Rolling Stones – Hastings Pier 18th January 1964



Ad supplied by Andy Gunton

Andy Gunton… I was sent this photo by a friend earlier, I think it’s from January 1964? He found it while doing some musical research, not sure where.

Andre Martin… For some reason it’s been printed on red, this was the second visit from the boys in 1964

Alan Esdaile…  The only other thoughts I have is, was it an ad in a What’s On type magazine?

Jill Caine… Awwwww memories!! I woz there.

Mick O’Dowd… This is a colour version of the Observer ad.

Mick Knights… I  do remember that I couldn’t afford the 2/6 entrance!

Martin Richter… rolling who…..?

Jill Caine… I was there. behind the bar until the Stones came and then into the ballroom to see them!!!

Glenn Piper… Pity I was only 7 at the time

Gavin Martin… Long haired layabouts .. They look like gurls. I wouldn’t let my great grandmother anywhere near them

Pauline Lindsay… I was there to and remember it well.

Helen Kingshott… I was there to 

Peter Fairless… Their Decca EP was released the day before, ‘Bye Bye Johnny’ and ‘Money’ on the ‘A ‘ side, ‘Poison Ivy’ and this on the ‘B’ side. One of our favourites…

Terry Haddon… Me as well Pauline,great night

Bob Laurie.. Opened with “King Bee” as I remember! Cycled over from Bexhill in the freezing cold to see!

What cough sweets or cold remedy did you use to or still do take?


Sandy Max… I was in a church choir and imps were very popular before a service! Still use Vicks but I liked Tunes rather than the others (always the cherry menthol)

Josie Lawson… tunes, hacks,imps, vicks

Ian Quinnell… Used to crunch my way through bagfuls of Victory V’s. Think you can still buy them but the recipe has been changed to protect the health conscious

Alan Esdaile… My dad always had imps with him. Still use vicks. Tunes and Covonia I like as a lozenge. Used to have Lemsip but nowadays I prefer a slice of real lemon with a spoonful of honey in a hot cup of tea.

Dennis Torrance…  Hacks and imps victory v you had to be brave enough

Jack Nelson… I remember very clearly the menthol smell of Vicks. And I seem to vaguely recall trying one of my Nan’s ‘Hacks’. It seemed very strong to me then, and I didn’t ever want another.

Dave Nattress… All of these for cough/cold remedies – not sure if any actually worked and Victory V’s were torture + a hideously strong thing called Meggezones or something like that which I was also advised to try sucking before a gig to tone up the vocal chords. Tried a few times, and not sure it worked as well as getting half-slaughtered on beer. When very young my parents used to give my chest a coating of something called Goose Grease which was some unbelievably horrible greasy smelly stuff, presumably extract of Geese private parts. What about a few drops of Olbas Oil in hot water and sniff up the vapour. This was legal stuff!!

Mick Knights… A daily spoonful of cod liver oil and malt!!

Dizz Corinne Ryder… Still use Vicks and lemon strepsils.

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Mods outside Dimarco cafe and Seeboard Hastings 1960’s

supplied by Vivy Ann Mower – Mod Squad

Dennis Torrance… Never seen these photos before brilliant Alan brought back some memories

Alan Esdaile… Likewise Dennis. Loads of mod Hastings photos on the net but have not seen these before. Happy memories of all the buildings. Mind you looks like no chance of getting a nice cup of tea in Dimarco’s on this day.

Jim Breeds… They were there on a Welsh Rarebit sampling day out.

Harry Randall… Dimarco’s stood where McDonald’s now stands!

Dennis Torrance… True Alan right also about all the buildings there . Dimarcos to happy memories to great food and ice cream and milkshakes. Thanks again Alan

Pete Fisher… Does anyone know what year this was?  1964?

Alan Esdaile… Yes I think it is 1964

Darren Holmes… Love the two kids fighting behind the man on the ground!!! Which one is the mod and which is the rocker???

Sid Saunders… I remember that photo showing an old man that was knocked to the ground. I was away at a motorcycle race meeting that weekend.

Malcolm Sharp… Was working in the resturant by the fountain that day, iorio and demarcos, was funny and scary 14 at the time

Leslie Crowther – Stars Fiesta Colwall Court Bexhill 27th July 1969

Alan Esdaile… They used to have these fund raising events with stars from television in Bexhill on a regular basis. Remember going to one where Albert Tatlock (Jack Howarth) Coronation Street, was sitting under a tree handing out maltesers to anyone who gave a donation.

Nastassja Kaschevsky… I remember that!  I think The actress Gwen Watford did one as well.

Catherine Ireland… I was there, lovely afternoons also Brian Rix did some.

Keith Cowper… I saw Vera Lynn there and Chitty the car !

