SMART SOUNDS by Colin Bell – reviewing Pickettywitch/Polly Browne/Sweet Dreams the anthology 1969-1976 (2cd set)



This 52 track compilation covers the complete recordings made by Pickettywitch, Polly Browne’s solo album and her Sweet Dreams collaboration with Tony Jackson. Best remembered for the January 1970 top 5 hit ‘That Same Old Feeling’ and for those with long memories the follow up ‘Its Like A Sad Old Kinda Movie’ Polly and Co made some breezy sunshine pop. At this distance 46 years on (where did the time go!) listening to this compilation the Pickettywitch material, apart from the aforementioned hits is not particularly memorable to be fair, its all a little too samey, although the album did sell well at the time. However Polly’s solo album is far more satisfying with some nice takes on ‘To Love Somebody’, ‘The Composer’ and especially ‘Amoureuse’ which Polly recorded months before Kiki Dee but didn’t release til after Kiki had hit with it. Her voice given more free rein from the confines of PW has a breathy quality very reminiscent of the great Dionne Warwick which is very appealing.
The last half of disc 2 is devoted to Sweet Dreams. Polly teamed up with Tony Jackson ex Skatalite and lead singer of Gullivers People, co-incidentally there has been recent discussion of GP elsewhere on SMART, Abba had yet to release their ‘Honey Honey’ track in the UK, Polly seeing its potential was quick to record it and was rewarded with a return to the charts with a Top Ten hit. I actually prefer this version much as I admire Abba. Although not included on this comp she also recorded ‘Up Up In A Puff Of Smoke’ on the same day as HH, which was also to become a hit, a good day in the studio for our Polly. The combination of Polly and Tony’s vocals blend very well and a nice surprise for me is the inclusion of their version of ‘I Just Want To Stay Here’ the Gerry Goffin/Carole King song made famous by Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme and a guilty favourite for this old reviewer! So in conclusion overall a good package, excellent sleevenotes and great sound quality. Now if RPM would be kind enough to do the same with PYE labelmates The Paper Doll’s i’d be a happy bunny!

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Dave Nattress… Remember the single “Same old Feeling” very well – good old TOTP”s!!!So long ago…..