David Kenny Sussex Ltd Bexhill Road – caravans.

remember him at Combe Haven?

Phil Gill… He wasn’t living in a caravan when I went to college with his daughter Clare. They lived in Westfield Place by then and he drove a Jensen Interceptor.

Martin Richter… how much?

Andy Knight… I worked hard as a bottle boy so he could buy the DK1 plate for the car

Moya Wilson… My Dad. Andy, it was DK 50

Andy Knight… Don’t get me wrong Moya I enjoyed every minute and met some interesting people, including Ken!!

Colin Jefferys…. I doubt he actually lived in a caravan

Moya Wilson… He did actually

Jim Bowen, David Kenny & Joe ‘Mr Piano’ Henderson – Combe Haven 1976

Julian Deeprose… Remember Dave Kenny roaring around in his Jensen Interceptor registration DK50

Simon Fraser… I used to be one of the photographers there. Also a bingo caller.

Patricia Burgess… Met my husband there in 63 when he played with the Talismen

2nd August 1969 – The Late Hastings Pier and Toast at The Cobweb



supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… A choice of music on this day in 1969. The Late on the Pier and Toast at the Cobweb.

Andre Martin… The Road, were a local Band but I have no knowledge or memories of the Go Go Dancers on the Thursday Night. I cannot think why anybody would try and run against such a strong show at that with Steve Maxted at the Cobweb, it does not make any business logic.

Nicola Dobson… These were my years at the Cobweb loved it there! Summer of 69 first summer out of school!

FM Disco & Pirate Disco with Mervin K (Merv Kennard) 1974 – 1976


img512 img510 img511 img513


supplied by Merv Kennard

(1) & (5) FM Disco – British Rail Club Warrior Square 1974, (2) Pirate Disco – The Kings Head Old Town 1976, (3) The Carlisle 1975, (4) Beckley Village Hall 1976.

Merv Kennard… White art work was done by a artist friend called Steve and cost me £5. Yellow signage I did myself.


Roger Hubbard – Kino Teatr – St Leonards 7th January 2017


Roger Hubbard returns to the Kino-Teatr after his sell out performance last year. Roger will be performing an acoustic set followed by a full band show with Richard Studholme on guitars/accordion/vocal, Jim Leverton on bass guitar/vocal and Luce Langridge on drums.

for tickets and more information http://www.kino-teatr.co.uk

Lorna… I have a signed ticket from this night attached to the programme of January 2017 of Kino Teatr. If anyone interested in this?

Harry Randall… My old school mate! Started out with him at Silverdale junior school both of us loving guitar

Nick Bloomfield… I was there in November 2017 and filmed him…

Witchdoctor Club – Tony Powell video, The Animals & The Who

Thanks to Lloyd Johnson for finding this. How Tony Powell became manager of the Witchdoctor.

Also a classic photo of ‘The Animals’  read the sign!


                                                                                                   Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

The Who at the Witchdoctor 4th August 1965

Mick Knights….The only face I can put a possitive ID to is still Colin Gilcrest (Mr. G) I recognise the first bloke looking mean and moody, but can’t think of a name. I’m pretty sure the girl dancing alone is Lill, but it was almost 50 years ago!!!!!

Gary Kinch….Alas, too young to see them in the 60’s although I do have a tenuous second hand link with the Witch Doctor during that period. My Dad was a Bouncer there, whether he was at this gig I don’t know without asking him. He would of hated the music though. He also worked at the Fiesta in a similar capacity during the 60’s…Anyway, one of my favourite bands and I’ve seen them a few times since. Sundowner in London, December 73 being a good ‘un. Mainly Quadrophenia (top 20 all time great albums IMO) with the odd Tommy track plus a couple of the older classics. The trip to this gig was organised by Hastings Students Union, at least one coach full of young reprobates went. Anyone else remember this outing?

Pete Fisher….saw them on the Pier, July 1969, and at the front it was so loud my vision started to blur, and I had to go out and grab some sea air, returning to stand further back. Moon threw out drumsticks at the end, and a mate from school won the scrum to get it, only because he was small and agile, and ran for his life out of the ballroom clutching his trophy, which he brought into school the next day! Only time rugby ever came in useful!

