Who remembers playing marbles?

photo source: Joe Mabel

Eric Peckham… Lost all mine …

Eric Harmer… I played with ma balls from a very early age

Wendy Belton…  Still got all my original ones from Silverdale school days. (Although those at home would say I had lost them all!)

Glenn Piper… Couldn’t afford marbles when I was a kid

Lloyd Johnson… No bottle washers or clay bunkers !……anyone know what I’m talking about?

Eric Harmer… No

Lloyd Johnson… ….bottle washers were glass balls the size of marbles that were used in the necks pop bottles and were still around in the 50s the same as clay bunkers which were used in ginger beer clay fired bottles.Some kids would try and join in games of marbles at junior school.We always said not bottle washers or Clay bunkers before each game…

Alan Esdaile… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tC1auBpqZ4E

Jacqueline Marsh… Always loved this song, first heard it in Spain played on a trumpet, brought goose bumps all over, fabulous thanks for posting

Lloyd Johnson… What about me clay bunkers and bottle washers?…cheap marbles…

Roger Simmonds… I remember well!!


Canterbury Tales plus The Suspect – Hastings Pier 4th January 1969



source & info: Kent MusicBiz

Mark Dean Ellen, Bernie Hagley, Nigel Gilchrist and John Wheels. Trevor Horn(Buggles/Yes) joined Canterbury Tales later when Bernie left. 

John Warner… I see my old mate Dave Sutch up there at number 3. We became friendly in the late 60’s when he lived at Pinner. Sad loss when he died.

Cliff Richard & The Shadows – ABC Cinema Hastings – 27th March 1963

280613-044 1002779_10200694629786169_1495986594_n

supplied by Nick Prince Collection

280613 046

 supplied by….Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

cliff 1962 cliff

supplied by Tony Davis – gig list including Hastings inside the cd.

Phil Gill….I was there, aged 6. It was the most awesome thing I’d ever seen. Better even than when my dad’s shotgun exploded and knocked him flat on his back, which was the most awesome thing I’d seen up to then. Eight weeks short of my seventh birthday then. Used to have my copy of the programme, not sure if I do now though.

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The Flirts – Calvert Youth Club and Hastings Pier 4th Dec 1965

flirts photo

flirt photo2


flirts card


supplied by Brian Wood, ad supplied by Andre Martin

Brian Wood… Singer – Michael Wheeler, Acoustic Guitarist (back left) – Paul Wiseman, Drummer – Steve Demetri, other Guitarist – Brian Wood. The group formed in 1965 and performed all over the country including Hastings Pier 1965. The photos were taken at Calvert Youth Club, Calvert Road, Hastings, where we practiced. Also practiced and gigged at The Ambassador Restaurant on the corner of West Street, Old Town, Hastings, which Steve’s dad owned. I now live in Hailsham and it would be good to catch up with everyone.

Linda Day… I used to see this group at Calvert I went out with Brian Wood and Paul Wiseman omg. I think im in the photo but not sure.

Mick O’Dowd… Deep Purple used to practise here as well and also at All Saints Church Hall.

Peter Millington… Love it – A PA the size of a handbag – those were the days! Don’t remember the pier gig, probably playing elsewhere with the Confederates.

Bertie Wiseman… showing my dad this now.

Alan Esdaile… I remember playing keyboards with one of Paul’s bands at Calvert Youth Club. One of the tracks I remember playing was Brenton Wood’s gimme a little sign.

Anton Hack… what’s the calvert?

Linda Day… Its a church hall in mount pleasant rd its still there

Jan Colley… Used to know them, & used to watch them with my friend Vanessa 😉

John Wilde… Wow

Johng Davis… Remember going there only lived 5 doors away

Who remembers having an outside toilets as a kid?

Darren Holmes…. 58 Blackman Avenue!!!

Virginia Davis… That looks like my great grandparents house. Spiders as well !!!!!

Sandie Carlyon… My dads house. Just like Steptoes loo.

Nick Prince…..

Jan Warren… Aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh, the “torture” paper?! – well, it was either that or newspaper, hahaha, happy days!!

Mark Asseenontv Scutchings-Stevens… With most of it on your fingernails…….

Chris Meachen… We lived in a house with an outside loo, much like the above until I was 6.. I was always fascinated by the various coloured snails that inhabited the place. Was bloody cold in the winter, & you used a pot indoors unless you absolutely had to go outside…

Paul Morfey… My grannys house in Brede, makes me think how things have changed and how few realise!!

Paul Huggett… Yup, Romney Marsh in the 50s. We had no electricity, mains water only arrived in about ’56, and no dustbin collections; a dry pond near the house (much of which was built from asbestos, by the way!) had all the tin cans, bottles, batteries for the radio etc chucked in.