Jacqueline Marsh… I went to the same stage school as Gwen watford it was called the orchardcschool and was in a large white Victorian mansion at the top of Sedlescome road north. Just before the mini roundabout. The school has long been demolished but have many happy memories of learning to act and sing and even perform at White Rock Pavilion

Mark Sevia… I worked at Colwall Court in the 1970s. It was not easy to combine care of the children with fundraising and hosting the stars. Sadly Sheila Rawstorne chief executive died in 2018 just months after Peggy Cummins chair and movie star in 2017. They continued to fundraise until the end of their lives for the benefit of children with cerebral palsy. Extra ordinary commitment.

Jan Warren… This is a “long shot”??? but just wondering if anyone who worked at Colwall Court in the early 70s remembers Yvonne Jones? she was a good friend of mine, beautiful, hippy girl, long, blond(ish) hair, I know she worked at Colwall Court (maybe a girl called Lisa as well) – I’d love to know what happened to Yvonne?! – her parents had the radio/tv repair shop in Western Road, Bexhill and I believe Yvonne lived in Hastings a few years later …………. any info would be much appreciated, thanks

Moody Blues St Leonards and Eastbourne 1960’s

supplied by John Busbridge

John Busbridge… Signed Photo of Moody Blues given to me by the Moody Blues backstage at the Continental Club in Eastbourne ! My Favourite Band at that time! Saw them three times! Once at the continental club in Eastbourne and twice at the Witch Doctor

Ashley Davies… Still listen to on the threshold of a dream album which is 50 years old great band

John Busbridge… I even started to learn the flute at the time!

Alan Esdaile… Struggling to read this John. Does it say a date. Looks like birthday night

John Busbridge… 1st Birthday Night Friday 16th July 1965. Tickets 7/6

Chris Meachen… Got a lift off them once.. Budgie took me halfway to Coventry, then the Moodies let me ride with them from the services to somewhere near my destination..

Baz Cooper… Did they sign the photo and then say, “Go Now!” ???

Dave Nattress… Baz – now there’s a “Question”

Baz Cooper… Yes, isn’t life strange?! Lovely to see these old photos from days of future past! On a sadder note, it is just on 12 months ago that Ray Thomas died

Colin Norton… Why do we never get an answer? …..


Lord Caesar Sutch and The Roman Empire – Hastings Pier 24th December 1966

photo source

Ben Gallop… Is that richie blackmore 3rd one in i know he played with lord sutch if so did he play the hastings pier does anyone know

Alan Esdaile… Looks like him

Kings Road St Leonards Christmas 1967

Supplied by Jim Breeds

Jim Breeds… Who remembers these shops? Christmas Fayre in Kings Road, St. Leonards in 1967. From my cousin’s copy of the 16th December 1967 Hastings & St. Leonards Observer.

Janie Lowe… I worked in Dewhurst the Butchers . kings road was very Christmasy. In those days.

Mick O’Dowd… Kings Road used to be the place to go every Christmas. It had every shop you could want. Lights & music and atmosphere. My Dad used to work in the sorting office at the bottom at Christmas and we would go & see him. Aaah the power of nostalgia & memories.

Wendy Weaver… The Traders used to pay for the Christmas decorations in the street.

John Busbridge… Used to buy clothes in Cyril Savages, also always went shopping there at Christmas, remember the lights and the music

John Wilde… 1967 was a fab time for a 16yr old to be living above Dads coffee bar “The Happening” 8 Kings Rd. Some of my fondest memories.

Tony Court-holmes… ye gods The Happening had forgot that. What was the one the bottom of London Road called?


14 Days, Rock Museum, The Earthquake, Amalgamation, Shady Haze – December 1969

10655311_529660943846034_6342683754391866265_o 10646760_529907433821385_4021420184843563400_n10628574_529896977155764_2881278459327282564_n

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… (first) November 15th, 1969….. would this be one Rock Museum’s final gigs before splitting up? As for 14 Days…..enlighten me! I was just too young to see this gig.

Sarah Harvey… (second) Well if Rock Museum split at the end of 1969, New Years Eve 1969 surely must have been their final gig supporting Shady Haze? No idea……however, there they are again….14 Days (Fourteen Days). Amalgamation seem to have lasted the course to more recently with the founder member being the only remaining of the original line-up…..Frank (surname unknown). Apparently heralded from West Sussex.

Sarah Harvey… (third) The lead-up to Christmas 1969 on the Pier ….. the Amalgamation gig advertised for later on in the month and Rock Museum supporting The Earthquake just before Christmas …..and there they are again on Christmas Eve….Fourteen Days supporting St.Johns Wood.

Robert Searle… Rock Museum Laurie Cooksey first group?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Robert, Laurie was in Rock Museum. Left to right: Tony Carr(lead vocals), Terry Corder(bass guitar/vocals), Dave Gurr(lead guitar/vocals), Laurie Cooksey(drums/vocals).


Geoff Peckham… Not Laurie’s first group though. There were at least two before Rock Museum: Prohibition and Rael.