Suspect and King Rod – Aquarius – 30th September 1972



Tickets available from The Golden Egg!

Robert Searle… Played in both groups.

Peter Millington… I had just joined Suspect when we did this gig. My first bass note whilst tuning up shut down the power to the stage. Not loud but the early days of decibel control just didn’t work. Great venue at the time later converted to Saturdays Disco – progress?

Harry Randall… I remember it as Suspect 4? Named after the Watkins Suspect 4 guitar.

John Bridger… I was there. Roadie for KR.0

Tony Court-holmes… happy days i wish i had a pound for every beer i had in there

Olivier Chateau… Great nights

Robert Searle… Played with Suspect 70/71 for about three months,there was Dave Easton,Stuart Moir,Trevor Spears,and Graham Putland,later with Les Harding.
Also did one gig with King Rod when Rod couldn’t do it,at the Carioca? at Worthing.

August 16th 1969 at the Cobweb and the Pier. Glenroy Oakley and Suspect.

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supplied by Sarah Harvey

Mick O’Dowd… Went to the Vanity Fare gig but walked out half way through along with alot of others. The between numbers banter was absolutely pornographic. Not what you’d expect from a band like this.

Gerry Fortsch… Suspect did great Spencer Davis covers

Battle Dance Club – Epiton Entertainments – Battle Memorial Hall 1971

jan 1971 - battle april 1971 - battle may 1971 - battle

june 1971 - battle sept 71 - battle nov:dec 71 - battle

supplied by Nigel Ford

Phil Gill… See, that’s 30p and 40p admission and I notice there’s no banjos. Just sayin’…..

Jan Warren… This has “stirred” some things in my very blurred memory banks??!! ……. and whether its relevant or not, I remember going to gigs somewhere in a village hall near or around Battle, also I recall a band called “Blue Condition” with Dave Gurr and a girl singer, I think they did a version of “Venus” by “Shocking Blue”?! – anyone else?? – yes, of course I remember “Suspect” and Rock Machine …….. well, I still have this album, I know it has nothing to do with the band advertised but its another old classic compilation album of the time.

Lance Collins… Symphonic Crab brings back memories Gerry Fortsch.

Colin Fox… As I recall, O’Hara’s Playboys were a great band, I saw them at the Sundowners Club in Eastbourne.

Andy Qunta… Great to have reminders of some of those names I had forgotten & others I remember really well!

Phil Wade Eyes Of Blond… The January date fills in a blank in our scrapbook – thanks! The April date was shortly after we broke up (March 24th) so we must have had to cancel it  🙁 Great to have this stuff after all this time – thanks again.

Geoff Peckham… I definitely saw your band there, Phil. It was the January date and it was pretty impressive!

Robert Searle… Some really good groups there

Mick O’Dowd… Didn’t The Bedrocks have a cover version of Ob-la-di at the same time as The Marmalade? O’Haras Playboys were also a good little band.

Alan Esdaile… Yes, well remembered Mick.

Aquarius – Christmas 1971 with Steve Maxted, Hot Chocolate, Arthur Conley & Rock Candy.

10301286_598861603592634_2545306521365655391_n arthur_conley

ad supplied by Sarah Harvey. Arthur Conley photo Atco Records

This is a great Hot Chocolate track that doesn’t get played much…

Mick O’Dowd… Don’t remember Arthur Conley being there but I saw Percy Sledge & Ben E King along with The Elgins & Gene Latter at one point.

Leigh Wieland-Boys…  I was there the night Hot Chocolate was on

Spyke, Suspect, Penny Black – 1972

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all cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey

Peter Millington….Remember it well! We were never “The” Spyke just SPYKE. The Alexandra was the hot place to go between 1970 and 1972. We played there 3 times a week for 2 years before the hotel management (Mrs Paul-Warren) decided to concentrate on the afternoon tea brigade. Say no more, the hotel commenced a downhill slide and closed.

Martin Casson Agency – 1972


Andre Martin…. I wonder how many of those venues are still in operation ! Not many of the Military, thanks to successive Government cutbacks !

Peter Millington… Alan, I was playing with Suspect in 1973 when we did a gig supporting Garry Glitter on the Pier. Could this be the one if Sabotage crashed out?

Andre Martin… It might well have been, as if I remember correctly, Sabotage were suddenly flown out to NY for a Cunard Cruise, all their equipment went as luggage with Cunard picking up the tab, and Paul went to Heathrow to supervise the whole flight etc – the date shown in the Christmas Advert would have been the replacement show from the December 9th 1972

Mark Edir… Haha when Gary Gliter was cool , I was there both times the no show and the gig he did turn up for.