyke Road and about 50yds up from the Clock Tower & Churchill Square, I would have to wait outside the place when picking my Sister up from her Saturday night out there… it has changed names many times since the 70’s & closed down in about 2011, buildings still there but I don’t know what it is used as these days

Val Harrison… I worked as a part time waitress in Coventry St.Piccadilly Sloopys, not the Sloopys in the photo here. It was below ground dark and dingy but a great laugh and good dance scene. I met many celebs there. Down the road was Maximus Leicester Square. So many great discos back then, The Hippodrome in Leicester Square, Tramp,
The Candy Box, Roaring Twenties.

Eric West… Ross, I was at Sloopys every Friday for years, it then changed to Cerrys night club. It was small inside but had a massive atmosphere. At first only a few of us went there, but after it changed to Cerrys we use to fill the place, just our crew alone with a few other people. The music was first class dance tunes, Crown Heights Affair Far Out was the best dance track ever, I went into myself deeply when dancing to this tune. Best nights at this place. We even took Paul trouble Anderson with us. Late 70s was the best. Met Horace Carter there as well. Great dancer. Wondering if anyone can add to this.

Val Harrison… Thanks Eric, Sloopys Coventry Street. The door was manned by Robert Trotman and manager Kevin French. Another guy named “Goose” was like a care taker/cleaner. Sloopys was below ground, down the stairs, through a door on the right..Small dancing stage on the right side of the entrance and on the left was tables and chairs then up few stairs to the bars and alcove seating. On Coventry street’s main road there used to be an emporium selling, silver jewellery, records, kaftan etc called “kleptomania” with a K. Gosh! Although London is big anyone who worked in this area and Coventry garden pretty well knew each other. Great fun times.I met many celebs.

WEM Watkins Electric Music – what did you have?

supplied by Colin Fox

Colin Fox… 1964 advert. I had the Rapier 33 and the Copycat echo. What did you have?

John Williams… The copy cat

Terry Tollan… John, same

Jacqueline Marsh… That AKG D24 now sells at around £500+ on eBay lol

Chris Meachen… Had the speaker columns once…

Phil Gill… Had a WEM Sapphire for a while, two pickups, three tone sunburst and three a side headstock. I bought it from Tony Qunta. Pic of similar three pickups one below.

Wee Jock… Very similar to a burns

Steve Fox… I’m looking at a dominator 3 now.

Neil Roberts… I had a Dominator III when I was a teenager. Great amps. I think Marshall based its 20-watt PA 20 on the Dominator.

Phil Gill… I did cut out a WEM logo from the Bell’s catalogue and stick it onto the front of my home made speaker cabinet when I was 14. Pretty sure everyone was fooled into thinking it was a real WEM cab.

Ken Copsey… Still have a 33 Rapier and a valve Copicat. My first electric guitar was a Watkins Rapier bought fo 12 quid from a junk shop in the Old Town High Street. My 33 Rapier and Wem Scout combo. Louder than it looks!

Colin Fox… Me in 1962. I was 16 and we were practicing in the the scout hut in Eastbourne.

Ken Copsey… That’s a great picture! Impeccable styling with the guitar, shirt, tie and jacket.

Colin Fox… Ken, I think we took after our dads in those days. Luckily I wasn’t in to trilby hats.

Stuart Moir… AKG mic and a copycat echo they were brilliant pieces of kit, it was always a struggle to find enough money for new technology.

Colin Fox… I ‘aquired’ one of these Vox amp and speakers when Vox had a warehouse in Hastings in the 1960s. I was still using it, as this photo shows, taken in 1970. I bet a few more people ‘aquired’ equipment as well.

Ken Copsey… Colin, I assume this was Vox’s response to the Marshall 100 watt head and 4×12. Great looking back line. Judging by the volume on an AC30 the 100 watt head must have been deafening. When I was playing in the late 70’s there always seemed to be a lot of Vox gear knocking around Hastings. Our bass player had a Vox Foundation with the massive cabinet we used as a seat in the back of the Transit.

Andy Qunta… I had a later model Copicat. Loved it! Factory had lots of WEM PA gear too.

Colin Fox… I remember Rev Stockdale worked there at the time.

Tony Bird… 1961 Watkins Westminster 10 watt 4 input combo with tremolo in Blue and gold


Lord Caesar Sutch and The Roman Empire – Hastings Pier 24th December 1966

photo source

Ben Gallop… Is that richie blackmore 3rd one in i know he played with lord sutch if so did he play the hastings pier does anyone know

Alan Esdaile… Looks like him

Lloyd Johnson… Richie Blackmore was in The Savages when we saw them on the Pier in the 60s. Melvyn Grant, Lynn Grant and Kenny Comfort would remember for sure…

John Washington… Christmas Eve 1966, Hastings Pier Ballroom, Lord Caesar Sutch and the Roman Empire – Ritchie Blackmore on guitar. Opening band was The Manor at the last minute because the Adam Lee Set was not available

Do you remember when Quality Street tins were this big?

