The Juveniles – early sixties


supplied by Colin Fox

Popular group in the sixties in the Eastbourne area, with three guitars, a tea chest bass and washboard. Playing local pubs, old peoples homes etc and featuring Eddie Sargent and Laurie Brookman. Steve Hull asks, has anyone got any photos of The Juveniles when he was playing in the band?

Rob Sargent… I remember the practice sessions before they played out, our job was to try to make the laugh by distracting them as they played (it always worked) Bruce Tarrant on washboard – I think it was Colin Tarrant on guitar and Neil Tarrant on tea-chest bass. The Sargents still get together at New Year and special times and sing a lot of the real old songs from the days of skiffle. The last time I played with Laurie on bass was 9 years ago when I invited him (as a honoury Sargent) to play with the rest of the Sargent family at my 60th birthday bash at the Queens Hotel in Easbourne

Neil Tarrant… I am Neil Tarrant and am on tea chest bass with my brother Bruce on wash board we practiced in our house 4 Royal Sussex Cres. every Tuesday. Tony Price is the other guitarist with Laurie Brookman and Eddie. I now live near Windsor but Bruce is still in Eastbourne. Happy days. Best wishes to all and love to hear from anyone.

Eddie Sargent… Me in the middle

Lynda Whatley… No mistaking that smile Eddie!

Tony Prince… Hi I am Tony Price to the left of Eddie, what fantastic fun we had. So many gigs the continental,winter garden Eastboune, Hastings and Brighton piers, and most of the clubs in Eastbourne, also Tv talent shows carol Levi’s and home grown, I still live in Eastbourne and still get together with Eddie to play all the old tunes. Glad I found this site.

Keith Flanigan… Hi Neil, I’ve recently been searching for bands that were up and running in the Eastbourne area, during the mid sixties. My name is Keith Flanigan, I lived roughly four hundred yards away from you and your brother Bruce, at 19 Central Avenue and played drums with the PR Combo when I was around fifteen or sixteen years old. Tony Ball played the bass guitar, Pete Richards lead, and his brother on rythm guitar. A little later, Laurie Brookman and Chris Herman became very good mates of mine. They played together, in Peggy Sue and the Night Riders. Chris lived just a couple of minutes away from you and me, at Milton Road. Did you or your brother know Laurie or Chris? Finally, did you or your brother, attend St Mary’s boys school in Green Street? If you have any info to share, that would be great. Best regards to all.

Neil Tarrant… All the 4 Tarrant boys attended St. Mary’s boy school. Laurie Brookman was my best friend growing up together and living 3 houses apart. Drifted away after I left the XJ5 as The Juveniles were renamed. Laurie and Eddy Sargent were the musical heart of the group and never stopped playing. I moved into food production management via Birds Eye and was moved to Gloucester in 1985 and didn’t stop being moved by companies until I retired to a village near Windsor, been based here for 29 years. Best wishes to all my old friends, band members and work colleagues, Neil Tarrant.