2nd Bare Faced Blues Festival – Gecko Bar 4th Oct 2015.

Bare Faced Blues Festival




The 2nd Bare Faced Blues Festival will be held at the Gecko Bar on the 4th October 2015 in aid of St Michael’s Hospice.

Line up confirmed:  The Black Sheep (photo above), special guest Pete Brown, Roger Hubbard, Peter O’ Donnell & Mick Bolton, Blues Plus, Eddy Odel.

Contact Barry Taylor for more details: barry.taylor145@googlemail.com

Natasha Kaschevsky… Looking forward to taking some photos again, this year!

Barry Taylor… For some Years now,there has been a steady migration of Musicians, Writers and Artists,from London to areas like Hastings…which of course offers a varied and vibrant music scene. One of the recent arrivals is Pete Brown,poet,writer and performer.He is perhaps best known for his contribution,as lyricist,to 60s Supergroup CREAM.Petes writing resulted in rock-classics like “White Room”,”Politician” Sunshine Of Your Love” and many more. These songs launched Cream into a short but hectic career which made Eric Clapton,in particular, into a Global star. Pete also worked extensively with Cream bassist Jack Bruce,whose most memorable album was “Songs For A Tailor” in 1969,after the demise of Cream. Pete Brown makes a rare guest appearance at this Years BFBF in aid of St Michaels Hospice.The venue is Gecko Bar,St Leonards seafront, on Sunday 4th October, from 1.30pm.Admission is free,with a collection and sales of CDs+prints. Pete Brown will be accompanied by Jack Bruces son, Malcolm [keyboards] Headlining the Event will be The Black Sheep,plus Roger Hubbard, Peter ODonnell+Mick Bolton,Blues Plus and Eddy Odel.

Bare Faced Blues Festival playing times: Eddy Odel 1.30, Roger Hubbard 2.30, Blues Plus 3.30, Peter ODonnell+Mick Bolton 4.45, Pete Brown 6.15, The Black Sheep 7.15


The Scalliwags 40 years reunion video by Kevin Burchett.

Kevin Burchett…Madeline Joyce Morton & Kevin Burchett would like to thank all you Scalliwagers. We raised £2.574.39 for Hastings Lifeboat. Plus £80 cheque from The Alexandra Social Club Bexhill made out to the Lifeboat but was given to us to donate. So grand Total of £2.654.39. Think we should all be very proud. Hope you all had a fantastic night and have recovered. Kevin and I are getting there slowly lol. Who’s up for another one? Xx

John Wilde… Wide waistlines and grey hair.

Kino-Teatr Cinema Theatre St Leonards-On-Sea. Opening May 2015.

Thanks to Nick Prince for keeping us updated on this.


Soon to open KINO-TEATR is a state of the art facility, unique in its location and design, housing a main auditorium of around 100 seats with its own bar and an integrated (and separate) gallery, bar and restaurant. This new facility will be home to theatre performances, films, music, comedy, poetry and performance and events, as well as a range of educational opportunities for the residents of St Leonards and Hastings.

This new ‘arts centre’ connects directly to an existing and very successful gallery, The Baker Mamanova Gallery, which has been one of the drivers of regeneration and change in the Norman Road area over a number of years. Kino-Teatr is housed in one of the oldest surviving cinema buildings in the UK, built 4 years after the very first cinema in the country. This contributes to the space’s unique atmospheric quality, which is equally enhancing to the arts it presents and to audience experience.

In addition to the Kino-Teatr auditorium and bar and the Baker Mamonova Gallery, Kino-Teatr is opening an exciting new dining experience with their outstanding quality Kino-Teatr Restaurant due to open June 1st.


James Hunter Band – Masonic Hall St Leonards On Sea Fri 16th Jan 2015

james hunter

John Crouch was asking about details of this  gig, so have posted the poster.

Don’t forget we have a gig guide at the top left hand side of this page. By no means complete but I do post information that bands or venues send in or gigs I think people will be interested in.  This info is always subject to change so please always check with the venue to confirm the event.

Witch Doctor The Beginning – 50 years ago in 1964


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andy Qunta…..Wow! If he’s coming, I’m running the other way! 😉

Peter Pursglove….there was a witch doctor mask on this end of Marine Court ,above the furniture store ,inside was all black with log tables and pouffes black and white stripes ,one of the early clubs to have underfloor light panels on the dance floor. I had a great time working up there and made some great friends ,that was my introduction to night life and spent many years doing venues in Hastings ,in my opinion there was never anything that quite had it like the Witch Doctor ,people came from miles away to be there Happy Days.

Mick Knights….How to make you feel old, I remember the series of adverts, this one included, that appeared in the Observer prior to the opening, which I went to with a school chum, we were both fifteen, needless to say neither of us had seen anything quite like it before, in fact the DJ had to say several times that it was safe to dance on the coloured floor up lighters. Happy uncomplicated days indeed!

Alan Esdaile…..I can remember the lights in the floor and being amazed. Not sure if you should walk over them I think we ended up tiptoeing across the floor on the first visit!

Andre Martin…..It was a one-off as far as this town was concerned, and when it came in 1964 we really needed something, and this club filled the bill, like you I have many memories of the place over mainly 64-66 in so many ways.

10488095_10203188885020991_6224479277061988413_n 10509567_10203188885100993_7964341107343965726_n

Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin…..Here are a couple of other Witch Doctor trails from 50 years ago, the quality on one is poor due to the type bleed on the newsprint of the day – more memories for you.

Peter Pursglove…..I used to go up there during the day Alan with my old friend Steve Crump RIP who was the bar manager and cleaner those panels were glass and bloody thick . john Sutherland who was electrician up there then used to change the coloured bulbs.