who remembers Smalltalk? – June 1979

Martyn Baker… Nope

Chapel gate green… The band was formerly Hung Drawn and Withered. Original material with a few covers.

Mick Booker – guitars + vocals
Keith Hackett – bass
Derek Mallion – vocals
Tim Hollamby – drums / percussion
Blair Loader – synths

Mouse Weston – mixing.
Nob Roberts – lighting.
Chris Butcher – everything else.

Members were in early bands such as: Essence (with Meps) – The Nerves – HDW. Dusty Miller was on drums in early days. Members moved on to: Gen Kiddies, 5 to 1, Shot 2 Bits. Good days – great gigs – original music. Played Hastings, Rye (Bob Press’ place), Wadhurst, Tun Wells, Badgers Mount, Marquee, Canterbury Uni plus anyone have more pics? I have the tapes