Joe Knight… Stopped all your fears of spiders 😂😂 Also the expression (DON’T FORGET TO PULL THE CHAIN )😂😂

Pete Prescott… The cold seat in winter. It was like sitting on ice. All I remember is shivering. I was very young and petrified of going to the outside loo. My father caught me having a wee out of the back door when I was five. He was very understanding. Such a lovely man. He knocked the wall down and made an entrance from the kitchen and then bricked up the outer doorway. It was then an INSIDE loo ! There’s “posh”

Alan Esdaile… My dad also did the same Pete and knocked through and blocked up outside. A lot less spiders, snails and woodlice.

Pete Prescott… I used to use the toilet paper to trace the maps I was obsessed with. My school books were full of maps and (izel?) Paper. Terrible toilet paper.

Keith Cowper… Oh yeah! Done all of them !!!!

Heather Smith… my gran used to have one

Glenn Piper… We had an outdoor loo until I was 4. Then we moved and not only did the new house have an indoor loo, but luxury of luxury it also had a bathroom. Until then we’d had to use a tin bath in front of the fire.

Joe Knight… Or the sink as a kid

Glenn Piper… oh yeah, I’d forgotten that one, but yes, now you mention it my decrepit memory has dredged up a memory 😂

Will Cornell… What do you mean “remember–outside–“? You mean in other parts of the world they have them INside? Why here in Texas USA I thought outside is the way it’s s’pose to be.

Wendy Weaver… We always had an inside loo but we visited people who had Elsans up the garden. We visited relatives in Somerset and they had a “double holer”. What luxury but they were still Elsans in an outhouse

Dave Nattress… I just remember the outside toilet in our terraced house in Bexhill it was attached to the house but you had to go outside and up the yard to get to it. As my Dad was a builder he soon knocked an opening through so we could access it from inside and blocked up the old door to it on the outside. He also put in a bathroom upstairs – total revolution this was, and I recall one of my Mum’s friends paying her 2 shillings or something like to come in on a Sunday night for a bath. Before that I truly remember the tin bath hanging on the wall outside. Moving on, then we had a back-boiler put in behind the coal fire in one room which gave limited heating and hot water for the cylinder upstairs. I also recall when we moved there a kitchen range I think it was called in the back room and coal fires or open hearths in 3 rooms downstairs and upstairs. Hence is why the average old terrace house has such large chimney stacks with typically 3/4 chimneys or flues each side of the party wall. Often then a separate stack serving the back of the house.

Alan Pepper… Yes me too at 91 Blackman Avenue. In between the shed and the coal ! Bloody freezing this time of the year. In the house the ice was INSIDE on the bedroom window.

Dave Nattress… Yes, Alan (Pepper), I remember ice on the inside of the windows too! Sort of moves on logically (to me) to the severe Winter of 1962/1963. I recall it well – I was 10 in March 1963. I have looked at the statistics on the web and it’s almost astonishing to find out how bad that Winter was. Whilst I think it all kicked off very late in 62, it was the New Year on that really suffered it.

Mick O’Dowd… Of course the off-shoot of these outsiders was often the “potty under the bed” for nightime relief!

Jane Saunders Jyoti… yes still had one back in 1979 – twas freezing in the winter

Do they still make peashooters – asks Eugene Hughes?

Eugene Hughes…Do they still make peashooters? 1d worth of split peas please mister

Jan Warren… and spud guns, mud pies, car inner-tubes for swimming and “tanks” made out of cotton reels, candle wax and elastic bands!! and those “Y” shaped bits of wood with a rubber band, what were they called?? my dad also used to make “stilts” and “sledges” out of wood!! – ohhhhhh what FUN we had!! – who needs feckin’ technology!! – its the ruination of childhood!!

Lloyd Johnson… Y= catapult…

Gerry Fortsch… Maybe some one should open a museum to show all these wonderful and cheap to make things that entertained us a few years ago.

Alan Esdaile… What did your mum say… You will shoot someones eye out with that

Dave Nattress… Bows and arrows – most I guess with rubber stickers on the ends, air-guns, sheaf knifes, not to mention young lads carrying around a plethora of fake guns of all sorts. You could get a Luger that looked pretty real!! Pea-shooters – great question Eugene. Chemistry sets!! Fireworks, bangers, rockets, all so easily available!! Blimey, when you think back!!

Alan Pepper… We enjoyed making bows and arrows over Church in the wood ! And tree camps of course. Then there were the games on the street stopping every now and then for the traffic . Ha ha !! Happy days eh….

Eugene Hughes… Hi Alan Pepper . Those were the days mate.

Mick O’Dowd… Fag cards & marbles( in the gutter!)sweet tobacco, Beech Nut chewing gum.

Chris Baker… Beech Nut chewing gum! Now there’s a blast from the past!

Eugene Hughes… What about the jars of Double Devon Cream And tea made from loose tea in a pot and the ciggy machines outside the shop and postage stamps and good ol Doctor Lee. Sitting on the edge of her desk, fag hanging out of her mouth. “how are you today love!”