who remembers Stan Long, Bobbie McKenzie and Stan Boardman in Hastings, asks Lloyd Johnson?

Lloyd Johnson… 1964! Who remembers the influx of Scouse Scalliwags into the town in the height of Beatle mania, with Stan Long, Bobbie McKenzie and Stan Boardman amongst their ranks they certainly bought a new dynamic to our lives back then. I remember the two Stans did a stint as seafront photographers with the monkey trick.The monkey would jump on a tourist shoulder and they would take a photo which you collected from a kiosk on the Pier later in the day….one day the whole bunch of Liverpool lads let the monkey go in Woolworths which caused havoc. In the confusion they all helped themselves to various items….Loveable roughs!..a really funny bunch,never a dull moment!….

Caz Simpson… I  remember them, especially Bob who I think bit someone’s ear off. He had a nickname we’d get arrested for using these days 😂 Wasn’t Jack with the ice cream van from Liverpool too?

Lloyd Johnson… Caz, I think Stan Long had an ice cream van later on…

Emma Long… Dunno how the others are but Stan Longs sense of humour is still the same, although he doesn’t let monkeys run around the shops anymore

Lloyd Johnson… yes! I remember  Stan Long let the monkey run around Woolworths in Hastings…

Lea Mason… Yea I remember em Fokkers