Martin Richter… a tin would last until easter !

Jim Breeds… But not the chocolates.

Peter Fairless… Drums!

Dennis Torrance… Somewhat smaller now like chocolate bars but quite expensive as well

Ernest Ballard…  Used to end up with hard gold wrapped toffees in the bottom nobody wanted

Dennis Torrance… I would have had them lol

Chris Baker… Send them to me! I love them!

Lloyd Johnson… Reminds me of 1950s/60s Christmas’s

Andy Pilkington… Good times! brother bit into one of the purple ones and hazelnut had not been shelled chipped a tooth, they sent him £10 and another tin of QS

Alan Esdaile… I prefer Celebrations now.

Pauline Richards… Yes not so many toffees

Roger Simmonds…  I still have one full of odds and sods now!! I loved the fudge ones!

Jacquie Hinves… My favourites are the green triangles!

Martin Richter… boycott nestle. Mackintosh’s, originally? it does what it says on the tin ?

Brian Scales… Proper size, not the half size you get today

Stuart Moir… And it was full to the brim fiddling bastards rip people off today

Judy Atkinson… And tin, not plastic

Fiona Evans… A proper tin !!

Jeremy Peter Harrison… Yes, better quality than today not owned by a multinational company. Today’s small tubs are way cheaper in real terms however. This tin may have been a present for the whole family!

Roland Clarke… And now!

Steve Fox… You know it’s full of buttons!

Els Wilcox… No and I’m old lol.

Linda McGregor… More importantly, it was proper chocolate and they all tasted different, today, the chocolate is cheap and cheerful and I can barely taste the difference between them all. Or maybe it’s just me

Dawn Campbell… I agree with all the above comments, so much better quality (get it) back then

Rick Baldwin… Now that’s what I call a sewing tin

David Edwards… And don’t get me going on how big Wagon Wheels used to be!

Roger Collier… Does it matter that the tubs are smaller? Nobody likes QS, and we only eat them because they need finishing off.

Elsie Wilcox… Love Quality street, especially the toffee ones.


The Who – Hastings Pier 24th December 1965



Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Mick Knights….I was also at this one as well and was the ballroom was only half full!!

Andre Martin…..I want to know more about the Lurking Cromwells – anybody ??

Bob Green…..I know nothing of the Lurking Cromwells, but what a great name!

Mick O’Dowd… Talkin’ ’bout my generation…!!!


who remembers Jepsons Robertson Street Hastings?

Alan Esdaile… Who remembers Jepsons? I remember very posh staff, that would give you a dirty look and shout don’t run, WALK, as you teared up the wooden stairs to get to the wonderland of the toy floor at the top.

Pete Fairless… Didn’t you have to go to a cashier with a ticket, pay, then go back to collect your item? Bit like the butchers!

Pauline Richards… Pete, remember that in Mastins

Alan Esdaile… yes I’m sure your right Pete. The person serving you (or should I say the person watching you in case you pinched anything) they wouldn’t take the money but told you to take it to another counter.

Pauline Richards… Yes remember it. It had the most wonderful wooden staircase

Pete Fairless… Which is still there – it’s an ice cream parlour, now Pauline

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… I still have trains and track. I set it up now and then to clear motors

Ralph Town… I actually bought a 1/72 Spitfire kit by Revell in there.It was moulded in pale blue plastic and was a mk9, I think.

Colin Bell… Have very fond memories of my Nan taking me in there to choose a toy for Christmas. Remember the staircase well.

Fiona Evans…. Wonderful shop

Glenn Piper… Oh yes, loved Jepsons

Roger Carey… I remember Jepsons now you have put it up! The great toy floor via the elevator or stairs, think it had bicycles and scooters as well? Oh yes , stairs, not elevator- just seen that others remember the stairs as well!

Chris Meachen… One of my favourite shops as a child, absolutely loved the place.. Came to appreciate the stationery department downstairs when I got older & interested in art & graphics too..

Nigel Ford… Yes, the staircase, went off both ways (?) but toys to the right(?). I think I got my BAYKO building extra parts there in the early 60’s that weren’t in the standard sets. Never got to get the parts I really wanted though, like MECCANO! Incidentally I recently acquired a catalogue showing that Bayko was made by the Meccano group, which I had not known until then.

Peter Fairless… Wow! I inherited BAYKO from my brothers. It was metal rods and plastic bricks. Not sure where it went, charity shop, probably, like the train set!

Cris Kennard… Father Christmas’s grotto at top of staircase. Me on right with 2 of my sisters.

