Time Machine – memories of the soul band by Stuart Moir

Stuart Moir… I spent 6 years of my life singing lead vocals with a fabulous 12 piece line up called “Time Machine” , our speciality was soul music with a 4 piece brass section, male and female lead vocals, 2 backing vocals, keyboard, lead guitar bass and drums, we packed out Falaise Hall before it became a gym, it was a sad time when the lead guitarist suddenly passed away and the life and of course soul disappeared for ever.

Andy Qunta… Impressive line-up! Wish I could have seen you guys!

Stuart Moir… It was a really powerful brass section driven by bass and drums, I loved every minute singing with the guys .

Robert Searle… I played with you in Suspects at Falaise Hall Stuart.What was the name of the guitarist you mentioned?

Terry Pack… I depped with the band a few times, at Hellingly(?) and Something Cross.

Len Smith… Stuart am I correct in thinking during this period you reduced from 12 and renamed Big Bang before Trevor Pitson passed away?

Jenny Tyler… I saw Time Machine at Falaise Hall, they were brilliant. I think I saw yhem at The Star Inn at Normans Bay. X

Mick O’Dowd… Saw you at Falaise Hall Stuart. Was going to see Bob Geldof at The White Rock but he cancelled at last minute. You totally blew me away. Especially liked the brass appearing from behind with the Soul Finger intro. Fantabidosi!

Stuart Moir… It was a powerful line up Pete Shaw was bass guitar and I catch up him occasionally when he plays the Queens Head Icklesham. And yes your right Len we reverted to 10 when Trevor passed away .

Harry Randall… Who was in the line up?

Mike Raxworthy… I have an album! Great band!

Eric Burgess… Came to a couple of your gigs. Fabulous sound! Big line up. Shame it had to end!

Stuart Moir… Trevor Pitson lead guitar, Peter Shaw bass, Kevin Stokes on keyboard, Stefan Grimmett on drums, Steven McEntire trombone, Chris and Bob trumpets, can’t remember the sax players name, he is a friend of guys on trumpet, female lead vocal and backing vocals and yours truly on male lead vocals, I loved every minute of performing with these guys

Ian Mitchell… Was you also with Jinks or Centre Page many, many years ago. Mr Ind Coope?

Stuart Moir… Not Jinks but was part of Centre Page for many years Ian, brilliant vocals covering 4 Seasons and Beach Boys songs etc

Tim Pitson… Did anyone here know Trevor Pitson?

Stuart Moir… Trevor Pitson was Time Machine lead guitar.

Soul XPress – The Yelton Hotel – December 1993


supplied by Barry French

Mick Allen sax, Den Wootton drums, Mandie “B” vocals, Nick ?? vocals, Len Benton (out of shot) bass and Barry French guitar.

Barry French… Can anyone confirm the name of the male singer Nick ???? A northern lad with a huge voice. I can’t remember his surname, he only played a few gigs then moved back north.  I’m pretty certain that this was Mandie’s & Nick’s first gig with the band.

Mandie B… I think I can answer that, the male vocalist in Soul X press back then was the fabulous Nick More. Thanks Barry French for putting up with me and thanks for the picture. XX

Tich Turner new CD single from his band HiFi Sneakers – Hypnotic

Gerry Fortsch… Yea It’s certainly Hypnotic, well done Tich.

Robert Searle… Great stuff Tich.

Dave Nattress… A great sound overall. Tich, just one of many of the slightly older rock legends of Hastings has still got it.

Tich Turner… Thanks fellas, I rather like the diplomatic way you phrased that Dave!