Conqueror’s Stone at Hastings Pier 13th April 1978.

Julie Findlay-jones… I knew there was a large stone in front of Hastings pier (late 1960s ISH) somebody on FB said I was wrong.

Peter Checksfield… My dad said you could still see the tooth marks from where William the Conqueror dined on the stone! A seven year-old me believed him!

Tim Moose Bruce… Where is the stone now?

Yvonne Cleland… used to pass this stone every morning and evening on the way to/from West St. Leonards Infants and Junior Schools! x

Kev Carleonis… Better where it is now.

Graham Sherrington… Where is it now?? as Tim asked.

Nick Bloomfield… I don’t know why I found this piece but at least I have an answer – even though it’s very, very late… The Conqueror’s stone is now back in St Leonards opposite the Royal Victoria Hotel…


The Healers – The Cobweb St Leonards – 6th April 1968

Mick Knights… These were good times to be a teenager, listen to great music in the early evening and later going as guests of the landlord of the Horse and Groom to the Grenadier Club For more adult entertainment!!

Mick O’Dowd… Please note the Deep Purple here was the Hastings branch with Tony Bird, Mac, Len Benton, Pete Horton ! The other Purple were still Episode Six on April 13th.

Pete Brazier… My Brother Paul was a Bouncer at The Cobweb (amongst other venues including the Pier at the time!)

Rock Night 4 – The Lost Boys and The Bombshells – Marina Pavilion 2nd April 1994


supplied by Pete Prescott

Alan Esdaile… Not sure if you went to see The Bombshells at this one Karen?

Karen Sweatman… To be honest I can’t remember. Saw them so often around that time both locally and used to travel to some venues in Kent too. Most times I was a wee bit tipsy! Becky used to pass the microphone to me and my mates to help with the backing vocals. She gave the microphone to me when they were playing a cover of Deep Purple’s ‘Burn’ and I went to sing the really long ‘Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrnn’ and accidentally burped! Very embarrassing, but the Carlisle seemed to enjoy!

Jackie Hersee gig list from 1965 and 1966 at Witch Doctor

Jackie Hersee gig list 1965 and 1966 at the Witch Doctor

11th June 1965 Dave Berry and The Cruisers (he didn’t turn up, only the group)

9th July 1965 The Plain & Fancy

14th Feb 1966  The Birds

19th Feb 1966 The Anteeks

26h Feb  1966 Tony Rivers & The Castaways

5th March 1966 The Mirage

11th March 1966 Ray Anton & The Peppermint Men

12th March 1966  Dean Ford & The Gaylords plus The Way

18th March 1966  A Band Of Angels, The Defiants, The Victors

25th March 1966  Trendsetters Ltd

2nd April 1966 The Herd

9th April  1966 The Mark Four

14th May 1966 The Mark Four

21st May 1966      The Cops ‘N Robbers

27th May 1966          X Four

28th May 1966   The Lonely Ones and The Washington DC’s

29th May 1966   The In Crowd and The Lonely Ones

4th June 1966         The Herd and The Clockwork Oranges

and The Pier Hastings

19th March 1966     Dave Berry

Mike Curtis… A Band of Angels, featuring Mike D’abo. And The Birds – Ronnie Wood was a member at one stage.

Andre Martin… What a venue, what great acts. Oh how it’s missed by a generation

Carrie Downing Waite Sawatzky… Loved The Witch Doctor

Trams and Trolleybuses in Hastings, St Leonards, Bexhill. Robert J Harley book 1905-1959

Supplied by Peter Ellingworth. All images © Robert J Harley


Roger Simmonds… Loved the old trolley buses!

Peter Ellingworth… I would strongly recommend Robert Harley’s book, it has an absolute wealth of detail and certainly filled me in on a lot – I bought mine while at the East Anglia Transport Museum just outside Lowestoft, on a day incidentally when Hastings T-Bus no.34, the last one to run in Hastings under its own power on June 1st 1959, was working. I would, if you don’t want to buy the book outright, as like a lot of these publications they mainly cater to a niche market for sad anoraks like me and are not cheap, Hastings Library may well have a copy or can obtain one through the inter-library request service for a small fee. Re. The photos : the last two were taken a couple of weeks before the end, and the one with Happy Harold on an enthusiasts’ tour in 1958. I believe in latter years the High St. was made traffic signal controlled one way working for buses, such as when this particular photo was taken. At the top of the High Street is I think, at least it still was the last time I passed that way, the one remaining street traction pole still used for a street light that used to support the overhead wiring going back to tramway days complete with finial. The other two are in the grounds of Silverhill depot, and are visible from the road. And a number of wall mounted rosettes to carry the span wire that supported the running wires are still around the town. Again these date from Tramway days. Many thanks for an excellent coffee meet Alan, good to see such a well supported turn out and looking forward to the next.


Broken Wheel Discotheque with Spangles Muldoon 27th March 1970.



photo source Muldoon in the Radio Northsea International studio in 1970. Photo from the ‘RNI-book’ published by Hit-Publications, Switzerland.

Nick Prince… Spangles Muldoon also had a very short period on Radio Luxembourg. Still didn’t we all. Lol. Chris Carey also worked on Radio North Sea International and Radio Nova. He died in 2008 following two massive strokes.

Mick O’Dowd… Wasn’t he a Caroline DJ? I think Andre might have info on that.

Andre Martin… Hi I promoted this at the Regent Hotel, we renamed this the Broken Wheel for a short while and Spangles who was real name Chris Carey, living in Cambridge at the time. Paul was also involved in this project. the advert is for the first night, I have to say that it did not pull too many punters. Another little piece of the Past. Mick – your quite right, we also did a couple of gigs for us at Bluies-Canterbury around the same time as this. He was ex Radio Caroline South.He ended up working for commercial radio in Ireland.


