The Happy Ballroom and more – 11th December 1965 by Andre Martin

After the start of the new proposed Beat Dances in The Happy Ballroom – Hastings Pier I am surprised to discover that last week’s show was to be the only one! The promoters have decided not to continue with the bookings. I have found very little about them other than in the Directors minutes for the Pier Company, they are named as Dale & Barton, the posters/press sdverts indicate that it was Solite Recordings who were promoting. I have been sent a copy of the poster from that night by SMART, but apart from knowing that Saxtet 65 had some connections with John Hodgeson the other listed I have come up with nothing. We are now at Saturday 11 December 1965, and the for hire signs are back on the Ballroom.
For those of us who used to tune in via cable, we would have started the weekend off with our Friday nights Ready Steady Go, and on the show this week The Kinks “Till the end of the Day”:Manfred Mann “ There is no living without Loving” : The McCoy’s “ Hang on”: Spencer Davis Group “ Keep on Running” : also with Dodie West and The Rockin Berries. In control – well they liked to think so – Cathy and Keith.
The Witch Doctor, was starting to advertise the Festive Seasons programme and what goodies would be about, but with feet firmly on the ground this Saturday topping the bill were Guy Darrell & The Midnighters “plus that very popular group”!The Confederates. All for 6/- and a late bar to at least 11.45pm!!
Record spins were the feature of Sunday afternoon – 2.30pm – 5.00pm for a whole 2/- [10p in today’s money] Tuesday it was a “ Candlelight Rave” with prizes for the best female D.J. again at a discounted price of 2/-. Thursday was another of the Record Nights and this time it would have been Maidstone’s top jock – Steve Maxted and all for 2/- and it had to be over by 11.00pm – if I remember the last buses to either Ore/Hollington and Bexhill left from St Leonards before 10.30pm, so the last half hour was always quiet.
Radio was following a similar format as previous weeks, Saturday features would have included 10.00 Saturday Club with Manfred Mann: Herman’s Hermits: Mark Wynter: Transatlantics: Koobas and the Johnny Pearson Orchestra. Brian Matthew with records and comments. 12.30 and it would have been Jack Jackson with his own particular brand or record/comedy show. In the afternoon Bandstand features the Cory Band and at 7.30pm Home & Away from British Forces Broadcasting Berlin, featured Alan Haven & Tony Crombie.
Sunday was 10.30 Easy Beat and noon, 2 way family favourites BBC London & BFBS Cologne. Later in the afternoon Pick of The Pops with “fluff” and later in the evening Music from the Continent featured Cliff Richard and The Shadows.
Weekend Television, likewise followed a similar weekly schedule – Saturday afternoon was Grandstand. At 5.15pm Juke Box Jury with David Jacobs this week Lesley Longley, Mickey Most, Dakota Station & Johnny Tillotson. There followed the usual mix of Dr Who, The Munster’s, Dixon of Dock Green at 9.00pm Kathy Kirby Show with guests Tom Jones, Peter Gordeno and The Mercy Men. Sunday the schedule would have included Z Cars, The Lucy Show, Sooty & Dr Finlay’s Casebook.
No doubt the programme planners are keeping something for the festive weekend, which is now only 2 weeks away, I recall that we did have a dance at the old Falaise Hall for the Hastings College around this time on a Friday Night and the “cabaret” were “The Pretty Things” the main band were from memory Gordon Rider? I ended up taking my girlfriend for a meal in the middle of the nights entertainment , we went to the Star Restaurant in Claremont., used to be run at the time by the Antoni family. We did catch the “ cabaret” which was not what some of the staff had expected!
There we go another week has passed, and excitement grows so more to tell next week, until then you all take care of yourselves and start getting your pressies wrapped for Father Christmas to deliver on Christmas Eve.   Andre Palfrey-Martin © 2015

SMART 24 coffee meet report.


