Who had a stylophone?

Jan Warren… Yep, and used to plug it into the amp and play along to some records!! – I’ve heard it’s been re-launched again this year to mark it’s 50th anniversary… I might just buy one?!!

Jim Breeds… I had one of those. Lent it to a friend in the mid-1970s (I’d guess) and never saw it again! Curses.

Jan Warren… Yeah Jim, I know the feeling, mine disappeared in the 70s too! Gggggrrrrr….

Pete Fairless… £20 on Amazon… https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stylophone…/dp/B000SKHSRU

Jim Breeds…  I’d prefer having my original one though

Conan Howard… I had a stylophone in the 70s , I put a 1/4 inch jack socket in the thing and used it through my 100 watt amp and speaker ,through a variety of effects peddles. What fun … Conan

David Miller… Same here – mounted on it’s own mic stand, we called it the Stylothizer…

Jan Warren… Just been looking on Ebay, there are 30 Stylophones for sale, many are original 1970s and some are much cheaper than the £20 that Amazon is asking for a brand new one!! – think I might get one, I prefer the original