Sunstroke – 1970’s rock n roll group

supplied by Sarah Baggaley

Alan Esdaile… They were managed by Cy Whitfield Aaran International in Hastings and did loads of gigs. Anyone remember them and can give names?

Mark Hardwick… I remember them playing at The Royal Standard around 1977.(The same day a big Rock N Roll event was on the pier) Not sure of names though.  I also knew Cy Whitfield (sadly passed away now)

Tom Doyle… Hi Sarah I have a few photos of Sunstroke Kinds Regards Tom

photos supplied by Tom Doyle

Tom Doyle…  I saw them play in Hastings. The second photo was when they backed Ricky Valance.

Sarah Baggaley… Ah my dad isn’t in these, it’s a different bass player. Nice pics though!

Tom Doyle… The line up changed. Sunstroke broke up around 1978 and the piano player started a new group under the same name and still managed by Cy. The piano player was called Big Lou. The first line up, the lead singer was called Cochran after Eddie Cochran. I’m afraid that’s all I know about them and they broke up again in 1979

Tom Doyle… Hi again Sarah your dad could be on that record Alan displayed on his website (Hot Stuff Records) also Be Bop Bella might be able to help you out with your search for more info (if you could trace her), she did a lot of gigs with Sunstroke the first lot and the second lot your dads band was very good. Lou had a clash with the singer that caused the break up of the first band but remained friends with the drummer and your dad. He live in Milton Keynes, now if you could find a contact for him, he could tell you all about your dad. Be Bop Bella lives in Gloucester somewhere I hope that is helpful to you. Kind Regards Tom Doyle

Mark Hardwick… Be Bop Bella was a DJ as I remember..Also a band Cy managed who worked with Sunstroke regularly was Crepes and Drapes.Hope this helps.

Crepes’ n’ Drapes – Boogie Bop Dame...

Pete Dee… That first black and white promo photo on this page, I believe that’s my uncle (Danny Wild) in the gold suit! That Gretsch of his is unmistakeable. I’ve still got his copy of the Sunstroke 7″ he handed down to me. He left Sunstroke in ’78, then recorded a solo album and a couple of singles as “Danny Wild and the Wildcats”. I know he was playing guitar for Shakin Stevens for a while in the late 70s, anyone got any photos of that era of the Sunsets? The bassist in the top photo I believe is Geoff (Rawle?)

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Sunstroke 1978 – Here Comes the Train – Ore Station Hastings?

Alan Esdaile… They were managed by Cy Whitfield.

John Williams… We played on the same set as this band we were Hot Pursuit Hastings beer festival

John Mcewen… I knew Ore Station well. used it to get to and from school. Definitely looks like Ore from the chain link fence posts and the small waiting room(shed) in the background.

Mick O’Dowd… Promoted them at The Carlisle with Be Bop Bella Disco.

John Robert Raven… yes we were i am Ray Raven drummer of SUNSTROKE

John Williams… We played on the same set as this band we were Hot Pursuit Hastings beer festival

John Robert Raven… Mick, Yes you did, I am Ray drummer of Sunstroke, Cy Whitfield was our manager and we used to stay in Hastings at Cys place. We played at The Ship and I believe The Standard ?? also for the fishermen at hastings seafront. I well remember Rye Jempsons Club ?? British Gypsum Club at Robertsbridge, Battle a few I cannot remember their names but there you go and yes I am still at it at the age of 71 check MY facebook JOHN ROBERT RAVEN. Sunstroke are on there I have a few photos

Mick O’Dowd… Hi John. Thanks for that i’m still here as well at 73 but not promoting anymore. I liked Sunstroke and enjoyed promoting them. I’m sure Alan who runs this site would very much like to see any pictures/cuttings of the band for our website. All the best. Take care.