A great turn out for our last meet of 2015 which turned out very magical. Among the newbies this time were Martin Stringer, Martyn Baker, Jim and Allyson Breeds and Margaret Beckett. Martin Baker brought some great cuttings and photos of Before The Storm, The Roaring 80s, Missing Persons, Billy Whiz, The Teenbeats, The Breathers, Titch Turner’s Escalators, Salvation Sunday and loads more. He also had cuttings on The Graffiti Club which I had forgotten about but this was the name of the club underneath The Queens Hotel after it changed from ‘Emmas’. Anyone remember it?  Martin Stringer had with him some great photos of The Abysmal Sister and pre Ritz group photos which we are still trying to find out the name of the group. Jim and Allyson Breeds had with him some Decca 78’s from the 1930’s of The Hastings Municipal Orchestra. Unfortunately we were unable to play them but hope to get them copied across so we can hear them at a later date. He also had The Radio Times from 1972 and lots of rare early Beatles cuttings. Mick O’Dowd brought some Q Magazine photographic supplements which featured many iconic black & white photos. Margaret Beckett was asking everyone for hi res versions of some of the early photos and cuttings we have posted. This is for Archie’s forthcoming pier video.  Roger Carey had with him leaflets of Head On  Martin Casson Agency Pier gigs, Fusion Orchestra, The Kinks, Jon Hiseman Tempest, Wild Turkey, Quadrille, Steamhammer, press cutting of Pueblo and an autograph from the Hawkwind gig. Expecting it to be Lemmy’s but no it was the  exotic dancer Stacia signature!

Halfway through the proceedings we were very lucky that Martin Stringer agreed to treat us to some impressive magic and mentalist tricks. Further chat was about ELO, when John Bonham played Hastings Pier, interesting story from John Petri when he met Jimi Hendrix plus lots more. Anyone else have any other comments to add about interesting bits and stories you discussed then please do so.


Mick O’Dowd… Quite a “magical” SMART Meet this month. Those of you hardy souls who made it will know why. Interesting find from Jim & Allyson Breeds who brought along some 78’s of The Hastings Municipal Orchestra at The White Rock from 1926! None of the Smarties is old enought to remember this event although some might be feeling they were! Interesting afternoon and totally different to what’s been before. Nice to see our photographer is back from her holidays. Well done Alan as per usual. Take a break ’till next year now.

Jimmy Kent… Cheers Alan, enjoyed myself during the short time I was there. Next time I’ll make sure I can stay longer.

Allyson Breeds… It was fun. I think 😉

Andre Martin… Having seen the original 78s, they are a little bit of History of Hastings Music Scene circa 1930s, let hope that Jim will be able to get they digitally recorded so that we can keep copies in the Museum for future generation to hear.

Andy Qunta… Sounds great! Another fab time missed! 😉

Geoff Peckham… Wish I was there, too. Family duties prevailed again. Hopefully next time.

Chris Baker… What ever happened to Bob Shipway?

Jim Breeds… We had a great time meeting Facebook friends, some of them met in person for the first time. You can’t bottle this stuff, sadly! 🙂

The happy ballroom and more. 20th November 1965 by Andre Martin.

