Hastings and St Leonards A.S.C. swimmers 1960’s

supplied and photos © Richard Brambles

Ray Barry… Yes remember this time of my life very well, really good memories and made some very good friends. (photo 2) I recognise Richard Brazier possibly Rodney Rolfe and a couple of the girls whose names I cannot remember. (3) Mick Willard and myself 2nd 3rd from left. My memory’s of the Boxing Day dash were the sea was very cold and then a dash back up the beach to be the 1st into the swimming pool which then seemed like a bath. (photo 1) I’m fairly sure I’m in this photo, 4th from right and judging by the stance 3rd from right is Mick Willard?

Peter Mitchell… Ray, is that Roger Cragg on left?

Robert Jefferson… Yes Pete definitely Roger.

Alan Esdaile… Looking behind the swimmers, I’m sure this photo is at the top of the stairs, just after the pay desk? Smell the chlorine!

David John Martin… I remember Mary Fitton from Seagulls swimming club

Ray Barry… I remember both Mary and Malcolm both very good breaststroke swimmers.