Dawn Leaney…Oh what a wonderful toy department it had. Up all that grand wooden staircase.. and there it was!! all the dollies, farm and zoo animals of every kind lined up in cabinets. Teddy bears of every size. It seemed magical as a child. I was bought one of the very early Barbies from there in the late 60s,she had long dark hair and clicky knees that could bend. Such lovely memories

Pauline Sims… I remember my Christmas visits there too in the 50s, happy days

Dawn Campbell… Absolutely loved this shop – always brought my Nan a brooch from downstairs every Christmas, with my pocket money – she must have really been fed up with the same thing each year but never showed it, Bless her! As you say the staircase was lovely and I can still remember the smell, loved going in there just to look. Especially upstairs where they also displayed swings and slides. I was always wishing I could have them but sadly lived in a flat.


Hammonds Toy Shop – Marina Court St Leonards who remembers the window train set?

shop & photo source unknown but Hammonds was similar

Colin Bell asks Who remembers Hammonds Toy Shop, where you put a penny in the window slot to make the train go round?

Alan Esdaile… Remember it well. Anyone got a photo?

Martin Richter… anyone got a penny? i think the coin-slots were still there the last time i was there?

Yvonne Cleland… My mum ALWAYS had a penny to spare for this when we lived at Marina. Magic xxx

Peter Fairless… Yes, used to be an add on to the regular Christmas trip to see Kings Road lights. A walk down to the front to see the train and then walk back up to Kings Road and some sweets from Woolworths!

Steve Cooke… Loved it. Great shop and always a grand window.

Bernard Goffredo… Loved that when I was a kid

Steve Fox… Oh yes.

Judie Struys… I do indeed. My bus stop was just outside x

Andy Clarke… I also remember the toy shop at Silverhill had one that took 2p to get it going.

Steve Thorpe… Remember Hammonds, I put £1 per week from my paper round on account and eventually paid for a train set!

Alan Esdaile… one penny! and how exciting and happy we were to watch it go round.

Martin Richter… bus fare to my nan’s and her *magic cupboard* was a ha’penny

Stephanie Blackledge… Oh yes! Happy days

Tim Moose Bruce… Toy shop called Arbours (later called Wonderful Wilsons) in Western Rd Bexhill had a coin operated train set in its window.

Angela Frances Gardner… It was 4 old pence when I was a child in the mid 60s.

Josie Lawson… Is that the toy shop I think my parents took me in just before Christmas one year. I think it was the only toy shop there . I loved it.

Nicola Dobson… Loved it put a penny in the slot

Jon McCallion… Yes remember it wel

Cris Kennard… Gosh that brings back memories mum always had spare 1d.

Tony Court-holmes… yes very well

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Mastins Castle Street Hastings – Toy Fair November 1965 and 1966

Who remembers Mastins?

Nicola Dobson… I do…went in there a lot and when young used to like Father Christmas and the decorated paths to get there

Steve Cooke… Remember Mastins very well. My grandparents both worked there, boarded there on the top floor in the men’s and women’s quarters. They met each other there, married, had two children and remained in Hastings all their lives.

Alan Esdaile… Remember a very impressive Christmas grotto and seeing Father Christmas with my sister.

Shaun Pont… I remember Father Christmas’s Grotto downstairs. Where Iceland is now?

Jane Hartley… The best grotto ever. My God mother worked in Mastins

Andy Davies… Childhood memories loved Mastins

Lynn Graham… A family friend was the manager in the sixties.

Graham Sherrington… such memories

Brenda Cruttenden… A lovely shop. My sister in law worked there for years. It would be lovely to have these shops back again

Hastings Art School (Brassey Institute) students – sixties

Supplied by Lloyd Johnson

Lloyd Johnson… Great photo of Hastings Art School (Brassey Institute)Students…a few years before I went there in the early 60s.

John Gale… Great photo Lloyd.

Polly Okeefe-Brookes… Great photo.

Tara Reddy… This is such a great photo! Where was it taken?

Alan Esdaile… looks like Lower Park Road but maybe wrong.

Paul Simon in Sussex by Stuart Huggett – reprinted in Hastings Online Times.


In this article reprinted with the kind permission of The Stinger, Stuart Huggett recalls Paul Simon’s visit to Bexhill as a budding but unknown folk singer back in the 1960s.

Colin Norton… Great article!

Yvonne Cleland… Shared!  I remember going to see Paul Simon with a 50-piece band when Gracelands came out. One of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.

David Betts… I was on the same bill but too insignificant to be mentioned, I later went off with Rob (Bob) Edward’s to play round the continent. Also at this time I was co running the New Inn folk club in Sidley with Colin Potter and believe me I would have known if Paul Simon had played there, it never happened.