With less than six weeks to go until Christmas, there have been some moves in the direction of the return of popular music to the Happy Ballroom on Hastings Pier; we have reached Saturday 20th November 1965. Yes I have seen in the minutes of the Directors monthly Board Meeting that The Roy Tempest Agency has been in communications with the Pier Management to discuss the possibility of booking acts for the forthcoming 900th celebrations of the Battle of Hastings in October 1966. Also an organisation called Dale & Barton have booked 5 dates from 4th December to present BEAT DANCES in the ballroom – but I have no more information at this time. However there is nothing happening again this week in the Ballroom, but as mentioned last week there was life on the Pier.
Ready Steady Go this week had some good toons being delivered by Chris Andrews “ Yesterday Man” and “To Whom it may concern” : Gerry & the Pacemakers “ Walk hand in hand” : The Searchers “ Take Me for what I’m worth” The Who “ My Generation” also on the show this week were The Beat Stalkers, The Kinks and Keith Powell, Keith and Cathy pulling it all together to give us a good start to the weekend.
The Witch Doctor has reduced the number of bands being presented in the run up to the Festive Season, but quality is not being reduced with Saturday night featuring The Herd with support. The Record nights are as always very popular and kept at a reasonable cost. The highlight in the week was Steve Muscles Maxted who has taken over Thursday Nights and would be in situ for a few years to come, and at many venues in Hastings, such was his popularity – Steve was a great character, he was a showman, you never knew just what he would get up to next as we would find out over the months.
The BBC were slightly reducing the pop content to the schedules, could this be the impact of the Pirate Stations and their providing what the youngsters really wanted – that is something that we would all have our own views. The regular programmes were as good as ever Saturday 10.00 and it was Saturday Club with Gerry and the Pacemakers, Peter & Gordon, Dave Berry and the Cruisers, Susan Maughan, Acker Bilk and The Mike Cotton Sound, records and stories being provided by the ever popular Brian Matthew. Lunchtime it was another icon of broadcasting Jack Jackson with his cast of thousands. Later in the afternoon it was European Pop Jury followed by Music from the Movies, this week the featured artiste was Pat Boone. Later in the evening it was Home & Away from Munster thanks to BFBS/BBC bringing together families stationed in Germany on this week’s show Elkie Brooks, Migil 5 and Les Dawson.
Sunday – we have Easy Beat introduced by Keith Fordyce and featuring the Johnny Howard Band and “the best on disc”. Lunchtime 2 Way Family Favourites was a London & Cologne link up over the roast and pudding. Later Fluff was around with Pick of the Pops.
Television picks this weekend included Thank Your Lucky Stars from ATV Birmingham and included Jim Dale, Joe Brown, Frank Ifield, Lynn Holland, Bill J Kramer, Cleo Lane and Sounds Incorporated. The BBC was as ever in the hands of David Jacobs at 5.15 with his Hit or Miss selected by the guests from the entertainments world.
With Christmas just around the corner, we are waiting with interest just to see what is going to be on the schedules for the year, in those days we had to wait, not like today when the programme trails start months before the actual dates scheduled to be broadcast. Until next week, you all take care, and be good – Hah Hah!
Andre Palfrey-Martin ©2015

