Leslie Crowther – Stars Fiesta Colwall Court Bexhill 27th July 1969

Alan Esdaile… They used to have these fund raising events with stars from television in Bexhill on a regular basis. Remember going to one where Albert Tatlock (Jack Howarth) Coronation Street, was sitting under a tree handing out maltesers to anyone who gave a donation.

Nastassja Kaschevsky… I remember that!  I think The actress Gwen Watford did one as well.

Catherine Ireland… I was there, lovely afternoons also Brian Rix did some.

Keith Cowper… I saw Vera Lynn there and Chitty the car !

Jacqueline Marsh… I went to the same stage school as Gwen watford it was called the orchardcschool and was in a large white Victorian mansion at the top of Sedlescome road north. Just before the mini roundabout. The school has long been demolished but have many happy memories of learning to act and sing and even perform at White Rock Pavilion

Mark Sevia… I worked at Colwall Court in the 1970s. It was not easy to combine care of the children with fundraising and hosting the stars. Sadly Sheila Rawstorne chief executive died in 2018 just months after Peggy Cummins chair and movie star in 2017. They continued to fundraise until the end of their lives for the benefit of children with cerebral palsy. Extra ordinary commitment.

Jan Warren… This is a “long shot”??? but just wondering if anyone who worked at Colwall Court in the early 70s remembers Yvonne Jones? she was a good friend of mine, beautiful, hippy girl, long, blond(ish) hair, I know she worked at Colwall Court (maybe a girl called Lisa as well) – I’d love to know what happened to Yvonne?! – her parents had the radio/tv repair shop in Western Road, Bexhill and I believe Yvonne lived in Hastings a few years later …………. any info would be much appreciated, thanks

Margareta Reinecke… Hi Jan Warren… I worked at Colwall Court in Summer 1977. Were you working as an Ass. Houseparent? William Simpson was the Manager…. Helen, Jane, Ritsuko, Susan. Stars Fiesta with Leslie Crowther, Ronald Leigh-Hunt… I still have pics!

Jan Warren… Hi Margareta, 1977 would have been too late as I meant the early 70s, but thanks anyway!

Margareta Reinecke… This was all in summer 1977. With an autograph by Leslie Crowther.  I will be back this July.

all photos… Margareta Reinecke

Dave Nattress… Well…for the sake of it, I think I remember Yvonne Jones – and I think a mate went out with her for a short while. Recall the TV shop connection I’m sure. Was her brother Tom Jones? who I knew/saw around for a while. Think Tom’s been mentioned on this website a few times. Used to sing in bands. I’m going back to 1969/1970 and the memory is faint!! But, I’m sure the description of Yvonne fits the bill as the Hippy Girl with long blondish.ginger hair? A good few of us were (weekend mainly), hippie types in Bexhill back in those days. Left school in 69 where hair had to be a certain reasonable length then grew it without cutting it for yonks. Remember the Colwell Court stars do’s well and went to several. Used to be a big deal in Bexhill as a charity and fund-raising for children with serious disabilities.

Mark Sevia… Good to know there is still interest in Colwlll Court. after so many years. In the 1970s there were many stars on the list of Stars Organisation for Spastics, but very few actively involved in management . At Colwall Court, Vera Lynn,  Leslie Crowther, Dickie Henderson, Peggy Cummins, Francis Matthews Pierre Picton were the most directly involved. Others turned up for the Fiesta and photo opportunities. It was assumed that such a high profile charity had a lot of money but this was not the case. Very few staff were actually employed , and students recrutied for pocket money in the busy season. The onsite Manager was expected to fund raise, publicise and organise events as well as oversee the manangement of the centre. It was a tough assignment and serious challenge. Good to know that the Memorial Plaque at the ramp to the beach has over come political correctness and is to be replaced soon with an updated version! Well done to the campaigners.