Marc Bolan photo from Hastings Pier 25th July 1975 part 2 from David Frasi

photo © David Frasi

All supplied by David Frasi

Alan Esdaile… Is that a drum stick in the photo?

Perri Ann Haste… Such a great evening

Peter Houghton… That’s a great picture! And what a great night I met Both Marc and Gloria and Marc’s Band and they signed stuff for me

Mike Waghorne… The day of my 23rd birthday

Phil Thornton… A most memorable evening – met Marc and the support band were great IMO

Phil Gill… Yup, cracking support band. I believe they went on to play at Reading Festival the following year.

John Coleman… I was there!



Marc Bolan & T Rex and support Stallion – Hastings Pier 25th July 1975



Ticket supplied by Nick Webb, Photo of Marc Bolan (T Rex) from a 1973 ABC Television In Concert performance.

Chris Meachen…..Ah, T.Rex… The only time I ever saw the bouncers scared, as a tide of pubescent girls flooded through the gates, sweeping them aside in the crush to get to the front of the stage. One of them even got his arm pushed through the glass of the main doors, & any attempt to check tickets was futile

Glenn Caroline Piper….I first saw T-Rex in 1971 at Brighton Dome. Mickey Finn was there and Bolan did some acoustic numbers from Tyrannosaurus Rex days. My first live gig

Pete Zinc-alloy… by the time marc played hastings mickey finn and bill legend had left the mates in the support group played a set equal to marc’s band

Phil Thornton… I remember this well, John Wilde (our frontman) was interviewed for ‘Sounds’ by Julie Birchell who thought he was Marc !!! – we got to meet him and Gloria backstage, lovely people. rip Marc.

Alan Esdaile… Still looking for a poster for this gig and photos, anyone?

Karen Sweatman… I  love T Rex, but was only five years old

John Wilde… This was a great gig for us (Stallion) and a good evening for everyone.  I was deeply offended when Marc told me to “fuck off out of my dressing room”.

Terry Pack…. I was at this one. Stallion were excellent. T Rex were disappointing: the drummer in particular was very loud and seemed to have no technique at all. Marc Bolan looked unwell, I thought.

Phil Thornton…  didn’t remember that part of the evening John Alexander Wilde all things considered I think you came out on top !!

Kevin Burchett… I was there but don’t remember a thing probaly very drunk lol

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Marc Bolan & T Rex photos from Hastings Pier 25th July 1975

marc bolan hastings pier

photos by Joe Bowieaddick

Joe Bowieaddick…  Got to see him two more times after Hastings. ’76 Lyceum and ’77 Rainbow…Great concerts. A kind Bolan fan (Peter Barron) living in Hastings found a concert ticket in a boot sale, or something, and he kindly sent it to me knowing that I had lost mine.Glad to share the great memories.

Mick O’Dowd… First time i’ve seen pics from this gig. Never seen any posters though.

Trevor Walker… Marc Bolan was an incredible rock singer and tremendous showman ! Tremendous band 👍👍

Glenn Piper… I was on spotlight duty for Bolan and roadie duty for Stallion 😀 happy days.

Pete Fairless… As you’ll all know, gig photos from the ballroom are very rare.

Chris Meachen…  I was among those viewing from the side of the stage, though don’t recognise myself amongst those in the picture. Think I might have been behind the pa speakers, as I was assisting the teenyboppers overcome by the crush / excitement into the quiet area at the side of the stage..

John Wilde…  I was SO there.

Phil Gill… I think it might be you in the wings first left, with me looking over your left shoulder. I was definitely at that side for Bolan, either in a huddle with the band on the floor or taking occasional forays side stage to watch people being dragged out of the front row so they didn’t get crushed.

Jan Warren… Oh Yeahhhhhhhhh, Marc Bolan my teenage dream, love him and his music forever!!

Alan Esdaile… The track I love is Cosmic Dancer.

Clifford Rose… Great song – would have been a fitting tribute if they had released the song as a single soon after he died.

Phil Gill… I scaled the photo up – I think it might be you John Wilde in the wings first left, with me looking over your left shoulder. I was definitely at that side for Bolan, either in a huddle with the band on the floor or taking occasional forays side stage to watch people being dragged out of the front row so they didn’t get crushed.

Dot Mountford… I saw Mark Bolan play on the Pier, he was my heart throb at the time…

Yvonne Cleland… I was there too! xx

Nick Webb… I still have my original ticket for this gig

Ian Cramp… I was about 3 rows from the front centre of the stage a 17 year old kid and I loved it

John Warner… Marc used to drink in my pub, the Halfway House in Barnes. He was killed just a few hundred yards away.

Glenn Piper… I was operating one of the follow spots for this gig

Mick O’Dowd… Me to the right of Dino.

photo Peter Houghton

Deborah Loads… I was at this fantastic concert. I remember there was a lot of tousling to get to the front. I got Davy’s drumstick after the concert as he threw it out of the car window as he and Marc drove away from the pier!

Chris Meachen…The only occasion I ever saw the bouncers scared. When they opened the gates to check the tickets, the surge of teenage girls swept them aside, with one of them thrust into the glass of the doors requiring hospital attention. I watched from the side of the stage, as we had to organise a recovery area as some young fans fainted in the crush at the front of the stage & had to be pulled out. Quite a memorable night..

John Wilde… It was a fabulous night.