The Happy Ballroom and more… 13th November 1965 by Andre Martin

After a short break, here we are again with another session on the History of The Happy Ballroom – Hastings Pier; the date is Saturday 13th November 1965. I know that several people have been in touch with me because nothing has appeared for several weeks, and the big question was – Does Nothing Happen on the Pier? To some extent this is true with the Ballroom not functioning as we would have expected, on the other hand, it is perhaps incorrect for me to say that nothing happens on the Pier. I have spent some time in looking back in the local newspapers and the minutes of the Directors of the Pier Company [thanks to Hastings Museum and Steve Peak] and they do not really say anything about the Entertainments in THE BALLROOM, however when you look at the Pier as a business then it is working well and making a profit. The Bars, Cafes and Restaurants are all still open even in this out of season time, dancing does take place on a much limited level, with small events in either the Palm Court Café or the Restaurant. Plus there are the weekly dancing classes on at least 4 nights per week. Bingo is another popular entertainment and this is another good source of income for the company and an attraction for the patrons. Fishing, often overlooked, but again another good source of revenue and attraction for so many, with the spin-off to the Bars and Café, plus a regular income from the Toll Gate – this I think was 3d to enter, and in the better weather the Deck Chairs out in the fresh air! or in the solarium areas when not so pleasant. Also you could find, Ice cream, candy floss and rock, fortune telling, the speedboat and the penny arcades, many of which would make every effort to keep going at least at weekends until after Christmas and New Year. So here if you like is the evidence that something was happening!
Friday night would have started in the time honoured way with those of us lucky enough to have cable Television in the town, with a switch on about 6.30pm to “Ready Steady Go” on the show this week Marc Bolan “ The Wizzard”, Tom Jones “ Thunderball”, Nashville Teens “I Know how it feels to be Loved”, Wilson Pickett “ Don’t fight it” “In the Midnight Hour” hosted as ever with Cathy & Keith.
Over in Marine Court, The Witch Doctor having made a few changes was back on e similar footing, the Friday Evening “candlelit dance nights” had run their short time, and a new regular night had been established. On Saturday it was Davey Sands & the Essex, supported by Eastbourne’s The Defiants. Sunday afternoon record spin was back and the rest of the week was now given back to Record sessions, the one exception was that THURSDAY NIGHTS these were now no longer just record nights as the era of STEVE MAXTED HAD ARRIVED! He would be a regular fixture on Thursdays for many years to come.
The BBC was very much following the same schedules. Saturday on the LIGHT programme would have included 10.00 Saturday Club, this week Brian Matthew introduced Cleo Laine, The Four Pennies, The Moody Blues, Billy J Kramer with The Dakotas and The Johnny Howard Band. Later in the day, we had Jack Jackson and his record roundabout, Fanfayre with the same acts as previous. Music for the Movies has become an established part of the Saturday entertainments. In the evening from The Royal Albert Hall was the British Legion Festival of Remembrance in the presence of HM The Queen. The scene was described by Raymond Baxter.
There was a small change to the Sunday broadcast as Easy Beat was replaced with Remembrance Sunday from the Cenotaph and Family Favourites this week was a link with London and Cologne. Alan Freeman was along at 4.00pm in his usual slot with Pick of The Pops.
Television gave us Juke Box Jury with David Jacobs and this week’s Guests – Bill Kerr, Sandy Shaw, David Wigg and Muriel Young. Over on ATV “ Thank your Lucky Stars” with Winifred Atwell, Brian Poole & The Tremeloes, Carole Deane, Gerry & Thee Pacemakers, Kathy Kirby, Danny Williams and this week’s Host Jim Dale.
There we go for that week, many I know will also recall the Bonfire processions and parties, I have memories of being in Hollington in 1965 to such an event. With Christmas just a few weeks away things could be happening, we will have to wait and see. Until the next episode you all take care out there.
Andre Palfrey-Martin ©2015

Tony Rivers and The Castaways & The King Bees – Hastings Pier 31st Oct 1964. from Andre Martin