Priti Novelties – Seafront, St Leonards On Sea

photo supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Ian Cramp… Does anyone remember a shop on the seafront in St Leonards on Eversfield Place in the early 70’s that used to sell all sorts of weird an wonderful things such as cheesecloth shirts,
Afgan coats, josticks and all sorts of other paraphernalia

Camilla Lake…. Priti Novelties

Caz Simpson…  I do, I bought lots of things there. Was it called Pretty Novelties or Priti Novelties. The smell as you walked in was lovely. I think it was run by an Indian family. Ah memories

Ian Cramp… petunia oil I think…..

Caz Simpson… Of course! It was so popular then. I loved that shop, everything was affordable.

Jo Turner… and often sandalwood can smell it now mixed with the raw animal skins of the Afghan coats.

Judie Struys…  I bought an Afghan coat from there. It had fur all round including the hood. It smelt terribly goaty. Even patchouli oil couldn’t mask it.  I wish it was still open. I’d quite like a cheesecloth shirt.Remind me. Did it sell jeans and a brand name called Simon or something like that? Or have I made all that up?

Mandy Wright… I lived a few doors down from this shop and remember it well . There was another clothes shop next door ish?  omg ! Yes it was Simon, I can remember having t shirts ( with big collars) and ‘simon’ written on my left boob , well flat chest as it was then ,lol x

Angela Frances Gardner… Yes I used to buy loads of my clothes there in the 70s a great shop with a lovely Indian couple, it was at Eversfield Place near Warrior Square

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ITT Consumer Products (UK) Ltd, Theaklen Drive, St Leonards – Job Ad 1974 & 1978


Matt Thomas… My mum worked here

Alan Esdaile… notice the wages

Pauline Richards… And the part time hours ‘for women’

Cliff Wootton… I worked there from 1974 to 1978. Started on the factory floor and worked my way up to draughtsman, illustrator and tech pubs specialist. Happy days

Paul Morfey… Both me and my wife ( janette) worked at ITT in Hastings in the 70ts. That is where we met. We just celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary!

Pete Prescott… I worked there as a temp in 78. I was in the buying dept with Keith Garnsey.

Dave Nattress… Wages – and if I read it right, unequal rates for males/females doing the same job? Certainly though a major player ITT. I had several friends who worked there in different roles or who took different rolls to work, (ham, cheese and pickle and salmon and cucumber being well popular). Of the illustrations on the advert I’m sure many of us had their products. I actually had the radio, cassette player/recorder, (2 of them, used for band rehearsals), and my parents had , the music centre at one time albeit not the best HiFi. Another local name and employer long gone.

Peter Millington… My father Bob Millington worked there managing the Stores Dept. between about 1966 to about 1978. He also organised all the dances at the White Rock and the Queens Hotel, a busy chap!

Paul Bryant… My mother worked there for a short time,remember the Christmas party they used to throw for employees children

Ralph Town… See how repressed women were back then. Different wage rates for men and women. Terrible.

Jan Warren… I worked for British Radio Corporation, Beeching Road, Bexhill in 1971/72 they were soon taken over by ITT!! – I enjoyed working for BRC, lots of my schoolfriends were there, it was fun, nice atmosphere, happy days!!

Richard Johnstone… I worked there from 73 to 78 in production planning. We had 3 categories of production workers – high skilled males, low skilled males and females!  Doing different jobs – women on the component assembly lines, men (skilled) on testing and fault correction and men (low skilled) on jobs known as ‘hauling and mauling’. No overlap between the sexes

Peter Ulyatt… I worked there from 1963ish to 1979 when my wife, 3 kids and I emigrated to Australia. When I started it was known as KB (Kolster Brands). I started checking radios as they came off the assembly line. If they worked, I calibrated them ready for dispatch. If they didn’t work they got put on one side for a technician to fix it. A couple of years later I became one of those technicians. When ITT took it over, can’t remember when, I started working on TVs as a technician and worked up to being a Test Diagnostician. Then came the start of colour TV. A screen about 12 ” across In a massive cabinet full of valves. You needed an asbestos suit to work on them. Good days and a good company to work for.

Pete Prescott… I worked in the purchasing department for a month (temping) in early 78 with Keith Garnsey. amazing guy.

Terry Corder… My first job was there in 1968!

Harry Randall… Did you make it?

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Regal Theatre – St Leonards-On-Sea Eddie Calvert and Billy Cotton 1950’s

eddie eddie-calvert billy-cotton billy-cotton-record

adverts supplied by Nick Prince – Cinemas & Theatres Of East Sussex Facebook page.

Nick Prince…  Eddie Calvert was Monday 25th July, 1955 for entire week and Billy Cotton was Monday 8th August, 1955, for entire week. Some of the big names that appeared during the final year of the Regal, London Road, St Leonards. Just imagine who may have appeared there had it survived into the 1960’s Over the years the greatest stars of the era appeared on its stage, among them were Louis Armstrong, George Formby, Gracie Fields, Vera Lynn and Duke Ellington. The Regal closed on 8th September, 1956, when owned by ABC. It has dubious claim to fame of being the first cinema in the country to blame television for its closure. Ocean House now occupies the site.

Mick Knights… Now I do remember my folks taking me to see Eddie Calvert at the Regal, no idea how old I was, probably eight or so, which must also means he was the first ‘named’ artist I ever saw!!!!

Charles Bryant… Was interested to see where the old Regal theatre once was in Hastings (Ocean House) as I have just aquired from a local table sale, three old Regal programs from the 1950’s and was interesting to see that Morcambe & Wise appeared there in 1952.

Gordon Armstrong… Cliff Richard and the Shadows played at the Regal Cinema