The Bottle Alley Sound & Light Experience – St Leonards On Sea 28th September 2018

Sid Saunders… If you want some fun before the winter is upon us pop down to Bottle Alley tomorrow night for a wonderful sound and light experience. It runs from 7pm until 10pm.This is a free event but a bucket collection will be made to help recover some of the expense of the event.You can view it from the beach as it will be low tide but I think the pier would be better as the restaurant will be open for meals until 7pm, hot drinks until 9pm, the bar until 10pm and the chip shop will be serving until 9pm. You will also have the benefit of toilets on the pier. No rain is forecast but it will be cold so wrap up warm.
The organisers are also holding a photo competition in conjunction with the Hastings Observer that is open to all except professional photographers.
Take photos with your smartphone or camera then send your best one as a jpeg to quoting Bottle Alley photo competition, the Observer will judge the photos. The winning photo will be published in the paper and the winner will receive £50 cash plus a meal of their choice for four with the compliments of the pier company in the pier restaurant.
The revolutionary double deck promenade was built in the early 1930s by Sidney Little. It’s half a mile long stretching from Warrior Square to the pier with the rear walls on the lower deck are faced with glass from broken bottles hence the name Bottle Alley.

Peter Bonner Musical – Sedlescombe Road North Silverhill – early 80’s

Nastassja Kaschevsky… Bought my drumkit from there, and was still using it up to 2012!

Roy Penfold… I used to spend (far too) many hours in there dreaming – sadly my aspirations were not equalled by my income….sigh!

Sam Rosewell… I used to buy sheet music there

Joe Knight… Get back on it 😆you were great

Colin Fox… Bought my Yamaha SG2000 their when Eddie Sargent worked there.

Rick Bonner… Wow……great memory

Steve Thorpe…. Drums!

Ann Hohenkerk… Loved working there! I ran the Yamaha Music school in the evenings and worked in the shop during the day. Happy memories!

Chris Giles… I got my guitar from there …in 1973 still got it too..

Gez Donnelly… I got my first decent guitar from there. Used to rehearse upstairs.

Who remembers Mr Cherry’s?

Yvonne Cleland… That’s a yes from me.

Peter Fairless… Oh, yes!

Neil Cartwright… Remembers? Has it gone???

Andrew Freeman… Oh yes!

Peter Thomson… First place I ever tasted Fosters lager, on a warm summer evening. It was genuine Ozzy fair, imported and served from a tinny. Tasted ok but was significantly stronger than the artificial urine we get now. You want to know how bad it is? Try it at room temperature! This is CAMRA signing off…

Jim Breeds… Definitely!

Patrick Lewis… Quite a few happy nights there in the mid to late 70’s

Jim Breeds…  I think you might be right Pat.

Chris Giles… Yes I used to go there …it was a long walk but ok if you were going into scalliwags later

Alan Pepper… Was it opposite what is now AZUR ? I think we did go there 1977 en route to Scalliwags Fridays ‘back in the day’ !! When the Bee Gees ruled the decks . Get on down !

Alan Esdaile… Yes opposite Azur, Alan.

Jane Dorsett…  went to mr cherrys every weekend,in the mid 70s,then up Saturdays.

Diane Knight… Passed my college years in there !!!

Leigh Weiland-Boys… Loved it there – used to pop in lunch times when at College, and, like others, before going down Scallis

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Liquid Lunch – Joe Rytlewski & Martin Richter – Mr Cherrys


img627 img628 img670

photos supplied by Yvonne Cleland

Martin Richter…..I`ve still got those socks!! £7 a pair in the 80`s! burlingtons from ashleys and waxed doc marten raiders – from shelleys 🙂  nice pic of Bertie 🙂

Stuart Moir… Loved playing here, lots of years ago. The socks must have been a Christmas present.

Wesley Magoogan… Looks like in Harpers.

Joe Knight… Wow use to go there? But wouldn’t have reconised that crazy 😂old age 😂😂

Sandy Max…  I’d recognise Joe any time. .my ex used to be his drummer in the Pullbacks


The Happening Coffee Bar – Tony Blackburn St Leonards On Sea 17th July 1967

 Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

and John Wilde had this to say –

moved to St Leonards in 1966 with my parents. They bought number 8 Kings Rd and turned it into a coffee bar club, we made the basement look like a cave. We called it The Happening, Tony Blackburn opened it with a disco night. It was a popular hang out for a soul crowd, we had a great jukebox, an espresso machine and pintables. We even had bands play downstairs. Does anyone remember this place? Apparently it has reopened recently as The Kave Klub. by John Wilde

Gerry Fortsch… I gigged here in 1967 several times. Far out man

Mick O’Dowd… DJ’d here many a time. Also was with Deep Purple (Hastings) when they appeared. John Wilde’s dad owned it.

Scalliwags isn’t a pub or club – 24th May 1975

Matt Thomas… Scalliwags is a place where my sister used to come home from in a drunken mess and wake the whole household up lol

Josie Lawson… I never went to Scalliwags, but latter 60s worked for Brianne Reade SNR and Derek Reade in their Estate Agents. Scalliwags is still going strong with Kevin Burchett and Madeline Scalliwag Reade

Pete Millington… SPYKE played there on 28th May – Wow! Such a changed venue from the Regent Hotel Ballroom we used to play at.

Coral Pasqua… Had many a great night down there

6th June 1977

Kevin Burchett… I don’t remember that lol