Rye Secondary Modern School Skiffle Group 1956/57

All photos © Dave Muriel

Dave Muriel… Our skiffle group at Rye Secondary Modern School around 1956/57. Myself and Paul Wood, Robert Pinwell, Chick Holland and ?

John Gale… Excellent photos

Will Cornell… Question from across the Atlantic: is that kid playing a “tea chest” Bass? (over here we use washtubs in our “jug” bands).

Colin Bell… Yes he is Will, just about every early skiffle band had one

Ken Copsey… Lovely photos.

Paul Dove… Was that Chick Holland who was in the early Tremeloes? (Brian Poole and the Tremeleos)?

Jon McCallion… hi Paul, I think it is the same Chick Holland, remember seeing him at the Queens Head in the very late 60s as I remember he was a very talented guitarist and played Shadows stuff quite well.

Paul Dove… Hi Jon, thanks for that info I played with Chick Holland in a Shadows tribute band with drummer Jed Stone, in late 60s early 70s,  yes he was a brilliant guitarist 🎸 he also had a model plane shop in Hastings I remember.

Jon McCallion… he played with Jed Stacy Tim’s brother before he formed his Shadows tribute band.

John Wallbank… Paul, I can well remember Chick , he actually went to Bert Weedon , so he only learnt from the best…

Tylden Reed… Memories! I had forgotten about the group. The guitarist looks like David Wood? I was in the same class as some of them.