Marine Court St Leonards-on-Sea 1960’s

Supplied by Leigh Kennedy Historical Hastings

Leigh Kennedy… Leigh says… An late 1960s photo of Marine Court, showing signage for the Grenadier Club ( opened 1963) and the Dolphin. Nice selection of cars including what looks like a 1967 Hillman Husky, Mark 3 Ford Zephyr, Mark 1 Escort and a Jaguar 420..

Mike Waghorne… J W Davis motors in the showroom at the east end of the building a Hillman car agent !

The Marty Wilde Show – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 28th January 1960 supplied by Colin Fox

Colin Fox…I just found this. The concert was on the 28 January 1960 at Bexhill (De La Warr Pavilion). I’m surprised it didn’t include a photo of Joe Brown.

Alan Parker… Joe Brown backed everyone, even Eddie Cochran when he toured here

Alan Esdaile… Jezebel was one of my favourite Marty Wilde tracks.

Fiesta Club Claremont Hastings – members sign 60’s

supplied by John Busbridge

John printed the sign.

Alan Esdaile… Fiesta Club was a side door before you reach the downstairs coffee bar. Up loads of stairs, they had some great pinball tables and the windows had coloured glass.  I’m sure it was called something else? Still looking for photos of the coffee bar downstairs.

John Busbridge… Barry Herbert worked behind the bar, all the crockery was clear like pyrex and it was up two flights of stairs.

Lloyd Johnson… I use to go up there with ‘Enry ‘Arvey at times…we also use to pop into The Sombrero Coffee Bar which was over the road from The Anchor at times….The Sombrero some how has been forgotten in the passing of time….this would have been 63/64ish….

Marilyn Spence… Loved my Fiesta days

Hilary Gilbert… Tony worked there 1967-8, when we were saving up to get married. I’d sit there crocheting hats and scarves, with the same purpose!

Albert Pitman… Where was Fiesta Club?

Alan Esdaile… Albert, Trinity Street Claremont Hastings.

Albert Pitman… I wondered because I went to a Fiesta Club in South London, wellies were advised because of regular flooding toilets

John Davis… was it also called Cat Noir at some point?

Alan Esdaile… Don’t think so John but might be wrong. The only cat noir I knew was The Black Cat at York Buildings


Who remembers having a knickerbocker glory in Fortes?

Wendy Weaver… They always looked lovely but my mother couldn’t afford things like that. When I had my own money I never got around to buying one😋 We had several large Forte establishments in Bournemouth including The Barbecue where Ted Heath, Edmundo Ros, Mantovani played. Charles Forte lived in Bournemouth for a while.

Matt Thomas… They still do them in Rainbow Restaurant

Alan Wood… Yes, was a Grans treat for me, very occasionally in Hastings

Nicola Barfield… Omg yes and they used to do the extra large brandy glass with Eccles cake in bottom so many other cakes with ice cream then loads of cream

Eric Harmer… Free one from Phil ? I think , as my mum worked there

Dennis Torrance… Yes and also lime ice cream sodas

John Coleman… Had one yesterday! In Liverpool! WTH cookie dough & salted Caramel!

Charlie Ball… Yep

Steve Thorpe… Nice ones in Dimarcos!

Jan Warren… Fortes on Bexhill Seafront opposite “Ags” amusement centre, we all used to hang out there in the 60s/early 70s!!

Lyn Humphrey… Yep, and also had one last month in Simply Italian at E/B Harbour!

Pauline Richards… Banana split was my favourite

Monica Bane… No way as good as they use to be with jelly and real cream not cheap at over a fiver!

Mike Guy… My goodness, you were rich!

Dave Nattress… In Bexhill as Jan Warren said we had the Forte’s Ice Cream/knickerbocker glory/coffee bar on the seafront on the corner of Wilton Road opposite the amusements, round the corner from the Wimpey bar in Devonshire Road, and along from the Continental cafe/restaurant and basement club. Used to gravitate from one to another. Across the road by the amusements was a little late night club – drinks after hours – forget the name now – was it the Arcadian? Could have made that name up. There might even have been another little place along from that one for a short while. On the corner the RAF club. Further along was the Bexhill club – far too straight for a bunch of long-haired weekend hippies, no way would we have got in there, or wanted to. It was for people back then who were at the age I am now – which is very old! We were never gonna be that old. Never thought about getting old or anything like, being young was going on forever and in many respects you bet, it has. You know the old gag, went out with a girl the other night but it was all knickerbocker(s) and no glory!! Had to lower the tone!! The Criterion – one in Western Road the other (think it was also The Criterion opposite the DLW did knickerbocker glories and all sorts of ice-cream. The old type with little chunks of actual ice – remember those? Hastings seemed to have many more ice ream parlours.

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Boating Lake Old Town Hastings – late 50s

Alan Esdaile… Me and my sister Susan and Dad, early 60’s.

Jane Hartley… My dad used to take me on those boats too

Harry Randall… Spent many a day Patrolling lake with my brothers who worked there ! Number 36 come in your time is up! Also towing them

Jenny Power… The boating lake was so much bigger then as well

Jane Collins… I remember those days! My dad took me all the time

Jacqueline Marsh… Lovely memories playing there and if I remember rightly it was very shallow. In the very big shed at the end I remember seeing a huge whale that was on tour being displayed. Wonders of the deep.