1505499_10203975422203929_2929402038774105994_n tony rivers

Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin…That has been a very busy weekend, with the prospect of Trick or Treat, the Bonfire Societies lighting up the skies in Sussex, and the Herring Festival in the Old Town. And so it was another very busy weekend in Hastings at The Pier Ballroom and around – The Date is Saturday 31st October 1964. The Happy Ballroom was presenting a group that would become well known to Hastings – Tony Rivers & The Castaways and in support the King Bees – another London group that have well known members over the years. Tony Rivers & The Castaways, were one of a breed of groups that during the 1960s, would work the length and breadth of the country, clubs, ballrooms, pubs & service bases, building up a regular following. The boys were based in London, and were well known for the close harmony numbers that featured in their act. There were several releases over the coming years, that although did not make high chart entries, they did provide a lot of fans with an excellent collections or covers and original material. This appearance on The Happy Ballroom was to be the first of the visits to the town and to other music venues. Tony and his outfit, have often been described as “ a groups, group” because of the following amongst musicians.
The King Bees did at one time have a certain Davie Bowie in their line up, but by the time they appeared on the Pier, he had left the group to move onto other outfits.This was to be the last “Young Peoples “group appearing in the Happy Ballroom on a Saturday Night for a while, as the Pier Management, had decided to move away from the Pop market and bring back “more romantic dancing & music provision “and this would be the policy from the end of November – but I can give you more details in the coming weeks.
I mentioned that this had been a busy weekend, and it started off with Friday Nights ITV – Ready Steady Go, and for 30th October, the programme would include –The Dixie Cups, The Kinks – “All Day and All Of The Night”, and Sugar Pie Desanto –“ I don’t Wanna Fuss” – presented by Keith Fordyce and Cathy McGowan. For many this would have been the start of Friday Night, because at the local College – HCFE – there was the Halloween Rave in the Gyms, and topping the bill: A Band Of Angels fronted by Mike d’Abo. In support were a Blues and R&B outfit called The Brood, with one Noel d’Abo on Bass – Mike and the boys had called at the Disc Jockey in the afternoon and had their photo taken for the press with owner Alan Jensen.
The Witch Doctor presented another great week of entertainment, Saturday it was the visit to St Leonards on – Lorraine Grey, Tony Dee and The Shakeouts and Ray Clevelands, plus records – all for 6/-. The Sunday Club, continued with Top R&B acts, this week it was Little Walter and Scotland’s top R&B outfit The Johnny Hudson Four. An extra special Thursday Night was planned with a 5th November Bonfire Rave – 1/6 – although at this time, there was no live flames in the club !!!!! and the week ended with Friday at the return of The Habit. Radio and Television were providing some good entertainment for us all, in addition to Radio Caroline and Radio 208, The Light Programme on Saturday had on offer – Saturday Club [10.00am] Brian Matthews introduced amongst others – The Dixie Cups, Sugar Pie Desanto, Tornados, The Federals and the Blue Aces. Saturday Swings [2.00pm] with Don Wardell presented The Searchers, Mark Wynter, Jackie Trent, The Petty Things, The Kestrells and Sheila Buxton. On the Sunday morning Easy Beat [10.30] it was Keith Fordyce and The Barron Knights, Freddie and The Dreamers, Julie Grant and The Johnny Howard Band. Later that afternoon 5.00pm would have been Top of the Pops with Alan Freeman. Television presented for us – Saturday Juke Box Jury with David Jacobs in the chair, and poised with hands of the bell or buzzer would have been Petula Clark, Marianne Faithfull, Stubby Keye and Don Wardell. Earlier in the week – David Jacobs had presented the week’s Top of the Pops on Thursday Evening – just in time to go either the The Teenage Dance or Twist Time on the Pier or the Thursday Record show at the Witch Doctor. A new chapter in the History of the Happy Ballroom is about to start……………………………………watch out for more details next week.     Andre Martin

Mick O’Dowd… Has anybody else noticed that the last 2 weeks on The Pier have both had bands connected with a certain Mr Bowie/Jones? The Konrads & The King Bees. Was he here at any of these. He didn’t appear here as Bowie, but….

Andre Martin… according to the write up on both these groups. he did not have any connections at the time of the appearances on Hastings Pier – it could simply be that these support bands we booked from the same agency

Mick Knights… I  saw Tony Rivers several times at the Witch Doctor and we’re my favourite live band at the time, their Beach Boys covers were spot on and the first band to my knowledge to perform good vibrations on stage.

Tony Rivers… Hi Mick, Good to know we were your fave band ‘live’, Hastings Pier and the Witchdoctor were great places to play.

Andre Martin… I would agree on that, great guy to work with, great band on stage.

The Veronica Story – Radio Station

12122952_1710588005840656_3368198257306522268_n 10462916_1710588512507272_555711274206250029_n


supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Mick O’Dowd… Found this at a boot sale. Vaguely remember Veronica. If I remember right it broadcast in Dutch during the day and English at night. Might be a connection with Radio North Sea Int. Anybody shed any light?

Martin Ritcher…

Peter Thomson… While living in Germany in the early ’90s we used to pick up a Dutch TV station called Veronica – and it carried that same logo. I recorded the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert on there (the BBC did not show it). I still have it on VHS cassette.

