Stylus Records ad. 1973

supplied by Tony Pettifer

Jan Warren… Oh lovely – 1973, the year my eldest son was born at the old Buchanan Hospital, I was living in Middle Street, Hastings and my hubby Pete was still a DJ, at that time he had a permanent Saturday night gig at The Regent Hotel on Hastings seafront!! – btw, he still does the DJ thing, always has done – great memories, thank you !!

Gavin Hide… Was a fun place to work lol

Judge Dread at Stylus Records – September 1975

judge-dread-sept-75 judge-dread-album

Mike O’Dowd… I saw him there looking through the cheapos upstairs. I said to him that I had just found a heavily discounted Judge Dread album for 10p. He said that was all it was worth! I quite liked his records especially the take-off of “Come Outside” & FGTH’s “Relax”.

Clifford Rose… Even though he was never the accceptable side of ska, I did find his song Y Viva Suspenders funny.

Steve Maxted… he was a good friend of mine and often came along to my shows. Lovely man.

Can you remember what you used to pay for 7″ singles and jukebox records?


Can you remember how much you used to pay for 7″ singles? I think it was 7shillings & sixpence but when decimalization came in they went to around 50p but Stylus reduced them to 47p.

Jane Hartley…  7/6 from disc jockey, 6/8 before that I think!

Karen Sweatman was Blackman… I used to love getting bargains in the reduced section when they had just gone out of the charts. Made my pocket money go further!

Tony Ham… I remember the Rye Record And Denim sold them for 20p when they went out of the charts so we had to hope they would still have a copy when it was on the way out.

Colin Norton…  I seem to recall 6/4d in about 1961/2…. Sometime you could get ex-Jukebox singles for 2/- or thereabouts. LP’s were 32/6d if my memory serves.

Alan Esdaile… used to buy the ex jukebox records from the Lido cafe opposite the pier and probably paid about 1shilling 6d.

Yvonne Cleland… The Lido always had a good juke box! x A shilling for three plays as I remember…

Alan Pepper… I paid 50p in the early seventies and 29 p reduced in Boots upstairs. I have now got a rock ola jukebox which takes pride of place indoors ! A1 is my girl by the temptations !

Nigel Ford… 6/8d from the electrical shop in Battle high street 1964, (not Earls , but can’t remember the shop name) ‘ had to order “Not Fade away” & “The rise & fall of Flingel bunt” ahead though and took about a week to arrive (on separate ocassions of course), and so it was for years as there wasn’t a pure record/music-only shop in the town for ever so many years after. I bought ex-juke box ones mail-order from ads in Disc & Music Echo that were not so “must-have” later on… before “Oldies Unlimited” was around, mostly getting my first choices each time as one had to give second choices in case your 1st was gone but can’t remember prices.

Dave Nattress… 6/8 it was I think when I started buying singles. Albums I really can’t remember – could it have been 30 shillings or something like. Somehow 32/6 does ring a bell. Maybe Sgt/Pepper’s. My serious buying of vinyl started in about 1965/6. Some shops sold ex juke-box singles cheap with the large centre hole punched out that you had to get an adaptor for to enable you to play them on the old Dansette or whatever you had!

Tony Davis… I can remember buying my first single (not going to tell what it was though) in 1962 for 6/4 from the Stylus predecessor whose name I can’t remember but seem to recall Jack London worked there before opening his own place, and it had Silverhill in its name. There was a second hand shop up in Queens Road, almost opposite where Morrisons is and you could usually pick up jukebox singles there for about 1/-. I remember getting something from Bobby Rydell there but can’t remember what it was called.  It was about the same time I remember seeing Cliff Richard at the ABC cinema (ESK now). Those were the days!!

Eric Cawthraw… I know what Karen B says about getting a bargain. I remember being upstairs in Stylus in the ‘bargain bin’ and spent the princely sum of 10 new pence on the single ‘Nuts’ by George Melly and John Chisholm’s Feet-warmers – priceless! I played it to my dad when I got home – he laughed his head off and loved it as much as I do.

Andre Martin… 6:8d that was 3 for One Pound

Jon McCallion… 6’8d or three for a pound, the Honeycombs Have I the right, Dave Clark, Glad all over, and maybe love me do, play them all a hundred times, great value for a pound.

Chris Meachen… Used to get ex-jukebox singles from the electrical shop in Tower road, two Bob each, buy your own middles…

Alan Esdaile… Hi Chris Meachen, I had forgotten all about the electrical shop in Tower Road. I also got jukebox records from them. Was it called Jacksons?

Paul Austin… My first single in 1962 cost me 6/8p (7 weeks pocket money!). ‘Come Outside’ – Mike Sarne & Wendy Richard.

Jenny Tyler… I used to pay 6 shillings & 8 pence from the Record shop at Queens Road run by Jack London.

Jim Breeds… They were def 6s8d when I started buying c. 1963. In other words I could get 3 for a £1 Record Token. 🙂 I think LPs were about 30s? Have I got that right?