Warren Davis Monday Band – 1967/1968


wdmb1968-2 wdmb1968-3

all photos supplied by Del Paramor


Played Hastings Pier 10th February 1968 – cuttings supplied by Wendy Wells

Del Paramor… Main photo shows (l. to r.) Keith Burberry, Del Paramor, Pete Mole, Martin Grice in centre: Paul Brett who had left and been replaced by Tony Ollard (guitar) . Front: Paul Petts, Max Spinks (Warren Davis) left next day for months tour of Turin and Munich. We were going to make a Monkees type tv series but that never came to fruition.  We did a lot more demos after “Love is a Hurtin’ Thing”, but none were ever released.  I am still in contact with Martin Grice and Max Spinks (Warren Davis). Lost 2 of band, merged with “Still Life” and broke up around May, 1968. “Still Life” consisted of Jim Toomey (dms), Stuart Cowell (gtr) Tom Tierney or Con Byrne (B.gtr) and a very good organist whose name I forget.  Roger (baritone) and I were sacked in May, 1968 and the band staggered on for a few months more before Warren himself left, i gather.

Nick Warburton… Del Paramor went on to Sonority I believe.

Del Paramor… I’m very sorry to inform you of the very sad news, that our drummer Pete Mole, died a couple of days ago. We and our wives had met up again in Kent in July after a gap of many years.


Alan Esdaile… Very sorry to hear your news Del. Our thoughts are with Pete Moles family and friends at this sad time.