Kevin Carylon… Veronica broadcast legally after being closed down as a pirate. Radio Veronica was one of the first and last Dutch offshore pirates, closing in 1974. It was anchored just outside the Dutch Territorial Limit of three miles, Radio Caroline, Radio Northsea International and for a short time Radio Delmare broadcast near by. All except Caroline were forced to close in Aug ’74. (Pic shows RNI).


supplied by Kevin Carylon

Jim Breeds… Brilliant find. I remember Radio Veronica well.  RNI Facebook group here:

Alan Esdaile… This is the cd that Mick had with him at the SMART meet. Great find.


The Sinners – early 60’s and poster 25th Nov 1961

12006290_505701962920835_6424205864549160234_n-2 18609_10206791028956992_2346685233075642469_n

photo supplied by Len Smith – Eastbourne Bands From 1960 on and poster supplied by Colin Fox.

The Sinners – Laurie Brookman, Terry Richardson, Eddie Sargeant and Mike Sullivan.

Alan Esdaile… Was Langton House the same place that became Battle Memorial Hall?

Yvonne Cleland… Must be. I remember it as Langton Hall back then, having said that.

Jacqueline Marsh… Brilliant days

The Herd – Hastings Pier Sat 26th Sept 1964 by Andre Martin


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin…. Gosh another month has almost gone, and we are now Saturday 26th September 1964, and the Happy Ballroom, is moving into week TWO of this winter programme – all you can dance to for 5/- !
Looking at the Billing I see that headlining is The Herd and in support Brighton based Shelley. My immediate thoughts were, was this the same Herd that had Peter Frampton in the line up, but research tells me that he in fact did not join the group until 1966. This was the original group that he would join a little later. There is not much to tell, other than the group came from south London and had three record releases for Parlophone, that did not make much impact on the charts. However – supporting act Shelley – formerly known as The Sabres, were well known in the south and had made many visits to The Happy Ballroom over the years. Our Friday Night fix of music would be well covered by Ready Steady Go on Redifusion TV from Kingway, and this week would have included – -The Band of Angels, The Four, Gerry and the Pacemakers – “It’s Gonna Be Alright” Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders – “Um Um Um Um Um Um” , Little Eva , Little Walter. Interesting line up there with Mike d’Abo and the Band of Angels, who we booked several times for college dances, because of the family link with Hastings.
The Witch Doctor was buzzing with its 7 nights of entertainment, and on offer this week would have included: Saturday – The Shamrocks & The Profiles, Sunday – Soul Agents, Wednesday – Lee Castle & The Barons [scheduled to appear on Thank Your Lucky Stars the following night ] and to end the week on Friday The Beat Merchants.
Over the next few weeks, the Pier management will be reviewing the offer to the people of Hastings and we will see changes….but more about that later, it is still offering “ Longest Bar in Town “ and that bracing walk to and from the Happy Ballroom.                        Andre Martin

Joe Knight…love the record  ‘From The Underworld’ mum use to tell me to turn it off she said it sounded like some one had died!!! lol ;-

Mick O’Dowd… Great band & they spawned Peter Frampton.

SMART 22 coffee meet report


SMART 22 Coffee Meet Report. WOW!  Very busy afternoon and getting more people every time. It’s working out well with the big tables, so people can show their scrap books and albums etc. The chairs round the side are fine but as for the little tables! Always welcome any other ideas on how to arrange the room.