Mick O’Dowd….Thankfully most of us didn’t “Die before we get old!”

Iain Cobby… Hey Pete, I was there too in 69, July, the same evening man walked on the Moon (no pun intended).It was a Sunday Club gig, the first real gig I was allowed to go to. They were loud with an army of WEM and Marshall cabs all around the stage. They did the whole of Tommy if I recall,I then fell in love with wanting to play bass (what went wrong?) As waited for my dad to pick me up outside the entrance, Daltrey breezed past me. I cried out ” nice one Rog”…………….. he never even blinked. oh well.

Nick Prince… The Who video – wow!!

Ian Middleton… The day the Animals played, I think it was a Tuesday was the day that House of the Rising Sun topped the record charts and Eric Burdon complained during the gig that they were contracted to play there for £50 when they could have easily got £100 in London

Jackie Hersee… This is where I spent my time in the 60’s

Stephanie Blackledge… me too! Geno Washington. 1966?

Diane Leigh… Enjoyed listening

Gerry Fortsch… A great venue with some great memories apart from the dandruff highlighter as you went in.

Caz Simpson… This real took me back, thank you for posting! I remember him so well, a really lovely man. The Witchdoctor was my second home

Pete Fisher… Several sources quote 9 July 1964 as the day the Animals hit number one, but I found a list of gigs at the Witch Doctor which said this one was 12 August which was indeed a Wednesday. It also says admission was 8s/6d Mick, quite expensive as I’ve read that the price of a pint was around 2s/0d back then. BTW the BBC charts were a combination of the Record Retailer, Melody Maker, NME and other music magazine charts until 1969.

Richard Brimms… I remember it but I thought it was a Wednesday

David Edwards… And I thought Alan Price was the whinged in the band !

Mick Knights… I remember it being too expensive to go to on an apprentice’s weekly pittance!

Steve Maxted… So interesting, the Manchester man that Tony met with the American car would have been Paddy Mckiernan, a great character. I did a lot of shows for him, including at rhe Witch Doctor and Cobweb

Mark Mackenzie… Played drums for The New Breed three times in 67, great gigs

Andy Ives… That was very interesting thanks for posting. Tony used to be my neighbour

Judith Monk… Not only was I there but two of them including Eric stayed overnight at my house after the gig and I had breakfast with them!

John Warner… The second group to appear at the Witchdoctor. First one was the Nashville Teens!

Robert Valentine… Played there many times in my band The Clockwork Oranges in the sixties nice venue.

Lynda Whatley… What an interesting watch ! Remember dancing up the Witchdoctor in my youth

Nick Bloomfield… Great story from the man who was there. I didn’t get down until after this period but I know Steve Marriott played here a few times.

John Lee and The Groundhogs – Witch Doctor St Leonards On Sea 24th July 1965

cover: https://www.discogs.com

Tim Moose Bruce… Tony McPhee

Judith Monk… Just seeing the poster takes me straight back.

John Winch… I did the support (I think it was on this tour of his when he was alone) for John Lee in Brighton in the Wintergarden over the Aquarium. He had two bottles of whisky in the dressing room and had drunk at least half of one of them. While I was playing and halfway through a song, he came out onto the stage holding them both and put the half-finished one down in front of me, nearly fell over, and said, “…. you drink that , I’ve got the other one here, now let’s play something boy.” (Probably thought I was crap white boy trying to play the blues) He then went straight off into one of his rhythmic half hour Blues and left me to follow where I could. Lot of blues concerts in those days, I had a chance to do a bit with Sonny Terry and Brownie in Brighton and John Hammond Jnr: somewhere up country. Also played in the back room of a club in Brighton with Blind Gary Davis. Sadly, so I heard, someone ripped off his J200 that night back in London.

Who still has 78 rpm records? Hastings sleeves for sale on eBay.

Martin Richter… it’ll be jitter-bugging next!

Kev Towner… Yes, a few. Mostly comedy/music hall.

Judy Atkinson… I have some that we brought back from mother in law’s house, & a few favourites from my childhood (Abdul Abulbul Amir, Burl Ives singing the Owl & the Pussycat). Unfortunately my turntable can’t play them

Andy Ives… Yes a few Dean Martin some others and Red River Rock