More Steve Maxted photos – supplied by Jozef Maxted


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all photos supplied by Jozef Maxted

Ralph Town…. An early Nova kit car possibly.Looks like an over grown 60s Hot Wheels either way 🙂

Pete Fairless… Looks like something we used to race down Hollingsworth’s ramp, Ralph!

Jenny Tyler… Loved Steve Maxted on a Thursday night at the Aquarius. I remember he told us ” next week we’ve got Gary Glitter”. The next week there was the big drum roll, then The Leader of the Gang. Out cane Gary Glitter, he put his arms in the air, then left the stage. That was it, lol. We were really disappointed.

Alan Esdaile… I remember he started the show with various tapes of famous people like Diana Ross saying Welcome to the Steve Maxted show. Then would it have been I Can’t Explain by The Who? Same Old Song The Four Tops, Third Finger Left hand Martha Reeves, The Liquidator Harry J Allstars. Anyone remember anything else he played a lot?

Jim Breeds… The Locomotion came to mind?

Reg Wood… Hey there lonely girl by Eddie Holman.

John Wilde… Bernadette The Four Tops plus I’ll Be There and always Dancing in the Street..Martha and the Vandellas.