Steve “Muscles” Maxted chat.


Nick Prince… Does anyone know if Steve “Muscles” Maxted is still alive? Not heard his name in years.

Alan Esdaile… As far as I know he’s doing well and living in Rye/Camber area and over the past few years has been a renowned windsurfer. I have posted a few adds here in the past but still looking for some photos.

Carl Ridley… Had some good times down rennies with his shows he did a Thurs night

John Wilde… I remember well the fastest pint drinking contest Steve Maxted hosted at the Cobweb. I think the record was 1.5 seconds set by wide mouth Sean.

Jim Breeds… I posted a question like this a few months ago and his sons answered and we all had a chat about Steve and one of them said that Dad sends his best wishes and is pleased to be remembered.

Andre Martin… Was he not running some sort of café/activity shop in the Camber Area ? that seems to ring a bell with your comment Jim

Mick O’Dowd… He was quite an inspiration for me in the early days of DJ ing. I won 2 tickets to see The Yardbirds from him at The Witchdoctor. Does anybody remember the film slot for his “9 o’clock wee wee”? I think he was also working at The Rye Windsurfing Centre on the Camber Road some years back.

Alan Pepper… Steve Maxted 1971 at the Aquarius. Great memories / Great dancing / Great bloke !!!

Andre Martin…  I think this is the first time that Steve Maxted appeared at the Witch Doctor in St Leonards.


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Jim Breeds… The Aquarius is mostly where I saw him. “Muscles Maxted from Maidstone!, lol.

Caz Simpson… Didn’t he have a weekly slot at Bonitas for a while? I’m sure I remember always starting with I Can’t Explain?

Andre Martin… Yes that would have been in the Martin-Casson Agency Days, with my old partner Paul Casson running the show

Alan Esdaile…  Yes your right, he did always play ‘I Can’t Explain’. Another one he always played was ‘Its The Same Old Song’ The Four Tops.

John Warner… Steve took over from me at the Star Ballroom Maidstone when I left to work at the Witchdoctor in Hastings. I understand that he worked for many years on the isle of Sheppey.

Caz Simpson… There is a giant Steve Maxted poster for sale on eBay.