Hastings Traditional Jazz Band – 1959?

photo credit unknown. Source: facebook West Marina to Hastings Pier

WMTHP… Were you a Hastings Trad Jazz fan in the 50s/60s? You may recognise some of these people on their way to play on the Pier. They were from the Hastings Traditional Jazz Club I believe? Hastings 1959

Mike Waghorne… Bit early for Min

Monica Bane… The Dolphin jazz band

Tony Court-holmes… my mum god rest her followed the jazz bands round Hastings

Caroline Moor… what a fantastic photograph……

Mike Vawdrey… With four clarinets and three trumpets/cornets visible plus the headgear I would guess this to a New Orleans style marching band perhaps made up from members of several different aggregations. Just a theory..

Carl Spencer… Pretty certain that’s Pete Treger with the beard on trumpet. Should also have had Chris Watford on clarinet, but none look like him. Neither does it look like Brian Hills, who dropped in to play from time to time.

Hi Fi Discotheque High Street Hastings – 23rd December 1967

John Gale… Hard to believe that existed when you see the size of the gap left there after the fire

Alan Esdaile… used to be packed in like sardines!

John Gale… so I hear,  just a bit before my time

Jon McCallion… It’s where it all started Alan as you would remember, I remember Fiona she invited me for the band.

Linda McGregor… It was nothing like a discotheque when I used to go ’76-’79

14 Days, Rock Museum, The Earthquake, Amalgamation, Shady Haze – December 1969



supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… (first) November 15th, 1969….. would this be one Rock Museum’s final gigs before splitting up? As for 14 Days…..enlighten me! I was just too young to see this gig.

Sarah Harvey… (second) Well if Rock Museum split at the end of 1969, New Years Eve 1969 surely must have been their final gig supporting Shady Haze? No idea……however, there they are again….14 Days (Fourteen Days). Amalgamation seem to have lasted the course to more recently with the founder member being the only remaining of the original line-up…..Frank (surname unknown). Apparently heralded from West Sussex.

Sarah Harvey… (third) The lead-up to Christmas 1969 on the Pier ….. the Amalgamation gig advertised for later on in the month and Rock Museum supporting The Earthquake just before Christmas …..and there they are again on Christmas Eve….Fourteen Days supporting St.Johns Wood.

Robert Searle… Rock Museum Laurie Cooksey first group?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Robert, Laurie was in Rock Museum. Left to right: Tony Carr(lead vocals), Terry Corder(bass guitar/vocals), Dave Gurr(lead guitar/vocals), Laurie Cooksey(drums/vocals).


Geoff Peckham… Not Laurie’s first group though. There were at least two before Rock Museum: Prohibition and Rael.

Who remembers J S Beeching Ltd and typewriters?

Fiona Evans… I do ! I think his daughter went to my old school,St Mary’s School,Baldslow.

Steve Fox… A seven day approval period? Who would have the balls to offer that nowadays?

Alan King… t’s OK the Money Shop and Cash Converters have both closed down

Jim Breeds… I still have my typewriter that I bought there. It struggles with emails these days though.

Who used to have an afghan coat?

Supplied by Alan King

Judie Struys… Mine smelt very goaty

Alan King… you had to pay extra for that

Judie Struys… I wish I’d gone for the cheaper option then. I bought mine from Priti Novelties in Eversfield Place. It was run by an Indian couple. The whole shop was redolent of patchouli oil and afghan goat.

Tony Court-holmes… miss mine

Diane Leigh… My sister had one had to keep it in the shed because of the smell

Christine Pachner… Boy did they smell !

Gerry Fortsch… That gets the memory working.

Mandy Wright… I loved that shop xx

Diane Knight… Used to wear mine to the Black Horse pub and my brother in law Eddy (the landlord)used to make me leave it outside the kitchen door

David Kent… I remember Eddy, was his surname Dunford? Loved the Black Horse – regular Sunday lunchtime haunt.

Phyllis Mendenhall… Cor I remember mine and it smelt really bad I couldn’t wear it

Dave Nattress… You bet. Kensington market special a White one with hardly any embroidery and also a cut down with no sleeves normal fawn or brown with loads of embroidery. Real weekend hippie stuff went well with the loon pants!

Jacqueline Marsh… Oh but the smell of them yuk

Mastins Castle Street Hastings – Toy Fair November 1965 and 1966

Who remembers Mastins?

Nicola Dobson… I do…went in there a lot and when young used to like Father Christmas and the decorated paths to get there

Steve Cooke… Remember Mastins very well. My grandparents both worked there, boarded there on the top floor in the men’s and women’s quarters. They met each other there, married, had two children and remained in Hastings all their lives.

Alan Esdaile… Remember a very impressive Christmas grotto and seeing Father Christmas with my sister.

Shaun Pont… I remember Father Christmas’s Grotto downstairs. Where Iceland is now?

Jane Hartley… The best grotto ever. My God mother worked in Mastins

Andy Davies… Childhood memories loved Mastins

Lynn Graham… A family friend was the manager in the sixties.

Graham Sherrington… such memories

Do you remember when Quality Street tins were this big?

Martin Richter… a tin would last until easter !

Jim Breeds… But not the chocolates.

Peter Fairless… Drums!

Dennis Torrance… Somewhat smaller now like chocolate bars but quite expensive as well

Ernest Ballard…  Used to end up with hard gold wrapped toffees in the bottom nobody wanted

Dennis Torrance… I would have had them lol

Chris Baker… Send them to me! I love them!

Lloyd Johnson… Reminds me of 1950s/60s Christmas’s

Andy Pilkington… Good times! brother bit into one of the purple ones and hazelnut had not been shelled chipped a tooth, they sent him £10 and another tin of QS

Alan Esdaile… I prefer Celebrations now.

Pauline Richards… Yes not so many toffees

Roger Simmonds…  I still have one full of odds and sods now!! I loved the fudge ones!

Jacquie Hinves… My favourites are the green triangles!

Martin Richter… boycott nestle. Mackintosh’s, originally? it does what it says on the tin ?

Brian Scales… Proper size, not the half size you get today

Stuart Moir… And it was full to the brim fiddling bastards rip people off today

Judy Atkinson… And tin, not plastic

Fiona Evans… A proper tin !!

Jeremy Peter Harrison… Yes, better quality than today not owned by a multinational company. Today’s small tubs are way cheaper in real terms however. This tin may have been a present for the whole family!

Roland Clarke… And now!

Steve Fox… You know it’s full of buttons!

Els Wilcox… No and I’m old lol.

Linda McGregor… More importantly, it was proper chocolate and they all tasted different, today, the chocolate is cheap and cheerful and I can barely taste the difference between them all. Or maybe it’s just me