Do you remember the hot summer of 1976?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I know there were problems but have to say the summer of 1976 was, for me, the best!

Virginia Davis… Apart from swatting for exams I agree best times

Paul Crimin… I took my girlfriend for a weeks holiday in Great Yarmouth that year. It rained the whole week. Maybe it’s got something to do with Great Yarmouth…

Andy Qunta… Good times!

Dawn Leaney… Great time to be a teenager! Good memories

Peter Fairless… The best of times…

Mark Praid… Not forgetting Frampton Comes Alive at every party……And do you feel like we do every Sunday Morning

Mark Hardwick… About the time my good lady and I got together.I remember the ladybird invasion and the standpipes etc

Wendy Weaver… We had a boat on the Medway and spent every weekend on it. Great times

Keith Cowper… Yep!

Jan Warren… Oh yeahhhhhhhh, the long, hot summer of ’76 was the best ever, we’ll never forget it!! – Happy Hippy Hazy Dazy!!

Lyn Humphrey… It was such a good summer that I got married!

Dave Nattress… 2 weeks in Bournemouth and Dorset on holiday with my girlfriend Jane and very hot it most certainly was, (oh and the weather).

Virginia Davis… Apart from swatting for exams I agree best times

Phil Gill… i was doing this:

Pete Fisher… I was living in London “studying” English Literature (but actually spending most of my time playing in a band)…got a holiday job at Walthamstow council and was promoted from roadsweeper to dustman – old school metal bins with handles, carrying one in one hand with another one on your shoulder, having to run after the truck…the heat was almost unbearable by midday, but we were usually done by then…

Dave Nattress… First prize goes to Phil Gill and Stallion – magnificent performance – no contest for best use of the long hot summer of 76!

Phil Gill… Aww, thanks. We tried our best that year and it was memorable. There was an amount of time spent partying on those long hot evenings too.

Chris Baker… That’s a nice piece. Can’t work out who else was in the band apart from Steve. Stallion in one incarnation or another?

Phil Gill… Chris, two incarnations shown there. Starts off with the later band, me, John Wilde, Phil Thornton and John Petri at Reading in 1976, but there are also shots of the Tony Bridger, Tich Turner and Steve KInch 1974 lineup at Windsor Free Festival in 1974. The music is all from 1976.

Ewan Smith… 15 at the time , spent the whole time sailing off Bexhill beach !

Ralph Town… Started my first job on my birthday 1976. Within days it was in the 30s. I wasted that summer. Wish I’d done that one on the dole LOL. Oh I had to stand up all day,in one of those rotten breeze block units on Castleham,fans on,doors open and it was still too hot.Soon got the shorts on tho,then I discovered beer and then the summer just raced by lol.

Peter Fairless… I was in Demarco’s – it was cooler in the kitchens than it was outside!