John Robert Raven… ref the e p on hot stuff records here comes that train plus 3 other tracks i was the drummer on those 4 tracks the photo put up showing the Sunstroke band was a very VERY early version of sunstroke the only member in that pic that played on this e p was big lou piano player pictured at the back of this photo and he played piano on all 4 tracks … as i said this photo is very early indeed The second line up was formed with DANNY WILDE lead guitar / vocals and the frontman of (dannny wilde and the wildcats) fame ADRIAN /( ady ) BAGGALEY bass BIG LOU PIANO /VOCALS RAY RAVEN drums / vocals the line up on this e p made at at HIGH WYCOMBE… was MICH COCHRANE LEAD GUITAR / VOCALS .. ADRIAN BAGGALEY BASS .. BIG LOU /PIANO / VOCALS .. AND RAY RAVEN DRUMS / VOCALS you can also note THE ROCKIN DEVILS they also did some recordings at this place on HOT STUFF previous to this i was with THE MAGIC ROCK BAND I also depped for many groups hounddog etc the sunstroke bands line ups are on my facebook early pic 2nd pic 3 rd pic sadly big lou and adey baggaley have passed away R . I. P. Danny Wilde is still around and i am still very active on the rock n roll scene BE BOP BELLA I WELL REMEMBER KIND REGARDS FOLKS.

Sarah Baggaley… Hi John Robert Raven, it’s Adrian Baggaley’s daughter here. I’ve loved reading your comments and am so pleased that you have confirmed that dad played on the e.p., someone else a while ago thought he might have, but wasn’t able to confirm. I have looked you up on Facebook but can’t see the photos you mention. Would love to see them if dad is in them. Many thanks. Ray, I have just remembered, we chatted via your wife’s Facebook a few years ago and you had already confirmed dad was on the e.p and you shared some really lovely insights into what he was like during the Sunstroke days. So thank you again for that. I would still love to see any pictures!

John Williams… Can remember this band well they went on before us and we thought how we gona follow that nice bunch of blokes


Hastings Carnival Beer Festival – Hot Pursuit Alexandra Park 14th July 1983



poster and photo of Hot Pursuit supplied by John Williams

Featuring Sunstroke, Hot Pursuit, Jazz Caverners, Sturdy Beggars, Dr Miller Needs A Brain, Louis & The Bitterhalf, Telham Tinkers and Brian Boru.

John Williams… My old band in the Park – Hot Pursuit comedy show band. Featuring Derick Macey, Terry Tollan, John Williams, Patrick Green and Daniel Bruce Tollan. That’s me with the tambourine god takes me back, red suits.

Headlights, Be Bop Bella, Die Laughing, Sunstroke – Carlisle – 558 Entertainments – 12th Jan to 20th Jan 1979


supplied by Mick Mepham

Mick O’Dowd… This was my first promotion at The Carlisle. I had previously promoted Headlights at The Caves and was very impressed with them. They came from London but that’s all I can remember about them. Can anybody else help out? As you can probably make out Be Bop Bella & Sunstroke were rock’n’roll acts and then there’s that other band that no one on this page has probably ever heard of. Die Laughing. Hi Mick, Lol & Tel!

Alan Esdaile…  Remember Sunstroke very well. Used to be managed by Cy Whitfield in Hastings. Very surprised we have not found any photos of the band so far. This is all I got.


Mick O’Dowd… I now realise I promoted Headlights 3 times. They must have been good!

Jim Breeds… Was the audience mainly made up of transfixed rabbits? 😀

Sarah Baggaley… Hi, my dad played bass in a band called Sunstroke in the 70s. I have a pic of the band with a Hastings phone number on it so I guess it’s the same one?! Trying to find out a bit more about it as he died in 1997.

Alan Esdaile… Is Mick O’Dowd mad?

Tim Moose Bruce…  I remember Before The Storm, they were very young and new to the scene but every time I saw them ( Supporting bands like Die Laughing) they improved with leaps and bounds. I recall they changed their name to Billy Whiz later on.