Tangerine Slyde – The Cobweb 28th December 1968

Andre Martin… When the Witch Doctor was being changed into The Cobweb,for several weeks they used the Dolphin Ballroom to keep the punters happy but you see John Schofield and Strand Entertainments has just started with the Pier Ballroom.

John Warner… I was Manager of the Witchdoctor club back in the 60’s having moved from the Star Ballroom in Maidstone. I later went to Mr. Smith’s nightclub in Manchester as entertainments manager. The Grenadier club and casino was run by Eric Rennie.

Andre Martin… Welcome to the site John – long time since we last met! Look forward to some more stories from those days.😇😇😇😇😇

Tony Court-holmes… my mum went to the grenadier club

The Merseybeats – Witch Doctor St Leonards 28th November 1965

Photo source: https://www.themerseybeats.co.uk

David Bastable… went there to see The Merseybeats. The lights had failed just before I arrived. Dave Johnson, the drummer was sitting in the foyer with a few blokes. I sat with them and chatted away.
When the lights came back we all went upstairs. It turned out that Dave and I had been sitting with the group A great memory That’s a time when you could stand next to the stage when groups like The Animals played

ITT Consumer Products Ltd R&D team 1972

photo © Roy Acland

Roy Acland… the ITT Consumer Products R&D team from 1972. It’s taken at Foots Cray site and later in the year the team relocated to Hastings and about half of those shown moved to the new site.

Chris Baker… bonuses to work there I believe

Terry Hopper… I travelled to Foots Cray for 3 months by coach every day with Dave Vast and helped to move the model / proto type workshop to Hastings where I then worked until 1978 when it was relocated to Basildon

Samisen – College Dance Hall 7th November 1975


supplied by Mick Mepham

Sarah Harvey……A gig at the college in Archery Road, November 7th 1975. Line-up… Graham Barrett (Vocals) Bernard Jeffery (Drums) Dave Shirley (Lead Guitar) Ralph Lee (Rythm Guitar) Len Howard (Bass Guitar)

Bernard Jeffery….I remember the gig we used some homemade pyrotechnics and filled the place with smoke, you couldn’t see a thing

Perri Ann Haste….I remember this gig – I was sweet 16 at the time & I do recall the smoke Bernard!

Conan Howard… we had ashtrays filled with gun powder that night, I remember Ralph stubbing his fags out in them, he was lucky he never blew up , Conan Bass…..bless you all

Downliners Sect – The Witch Doctor 29th October 1966.


supplied by  Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Poster supplied by Colin Norton

Colin Norton… I played drums for the Downliners that night. it was a fun gig as I remember… The only rehearsal that I had was the sound check. No, I did not play on any of their records but I did rehearse with them in the spring of 1967 for a tour of Sweden which never happened. Keith Grant is a great bass player and I really enjoyed playing with him. Our friend, Baz Cooper, was the keyboard player for the Downliners for more than a year and played on the “I Can’t Get Away From You”/”Roses” (Pye) in 1967. The other members for the Hastings gig were Don Craine – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, Bob Taylor – Lead Guitar. Great memories!

Mick O’Dowd… Had their EP “The Sect Sing Sick Songs” and there was a “sick” version of Leader of The Pack on it.

Colin Norton… Yes, “The Leader Of The Sect” :


Town Council – Camber & more.. 67/68


supplied by Chris Baker

Chris Baker… Aaaagh! So very long ago!  Town Council at Camber Sands. We played there twice a week for a couple of summers. Must be late 60s I think. Great days.
Left to right: Steve Hersee, Brian *Bear” Williams, Bob Shipway, Pete Robertson and Chris Baker.



Chris Baker…. A more respectable studio shot of The Town Council. Taken by G.Ivan Barnett and a very blurry one in the basement practice room at the Round Table Youth Club. Amazing!

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