Paul Simon in Sussex by Stuart Huggett – reprinted in Hastings Online Times.


In this article reprinted with the kind permission of The Stinger, Stuart Huggett recalls Paul Simon’s visit to Bexhill as a budding but unknown folk singer back in the 1960s.

Colin Norton… Great article!

Yvonne Cleland… Shared!  I remember going to see Paul Simon with a 50-piece band when Gracelands came out. One of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.

What memories do you have of the chip shop?

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Yvonne Cleland…  6 old pennies. Bag of chips from Western Road chippie. Heaven.

Pauline Richards… Local chip shop at hughenden rd. Used to give us a free bag of crackling. And the chip shop in old town on corner of high st.Clements church used to sell spam fritters. It’s a jewellery shop now.

Eugene Hughes… I so remember Vince (Vincenzo) giving me crackling. A real nice guy. Unless he was chasing us up the road for bad behavior. Is the Chinese chap still there. He bought it from Vince and they stayed in touch!

Pauline Richards… I had forgotten his name but can still remember his face

Peter Thomson… Always a tanner of chips as kids. When teenagers, there was a chippy round the back of the cricket ground used to do beano burgers. Burger and beans pressed between two slices of bread, dipped in batter and fried. Fartypops!

Keith Blizard… Fish and Chips outer wrapping being newspaper. My local chippie was in Whitefriars Road

Andy Pilkington… Good old Beano Burger,chippy in station rd

Allyson Breeds… Sod the chips. A bag of scraps for 2p.

Lloyd Johnson… I must be old everyone else is talking about a tanners worth of chips. My mates & I would get four pennies worth of chips from the fish and chip shop in Ore Village after Youth Club which was almost next door. This photo is wonderful just like us lot after club but we were a little more stylish with bumfreezer Jackets and winklepickers…

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What comic did you have, when you were a kid?

Julie Findlay-Jones… Twinkle my sister had Jackie

Angela Frances Gardner… Jackie as a teenager, Princess Tina as a youngster!

Jo Turner… Snap

Margaret Fletcher… I had Bunty

Kev Perry… Look in

Peter Brazier… Eagle, TV21, Valiant, Comando, War library, beano, Dandy, what ever I could get with the pocket money I had left after I’d got my Airfix, Frog or Revel model kit lol

Jim Breeds… Dandy, Beano, Tiger at various times, but I regularly had Eagle delivered. Also I was literally just sorting through some old stuff a few minutes ago and came across this. Who remembers TV Tornado? It’s the complete comic from July 1967 that for some reason I still have.

Jan Warren… Look in and Jackie as a teenager and Yogi Bears Own Weekly as a kid

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Bunty & Jackie

Jo Turner… Princess Tina 😊 and my sister had Jackie

Lucy Pappas… Bunty x

Arthur Sutherland… Where is Topper and Beezer

Lyn Humphrey… Ah, comics—now you’re talking my language! Main one was ‘Lion’, with favourite character being ‘Karl the Viking’. Brilliant artwork, that I found out later was by Don Lawrence, a noted artist (and two weeks too late, I discovered he lived 2 miles from my house!). Also had, at various times, the Victor, Eagle, and Beano. They don’t write ’em like that anymore!

Eric Harmer…  Penthouse

Barry Newton… I know you Eric, you only bought it for the pictures, lol

Paul Chapman… Sparky in the early days. But later warlord, eagle, battle picture weekly… commando library

John Sperni… 2000AD… Still got prog 1,2,3

Martin Ralph… Lol,me too. Up to 226

Will Cornell… Mad Magazine. Still laugh out loud thinking over their stuff.

Dennis Torrance… My favourite was The victor like the dandy and beano later got the century 21

Josie Lawson… I had Jackie and Judy which my mum got me…and sometimes read my sisters Bunty. I miss the comics. I used to enjoy which bubble of words should be read, working it out. I know I have seen in Waterstones when I could get out and about, books with a different type of comic. There is a name for these books but can’t remember.
Within the last few years, adult colouring books have taken the scene by storm so to speak. Yes, obviously someone came to their scenes and realised the relaxation with them, adults and children need to colour, but maybe someone should now come out with adult comic books similar to our childhood comics. Before seeing this, I have quite often mentioned this to friends. “Wish I could pick up a comic at the paper shop”…

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Sanyo Cassette Recorder – Plummers Hastings 1967

Alan Esdaile… Not cheap. Also if you look at the bottom of the ad, it says now open all day Wednesday. Do you remember shops used to close half day on a Wednesday?

Jim Breeds… Because the Grammar School closed on a Wednesday afternoon I think. And the school made up for it by having classes on Saturday morning? Have I remembered that correctly?