Lloyd Johnson… just how I remember it!…

Sheila Maile… Never see those swans being used

Colin Bell… Reminds me of being on there with my Dad too, very happy days

Nicola Dobson… I’ve got one of my dad and me on one too

Dennis Torrance… The boating lake was huge then I remember with my mates early sixties walking on the ice and It cracking it broke and felt the freezing water lol

Pauline Sims… Good times!

Pete Brazier… Come in number 36 your time is up!”

Mick O’Dowd… Great stuff. Remember it well. Only one speed. SLOW!

Harry Randall… Mick, we used to tweek the patrol boats to go faster

Mick O’Dowd… What to! 2mph!

Ian Robertson… Harry, I worked on the control boat some summers. Great fun

Pete Houghton… Good times!

Graham Sherrington… I can smell the fumes from here what great memories!!



SMART coffee meet 64 report

Our 64th meet and a great turn out to start the year. Among the newbies this time were Mick Thwaites, Ray Harper and Peter Hart. Mick who is a massive Rolling Stones fan, had photo albums and cuttings of the band, many I haven’t seen before, from the early days up to present. He also included a ticket for the pier gig in 1964 and a better photo of the Stones in the back of the ambulance. Ray had some interesting photos of when he played with St Johns Wood, Lysander, Performance and others. Peter bought along a pile of LP’s which included Blodwyn Pig, Mountain, Caravan, Velvet Underground and I couple I don’t remember Eclection, Heads And Tales and The United States of America. Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland had with him a Beatles photo with the autograph of  Bob Wooler on the other side. Bob was the DJ and compere at The Cavern Club in Liverpool.  Also a very rare early pop package tour programme from The Essoldo Cinema in Brighton from 1963 which featured Freddie and The Dreamers, Brian Poole And The Tremeloes, The Searchers and guest artiste Dusty Springfield.  He also had a very interesting photo which shows Broomgrove Power Station, W M Stills and Farley Bank allotments. Paul Morfey had tour programmes from The Picnic at Blackbushe Aerodrome that featured Bob Dylan, Knebworth A Mid Summer Night’s Dream 77 and Manfred Manns Watch Tour 78. Janette Morfey was talking about the group her and Paul are in called ‘Mackerel Sky’, which also features Ian Taylor, Kevin White and Tim White. You will be able to catch them playing at The Plough Inn Crowhurst on the 27th January. Mick Knight was very pleased with the success of his ABC Acoustic Blues Club at The Jenny Lind and has some exciting artists to join him over the next few months. John Busbridge has found a very rare, members only board for the Fiesta Club upstairs club in Claremont. He printed it in the 60’s. Still looking for any photos of the Fiesta coffee bar if anyone has any?  Peter Millington had with him two very impressive books of The Confederates 1962 to 1967 and  Spyke to Jinks 1967 – 2015. Pete Prescott had a big bundle of albums and photos and Linda Boiling had a Soul at The Cutter flyer with DJ Simon Veness which probably came from the eighties??  Colin Bell had a great photo of Mastins with a double deck bus in front and what looks like Dawn & Dorset laundry van behind. Too many other people to mention. If you had anything interesting you were talking about, then please feel free to add.

Matt Thomas… Any Masons pictures yet?

Jacqueline Marsh… So sorry I missed it hope to come to the next meeting. My operation went well so all good xx

Mick O’Dowd… I would say a terrific start to the New Year Alan! I didn’t expect so many that turned up. You sure know how to pull ’em in! Well done.

Monica Bane… Sorry I never made it, This time Alan, Hope to see you next time, Monica !

Colin Bell… Great to see everyone, and as ever a big thank you to Alan, for bringing everyone together again for another year of SMART meets

Andy Ives… Talking of Masons walked past there yesterday didn’t know they had named it The Masons Building what a lovely touch

Lucy Pappas… Thanks  Alan xx

Mick Thwaites… First time there and I had a great time talking about the old days. Met some really nice friendly people with some fantastic stories. Looking forward to the next meeting. Many thanks to Alan for making me welcome.

Canterbury Tales plus The Suspect – Hastings Pier 4th January 1969



source & info: Kent MusicBiz

Mark Dean Ellen, Bernie Hagley, Nigel Gilchrist and John Wheels. Trevor Horn(Buggles/Yes) joined Canterbury Tales later when Bernie left. 

John Warner… I see my old mate Dave Sutch up there at number 3. We became friendly in the late 60’s when he lived at Pinner. Sad loss when he died.

Sarah Russell… My dad is John Wheels (Wheals) and i am so pleased to see this. Thank you

Cotton reel elastic band toy


Sue Stopps… I’ve still got the one my Dad made for me, all those years ago!

Stephen Milner… Yes made these

Andrew Bantock… Featured in a Ladybird book

Ken Hatch… The design for these came from a Ladybird Book if I remember correctly. Sunday evenings craft making

David Francis… My favourite ladybird book

Martin Richter… David, first thing that came to mind

Ian Quinnell… Made lots of these as a kid. Guess they’re not cool toys these days – no batteries or aggravating noises

Jim Peckham… I remember making them

Jan Warren… Brilliant, simple little toy, my Dad and brothers made loads of them!

John Wilde… I made a few

Fred Marsh… Oh wow forgot about those

Phil Thornton… I remember making these !!!

Nick Shute… I remember this being demonstrated by Fred Dinage on How?…

Mike Waghorne… Remember making those tanks !

Lyn Humphrey… Kids today don’t know what they’re missing–me & my old mate Jem (aged about 8) competed to make the best all-terrain cotton reel. I shall forward this to him forthwith!

Tracy Birrell… My Dad used to make me these.

Neil Steadman… A Tank..!