Fred Dinenage to leave ITV Meridian at Christmas

photo © itv

After nearly four decades, one of ITV’s longest serving regional news anchors, Fred Dinenage is to leave ITV News Meridian at Christmas. more details

Matt Thomas… End of an era, I think he has been on tv throughout my whole life. First remember him in HOW.

Karen Sweatman… and now I have the HOW theme song in my head

Julie Findlay-jones… Devastated end of an era he’ll be missed.

Pete Prescott… He was an “old boy” at my school St Johns in Sittingbourne. He visited once.

Peter Fairless… How?

Sheila Maile… I remember seeing him on TV back in 60s.while I was waiting to go to a Brownie meeting .I was around 10 yrs old

Barry Upton… Love him part of a lot of peoples lives

Tony May… Fred is a real legend! I will be so sad to see him go but wish him all the best in his (I presume) retirement. THANK YOU FRED – you definitely did us proud and showed us ‘How’!

Andrew Clifton… I remember Fred in the television series called How! God showing my age.

Shelley Hyland… I will miss Fred on Meridian TV. Bless him, I hope he gets a good rest and wish him and his family the best of everything. He deserves it. Thank you Fred.

John Mcewen… Will miss him.

Yvonne Cleland… Who remembers ‘HOW’?

Julian Deeprose… “Sun bed Fred”, will be sorely missed, a real broadcasting legend

Andy Qunta… Great memories of him!

Phil Scott… Fred’s an Institution, Take it Easy Fred, Enjoy the Break

Lynn Praid… Part of my childhood HOW x

Paul Huggett… I believe he has actually been part of the news team for even longer than 40 years. Legend!

Dennis Torrance… I first saw him as a child on How and a great presenter enjoy your retirement Fred .

Mick O’Dowd… Give him a wave! How many times has he signed of with that wave?

Janet Brophy… Lovely Man, I Remember Him On HOW, Sorry To See Him Go


Who remembers Jack Hargreaves asks Eugene Hughes

photo © Simon Baddeley

Val Shoesmith… Out of Town. How.

Steve Cooke… I used to love Out Of Town – spring starts to spring, the cuckoo starts to sing…

Geoff Peckham… Our playground version was, “Say what you will, school dinners make you ill…”

Mark Asseenontv Scutchings-Stevens… ………….. the countryside is still.

Eugene Hughes… Say what you will, the countryside is still. The only place where I could settle down.

Geoff Peckham… Troubles there are _ so much rarer…

Eugene Hughes… Out of town.

Nick Prince… Enthralling television…. He had a great laid back style of presenting

Gary Sykes… I think James May, the re-asembler is a chip of old jacks programe with a modern twist.

Pete Prescott… Every Sunday we would watch him. Am I dreaming or did he say (as he was cutting cheese with cheese wire ) “the Japanese used to creep up on English sentries in the jungle and use this to kill them…bastards”. Anyone remember that. It seems unlikely thinking about it now. Sadly I still sing it in the car

Wendy Weaver… He probably did and they did .

Mark Asseenontv Scutchings-Stevens…. I though it was on Friday evenings, in the Gosport catchment area

Nick Prince… It was Friday evenings after Day By Day/Scene South East from Dover in Hastings area. Think it was followed by Mind Your Language/ Muppet Show and such like. Sunday’s toward end of Southerns days

Mark Praid… “Say what you will, school dinners make you ill, all the teachers died of Shepherd’s Pie.” I remember Olli Kite sometimes on as his fishing buddy. Jack was also a bigwig on the board of Southern Television. Shame they changed Max Bygraves to swirling Guitars and Harps when the Theme tune was changed. So slow…..I aways thought those Shire Horses wouldn’t make it to the end of the field!

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