Peter Fairless… Yikes! I think we had one of them…

 Jane Warren… I’ve still got one of these old tape recorders, still works …….. like most things from the “good old days” – built to last!!! – now everything is disposable, doesn’t last 5 minutes, no wonder the landfill sites are so full and people are so wasteful

Alan Parker… Me too. Eats batteries like nobody’s business

Terry Huggins…Early closing day varied from town to town, usually Tuesday. Wednesday or Thursday.

Joe Knight… Think the year was 65/67 left it on the back window of the car consul 375 in the summer and came back to one melted tape recorder, thank God the battery operated record player was on the floor still with the Album by Cream on it

Steve Reents…  Got one for my birthday one summer. Used it ALL the time to record myself and friends being goofy.

Derek Hall… I still have mine!

Dave Nattress… Wednesday half day closing – definitely remember that!! I had about 3 of cassette recorders similar to this Sanyo model – if I recall the first was a Phillips then one made by ITT – think they had a factory on Ponswood, not sure if they made these players there though, – mono of course? Then I had a later ITTmodel which was so-called Stereo. Used to take the later model to band practice – Damaris, Samisen etc. to learn the tracks at home. Difficult to get a half sensible live recording. Also I’m pretty sure I used them along in the car before I had the first tinny sounding cassette player actually fixed in the car.

Keith Cowper… I had one of those to record the music for the Hastleons shows when we rehearsed wth Bertie Crouch

Terry Huggins… I worked at ITT in the 70s and at that time the cassette mechanisms were made and tested somewhere else and then installed and wired into music centres at Ponswood. The ITT factory was huge. It was where Screwfix is now and extended all the way down the hill. It also went back quite a long way towards Battle Road as well.

Supersound Amps – made by Alan Wootton in Hastings


Alan Wootton 1963

Pete Fisher… amazing…never knew this was on my doorstep! thanks Alan for posting!!

Cliff Wootton… We are interested to know of anyone who might have used the amps or guitars in bands or worked on them. I remember seeing a band playing at the ABC cinema in the mid 60’s and I’m pretty sure at least one of the band was playing a Supersound guitar (Red body + black scratch plate probably). Around the time these amps were being made, Dee-Day White (well known Hasting celebrity) worked in the factory when he was about 17.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone help Cliff with this? I know Cliff Richard and Helen Shapiro appeared at the ABC but is anything documented on other groups that played?

Cliff Wootton… I think this was a local band playing at the ABC Minors one saturday morning. It is possible it was the GT Strokers because somehow we ended up with their drum kit in our music room. Dad must have bought it off them. I recognised one of the band members names (Tony) and they might have worked at the factory so there’s a possible connection there which explains how he got the drums. I know we’ll never piece everything together but the forensic chase and the Sherlock Holmes deductive process is kind of fun.

Tony Davis… If my memory serves me well, and there are no guarantees on that, I think when Bill Fury played the ABC in Hastings he was backed by the Tornados who also played a set of their own. Any chance this could be where the Supersound guitar was seen.

Cliff Wootton… It is possible Tony. I can’t be completely certain about the dates but I know I went to the ABC Minors on my own from about age 12. Give or take a year or so which would place it around 1965-67 although it could be as early as 1964.

Andy Webster… Yes indeed Tony Lambert did work for Supersound. He was the singer in G T Strokers. I also had a 15watt valve amp made by them . Our bassist had a guitar made by them also.  Good old days !

Nick Prince… Tony is right. Billy Fury did play at the ABC, Hastings. Another big name for the time that appeared there was Mark Wynter. I’ll have to hook out my ABC file. I’m certain that the ABC had four big concerts around this time and Mark Wynter was just a support act. The Vernon’s Girls also supported two of the concerts and they had some minor hits, the one that comes to mind is, The Roaring Twenties. I will at some point post all four ads together, showing all acts with support.

Martyn Baker… Fascinating story of “the Woottons”. I never knew!

Tony Lambert… Cliff was a only a lad when I worked with Alan Wootton at Supersound, as a tool maker /general dogsbody. I think I swopped my old Ryetoffs drum kit for something with Alan. I did recover the kit in Fablon to make it more attractive but it still sounded like crap…but good enough to start with. Alan also gave me a  new Supersound Bass guitar which was very nice of him but I don’t know what happened to it, maybe that was the swop? Paul Freeman had his own Ludvig ?  drum set in the GTS.

Cliff Wootton… I have a picture of me sitting behind the kit somewhere. I’ll try and look it out. Interesting to trace another bass. I’ll add that to the list.



What fact at school, that was proved to be wrong?

Carol Ann Bolton…. Robert the Bruce was a good guy!