Among the newbies this time were Kendal Eaton,  Keith Day, and Andy Knight.  Everyone is excited about the Concert for St Michael’s on Sunday 6th September at The White Rock Theatre. Barry Taylor was plugging his Bare Faced Blues Festival at the Gecko Bar on Sunday 4th October which has been confirmed that Pete Brown will appear. Anyone that doesn’t know, Pete Brown was always considered as the 4th member of Cream and wrote the lyrics for White Room  and Sunshine Of Your Love among others. Colin Bell had with him a rare pass for the Samanthas soul club in London.  Mick O’Dowd had with him his pier cuttings and Nigel Ford had some photos he took at Hyde Park in 1971 of Humble Pie, Head Hands & Feet and Grand Funk Railroad.  More great photos of The Confederate from Peter Millington. Linda Day was talking about the album she has by Rollerball featuring Michael Baldry and produced by Terry Pack and Tony Bird. Three quarters of Factory were present and very pleased to see the page ad in this weeks Observer for the reunion gig on the 16th October.  Pete Prescott was showing some great photos of Five Bob Rocket. Roger Carey never fails to find some rare pieces and had with him leaflets and cuttings from Rumours  Club, Reading Festival, Marquee Club, Expandis play list and Vines Cross photo, Jukes photo 1983, A Minute Passed photo, Fender Hot Squad & Jon Hiseman at Bonners and A21 promo leaflet.  John Petri had photos of the bands Chain Reaction, Same Size and Stallion. Other talk was about bottle alley, 4A.M., Shaft, drum tuition, The Black Sheep (nice CD), Paul Wiseman, Battle Memorial Hall, Green Cardigan Festival, Mott The Hoople, Prog Rock Chart, 70‘s festival gigs, Jinks, Prinnys Club and Jim The Jolly Fish! This is just a small part of what I heard and can remember!  If you wish to add anything here that I missed then please do so.

Linda Day… It was good seeing lots of people attend

Mick O’Dowd… Seemed like a swarm of …. there were so many. Excellent meet. Nice to see so many new/old faces and fantastic talk .

Nigel Ford… My Hyde Park photos included “Magic Michael” on stage between bands. I seem to remember he was also at the Pier before Hawkwind. Head, Hands & Feet in ’71 preaching “peace & love” or similar when I saw them. Anyone remember him (in a long dress)?

Stuart Moir… Will try to do the next meet.

John Wilde… Very sorry to have not been present but we were preparing for that evenings gig at The Big Green Cardigan festival. Please may I ask a favour Alan, could I have a souvenier copy of this months mag? Expandis plays Flairz December 18th. See you at the next Smart meet.

John Wilde… Yes Nigel, Magic Michael was also fondly known as Jesus. He would always stand centre stage in the crowd either in a dress or baretop. He was at just about every festival I went to. Sadly rumour has it he passed away. RIP.

Tony Davis… Nice picture of the Stallion guys. Sorry I couldn’t make it but hope to see many of you at the St Michael’s gig tomorrow.

Tony Court-holmes… Phil with hair, my god.

Nigel Ford… Well I Googled Magic Michael and it seems he’s alive and kicking with his own Facebook page…

John Wilde… Well that is good news. Gawd bless Magic Michael.

Andy Qunta… Steve D. & Phil T. look almost like brothers in this photo!

Alan Esdaile… Please note the Stallion photo should be dated as 1976 not 1975. Thanks Phil Gill.

SMART Coffee Meet 22 – Friday 4th September 2015.


The next SMART coffee meet is Friday 4TH SEPTEMBER 2015 – 3.30pm till 6.00pm – The Seafront Room, White Rock Hotel.

Please bring any photos, cuttings, posters, records etc that would be interesting for others to see and please mention it to others.

New people are most welcome to join us.

Keith Forbes… and if you finish on time, you can get to the BGC festival…

Janette Clare Morfey… excellent!

Alan Esdaile… and later on the 4th September don’t forget the Big Green Cardigan Festival – Titus 18.30-19.00, Mick Bolton 20.00-20.20, Expandis 20.30-21.20 and others.

Mick O’Dowd… Oh come all ye faithfull!

Matt Thomas… Might pop down

Jimmy Kent… Hopefully see you there

Linda Day… See you there guys

Tony Davis… Sorry – won’t be able to make it this time folks. Sometimes work comes first – regretably

Mick O’Dowd… Remember it’s now to the left of reception & not in the bar as was.

Jim Breeds… A week too early for me – I keep missing ’em! One day! 🙂