White Rock Baths Hastings 1972

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Alan Esdaile… I can smell the chlorine!

Paul Coleman… Wow! That does bring back memories, including the smell of chlorine! Great pic. Never thought of seeing it in colour. Bexhill could do with a decent pool like that !  Some hope.!!

Carol Arnold… Aaaahhh loved it there!!!

Dave Nattress… I recall this scene well.  We used to come over from Bexhill to use this indoor pool as we only had the outside Egerton Park pool. Or the sea – which was probably about the same temperature as Egerton Park. I assume the water was heated?  Anyone know if it was?

Nicola Dobson… the outside pool in the park had no heating but was always a deep blue colour and also a deep pool

Phil Gill… That’s where I learned to swim, I can smell it from here. Lovely pic. The smaller pool in the eastern side was always great fun too. Now I want a powdery hot chocolate in a plastic cup from a crappy vending machine.

Russell Field… Phil, it was warm black current for me. Walking out to meet mum with albino eyes

Sheila Devine… Phil, ha yes the hot chocolate! Also the changing rooms with the wooden bench’s and stubbing your toes on the tiles – loved it!

Lloyd Johnson… We were always there in the 1950s….Alan Mitchell me and Johnny Mitchell….great fun….

Nadia Compagnone… If you left your clothes touching the floor in the changing rooms, they got soaked when somebody dived in!

Pauline Hillier… Nadia, It was such an exciting day out ! I can smell it ! Brilliant days !!

Sean Fox… Shame the council, didn’t do it up and instead opted for tiny pool at summer fields! it was such a great pool! Swam there with primary school and seagulls swimming club. Happy days!

Glen Collins… Sean, I remember my mum and dad taking me down there for swimming. Was a fantastic pool but those changing cubicles were freezing

Allan Mitchell… Awesome‼️ Picture I Remember Those Days Always In There Great Swimming Pool Thanks For Sharing This.

Lin Greenfield… Went twice a week

Gaynor Lewry… Loved it

Anne Phillips… Gaynor, so very sad it’s no longer there! Where exactly was it?

Kelly Hayes… Anne, it became an ice rink and is now The Source skate park

Jacquie Hinves… It was bloody cold!

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Pink Fairies and Gracious Hasting Pier 12th March 1971 – poster for sale

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Bernard Goffredo… I was definitely at that one

Mike Waghorne… I could well have been to that gig

Tony Court-holmes… I was there i think

Alan Esdaile… Excellent gig, Gracious were brilliant.