Modes-Mode plus St John’s Wood – Hastings Pier 2nd November 1968

Modes Mode


photo supplied by Amanda Hawkings, ad supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey…¬†November 2nd, 1968. No information regarding this group….anyone else?

Mick O’Dowd…¬†New one on me perhaps St Johns Wood members might remember.

Ray Harper…¬† Saw Modes Mode at The Continental more than once and Eastbourne Town Hall. They played blues and soul music in particular Curtis Mayfield. I thought they were from Brighton but they are not listed on Brightonbeat .com site. Great band though.

Amanda Hawkings…¬†The drummer in Modes Mode was my cousin Clifford Grensted. The manager was my uncle Brian Grensted. ¬†They were based ¬†in the London area.¬†The photo was taken in Stanmore, I believe.

Mike Mitchell…¬†That’s a fabulous suit on the right there.

Lil Fuller…¬†Brian Grenstead ( “Mr.G”) was our neighbour in Stanmore ..we lost touch when we left for Australia in 1970.¬†He lived around the corner but our back garden ¬†in Tintagel Drive backed ¬†onto his… think He was Manager of ¬†Modes Mode then the late 60’s ??? He was always wonderful to our late Mum Sheila and Us Kids and we have ¬†many Happy Memories.¬†Fond Regards to His Family from Old Neighbours ¬†The Fuller’s ¬†… now in Adelaide …Down Under ¬†xx

Miriam Karlin, St John’s Wood, Chris Gentry – Hastings & St Leonards Charities Association – Hurst Court 27th September 1969

Remember Miriam Karlin¬†in The Rag Trade…

Pauline Richards…¬†Yes. Blowing a whistle shouting…..everybody out!!

Andre Martin…¬†This Chris Gentry bloke get about ‚Äď when I think of all the events that we were involved in at some point, and now the organisations just have gone.¬†The town is that much poorer and the young people missing out on so much. Just look at the admission price 2/- wow.

Mick O’Dowd…¬†Hurst Court has gone as well Andre/Chris/Marshall etc.etc.etc

St Johns Wood – 1969/1970

St. Johns Wood

supplied by Colin Fox

L to R: Ray Harper, Colin Pierce, Dave Shaw, Robin Sargent, Colin Fox and Rod Pittam sitting below.

Robert Searle….Nice one Colin

Andre Martin….Found this from my Hastings Pier Files


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Peter Millington…..I make the date as being 7th February 1970

Rob Sargent…¬†I remember the photo session, on the beach just below the Wish Tower. Hope you‚Äôre all still rocking and enjoying it as much as I am.

Lynne Norris…¬†I found this site accidentally and it triggered many memories of my teenage years and some really good music. I remember The Spooks and 4-Bidden well when they played upstairs at Club Continental. As a 16-year old, I absolutely adored Dave Shaw and I was beside myself when we moved to Burrow Down and Dave Shaw and his family lived just over the road from us at Den Hill. ¬†Dave had this big old tank of a car and he would give me a lift sometimes. ¬†I am pleased that he kept on rocking and am I sad to hear that he has passed away.

Precisely This, St Johns Wood & The Springbeats – 25th March 1967 Hastings Pier.

supplied by Colin Fox

Colin Fox… I don`t know if this has been posted before, but I played with St Johns Wood in the 60`s

Mick O’Dowd‚Ķ¬†Very nice find Colin. Anymore? ¬†Does anybody have any info/pics of Precisely This. Must say they are new to me.

Lynn Graham…¬†Yay the Springbeats. Woohoo.

Martin Richter… advert…¬†this is more like it!!

Delroy Williams Show, St Johns Wood & Chris Gentry Hastings Pier – 31st Dec 1968


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Mick O’Dowd‚Ķ excellent concert, highly underrated.

Alan Esdaile…¬†Managed Delroy in the 70’s, always puts on a great show and a really nice guy. Still going strong as part of Desmond Dekker’s Aces tribute.

Andre Martin…¬†Remember the night well, unfortunatly not a very big crowd, so the ballroom was a little chilly even with the Gas fires working. Good programme and headliners were excellent.

Pete Fairless…¬†What did Chris Gentry show, we wonder?

Andre Martin…¬†Now that would be telling.

Alan Esdaile…¬†style, flair, presentation skills and great music.