The Earl Of Zetland – Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne


Terry and Matt 

photos supplied by Mo Elms

Used for Radio Sovereign in  1994


Coaster and matches supplied by Mo Elms

Richard J Porter… Supped a few ales and enjoyed a few meals aboard.

Paul Coleman… The Earl of Zetland is no more. The ship had a very chequered history after it was brought into service in 1939, around the start of the 2nd World War, including 2 other names & being used to carry troops & as a ferry. She spent her last days in a marina in North Shields where she continued as a restaurant, bar & at one time a chip shop. She became too expensive to maintain and was recently lifted out of the water by 2 giant cranes & put on the dockside where she was finally cut up for scrap. A sad end for a ship that gave many good memories to many people.

Die Laughing Savage Hearts & Flat Battery – 6th August 1983



supplied by Mick Mepham

Andy Qunta… Die Laughing – great band!

Michael Mepham… Andy, I love you and I want your children …..

Tim Moose Bruce… Theres your childminding sorted Andy…

Dave Nattress… You know what chaps, one of the very nicest things about this website is that in remembering all the local bands, gigs, musicians, DJ’s, all of us trying our best, everyone is kind, supportive, says nice things and speaks so well of everyone else. This post of Die Laughing is a great example!! Rock on!!

Wendy Weaver… One of the band worked in the Tax Office, cant remember his name. I think they were waiting to go to university. They seemed to practice an awful lot They got a gig playing on the pier I think to replace someone who had cancelled. it would have been about 1980 or so.


Who remembers Images the pub? – Hastings Feb 1985

DJ’s John Dean, Simon Quinn, Terry James and Simon Veness

Steve Mann… Won the music quiz one year. Plus Thursday night normally had a bottled beer promotion

John Gale… Simon Veness was a great dj

Alan Wood… Still is on Hastings Rock

Jamie… Used to know Quinny. Was a good bloke.

Coleen Wickens… Oh my god yes lol

Terry James R.I.P.

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news, our thoughts go out to Mo and her family x

Malcolm Sharp… Lovely guy, remember terry in the havelock in the 80s, and doing town crier judge, rip my friend, condolences to all

Tim Moose Bruce… I remember Terry and Mo at the social club events.

Linda O’leary… Terry. Used to work in a petrol station near me years ago lovely chats we use to have sorry to hear this sad news

Merv Kennard… First met terry when he first started at c&h early 1970s. Ended up djing with him early 1980s.

Alan Pepper… So sorry to hear this sad news. Our hearts go out to Mo and all the family. Terry was such a great man and a good friend. Will be sadly missed.


Two Terry’s in the studio – Terry Kane and Terry James

photo supplied by Mo Elms

Clive Garrard… What year was that? Was it Arrow FM 1998 to 2001?

Terry Kane… The photo is from late June 1993. The station was Splash FM. Terry James ran a very successful ‘Request Show’ and the phones didn’t stop.

Linda Boiling… Hi Terry Kane ,hope you are keeping well, not seen you for a while, I’m Linda, May’s daughter, remember the beans on toast and the cakes? She was your no 1 fan. x

Clive Garrard… Hope you have a happy Christmas Terry. I gave you a demo tape for that Broadcast. I did not know you then, but, bumped into you where ESK is now.

Alan Pepper… Two of the smoothest voices to have ever graced our airwaves over the years. Thanks Mo !