Ritz ABC Cinema, minors song and more


supplied by Samuel Freeman

Yvonne Cleland… fab

Andre Martin… That was a venue that should never have been sold off for a Supermarket – the trouble was in the late 60s people just did not go to the cinema as in earlier days, and some of these palaces just did not pay.

Philip Meston… I saw many films there, not to mention ABC Minors!

Peter Pursglove… I  think the video recorders did a lot to kill off the cinema sadly ,I used to love the cinema ,early sixties my half day off from hairdressing in Tower Road i used to scoot round and catch 3 shows he he i remember 6 cinema’s then ,2 in st leonards and 4 in hastings

Nick Prince…The ABC Ritz was profitable at the time of closure, as to was the Orion. Although you are quite right, in general, cinema attendences were falling.

Dennis Torrance… Were all palls together last film on abc le mons steve McQueen I think went there most weeks to see a film with my parents during the week. The organ that came up in the stage there the badges 3d each ice poles and the talent shows.

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Samisen – Felix

Sarah Harvey…This Samisen song is called ‘Felix’. The recording is from 1976. It was first played at the Carlisle gig where we were supporting Felix and was written in tribute (a.k.a. mickey-take) of their complicated and off-the-wall music. We wrote this song all in good humour in our more mischievous days and when we played it at the gig the members of Felix told us they thought it was really good. Felix were, and still are a great bunch of guys and took it in all good humour.

Wendy Weaver… Nice presentation How you have all changed 😈😈😁x

Pete Fisher.. excellent drumming Bernard Jeffery!

What is your favourite Bob Dylan track?


photo Bob Dylan Gospel Tour 1980 Jean-Luc Ourlin

Alan Esdaile… Loads but probably “Like A Rolling Stone”.

Sheila Maile… The times they are a’changing

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Knocking on heaven’s door

Nicola Dobson… Brilliant

Steve Sampson… A Hard Rains Gonna Fall

Clifford Rose… Mine is If You See Her, Say Hello – from the great album Blood On The Tracks.

Alan Pepper… It’s got to be ‘ Positively 4th Street ‘ for me . Such anger in that voice in the mid sixties. So pleased that he received the award !

Chris Wilson… Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands

Eric Harmer… Bob the builder or Spanish Harlem incident ( only jokin about bob the builder, I think that was bob Seger)