Joe Knight… Spent to much time watching Spiders in Cave

Jim Breeds… That algebra would be essential in our day to day lives!

Terry Huggins… I use algebra all the time. Have I got time to cross the X wide road before yonder truck traveling at Y mph flattens me? It also helps when trying to remember formula such as Ohm’s law: V=IR.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… ..and Logarithms!! The only time I ever used them was during an exam to get into the WRAF!

Eric Peckham… Logarithms. My God, they cause me SO much trouble.

Jim Breeds… I still have my “log book” somewhere. Antilogarithms for me!

Reg Wood… You won’t learn anything behind the bike shed

Terry Huggins… The existence of God

Paul Crimin… The Giza pyramid was the tomb of pharaoh Khufu, and that it is 4,000 years old. Wrong!

Tom Hodkin… You won’t always have a calculator with you !!!!

Paul Redfearn… That you can trust a government?

Mike Guy… Really, they taught you that? I thought that history shows the opposite.

Yvonne Cleland… That the inside of the world was completely molten.

Jim Breeds…  Like a Creme Egg!

Mike Guy… That brain cells are fixed, but now we know that there is plasticity.

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Remember having long hair?

source: The College Of Rock and Roll Knowledge Facebook page.

Suggested post by Pete Fisher

Pete Fisher… this reminded me of my days at Hastings Grammar School (1966-73)…

Terry Huggins… I was banned from the sweet shop for having long hair and from the post office for having a black girlfriend.

Jim Breeds… No wonder you never posted any sweets to me!

Mick O’Dowd… When I was at Grammar School, the Head (Mr Henshall) came up behind me and said”Am I hurting you boy?” “No sir” says I “I should be i’m standing on your hair!” I went home and had a “crew cut”. He didn’t speak to me for weeks. My time 1961-65 so ha “Spider” Hyder as well!

Chris Meachen… I was a frequent victim of ‘chick’ henshall’s anti-hair policy, was once sent home to shave as well.. I’ve made up for it since….

Phil Gill… I was told by Sporty Bourne that he wouldn’t let me do games afternoons until I had a haircut, because it was in my eyes and dangerous. I didn’t want to do either games or have a haircut, so….result!

Tony Davis… Chick didn’t like the fact that i used to have a Beatles fringe (alright stop laughing) and said I looked like a girl. My time there was 1964 to 1968

Angela France Gardner… I remember my mother saying that you couldn’t tell who was a boy and who was a girl because of their long hair!

Martyn Baker… Myself, Chris Wood and Nick Ali were forced to wear hair-nets in metalwork classes, after Chris got his hair caught in the drilling machine. Ouch!

Chris Wood… I remember it well…. we all go sent to George who insisted that we all had a haircut….. except me, because as a result of the drill machine incident, I had a bald patch which I needed to cover up. I also remember Nick turning up in a granny style sequined hair net just to piss them off. Good days.

Pete Fisher… I remember people being quite ingenious in trying to slip under the Henshall radar…tucking their hair under the back of their collar, and wrapping it behind their ears, which resulted in a lot of helmet hairstyles…he got on my case pretty seriously and pulled me aside after I had actually had a haircut one morning and told me to get it cut again (while telling me I shouldn’t be wasting my time playing in a “decadent beat group”)…told my Dad, who went up to the school and had a word with him, and he left me alone after that…

Paul Sleet… I got sent to Court Hughes hairdressers in Queens Road by Henshaw the week after I had had a haircut. He paid for it, and my mother refused to pay him back! They did slaughter your hair, that’s for sure.

Chris Meachen…  I remember they had an instruction that anyone turning up in school uniform got short back & sides, no matter what they asked for…

Alan Esdaile… Had to have short back and sides at school, cut by Wally’s Hairdressers in St George’s Road. Once I left school determined to grow it as long as possible. The neighbourhood kids thought I was Catweazel. I remember when I worked in Stylus, the boss was always complaining my hair was too long and got his wife to cut it.

Lyn Humphrey… I can remember when I HAD hair!

Dave Nattress… Long hair – seriously guilty. After leaving school I just grew it and grew it, weekend hippie as I became. It was way past shoulder length eventually, fuzzy sideburns too, big Gold earring. Just to cap it off, the old Levi 501’s were split down the side-seams and had a piece of Green corduroy put in to make them flared – no flares of boot-cuts in those days!! I have some photo’s but they are so hideous – best one (or most hideous) was put on the fire-place many years ago to frighten the kids off from going too close to the fire – Yes an old, old gag, and not one of mine, but it works – just. I still have the old passport and photo from 46 years ago when I was 18, absolutely horrendous. I most certainly looked like a complete prat – first class!! Lynn, it was indeed nice to have hair, like you, I remember it well.